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  1. There is a mention of a troll maintaining the bridge in The Last Wish short story (when the village head explains to Geralt, that it is less expensive for them to pay him a fee than to kill him and having to maintain the bridge themselves), but AFAIR that's about it, so essentialy there are no trolls in the books.
  2. AFAIR he's in his mid fifties, though witchers generally look much younger than they are. Not like wizards younger, but a decade or so. So the actor should be in his forties I guess.
  3. Oh, no doubt about that. Battle of Brenna would have to be awesome, but I doubt there is a chance for that.
  4. Yeah, that too. Especially during the short stories she's just a kid.
  5. Bloody Baron is not a character from he books. And the series is going to be an adaptation of the books, short stories in particular.
  6. I assumed the latter, but they should have at least mention it.
  7. Why? I wouldn't mind if it was him, actually. Though not widely known actor would probably be better. Re up: Gwent is not from the books. I have no idea who he is/what it is.
  8. I'm shocked.
  9. Yeah, some kind of closure for Ward and Tripp, like the one Radcliff got, would have been nice I guess. I'm kinda intrigued by the ending. So they (or at least Coulson) left the Earth. Wonder where they could go from there.
  10. Fun fact: after revealing this the Platige Image shares on Warsaw Stock Exchange gained almost 40 percent.
  11. It's definitely a live action series, and based mostly on short stories, at least in the first season, from what I've heard. I'm really excited about this, as Tomasz BagiƄski and his Platige Image are involved. If you don't know who he is, watch his short animation "The Cathedral", Oscar nominated in 2002 adaptation of the novella by Jacek Dukaj. Can't wait for this.
  12. Just a month left to my first ever mountain race. 28 km with a 1440 meters altitude change. I need to buy trail shoes. And some more hills training wouldn't hurt probably. Yesterday was a fine run. 6.25k in less than 30 minutes, which means 5k just 11 seconds slower than my pb.
  13. Well, the joke update was a result of a lack of the real one, which was earlier announced by Scott.
  14. It was a great race after all. Perfect weather, thousands of runners and supporters, and I did manage to break my PB. Only by 8 seconds, but I'm glad anyway. My official time was 48:46. And my incredible wife has beaten her PB in marathon by 5 minutes, to 3:38:14!
  15. I am able to (barely) understand if someone is confused with this series while reading Caine's Law. But after or while or even before reading The Blade of Tyshalle, the best of the series? I just can't wrap my head around it.