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  1. Hamilton was behind Verstappen, so he even would have seen him pit. But from what Wolff was saying afterwards, they thought track position was more important because of the early phase of the race. They simply got it wrong.
  2. I've not reread them as a block, but only as they came out, and re-reads of the most recent ones at the time. On that basis, I thought it was fine although obviously some of the ways it turned out were quite surprising. There was also one particular book which came as a shock where there were a number of deaths to reasonably important characters. But overall, I really loved the series. I probably should go back and do a re-read of it from the start to end, but I know it would take a lot of time.
  3. Won’t privilege protect some of Trumps interactions with Cohen?
  4. I'd ban Smith for one to two years. He was cheating, if it was via drugs he'd be gone for that time (like Warne was). Can anyone seriously say this wasn't as bad?
  5. Looking at the comments, they don’t like that there was no wall, the worsening of the deficit, 500 million for planned parenthood and Schumers tunnel (???).
  6. Anything to back that up? Because your article certainly doesn’t.
  7. Well, except this is plain wrong. The state head of the party denounced him as a Nazi and s didgrace. Last time he ran in the seat the Republicans sued on a technicality (he stuffed up part of the application) and got him kicked off the ballot. This time he was careful to get the application right, and because of the USA’s weird party laws the republicans couldn’t stop him.
  8. I need to apologise to the original poster when I said posting ar article about the musings of a single state legislator was a bit unfair and not representative. They are that batshit crazy after all. I still think this story is unfair though!
  9. Woo hoo! Off to Amazon to preorder.
  10. On Lallana, aren't injuries the major reason he's been out of side?
  11. Anyone watch the West Ham v Burnley game? The scenes from the crowd were astounding. People running onto the pitch, camping beneath the directors’ box and singing that they’d destroyed the club. If it continues like this, West Ham are effectively playing away matches for the rest of the season.
  12. Yep, guns in schools will make things safer.... One student dead, another hurt in accidental Alabama school shooting
  13. So, Kellyanne Conway has been cited for several Hatch Act Violations. Anyone think anything will come of it? It seems Trump has to discipline her, what are the chances of that happening?
  14. He wrote it in 2016. The article is here: key parts:
  15. I enjoyed that series, although I read it a number of years ago.