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  1. Tor spring/summer 2018 catalog: http://edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com/CatalogOverview.aspx?catalogID=4214977
  2. Cover art for a new hardcover UK edition of Scott Lynch's Red Seas Under Red Skies (Gollancz).
  3. This book won't be published in 2018: https://www.kameronhurley.com/broken-heavens-update-amazon-pre-orders-shifting-release-dates-etc-explained/
  4. Greg Keyes' new novel will be published in June 2018 by Night Shade Books. The Reign of the Departed: The High and Faraway, Book One
  5. Season of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski (UK cover art).
  6. Trade paperback in August 2017: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Son-Night-Banners-Blood-2/dp/0575115203/
  7. https://www.patreon.com/posts/friday-updatery-13411607
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/books/comments/6ozdj0/i_just_read_the_name_of_the_wind_by_patrick/dklmrvw/
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/6lpkog/no_spoilers_apocalypse_guard_first_draft_has/dkckh07/
  10. UK cover art for Brandon Sanderson's Oathbringer. UK cover art for Andy Weir's Artemis. Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan. UK cover art for John Scalzi's Head On.
  11. New blurb for Thin Air (March 2018): https://www.amazon.com/Thin-Air-Richard-K-Morgan/dp/0345493125/
  12. The name of the book is Elysium Fire. http://edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com/ProductDetailPage.aspx?sku=0316555673 Blurb:
  13. Road Brothers by Mark Lawrence. Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds (US cover art). The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark (US cover art).
  14. Leigh Bardugo J. K. Rowling update
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/6hfek7/oathbringer_spoilers_stormlight_three_update_8/ Edelweiss says now 1104 pages: http://edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com/ProductDetailPage.aspx?sku=076532637X