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  1. I've run a bad 10k race on Sunday. I mean the race itself was great, the atmosphere of 11 thousand runners celebrating the anniversary of Warsaw Uprising 1944 and all that was spectacular. Just my run was bad. I started too strong, even though I knew it could happen. Plan was to start with the pace 4:45 and after 4 or 5 km ease to 4:50-4:55. It was a plan for a personal best. But something told me to try to attack 48 minutes, so I started with 4:35 pace instead and it was clearly a mistake. Too fast, too soon. After 3 km my pace slowed to 5:00, and then even to 5:20. All in all I didn't manage to break my PB, and I finished with the time 2.5 minutes worse than my PB (51:18). I treat it as a lesson.
  2. Weather Diaries, new album of Ride. This new music by reunited shogaze bands really is something. First MBV, then Lush and especially Slowdive, now Ride. Couldn't be happier. My youth is back. Weather Diaries is not a masterpiece, but definitely has a few gems.
  3. I have made it. I finished my first Mountain Race on Sunday. 28 km with about 1300 meters overall altitude change. It was really tough, but very satisfying. There were two brutal mountains (both more than 2k of steep ascents, from about 500-600 m to 1100-1150 m, and a long, steep, muddy and wet 4k descent in the end. Tons of mud (heavy rains the day before), narrow trails and incredible views at the mountain tops (we've passed at least four). I've made it in 3:56:06, which gave me 89th place out of 303 participants and 14h place in M40 age category (out of 58). It was exhausting but fun. I'd say it depends on the stardard. Most 4 star hotels all over Europe I've been to have pretty decent gyms.
  4. True, some b-sides from around that time were also great. But this particular song has that something special, that makes me want to listen to it all over again. It could easily be on OK Computer. It should have, mind you. And there are quite a few fun facts connected to the video. For example the woman standing outside of the bus near the end of the song is Agata Buzek, quite well known Polish actress, who happens to also be the daughter of our former prime minister and the former chairman of the European Parliament. And the old graffiti in Polish near the fire tells: "I miss you Jew". It was a kind of provocative artistic performance which made quite a buzz few years back. Anyway, can't wait for the anniversary edition of OK Computer now. If the other two unreleased songs would also be as great, it will be something to remember.
  5. Since yesterday I listen on repeat to I promise, an unreleased Radiohead song from OK Computer session and I simply can't wrap my head around the fact, that such a brilliant song might have been kept in a drawer for twenty years. By the way, the video is shot in Warsaw. They used oldfashioned buses from twenty years ago, but it's been shot quite recently
  6. A little short in weight and muscle department, but other than that I think he could do a great job.
  7. Geralt is definitely couple of decades younger than Yennefer, it is explicitly said in the books. And Yennefer in Tower of the Swallow admits she's 94 years old.
  8. True, Geralt's age is never specified in the books, but Sapkowski in interviews used to say that during Baptism of Fire Geralt is past fifty.
  9. Very sad news. Deepest condolences for the family.
  10. Just twelve days to my first ever Mountain Race (28 km with a total altitude change of 1250 m). Been training to that and checking my new trail shoes on Sunday evening, just afer sundown. Managed to make 15 km with 15 runs up of the nearby hill (about 40 m high), which should give me about 600 m overall altitude change. I was completely drained afterwards. And in less than two weeks I will have to make twice as much in bright daylight (the race starts at 2pm). Today at 2pm was about 32°C. I'd be dead after few k if such a weaher persists. I'd much prefer rains and storms. On the other hand the day before I almost broke my pb for 5k. I was just 8 seconds short, which means I made it in 23:43, which I think is decent in current weather conditions.
  11. There is a mention of a troll maintaining the bridge in The Last Wish short story (when the village head explains to Geralt, that it is less expensive for them to pay him a fee than to kill him and having to maintain the bridge themselves), but AFAIR that's about it, so essentialy there are no trolls in the books.
  12. AFAIR he's in his mid fifties, though witchers generally look much younger than they are. Not like wizards younger, but a decade or so. So the actor should be in his forties I guess.
  13. Oh, no doubt about that. Battle of Brenna would have to be awesome, but I doubt there is a chance for that.
  14. Yeah, that too. Especially during the short stories she's just a kid.
  15. Bloody Baron is not a character from he books. And the series is going to be an adaptation of the books, short stories in particular.