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  1. Amazing race to watch, huge fun!
  2. Hope not too much has passed in the thread, but still catching up and wanted to reply to these. For the above, this seems to ignore the power of protest, or the possibility that extreme video recording that is starting to occur won't have an effect Oh, I don't know. Apart from India, Chile, and a good chunk of Eastern Europe post the Soviet Unions collapse. Iran has a partial democracy, Korea, Taiwan and Japan have democracies.
  3. This is an uncomfortable case. But I'm not a fan of moralising. I think the religious right do it all the time, and I hate it. We have laws. He accepted what society deemed his fit punishment. The reaction now seems to fall far more in the 'he can't ever have success given what he did' category. And I don't agree with that. I think he should be left alone following his life.
  4. She seems to think offering 5m pounds is enough......
  5. A new Alex Versus came out a few months ago. Another extremely good entry in the series. It is very refreshing to have a series where the bad guys are actually competent, especially in a multi-book way.
  6. As bad as some of that is, getting Gonski in is huge. That is a significant shift of resources from the rich to the poor.
  7. Well, that is what the article was saying. And the Republicans are certainly making changes to the ACA based on the argument they're budgetary rather than structural changes. If the structure of medicare stays the same, except its open for others to purchase, and you change the costings so they're budget neutral, I think you could use reconciliation.
  8. But the original argument was for medicare expansion, and you don't need 60 votes for that. It was pointing out that the Republicans have effectively shown Democrats the way - use reconciliation and a bill that taxes the rich subsidies to pay for medicare expansion for all, and voila, you can just go through reconciliation. No filibuster, and everyone can join the government insurer.
  9. Absolutely terrible. Firefighters saying it did not behave as it should have. Usually it should be contained to one or two flats. On the cladding, we had a case in Victoria where an apartment fire went up the side of a building due to cladding. So it does happen.
  10. If it's a clean bill the Dems should vote for it. This would be consistent with what they did under Obama and the sensible way to treat a nuclear bomb. Hold to the Obama stance. Clean bill. At the end of the day the Repubs have the votes to pass anything else themselves.
  11. That sucks. He will be missed.
  12. My best wishes Mormons that your daughter has no mental scars as well as being fine physically.
  13. Well, that's because that is kind of deliberate. The ACA was meant to lower costs, and since in the good ol US of A politically you can't actually have the government use its buying power to reduce costs, there are few methods to use out there. The one the ACA used was to try and not cover smaller stuff, and more big stuff. Hence deductibles. It sounds like you want the "insurance" to be a payment scheme on a month to month basis. But its not that. If insurance is working most people should be out of pocket, most of the time. Its meant to cover you for when things go wrong. Secondly, the ACA and health insurance in general has significant cross-subsidies from the young to the old. So even if you're not getting (in your mind) good value now, in 10, 20, 30 years time (no idea how old you are), then that may significantly reverse. Because you will then be being subsidised by younger participants. The ACA is taking a whole of life view, and smoothing payments. If you only concentrate on the current year, there is going to be a disconnect. On a side note regarding the deductibles, at least for employer plans. It may not be the ACA. In Australia, we've been seeing premiums and deductibles rise through the time period discussed as well, and obviously we didn't have the ACA go into effect here.
  14. I found the mention in that article that he'd been trying for years to get the story published a bit gobsmacking. Nobody would publish this story by a Pulitzer author? Not the main story by any means, but a wrinkle in the overall mosaic. It also shows clearly this wasn't meant to be posthumous. The author expected to be around for the reception the story received.
  15. Nobody laughed at its ability to be used by criminals. That was always one of the issues with it. This type of attack has also been performed on US hospitals. One paid the ransom last year.