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  1. Community had paintball episodes and that time Asian Guy took over the campus (Chang Dynasty), and the alternate realities explored episode was bang. The drawback is it features Abed with the same intensity Will and Grace uses to showcase gayhood. 30 Rock compiled a complete modern vaginal mythos. Many characters went on to exhibit powers. I felt no shame as a viewer. King of Queens had a very extensive body of work. A louvre? They tackled modern life and held it down and well, you know, got at it from all angles. A complete exploration, along the lines of what Malcolm in the Middle ended up being by the.... end. New Girl actually impregnated me at the start. The Canyon, etc. It was incredibly solid and launched deep comedic strikes that I identified with wholeheartedly..... the way other people speak of Sunny In Philly (which totally lacks appeal to me). Then New Girl diluted itself and left the true path and got lost like moses in the desert for a few years. Every once in a while though, oh my god the magic was back. Someone should mark that series on hulu for which eps to avoid. That'd help people. Family Guy appreciation came late for me, taking me a few years to overcome my racism toward cartoon people. But they're doing something with comedy, unlike all the useless comedies like How I Met Your Mother. So Family's fascination has remained strong with me. Futurama was probably more pure joy than any other post Seinfeld comedy. The day the earth stood stupid; In-a-garden-de -Lela; partying with all the presidents' heads, Hypno Toad, so many success stories. Reno 911? Show destroyed my mind. The pregnant Weigel stuck in a stripper cake for a bachelor party gone wrong when she then went into labor and the cake wouldn't fit in the ambulance so they had to roll her in it, topless, down main street parade style to the hospital with her wailing away while pedestrians WTF'ed. Hardest laughing in 21 centuries. The drawback is the formula gets old fast and bombs half of the time. Arrested Development was for me what Christ is to Christians. The only downside is when you realize that, like in Airplane, they're really only retelling the same joke over and over. The same exact spin on everything each time. Eh. Still. At the time, it worked like an ultra laxative to squeeze all the laughter out of me. Only seen like 3 eps of Larry David, sadly. No access. Seems like he gets things hot, but can't pressure cook you all the way because that would require the lid of realism to be brought down on the viewer , and the show is too absurdist to make you really "feel" Larry's mess; you're just "oh Larry," instead of "oh my god! Larry! No!" But maybe i'm missing the fun of regular viewing.
  2. They do dragon as well as KFC does chicken. I can feel the malice and the rightness of it as a living being that shouldn't be but it is, and it's about to be more real than you are after it eats you. But then you never get to get pooped out apparently, which is what your D&D regeneration ability would be counting on, usually, in order to bounce back from that kind of happenstance. This gut- portal revelation is a classy surprise for a show you'd expect to steer toward dragon scat. ...this has been Dragon chat!
  3. Do they hand out R's for mature themes anymore though? Because all kinds of horrible stuff gets a PG13. Seems like only immature stuff gets tagged with an R, like bumping up against the limit of how many Fucks! you're allowed to say (a sign of how the writers didn't reeeely have much content to deliver, mature or otherwise) or loading up on the sexy bouncing and grinding aspect of sex scenes, like taking an extra close look at the manual rotation of hooters, like how they rotate your tires at jiffy lube. I suppose the point here , if indeed there was one, was that you can tell a very mature story these days without crossing the line into extra gore of pulled out entrails or whatever still gets you an R rating.
  4. Maybe the suit is a special case, with a mass- retention field on it to make it weaponized, but then other stuff that shrinks doesn't keep its mass (like the tank) ?? That sort of makes sense of it for me anyways. If we were really going according to "physics," the enlarged ant (and Rudd's giant man too) would have immediately crumpled to the ground after they grew, because their muscle mass would have been outstripped by the cubic growth of their.... lard? ....of the rest of them. They'd no longer be balanced creatures, and would die helpless from being out of proportion. At some point, a body designed to be one weight class just couldn't expand and expect to use the same ratio of muscle anymore without failing. The clever Odysseus would trick his enemy into supersizing and then just skewer the incapacitated goober.
