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  1. I'd like that please. Not one of his best, but a very solid entertainment none the less.
  2. Read the books, Theda. Read the books.
  3. Yeah, I can confirm that on the example of my own girls (8 and 11). We started to watch Star Wars just few weeks ago. They've watched all of them but Rogue One by now and they're simply crazy about it. They want me to take'em on the Midnight premiere of Episode VIII.
  4. Agreed. Quite an unexpected development, but it works just fine. Lip staying sober for so long is also bit surprising. The only thing I'm not buying so far is Fiona the landlady, it's not her. Still wondering if we ever gonna see Jimmy/Steve again. Probably not, which is a shame, I liked him.
  5. You sound like it was a fact, not an opinion, which it's not. I don't think "even the best translation must be worse than original" and I don't think you have to be a writer to be an excellent translator, though I do admit some most memorable translations I read (and had a chance to compare to the original) was made by writers. Not all of them, mind you. And I do remember cases when translation made at least the same impression on me as the original, if not bigger.
  6. You mean you've already binged it all?
  7. Managed to improve my PB fo 10k yesterday in the Independence Race in Warsaw, even if only by a mere 3 seconds. Current time is 48:43. I'm more than satisfied since I haven't planned attacking PB this time. It also happened to be the biggest 10k race in Poland, after more than 13 thousand runners (out of almost 18 thousnad who signed up) made it to the finnish line. And it looked really awesome.
  8. And I liked both Dr. Strange and Homecoming, but really loved Ragnarok. Not particularly hyped for Black Panther though.
  9. Can't wait to see your top ten list for sarcastic quotes. Having said that, Six Feet Under and Rome would probably make my own top three as well. I just don't think we should all start our own threads just to announce that.
  10. @RumHamWhen Thor first arrives to Asgard, Loki is still disguised as Odin and there is a play in front of his court, which depicts "Loki's heroic death in his brother's arms". The actor playing Loki in that play is Matt Damon. And Thor is played by Luke Hemsworth.
  11. I liked it a lot. It was painfully obvious from the start that the writers had a problem with including Loki into the good guys bunch, while at the same time maintaining his "charming scumbag" vibe, but other than that I didn't have a problem with the story. It really was funny, especially Thor's interactions with Bruce and Korg. I enjoyed a scene with Dr. Strange, I was surprised to see Matt Damon playing Actor Loki and Sam Neill Actor Odin and had no idea Korg was portrayed by Waitiki himself. I'd rate it higher than Dr. Strange as well.
  12. Heh, a good one. I assume there is no mandatory day off in the US, that you can take without asking your employer for permission, once or twice a year? We have something like that here in Poland (most EU countries have I think). Never had to use it, but - come to think of it - I'm glad it's there. Did your boss tell you in person you can't have this day off, or was it said by email or some other form of office communication? Because if the latter, I'd try to talk to her in person. It's always harder to say no to someone's face, no matter the reasons.
  13. Yeah, in almost two years he could rewrite the entire book or he could do absolutely nothing, depending on how he feels. Anyway, setting such a far date is bizzare at best.
  14. @Andorion Sword of Destiny you mean. Sword of Truth has a really, REALLY bad connotations around here, and well deserved.
  15. The series title was given by the Polish publisher, not Sapkowski himself, who was planning to name the series Blood of Elves. But it stuck. Nevertheless Sapkowski has always been insisting, that his series is NOT about Geralt, and the real protagonist is Ciri.