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  1. Hey it's battlestar guy! no wonder he tried to hide himself outside of the normal timeflow / causality---he had galactica on his resume. They should try to fool someone into showing battlestar galactica in syndication, i miss it. Did Monkeys shoot its wad here and now there's nothing left for next year???? Because once you see things clearly, the intrigue is sort of over and then they're forced to reshuffle in order to make it interesting again, and that can get tired like when Once Upon A Time kept having to re- curse the characters like bowling pins constantly being reset. It cheapens the thing, usually. Wonder what this show will try as a reshuffle.
  2. I'm used to what you're describing. my favorite time travel saga at first kept things wide open and you were enthralled by how vast the unknown was, all the possibilities..... then when they filled in the specific details they sewed things up too tightly so that no room was left for any of those possibilities, now there was only the story they were currently telling, which seemed to diminish the world and its timeline in stature. It was like........oh, that's it? Huh. It was more satisfying when left untold and free, a living unknown now killed by specifics that didn't live up to the grandness they'd previously ascribed to the unknown.
  3. I really hope Nova shows up after Thanos "does stuff" to get that stone. Then, Captain Marvel....potentially they meet up to be some kind of star squad. I don't get much out of spidey stuff being shoehorned into the bigger storyline.
  4. So are they saying murder is icky now because isn't that a mixed message considering how the theme music implies it's a grand affair rightfully glorified ?
  5. That's how i felt about Enterprise but 15 years later it's not so bad. Advice: wait a decade
  6. He should def go to The Kings. Yes. It's no fun when you're rooting against both teams in the finals. Because one of the teams will always be, like, winning. So it's over for mua.
  7. Yeah. The expansion seemed like a duh. It had grandness to it, because a god had decided to veto Life, but also it had the offhanded pettiness of a god condescending to our level to brawl with mortal factions. Boo, when my secret hope had been an intro to higher god- level intrigue we couldn't even hope to understand. (Great cosmic mystery genre). And Pete and Pops are out of the equation now for matching up against Thanos. Boo 2.
  8. Ah, watchable because finale. That explains it. Usually there's no feeling of urgency to go along with all of their urgent behavior, but lastnight managed to get watched. a good reminder to watch next season's finale too!
  9. Those are the guys with big heads, Jim, like in the Ultimate Alliance video game! Sidelined by huge headedness, they sit on the bench and put their noggins to use by observing extra hard. There's realism to it. They store so much lore in there, more head room is a blessing. Well, back to you.
  10. Emerald City was a full on gem, no hint of guilt in that pleasure. That one's a shameful cancellation. Whereas Sleepy Hollow comes with some guilty feelings of sorrow, and a "yeah it was probably time for the axe," yet also I'm shedding a television tear. APB insisted on making the boring aspect of tech babble their focus along with "we're a procedural and we follow police procedures don't you know," so that was doomed, too bad for the likeable heroine they didn't quite have a complete product. Bones was a lasting embarrassment for the nation. Grimm was so dumb, so dumb and I watched it real hard.
  11. No one will ever have this name again. It was astounding, and led to giggles that could span 5 minutes, but now the world seems hollow with its rampant Austins and Emma s. Haleys and Skylers. Bland. Power Rangers are for kids; Powers Boothe was for adults. Classy Gruffness, you've lost your team captain. As more of the greats die off like this, who will be left to remind us that Ed Sheeran really isn't all that amazing? This stings.
  12. Most troubling thing is...... would you "attach" Danny McBride to your movie if you really felt you had something and your franchise was going somewhere and Danny was the impact player you wanted for the project to be taken seriously? Or would you bring that guy in to make a shit movie slightly more bearable?
  13. Drax is modern- forgivable because cretin and thus an example of how not to be. A throwback to when people were weightier than PC and could pierce it at will. It's when Drax is then revealed to have deeper thoughts underneath that the feminist may pause to wonder exactly how she's being spun here. His gruff nature did seem to push the empath out of innocence to confront the moral failing of aiding a killer, and there was that frieze of both of them wading into their mental pain while staring into the beauty of the planet's landscape. Both very still, as non- dancers grappling with their issues, perhaps due to the blunt pain tazering of Drax's commentary? I didn't like the last shot about how she was still only beautiful on the inside, but consistent is funny and Drax would hold your feet to the fire consistently as he looked away from his own pain... or dwelled in it constantly and wants his friends to come along for the ride? So.... hence the appeal of saying simply "fun movie!"
  14. Tim, this was like a GEICO ad that took a "closer look" at the galaxy by zooming in on people's emotions. I guess that's never really impressive. (Source: geico ads). Well it's a better use of our time when it reveals something new (this only confirmed the emotions we already knew they had, or could easily guess.) So, good times. Overall. Like an easy drinking beer, they shrunk the galaxy some to give us streamlined lightweight fun that I found easy to enjoy without being super amazed. (people who are freshly exposed to....the villian... may get a nice dose of amazement from that concept, to be fair). Theme Focus was on liking what you've got instead of looking all over creation for validation you won't find outside of yourself. Helpful message, no? ......oh, and they drew too much attention to their formula, with repetitions of the Footloose banter ("dance-is-life") and another whistling arrow of doom massacre when new content could have taken those spots. Instead of a double dose of the new angry jerk aliens, why not show us the more interesting angry alien they only teased?? Saving stuff for Infinity?? I hope Nova makes an appearance then too at some point. But hey, this villain was one big item on the wish list. And FUN WAS HAD. Liked it. .........Uhhhhh, the Ragnarok preview didn't really look like the grandeur you'd expect of a norse Armageddon myth did it? More like the MCU's take on the roller derby movie genre.
  15. Hopefully the earth gets blown up at the end of phase 3 so we can stop these incipid human- centric stories and introduce the viewer to the spacefaring alien civilizations as the setting of phase 4 .