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  1. I'd prefer if captain marvel did not take place during normality. More epic backdrop if she military as the planet knows it's doomed. Don't know how panther intends to act like business as usual in the face of all that. Secluded nation? Or maybe the end of both movies reaches the moment when the world changes. ...the thanos hype thing could flop but hey i like thor 2 so i'm sitting pretty. They have a nice track record , but james spader sputtered a bit trying to carry the movie.
  2. Uuuuh, People Have To Do Something Before They Die, And Having Them Be Meek would telegraph their deaths, so they all want to be the upper tier characters who don't die, and to better imagine themselves this they engage in mockery to present the cosmos with a substitute to kill off, saying, "here you go, cruel universe, here's a sacrifice nearer to your scythe than me, less deserving of living on, surely, so take this one first." Not all mockers are being truthful of course, so the universe chooses some to proove wrong by taking them as the least worthy of life and most worthy of death. Does this proove or signify anything other than pointing out the great dance of life and death takes place on these pages the same as in our reality ? It's like saying, "aha! The sun rose! See that? That supports my theory!" We exist in a state of mockery, by definition. We have to take dumps daily. Which means the cosmos mocks us, so we eat all the higher life forms on the planet and poop them out to show our disdain back to the universe. But then by doing so we undermine the ecosystem and go extinct and the joke's on us. What I'm saying is this doesn't amount to a secret fantasy formula within the books, this is part of how George models Reality in the books, openly, as part of his main political thesis about "try to prolong your life by being a wise player of the game and not boastfully unwise."
  3. That's hot. But Catelyn would want a word. If her youthful interaction with Finger led to all of this, she'd want to amend the way she deals with him to tie off the series, no?
  4. Nobody can top this doctor, so Cindy Lauper next? Sad for Missy. Water space lesbian appears godlike, why not have her take over the show. Uh oh: mid- episode and against my will, an appreciation blossomed for the bald egg sidekick weirdo alien. Hmmmm.
  5. AntMan would be the most gifted user of Spit Form , better to save that for his next movie than waste it on the Avengers....... FF outside of a comic book is painful, a nightmare proposition for a writer. Tooooo much gooberishness to have to paint over with the brush of realism. it'd show thru any such efforts like when you try to disguise that orange rock guy in a dress shirt. Can't MCU just buy Sony already? I feel like marvel is biased toward spiderman, you know? Like its clouding their judgment as he shoehorns himself in to dominate MCU while postponing the movies i really wanted to see sooner rather rhan later. Re-Segregation of the hero with the silliest outfit! Yes.
  6. Pale horse of Death, Jim. There's no benefit to this, though. It's born out of the wish for a competent mistress of fire. If her visions are correct and it's the reader who's being dicked with, that'd be fun. It doesn't gain us anything to reach now for the specifics of how Melisandre was accurate all along, though. Just look for that stuff to unfold as part of the next book when it arrives 7 years hence.
  7. Wouldn't it start and finish like that wrestling match in Borat that turned gay in front of a disturbed crowd?
  8. It's back. The ancient sources of Hullen that weren't killed by Klyhen are waiting for Hullen Sixes from other regions to travel the stars to get here for the goo they already have inside them, but now they'll have more of it to share. Yes! It's like when people travel from Havana to a new place and when they get here they set up a little Havana.
  9. What drives me is maximizing the fun and the impact each character gets to have, and asking that their taken path gives them a congruent fate. So..... Sansa selected a southern life first, then came to regret it and yearns to assert her Stark ire on the jerks. Well, to do that, the best place to be is where they are, in the south. And since the Finger plot began she's being groomed not to play a northern ice princess but more like a lukewarm mid- continental game of lordly chess, with Finger aiming her for a neutral- ish point of entry at first, from which she would then wrap more of the realm around her finger, so to speak, until events were shaped to her heart's desire. This is better than retreat-dumping her on the northern wastes where there's not much for her skill set to accomplish (not a knock on Sansa; I think Winterfell is a crap assignment for whomever gets saddled with it. But she'd be particularly wasted on that wasteland, her best potential is in the warmer game, the continental con game with a hidden heart of wolfish table- turning, beating the cerceis at their own game kind of fulfilment you don't get up above the Neck. She chose to rely on what's above her own neck, and that's what should play out. Let Rickon growl and hunt and guffaw with karstarks.
