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  1. @Andorion Sword of Destiny you mean. Sword of Truth has a really, REALLY bad connotations around here, and well deserved.
  2. The series title was given by the Polish publisher, not Sapkowski himself, who was planning to name the series Blood of Elves. But it stuck. Nevertheless Sapkowski has always been insisting, that his series is NOT about Geralt, and the real protagonist is Ciri.
  3. I am able to imagine beating 20 minutes for 5k. I am also able to imagine beating 45 minutes for 10k. Both cases are obviously achievable for me, perhaps quite soon. But 1:40 HM somehow escapes my imagination. That has to have something to do with my struggling with longer distances, unproportional to my PB's on shorter ones. But we will see.
  4. My 5k PB is 22:07, but I simply can't wrap my head around the possibillity of 1:40:00 HM any time soon. That would mean keeping the pace faster than my 10k PB for more than twice that long. If I ever get there, it will not be in the next few months, that's for sure.
  5. @Impmk2 Wow, that's hell of a progress, man, respect. 20 minutes within a few months is really impressive. That means you've started with a similar time to mine (I've finished my March HM in 1:57:58), and I still hope to break 1:55. Great job!
  6. Just finished David Mitchell's Slade House. Great read, as expected, though I enjoyed Colud Atlas and Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet more. Probably it's time to read The Bone Clocks after all.
  7. I just bought David Mitchell's Slade House for $6.5 on Amazon. Not the deal of the year perhaps, but still a good one.
  8. Ok, so my four weeks training program finally worked out. I broke my 5k PB by 1.5 minutes today. Final result: 22:07. Of course on the finnish line I was mildly disappointed I haven't managed to break 22 minutes, since I was short by just 7 seconds, but overall I'm really satisfied. Regular workouts with professional trainers really do pay off after all. I'm starting to seriously consider running a marathon next spring and I'm already excited about it, even though longer distances were always much harder for me to prepare to.
  9. The National - Day I die. The whole new album Sleep Well Beast is great.
  10. It's probably one of the three or four funniest movies I've ever seen. A comedy that makes me laugh out loud few times is a rare animal, and Groundhog Day does it constantly, even after multiple screenings. I love it.
  11. Really? Haven't listened to it yet, but the first single was just meh. And tomorrow premieres The National new album. Can't wait.
  12. Yeah, looks like Nadal is on a highway to the title. Delpo might not be Rublev, but I don't see him seriously threatening Rafa tonight. Hope I'm wrong, I'd much prefer Delpo to win the trophy.
  13. Actually he presented it more like a joke, so no harm done. He changed my objectives afterwards and addressed the problem scheduling the next workouts. Can't say a bad word of him. Yesterday we were doing very similar workout: 8 km with a pace of a mile test plus 40 seconds. This time I wasn't able to meet the objectives as well, but the gap was much smaller, about 10-15 seconds in pace (comparing to 30 seconds before). So I might be back on the right track after all.
  14. And relatively comfortable win for Fed in the fourth. As much as I like Delpo, I still hope Fed will eventually lift the trophy here, though Nadal looks pretty strong and it might be the hell of a semifinal, provided they both meet there. Bottom half is an enigma for me, every single one of these four players can do it.
  15. Thanks for your support @baxus, but I feel the problem is deeper than just one bad workout. I have always preferred short distances over long ones and improving on longer distances have always been much harder for me. The best example is that the objectives for the workout I failed at (10 km at a pace of a mile test plus 45 seconds) were difficult but doable for most people in my group, both faster and slower than me at a mile test. I was probably the only one in my group for whom the same objectives meant breaking a PB for 10 km. It shows that the pace differential between shorter and longer distance is much bigger than average for me. Even our trainer commented, that with such a result at a mile test I should have a better 10k PB.