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  1. When Hitler ran off maybe that was his way of saying the show is bad? Should viewers follow his lead? Or should viewers try not to be like Hitler, by sticking with the show! (I envision that as the ad campaign for season 3)
  2. This is from my brain so take it with a grain of crack, but maybe Fiege is grateful he doesn't have to try to make the fantastic four movies because it's just too much for the writers to overcome and turn into something plausible. ....So when he looked into doing The Inhumans he realized "Oh no, this is the fantastic four equivalent that IS my problem!" So he made it someone else's problem because it's simply too problematic. Not enough of an emotional hook to grab a mainstream audience with. Too weird for most to identify with. Not all properties are equally capable of launching a good movie or show ?
  3. Bobs burgers. American dad. The only compelling thing about them is the need you feel to stop watching. Uhhhhhjjjjj, i used to tune to the comedy channel, but now i don't. Because South Park will invariably be on, and the grand total of times it's made me laugh is like seven. Ever. Vastly overrated program.
  4. watching all the episodes in random order might be a good way to counteract the cliffhanger ending.
  5. Dam! It's a curious case of ........murder! Mmmmmmm, murder. Perhaps also to happen in the season finale. ( Not the Sassoon Vidal, autocorrect! The seeson feanawl ). Hours away or is it minutes. I'm gay.
  6. Those back rests for the flight crew are the beginning of what you'd need. Dan Simmons solved for the extreme physics effects on the body by having the crew totally die each time the ship accelerated / braked they were pulped down to a thin layer of splat before their future tech cruciforms kicked in and regenerated their bodies in a resurrection process that served to justify the catholic church in a lot of people's minds but was actually a tainted gift from the machine AI faction to keep people under their thumb literally. Hey the ships from those Hyperion novels would trash Star Wars, Trek, and B5 fleets who need to see you up close before they shoot, like they're fighting world war II still.
  7. The main benefit of living in a Chinese world would be the total lack of regard for copyright because then you'd see a really high quality video game where all the space ships from every franchise could share the spotlight and join together in huge space battles to see what happens, like a large scale mortal combat game for fleets from around the universe. Yes. Give me a romulan green ship from next generation, in fact Musk should probably build that one first if we're going to make all the tech from Trek for real.
  8. What's up with Seth telling all these modern grit christianity stories? Is he the leading theologian of our time? The show interests me due to being interesting. Like that inbred jesus cult, I too am awaiting results.
  9. Yeah, huh! (Re: trying to survive huge space blasts. It gets easier when the blast wasn't really a bomb). Uhhhhh, i like how in the future you have to tell your crew to "fire again!" which implies they otherwise would have just sat at their stations and waited to die. Don't ever play poker with that white hole bomb making corporation. Jesus! I'm confused about the whereabouts of portia lynn and her gun toting teammate versus our crew's 2- some. Next year then.
  10. It's tough to renew a show with no characters left. They may have tipped their hand about Dutch's survival method. Just blowing up the rac ships is fun, rather than a war. Dark Matter wants to go big and important for next year. That leaves one asking what this show would do. Downshift? Prolong this green thing? Neither sounds great.
  11. There's grown this connection between "i'm offended" and, "now i get something, as redress for being offended! What have i won?!" Whereas people used to get offended and vented their anger by using free speech to spout off about it , and that was that. I can see how the new way of the world has a chance to correct more of society's ills, but don't we also see it leading us toward a point where there'll be zero activity? Because anyone who does or risks anything will just be setting themselves up for offended people to make their play. So why bother trying, when the Reactive class is so dominant over the Proactive thinkers , won't the proactive class stop being the doers, and then all the vitality bleeds out of society, and The Griping kills the golden goose without replacing it with anything much. It's like that old bit where you see a slippey floor at the grocery store and then make damn sure you "slip" on it for the payday. Only now that's been embiggened into the model we use for applying pressure on everything. But if everyone is offended then the doers suffer pressure from all sides and can't go anywhere. No direction is safe / available. So, Stagnation. Errrrrr, Progress. The Griping then is a new societal power we have to learn how to wield without abusing it. Like how the martial artist is hopefully trained in only the proper application of force. All the tougher for a vigilante mob on social media to learn, with its membership constantly shifting. Uhhhh, we've unleashed a constantly roving buzzsaw into our cultural garage. Like if a tornado set up shop and just remained active, a new permanant feature of the landscape that was just out of control. But it started off by demolishing a bank and sending money raining down on the peeps, so the tornado currently enjoys a high approval rating.
  12. Every time Star Trek gets a series, which is frequently, their future spaceships find a way back to the Nazis, which is incredibly unlikely to even happen twice let alone 5 times. Because they liked asking What If on those shows. Primarily, "What If Nazis?" Well i hope this helped. Also, I noticed the Dreamwalker youth fiction series by C.S. Friedman recently featured a strange alternate reality South like this. And that included the even dicier magical uplifting of Lucy type missing link primates to serve as a sentient underclass too, and their mistreatment. In hindsight, yikes, that was taking some chances, but mostly when you read a book you just think of it as another wacky universe and if it's weird and uncomfortable with thought provoking tension that means the author did their job? She explored the horror of the situation through the eyes of a multi ethnic group of teens from Earth who were wondering why this other world had tried to assassinate them in ours . Didn't ever feel like that world was being glorified or recommended. I guess there's only a few really big impact events in history to easily focus your alternate reality TV show on, and one is the civil war. Sometimes I wonder what the USA might have been today if the drug culture never caught on in the 60's and the counter- culture didn't become a tradition of reduced effectiveness that's leaning heavily toward socialism and away from....being better than socialism. Or lately, I wonder what Turkey would have been today if all the non- Muslim residents were still alive to be part of it. That might be a fun alternate reality to foist upon that coup- surviving president of theirs. Or what if the big hair of the 80s had never gone out of style on Earth 2?
  13. Not Lady Thor played by WWE Charlotte Flair? Beta Bill gives me goosebumps. Because his head is weird.
  14. I'd prefer if captain marvel did not take place during normality. More epic backdrop if she military as the planet knows it's doomed. Don't know how panther intends to act like business as usual in the face of all that. Secluded nation? Or maybe the end of both movies reaches the moment when the world changes. ...the thanos hype thing could flop but hey i like thor 2 so i'm sitting pretty. They have a nice track record , but james spader sputtered a bit trying to carry the movie.
  15. Uuuuh, People Have To Do Something Before They Die, And Having Them Be Meek would telegraph their deaths, so they all want to be the upper tier characters who don't die, and to better imagine themselves this they engage in mockery to present the cosmos with a substitute to kill off, saying, "here you go, cruel universe, here's a sacrifice nearer to your scythe than me, less deserving of living on, surely, so take this one first." Not all mockers are being truthful of course, so the universe chooses some to proove wrong by taking them as the least worthy of life and most worthy of death. Does this proove or signify anything other than pointing out the great dance of life and death takes place on these pages the same as in our reality ? It's like saying, "aha! The sun rose! See that? That supports my theory!" We exist in a state of mockery, by definition. We have to take dumps daily. Which means the cosmos mocks us, so we eat all the higher life forms on the planet and poop them out to show our disdain back to the universe. But then by doing so we undermine the ecosystem and go extinct and the joke's on us. What I'm saying is this doesn't amount to a secret fantasy formula within the books, this is part of how George models Reality in the books, openly, as part of his main political thesis about "try to prolong your life by being a wise player of the game and not boastfully unwise."