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  1. Sansa: A passion for Killing. The New "psycho"?

    I think the story needs that conflict where Sansa gets tempted to adopt Baelish's path of power and dominance as her own, meaning she would be set up as being in conflict with Jon. This plotline would have a tail of so many most fascinating loyalty conflicts: Jon himself, Brienne an d her oath, Pod. Maybe Sandor will have to decide what is the right thing to do, torn between Sansa as she is now, while remembering the girl he once wanted to protect, and his conscience. And Arya. The Game of Thrones might find a second location in the North, repeating the drama in the South after the downfall of KL, with Davos being more clever than Ned. There are at least 13 episodes to come and all united against the White Walkers might be too straightforward as only storyline since we know the good guys will win in the end. And while the story goes beyond that predictable ending they have to keep the different plotlines and characters together instead of letting them dribble away to different small story solutions. A conflict around Winterfell, Baelish's power game, and loyalties would be a way to do it. I wonder how Dany and Tyrion might play into this here. So I think if Turner is right with her hints and not only teasing us it would be a good thing.
  2. Did or WOULD Sansa Partake of the Moon Tea???

    Why should Jon convince her to keep the baby?? For what purpose? Because he is a bastard himself? But this child would not be a "bastard"! ( I hate the ideology in that word but it is part of the story and the timesetting) Obviously a pregnancy would lead to considerable political problems and everybody could see that. The only reason Sansa would not try to abort a possible pregnancy would be denial about her own body or the realization of being pregnant comes too late for intervening. I do not know if Sansa is pregnant or not but a young and inexperienced girl with only men around her and no one to ask for help would have trouble to get the recipe, to brew and to apply moon tea correctly without poisoning herself. lf Sansa realizes a pregnancy after several weeks or even months an abortion via drugs without proper surveillance can be quite dangerous, there would be lots of blood. I believe if if Sansa is pregnant at all there will be a child in the end since the show would not waste screen time with an aborted pregnancy - if this pregnancy does not lead to Sansa's death or to a child. Including all the plot twists Martin himself may have in store for Sansa.
  3. SanSan next season?

    This! So much this!!! Thank you!
  4. SanSan next season?

    I had answered to you in a polite way while you are vulgar and rude. Why should I get used to that? Why should I try you? I won't, you are not worth any discussion efforts if you rant like that and I will never get used to your lack of style.
  5. SanSan next season?

    I root for Sandor as well, I want him to become a better man. Actually I would want every dark character to become a better person only in some characters I do not see this possibility and, not to forget, we have a story that needs villains. Now Sandor is no longer part of the antagonists, he has switched sides storywise long ago. But has he changed his approach to life and death? The show suggests that he will be some Rambo character, doing the right thing by horribly wrong means, not that he will be the responsible soldier or a man with other purposes in life who avoids killing whenever it can be avoided. Please stop to "St. Tyrion" me! I have always said that nuking the enemy troops at Blackwater was an awful thing that might be called war crime in our world. But then attacking a city is always a war crime and a horrible thing too in our world. I have always said that it has taken from Tyrion's complexity not to present his darker aspects, so I am the wrong address for "St Tyrioning". Apart from that this is off topic and the show seems to go a different path with Tyrion. In the end he may not apply the means he intended to use, just like Dany. In the end the fight for the throne may be over quite soon for lack of importance. Only 15 episodes to come! Yes, you are right, Sandor is basically a follower and followers can't wreck as much havoc as those in command, obviously. They have to decide about right and wrong on a smaller scale. But at the moment Sandor is not a professional soldier, he lacks an employer, he decides everything by himself. I see that you identify very much with Sandor for reasons that are personal and please do not be angry if I dislike some aspects in Sandor for reasons that are equally personal. Remember that I think his character is hugely interesting to me, apart from being fun and wonderfully acted. Of course I cannot be sure that Sandor will die! Everything we discuss here in these forums and especially in this thread is based on assumptions that are very likely in our own eyes and seriously unlikely in the eyes of some other posters. And which character we like or dislike and which fate we "predict" for him or her tells far more about us than about the characters concerned. I still think Sandor might die a sad death. But then he might live as happy chicken farmer when all is said and done.
  6. SanSan next season?