  5. Sometimes i wonder if syfy really has clearance to do that cussing or did they just figure out the fcc doesn't consider them an actual channel. Like, with their viewership, maybe they don't rise to the level of "punishability." If they were charged with fucking up the public airwaves, could their response be, "The public?! Nobody's watching! And we can fucking prove it!"
  6. I have told you repeatedly not to call her/him that! Also, anyone who is accustomed to anglo entertainment is noticing the new era of inclusion pushing its way into everything, with some successes while in other worlds the presence of a melting pot is more jarringly odd to where it takes you out of the story so that you can take a moment to say to yourself, "okay, so the human torch is black and his sister the invisible woman is not..... which is fine. Fine! Yet odd." So I'm going through my own adjustment period with this issue, and like with gays being the one constant in the TV universe I'll get less distracted by this melanin injection as time goes by until I don't even notice or question it, which I suppose is the desired endpoint for a functional melting pot. The beginning of Gods of Egypt made me slightly nervous, for example, for its evoking of plantation life at the pedastal of the whiter gods, but then the rest of the movie totally fucked and banged and was so enjoyable that I forgot about the "whitewashing" that other people couldn't ignore. I was sort of miffed to find out that they were miffed, because the awesomeness of the movie overcame the questionable casting choices... from my vantage point. But then I must admit I'd be more likely to get hung up on such things if I was darker skinned. So, in short, see Gods of Egypt because it's a wild fun ride, then go online and do pennance by chastising the casting / portrayal , thus enjoying a fine movie while also washing away the stink of your crime.
  7. Poops. I missed the sticky climax of season 1 and now this. Now the gnomes have no home. Homeless gnomes. And there's no chance of reading this series to see if they ever sought magic in the magic kingdom of disneyland, which would seem like the obvious move. I hope the brunette finds a dimensional gateway into our world of casting calls and shampoo commercials. Camelot came off as dreadfully childish so i stopped early on it, (forgot the specifics of why i had that feeling), whereas this had more hook and less cringe. When they got rid of druid guy i was like What??? That guy brought the whole room together. The show's going to suffer now. .....and behold!
  8. So forgetting about the faerie invasion was exactly what their queen wanted me to do. Penny did say some of us aren' t completely human before he took off from gun guy, so his bloodline maybe has been interboinked by supernatural beings, then it maybe surfaces in later generations as a recessive? The party had lots of effort from the set builder, but it was the low point because we didn't have access to the drugs. (Have you begun a BYOB tradition yet?)
  9. Too late! All TV from 2017 has been erased from memory to clear up space.
  10. They got the tone right for adult lion/witch/wardrobe action , and hooked me with the world of wonders that's crashing into the dippy characters. So it doesn't matter what abhorent nonsense they say because like in chem class they're just there to fizz and pop, less characters and more like props upon which the physics of magic play havoc for our jollies.
  11. Glass memory person of Missy?
  12. Capaldi forced me to take the show seriously and also watch it. His face is easily 2000 years old. So that brings legitimacy to a program that would otherwise have been ridiculous.
  13. When this film comes to Redbox, that's when this thread's distant grandchild will be visited by my delayed rage, probably. Until then, enjoy the "spoilers." StarWars is now like a B movie franchise that isn't worth risking theater money on. It's worth a buck, though. And Rogue was worth like $4.18! But the main series? Just knowing that Abrams has been allowed back in tells me the future has been depantsed.
  14. For the moment, our pants should remain on? But this could clear the way for a Mulan crossover allowing her to take part in a Married with Children reunion special.
  15. I like Kate? Brooklyn nine- nine is back on season record mode again. Turns out I wasn' burnt out on it, just needed a breather. Most of these artsy fartsy shows that get acclaim for how they portray early doctors or early silicon valley, eh, they seem to blow. Viewers might just be obsessed with earliness, and TV has figured that out. Mr Robot would be an early view of a chaos era? Outlander is a first look at Ireland for womens. She's the first timetraveler to beat the crowds and blaze a trail backwards, so she arrived much earlier. Star Trek is giving us a bleeding edge preview of how we won't be willing to chase shows which don't offer themselves for viewing, so that's a first of a sort. They're ahead of the game. Earliness. That's what it's all about.