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  1. What a fantastic fucking hockey game. Hats off to the Pens and Sens for a titanic series. Now we've got a great matchup incoming. Awesome forwards v awesome defensemen. Elite goalie v elite goalie. In the words of Bart Scott, CAN'T WAIT!
  2. Eh to be fair he's been getting similar treatment his whole career. Not saying that it's fair (it absolutely isn't) just that it isn't that out of the ordinary. But that penalty on Rust was absolute garbage.
  3. Well I'll be damned. Sens shouldn't have had a sniff of a chance in this game, but Anderson was having none of that. I'll just throw out my Cup predictions. If Sens make it, I'd say they lose in 4-5 to Nashville. If Pittsburgh makes it, they lose in 6-7. Doubt either team will survive that steamroller. (I have a bias against Canadian teams other than my Oilers, if that wasn't apparent )
  4. Would you say that you...like it, you love it, and want some more of it?
  5. Well Boucher just put on a clinic of how to destroy a goalie's confidence...dafuq was he doing pulling him and putting him back in? I find it hard to believe the sens come back from this. Edit: and it's Anderson's birthday. Poor guy, what a gift from Guy Boucher lol
  6. Aw jeez it was such an innocent looking hit too. Who's #1C now? Jarnkrok? Ouch... Anyways, how bout the conundrum for the Pens in net? "Oh, our cup-winning goalie had a bad game? Why not throw in our OTHER cup-winning goalie?" And Murray played pretty damn well. I sorta forgot how good that kid was. Still doesn't excuse that absolute dumpster fire they call a defense corps (although dumpster fires at least give warmth).
  7. He's actually quite good from what I've heard, so you guys get to look forward to that. Agreed, while Steigs might've been a good guy, he wasn't a good broadcaster. I still remember his 'not as hard as Hoby Baker's plane' joke (seen early in the vid here). While I found it funny, you just don't say that as a pro commentator lol. In other news, jeez the Preds are on a mission. They look very strong, having outshot the Ducks 40-20. If Gibson doesn't remain on top of his game, this series will be over very quickly. And frankly, I hope it is. It'd be great to see the Ducks floundering to their playoff exit, because I'm still salty haha
  8. Yeah, wtf was Gibson doing there? I thought for a second Arvidsson maybe held him up, but that wasn't the case. I mean, Vince Neil could've walked that one in.
  9. This Preds team looks scary as fuck. Their offense just doesn't give the puck up and Rinne is a brick wall. I think the Ducks were lucky to be in this game. Outshot 46-29, with Gibson making several quality saves. If it weren't for his play, they would've be blown off the ice today. (Rinne played very well also, but the Preds had much more offense).
  10. Larsson is an absolute workhorse and I'm glad he's on the squad. He's been steady on the back end, especially later in the season and in the playoffs. Makes the trade easier to digest, but I still wish we had Hall. Hope he's been good for you guys in NJ. As for the remaining series, let's see... Penguins in 7 Preds in 5 (partly due to me being salty, partly due to Nash being a juggernaut) Side note: I'm kinda wary of the Sens. Round 1 saw alot of experts/fans writing them off, and then many people thought the Rags would roll through the Sens. This team seems to defy expectations, and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them upset Pittsburgh. That trap system could prove to be very disruptive to the Penguins.
  11. Ah fuck. Hell of a season, but what a gut wrenching finish (especially considering the debacle at the end of g5). Ugh I didn't realize id feel this shitty about it :(. On the bright side, I was just expecting meaningful games in March, and we got this. Things are definitely on the up-swing. Anyways, Fuck the Ducks. Let's go Preds! Please avenge us...
  12. The road game watch party here in town at Rogers place (game shown on the jumbotron) sold out in under TWO MINUTES. People are going absolutely nuts over here. Car flags and oilers jerseys are everywhere (I'm certainly doing my part)
  13. That was championship level execution from the Pens. I thought they did basically everything right. On the flipside, WTF Caps? It's the biggest game of the year, and you lay a goose-egg. And to me it looked like they sorta gave up after Hornqvist's goal. You gotta fight tooth and nail to the end (e.g. Pens in game 3) and the Caps seemed like they didn't want to. Anyways, let's hope the other road team takes game 7 tonight. Cmon Oilers!
  14. They rely on Hank so much it's not even funny. What is funny to watch is when their system gets overwhelmed and they get blown off the ice (e.g. last year vs the Pens)
  15. Laughing helps hide the pain. As pissed as I am, that wasn't interference. Kesler was holding his own stick, which was pinned under Talbot's pad thanks to Nurse shoving Kesler forward. How about next time, try not giving up 64 fucking shots?? I'm sure that had much more to do with the loss.