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  1. Beasts aren't complicated enough for 5 films. Can we negotiate this down to 4?
  2. I don't know what Batman and Superman are "supposed" to be. So I really liked Man of Steel. Like, really. (And Wonder Woman). Bat v. Supes had people going really negative before it even came out, so I figured the real fans must know what they're talking about, and allowed their firestorm to prejudice me against Bat v. Supes. Seeing it the first time I "knew" it was bad so all focus was on how much I hate Lex Luthor- - not the character, the actor. Butt then Doomsday made awesomeness and snapped me awake to how maybe fans on the internet shouldn't be listened to so much. On second viewing all the negativity had died down months before so I discovered the movie is okay actually. My only remaining problem is with the premise! Why the hell would these two fight. That they'd be so dimwitted in the first place is what keeps the movie from feeling uplifting! The "execution" of this flawed premise was carried out pretty well, though! Snyder ain't bad by my reckoning as a casual movies- only fan. All I know is Christopher Reeves era Super & Bat movies were so cheesy, so if that's the more rosy treatment people want to see forget it. Zack did well to jumble the scene order in Steel because people already know the story chronologically and would have gotten bored. Whedon is my guy, but I'm willing to slap him for going anywhere near Wonder Woman. But you know what? No matter how much the first viewing makes me cringe or gripe, a year from now this movie will also be quite fun to see again, once I've gotten over myself and am no longer blocking my full enjoyment of the show. I think Suicide Squad was quite odd; I didn't sympathize with them. But overall DC movies aren't bad. They're darker, and that's how they stand out from Marvel so they shouldn't try to copy Marvel , whose fans' and critics' main advantage is they've learned how to just be happy. There's more of a divided thing going on within the DC audience I think, which makes it tougher to please everybody. The actual movies seem fine. Once you set the world wide web aside.
  3. Mutants are always griping. They're moody and they make me feel bad about being human. Both because I'm so racist against mutants and because I'm jealous of their powers. I feel like the X- men have little to offer me at this point as the MCUs biggest fan. Dr.Doom looks silly AND awesome simultaneously; I don't know if he can carry an intense movie without being able to emote with his face, you know? So I hesitate to invite him into my Marvel movies, but it'd be lying to say my nethers don't get a tingly feeling at the prospect. Surfer is difficult to take seriously as a cosmic being who surfs, yet some part of the brain gives him a pass because surfing is cool. You can keep the Fantastics but you must give me Galactus, he'd be great in a brawl with an army of celestials or whatever constitutes a challenge for him, and he's big enough to fit into several movies and have an ongoing character arc. He's the big get. (Go Enchantress for Thor 4, when Thor finally realizes he loves Sif.... who survived Thor 3 by not appearing in it, right? Hmmm. Anyway,
  4. Uhhhhhhhhh, doesn't Mahal get a rematch, and doesn't he have a posse that cheats along with him as hard as need be? He may get it back immediately or "thereabouts" (a couple more bouts). It would be hella funny if he did beat a sleeping Brock and got to do the beastmaster shtick and Brock quit in disgust and shame.
  5. BANG! the preceding was a Concise review emphasising brevity and encapsulating the movie into a nutshell.
  6. It's fun to make a list and put the Bangles on it. Who among us can prove they haven't done it? Bananarama reminds me of time spent at grandma's with the radio blaring and trying to breakdance so I'd come back from summer vacation with a skill. Floyd makes me sad. Maiden makes me happy. Priest songs can be super dumb in how they're constructed or deep genius timeless anthems. Fleetwood is the most real time machine I ever found. Kiss is Kiss and Heart is Heart (nada one, angels, dream of the archer, black on black). Don't know 6, 8, 14. And where's Dokken and Tori Amos?
  7. In a bold move they did a timewarp episode to a part of their history we've already seen. Ballsy!
  8. Norm McDonald is what brings the whole thing together with his highly believable portrayal of the blob character. The guys are funny, their den mother saves them from their stupidity and has a nice smile, every ep will feature the security chief opening a jar of pickles for her weak-armed captain, the egg laying guy is weird which makes it great when he looks miffed at the humans as if they're the weirdos, the robo guy is openly a dick, the girls ep is being taken too seriously, thank gods they didn't cowtow to the official correct way of dealing with social issues but remained unchained as storytellers , it's a sign they deserve to exist and will not be mere mouthpieces for whatever ludicrous lord of the dems currently calls the shots in this culture, and the future lady repo ep was neato with its representation of darkmatter which was cancelled and now this homage to it, and she thought it was an interesting enough job to put up with banging the self indulgent seth, and it was interesting but that's a bummer the show didn't just stay in that future for the rest of the season and shift into high gear. In a word, crotchtastic. (Though i also wouldn't miss it yet if cancelled.)
  9. Whenever i take a 10 second look at it, some character is always just sitting there, or turning their clock alarm off, or rolling onto their side. I've already got that kind of realism covered, by living it.
  10. Would love it if Luke Gallows reverted back to his mentally handicapped character (Festus?) after taking a hard hit to the head. Bronn Strohman should be given a chance to take on congress. Tackle health care reform. Some more far reaching use of his superhuman powers.
  11. When Hitler ran off maybe that was his way of saying the show is bad? Should viewers follow his lead? Or should viewers try not to be like Hitler, by sticking with the show! (I envision that as the ad campaign for season 3)
  12. This is from my brain so take it with a grain of crack, but maybe Fiege is grateful he doesn't have to try to make the fantastic four movies because it's just too much for the writers to overcome and turn into something plausible. ....So when he looked into doing The Inhumans he realized "Oh no, this is the fantastic four equivalent that IS my problem!" So he made it someone else's problem because it's simply too problematic. Not enough of an emotional hook to grab a mainstream audience with. Too weird for most to identify with. Not all properties are equally capable of launching a good movie or show ?
  13. Bobs burgers. American dad. The only compelling thing about them is the need you feel to stop watching. Uhhhhhjjjjj, i used to tune to the comedy channel, but now i don't. Because South Park will invariably be on, and the grand total of times it's made me laugh is like seven. Ever. Vastly overrated program.
  14. watching all the episodes in random order might be a good way to counteract the cliffhanger ending.
  15. Dam! It's a curious case of ........murder! Mmmmmmm, murder. Perhaps also to happen in the season finale. ( Not the Sassoon Vidal, autocorrect! The seeson feanawl ). Hours away or is it minutes. I'm gay.