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  1. I have a problem with buying notebooks but never filling more than a few pages. I just see another one I like, and then another, and another... The sad part is the only effective method I have of keeping notes or making lists is emailing them to myself. Hence all the empty, sad journals
  2. Here, here! I second (or third, or fourth...) this for best thread! You know, there's a great "chickpea paste" recipe in A Feast of Ice and Fire.
  3. Those wedding planners were exorbitant in their floral pricing...
  4. Mance Rayder. Manse raider. *walks away, ashamed*
  5. I have never heard of this before, but I think I really, really like the idea of Stannis "faking it until he makes it."
  6. Visenya, but I'm biased because it sounds like my name -- Kseniya
  7. There is a lot of build up around the Riverlands (finally?!). Stoneheart, Nymeria, Arya? ...Maybe? I've stopped trying to predict things in this show. They seem to really enjoy killing those poor wolves, though D:
  8. This^ JFT96. Very happy for the families, those that lived to see the day.
  9. My husband and I both have sandy-golden blonde hair and eyes that are green in the right light (otherwise hazel). We have some Lannister jokes between the two of us but we are most certainly not related :-P ...and that is why I dye my hair red. It also helps that's he's 6'4 while I'm 5'2. So depending on whether I dye my hair or not, my heart shaped face lends itself well to Melisandre (alas not the height), but I have rather high cheekbones so Cersei always lingers.
  10. That's Lady Kai of the House Snoozehog to you, buddy.

  11. Back on the forums! Finally have a bit of time :)

  12. Moving to London... tomorrow, oh christ.

  13. Moving to London in T - 7 days...

  14. I've been roaming around the forums for about two months now so I guess it's time I finally introduce myself :-P Basics? My name is Kseniya, I'm from New York... Started reading the books after the HBO season ended, and finished ADWD about a month ago. Pretty hopelessly into the fandom now, and I'm loving it :D