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  1. Trump would love that law. You want to investigate him? Tie up all the detectives in law suits.
  2. Jupiter Ascending Its only tiny redeeming feature was Redman's character. When people say Valerian is worse than this, I struggle to believe them.
  3. Can't really argue with a lot of that on Trump. His ability to screw things up would be a menace. On the merits of taking them out, I'm not sure why it isn't always a problem for SK. Feels like delaying is just kicking the ball down the road.
  4. Except A isn't true because they hadn't miniaturised the nukes, so couldn't really deliver it. So actually, it was only a distant threat in the future. If they can get the nukes onto a missile, everyone is at risk. On B, don't talk rubbish. Why would the US push regime change in NK, with all the scope for collateral damage to SK? Without nukes, why would the west give a fuck about NK? No strategic resources, a crappy locale, protected by another super power. It's a complete furphy. They have nukes because of the power it brings them. And in fact, if the US went in now it would be a pretty big statement to everyone, don't get nukes. It would be a major deterrent to tin pot dictators everywhere
  5. Well then, his only option may to be to man up. No, I don't mean admit it. I mean train! Memory exercises, you tube strategy videos, and play play play. Learn to beat her. Preferably do it as a montage, possibly with Rocky music or Team America music in the background.
  6. You're being a fool. Cooperative games are the way to go. Ever heard of pandemic? Forbidden Island?
  7. It's a thorny issue. Option A: NK now, or in the future, will be irrational. Soon with intercontinental nukes. A freaking scary prospect for anyone in the pacific region. If you believe this option, you kinda have to stop them before they have ICBM capabilities. Option B: they're rational. Soon with intercontinental nukes. In that scenario, their game plan is (presumably) to insulate themselves from attack by anybody, combined with future bluffing about what they'll do if they don't get aid etc. not the worst, but looking at decades of instability and always the risk if some nutter(s) do replace the rational one. However, if they're rational, and truly believe the USA is going to attack, then they know that they're done for. Even if they do a lot of collateral damage on the way. So the rational move would be to fold, and give up the nuclear program. The issue with my analysis is that it indicates whichever is true, building up for war may be the sensible move.
  8. The craft novels are brilliant, although a little more fantasy. Alex Versus is very good. I loved the 20 palaces series, and the Peter Grant books are very good.
  9. Pretty much agree with all of that. I'm not a fan of the monarchy, but will always vote against a Republic with a directly elected head of state.
  10. Anyone reading anything? 30 June is financial year end in Australia, plus I changed jobs, so I've been avoiding books. Too distracting. I know I have the latest (last?) Charming book to download, and the sixth Craft book. Looking forward to both. Anything I've missed over the two months?
  11. I read them a looong time ago, and thought they were decent. I read the bone doll trilogy as well, and thought the first two were brilliant, but terribly let down by the third book.
  12. That sounds like a sensible idea. And maybe one that turns off if you undo your zipper!
  13. Lock Stock is good. snatch is bloody brilliant. I also really liked man from Uncle and both Sherlocks.
  14. Yep, he'll be missed.
  15. Actually, that has been changed.