  10. Uhhhhhhhhh, it'd be a nice sexual twist (societally progressive development for westeros) if the lie she slays is her own princess claim: 'See fAegon here? Your golden boy, He's fake. Me? Just as phony. We're not the real rulers you should have by law. It should be them. ' [Points at the petty fool lords assembled to whip the commoners into a rage to oust the faux targs from power. ] 'What a shame, though, since you clearly love us better for getting rid of cersei and improving your living conditions..... to think that these rightful rulers want to take that away from you and plunge the realm back into mediocrity so they can enjoy their birthright by pooping on your newfound renaisance. That's a shame, isn't it. And who knows what horrorz this Stardark might bring if you seat him atop the high hill, can't you feel his hatred of you ? He can't even keep it out of his gaze as he glowers over you now, look at him! I find myself wishing to stay on as your protector despite what the law decrees, don't you? Because hasn't there been enough blood shed within this city? Isn't it time we stood together back to back and declared as our true enemies those lords who would ruin our lives with their infighting and tyranny? I mean, if you'll have me, that is....'
  11. Time flux under the bridge in the chapter Griff got stonerism. Fire gazing.
  12. When he spoke of going to Danny to be her maester, doesn't that have to be because he didn't trust the other maesters to do the job right for a dragonlord? Because the Riddle of their behavior has been that they've acted with stealth to depower the dragonlords and wipe out the dragons through acts of sedition. Maybe it's socially responsible dragon eradication, but it still counts as a buzzkill and as an abuse of their Targ clients' trust. Aemon's family loyalty maybe pulled even again with his maester vows at the end. He saw the two as being in balance, that he could do both, or needed to try. To correct for how his Order was out of balance, or at least he worried they'd be targeting Daenerys in a way he felt was unfair. I wonder if Marwyn is driven by the same desire to save Danee from the rest of the maesters, or is he the sort of false friend Aemon feared would maester for Daenerys? And what's with the Faceless sneaking in right under dude's nose! That doesn't inspire confidence. Alleras does though. But should she? Is she just another antidragonist or does letting some apples escape her bow imply a dragon will too ? Is Pate II a butthead or the actual hero of the saga? We should probably check to see if anyone has formally requested Winds of Winter be published. Maybe that's the holdup!
  13. Ewoks bang. They're just more successful puppets than the droids are in that puppet based future, where the win was secured by placing our trust back with the puppets of our ancestors. Sorry that this is true, but it is the core message of the original movies. Jedis were meant to comfort us by showing there will be a niche for humanity to survive a tech future and adapt to it and still call the shots. This of course is the fantasy part of the fantasy, the part that requires us to come up with magic to make it happen that way. The real future is us living in that ewok village where our machine overlords have relegated us to in the absense of any human economy worth pursuing. And it doesn't matter to the movie makers what story they tell next, so it no longer matters to me. They're just operating on a deadline now to get the billions, not with any storytelling mission or purpose or imperative or creative bent. The miticlorians haven't visited a soul upon this new enterprise.
  14. You believe as the great lords do about him, which is why their homes aren't safe. It's a springboard system he's using that's systematically better than their conventional football wisdom at every turn. He's never there by the time they react, already on to the next more valuable prize, while their resources scatter and dilute onto useless footings , off balance and away from home. Each useless stab aims closer to the heart of the Roses. It's not just marking time until Daenerys arrives, it's more essential to be in westeros doing this or else he would have gone to her. Which means by the time she lands at the citadel he'll be there waiting to welcome her ashore peacefully to close their deal.
  15. Yeah. It's neat and tidy, chakreshm. We probably won't ever get a clear cut resolution to the mysteries like that. (Welcome, by the way.) Nissa sacrifice ideas have done to ice & fire what twilight did for the vampire genre i fear. Literal repetition is not the likeliest way this nissa stuff will play out, if at all, i would caution. though Your version is more fun, So it's destined to continue as a hobby on the board. And why not, we have years inbetween books. Hey Gabbie. Biased?. I like fire 1 to bring dragons back to the world. I'd guess burning down the slaver culture is fire 2 (a fire of freedom, cultural change as a wheel of fire, or specifically a fire at Dosh Khaleen to get the ball rolling or at that main slave capital to end resistance), and fire 3 will prevent the long winter from taking hold? Keep the commoners from freezing solid and lay the smack down on the heart of winter. ...... Sounds like a saturday morning cartoon solution, huh? (Hmmmmm. Slaps self. Then straightens and salutes self. Then slaps again, as the lights dim and the post fades out....)