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  1. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    At a distant remove, it seems like Corbyn acts like he's running for president rather than as head of a party with agreed policies.
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I think it is wrong and counterproductive to accuse any and all Trump supporters of simply allowing a dictator to rise.
  3. Kong: Skull Island

    Really? That seems odd given the two movies are set about 40-50 years apart.
  4. Kong: Skull Island

    Oops, yes Jackson. I don't think the film really aims for any humour. Not that it doesn't have a little bit, mostly around one character, but generally it's pretty serious. Has a bit of an Aliens vibe.
  5. Kong: Skull Island

    Surprised nothing here on this. Saw it last weekend, thought it was pretty good. Always a limit on the level this type of movie can hit, but this hit all the right spots. The storyline actually was tight, the acting top notch, a little bit of humour but a strong sense of doom and danger. I was very pleased with the CGI and Kong "fit". Nice to see Hiddleston in a non-villain role, and Goodman, Larson and Jackman were all strong. Stay in the cinemas until the end of the credits. It is clear this is going to be part of a franchise, and the first instalment is very strong.
  6. R.I.P. the great Bill Paxton

    Damn. Love his work. Nobody has mentioned Apollo 13 yet. And although it was a small role, I really loved him in 2 Guns as well.
  7. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    India weren't quite as bad as everyone makes out. If they hold their catches on Smith, then the real difference in the two teams was Renshaw's batting, Stark's innings and a few Australian batsmen making 10 odd extra runs. But effectively giving Smith an extra 80 odd runs really hurts them, both from the direct runs and the chance to get into the Australian side. Apart from their fielding, the other major stuff up was the DRS and selections. If you're going to only bowl Sharma for 3 overs on a day 3 pitch, what was the point of him playing? On batting, they clearly didn't get enough. But if you take out the Smith/Starc innings, then the major difference was 10-20 runs per key batsmen. We had a lot of guys make 20-30 runs, theirs got out less than 10. And without Smith in the second innings, would we have got as many runs? India obviously played nowhere near well enough, but I think the winning margin exaggerated the gap.
  8. The Arrival- Film- SPOILERS

    You do wonder if those guys would say Star Wars is a chick flick. Or Top Gun. I mean, both have these strong romance arcs, don't they? This has hardly any romance at all by comparison.
  9. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    I have this (forlorn) hope that there will be a scene where Phasma and Ren need to block/protect something vital, and then Ren watches in amazement as Phasma starts sabotaging the defences. When he goes to stop her she draws a lightsaber and then proceeds to knock him around, saying things like "how weak are the Knights of Ren", "why didn't they punish her for failing at starkiller base - because they're week", "that he got beaten by a barely trained girl", "that Vader was a lord of the Sith, does he really want to be one", revealing herself as Sith. After beating him down to the ground Vader/Luke style, she offers him the choice of real power to join her - which he accepts. And goes off and becomes a real Sith. Leaving a vulnerability for the Resistance to use in bringing the Knights of Ren down. Explains Phasma's ineptitude (she was undermining the knights), and creates bad-ass villians for movies post the main-nine. And opens us up to finally seeing some real villian vs. villian lightsabre fights in the future.
  10. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    Well, the other obvious one is Heath Ledger. I saw Rogue one with my brother and friend, and coming out we didn't even realise the CGI was CGI. We were talking about how well they'd done getting people to play Tarkin and Leia. Thought they'd done a pretty job of replicating them (and Mon Martha and Vader). Generally loved the movie. Only major issue was the ending which should have been a transmission. We could have seen Vader slaughtering his way through the ship to stop the rebels destroying the computers. They could have found where it was sent, as well as choking one of the bridge crew to find out what the transmission was (just "plans", hence the scene in EPIV where the senior officer says "if the rebels have a full technical readout of this station" - hence not knowing exactly what was transmitted). This could have involved the Mon Calamari Admiral giving the scene a bit more weight as we'd seen him a little bit. Other minor issues being: What was with everyone knowing the rebel base was on Yavin IV and giving the information out to unproven newcomers like Jyn and companions? This should have been HEAVILY protected. As it was, after Vader tortured a few of the prisoners he wouldn't have needed to interrogate Leia. When Jyn and Cassian were taken by Saw's men, she shouldn't have announced she was Jyn Erso. That was a secret. They'd have gone "who?". Better if when talking about who she really was when first being interrogated where they said "Jyn ???, actually Jyn Erso" (or words to that effect) they'd added "Jyn Gerrara" into the middle. And then in that scene she could have called herself Jyn Gerrara. It would also have made a greater link between Jyn and Saw with hardly any additional script change. As mentioned Leia shouldn't have been in the attack, but already on her way to Tatooine. And the droids should have always been with her. The imperials sure did seem to enjoy having major discussions outside. Or maybe just Krennic. Krennic's two discussions with Galen Erso and his discussion with Vader were all outside. The first one made sense. The others?
  11. Carrie Fisher has passed away

    Bloody hell. So sorry for the family.
  12. Trailer Thread III

    It was an amazing trip.... I watched Transformers 4, the third Expendables, and something else, and I was so ready to get off that plane at the end.
  13. Trailer Thread III

    I watched the last one on a plane, and I think I'll save this one for the same treatment.
  14. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I really enjoyed it. I like his blending of magic and police detective book. It feels far more realistic than most UF.