    And Mycah has had a tough death. Actually there are quite a few characters who had a tough life. Should they all get something good as reward? As interesting as Rory Mc Cann's Sandor is - the show did not go the route of changing his character into a more socially compatible personality. Actually his grotesque and sometimes hilarious cynicism is the essence of Sandor's character. Horror coming with its own comic relief. Sandor is not toned down, he is not "redeemed" as in having learned a different approach to life. We only cheer for him because he chops the right people apart, those who are the bad guys. But he gluttons in killing just like he did before, casually taking the boots of the man he just insisted to kill, while the guy is still choking. Sandor is still someone who lives by the sword and who will die by the sword though he might die fighting the good fight. He has not been changed by his near death experience. And I guess he might die for Arya or for Sansa. Or he will die because of Sansa, she sending him to his death for her revenge.
  7. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Old Gimlet, you are definitely talking to someone that is not me. You might want to look up if I ever mentioned any interview. But then you know what? I do not care. Go on but I won't.
  8. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    I do not get what you mean, your comment must be directed at someone else. i did not even read those interviews but I know what I see on screen. And Turner has so very much improved as actress, by now. A politician's job is to make statements, her or his statements and pronouncements are what we judge them by. And getting "bashed" for them is part of a democratic process, criticizing is in turn the job of opposition politicians. An actor's job though is to act. Do I care about Brad Pitt's twenty children or Sophie Turner's interviews? I care about the acting I see on screen or on stage. Comparing a politician's job in public to an actor's is, say, taking everything around celebrities a little too seriously. Not my thing but enjoy.
  9. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    I see no reason to bash Sophie Turner (apart from seeing no reason to bash anyone) Her Sansa has made the character far more grownup, far more conflicted and ambiguous, in short far more interesting to me than she has been in the books so far. And the actress has learned so much! I guess book Sansa will get where show Sansa already is and I finally will be hugely interested in her book character as well. The showmakers for sure know more than we do.
  10. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    "Foreshadowing" is actually one of those poisoned words in these forums, just like "agency" I take it back and stay with: if both characters are still alive in the end I believe they will be married when all is said and done and I have very good reasons for this opinion. Content? See, it did not take me many words to make you happy, sweetsunray
  11. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    This is what I mean
  12. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Actually the biggest foreshadowing is "and what if I never want?" From Sansa to Tyrion in their wedding night. That cries out aloud that some day she will want. This rhetorical question has been kept by the series, I am quite sure that we are supposed to remember that. Dislike can be expressed in many ways in a movie but this is an iconic phrase imo. But more important to me are the historical references Elisabetta Duo has so well explained in this thread: The marriage of Elizabeth of York - her little brothers were those poor princes in the Tower, who disappeared - and Henry VII, the last survivor of House Lancaster. This marriage ended the War of the Roses. It's earlier in this thread. These two were willing to marry since they were very much aware that this act could end the war. They had no doubt serious emotional obstacles to overcome before their marriage turned out relatively successful. This might be the case with Tyrion and Sansa as well. A painful past, emotional ties that cannot be forgotten and yet the willingness to look forward and to see each other as option. Basically the same situation like Cat and Ned: we do not know what Ned's dreams had been but Cat had wanted Brandon while Ned did not really impress her in the beginning. I am of course speculating, like the SanSan fan do as well. We all may end as fools in the end or we cheer as "I Told You So"s. But I believe that I have very good reasons for my prediction.
  13. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Why are you so fixated on one of thousand possible story outcomes, I do not understand that, not at all! Will you throw the books into the garbage if the outcome is different from what you want? Well, I won't. Otherwise I would have been done with the show and would be with the books after Shireen died. And I won't even if Tyrion or Lyanna Mormont should die, the other emotional catastrophes for me. Heading North - everybody is heading north for the ending or do you think Dany, Jorah or Tyrion will stay out of the central conflict? Start shipping Sansa with Dany now, she is heading north! Elisabetta Duo has made a case for Tyrion and Sansa ending together that argues far away from all sticky sweetness, it is purely based on Martin's awareness of history. And we can like those aspects applied here or not. Two historical Elisabeths. Have a good night!
  14. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    I do not disregard what Sansa feels. Nor do I ignore what Tyrion feels. Or Jon. Actually the human soul in conflict with itself is the stuff Martin's books are made of. I predict conflict, not so difficult. And Sansa will want what Martin wants her to want and do what the author wants her to do. She is the author's fictional creation, just like Tyrion. The complexity of "wanting" and not wanting something in Martin's world is not easy and straightforward, be it a king- or queendom or relationships. Yes, it might easily be that Tyrion and Sansa end up together even if they both had other loves, hopes and ideas originally. Counts just as much for any other possible pairing that might exist in the end. Two more books and at least fifteen episodes to come yet, just wait and see. ...... maybe Sansa and Tyrion will both be dead in the end.
  15. Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Whores go to the Vale??? This last sentence does not make much sense since you are constructing a scenario based on Tyrion being not even there to kill anyone. No, let's ignore that, not worth mentioning. And you automatically assume that Tyrion having done bad acts and confessing them would mean that Martin could not write a common story of Tyrion and Sansa? Sansa will only decide for someone who has nothing to confess? LOL! That leaves Pod, I guess, and maybe our good guy Jon, well why not, a good choice both of them. But would they choose Sansa? What if Sansa herself will have a lot to confess and to regret in the end? Who in this world has nothing to confess?! Apart from that Sansa knows very well what Tyrion did at Blackwater and that he killed Tywin, no secrets here. All pointless, it does not matter if some fans like Tyrion, Jon or Pod or not, if Martin decides that a certain pairing in between or as endgame makes sense storywise it will happen since the author wants it to happen.