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  1. Is there something that you really don't want to see happen in the series?

    Tyrion NOT riding a dragon
  2. Why the Catelyn hate?

    THIS! and I can very much relate to Cat because the mistakes she makes are those I would probably make in similiar situations - and probably for the same reasons. She is not passive, not  someone who waits to be rescued, she activelyy takes her own and her family's fate into her own hands. Yes, she does some irrational and overly hasty moves but those characters who act are the ones who make those so very interesting mistakes and move on the plot.  Apart from that: We need her mistakes to move the story forward. Really, I do not get this forum's obsession with Cat, why is she so divisive?
  3. Tyrion's confession at the Eyrie Tywin's speech  to Tyrion when he refused him Casterly Rock
  4.   And Tyrion? He may change in characterization as well, from the antihero who is just as much tragic as he is entertaining to a truly great tragic or hopefully more dramatic hero, with a potentially sacrificial act in the end. This might be the moment where his plot armour ends. Having so-called plot armour is an integral part of some characters, it is more than a writer's trick to get a valuable protagonist through dire times without sendig him or her to remote and boring plot areas. Sansa in the Vale might smell a bit like storage, but her story there may exist to deceive us, to let us believe that once again she will somehow fly away in a blue veil of plot armour. The hopeful reader's fall will be deep. Now we can hope that in our favorite character the plot armour is so much an integral part that it carries this beloved protagonist  to an at least remotely happy ending. To take the two characters mentioned: both are in their own way chroniclers of the books' events. Sansa as eyes and ears who registers a lot without understanding, leaving the interpretation of clues  to us readers, not spoonfeeding us. Tyrion is Martin's voice, interpreting and analyzing, a bridge to us modern readers. Both urgently need to stay in the game, how fortunate for them that Martin has given them plot armour as an integral part of their fictional personae and  already there when needed.  
  5. Is there something that you really don't want to see happen in the series?

    San/San riding into the sunset and into happily ever after. the Others being aliens Shireen and Myrcella dying a cruel death ............ oooops...... Tyrion dying or at least not without getting some true happiness before or Tyrion living without at least some love and recognition Missandei being a kind of monster No more characters dead on hold, no dead protagonists queueing  for wake up Martin suggesting that anyone has a "rightful" claim to the throne.  
  6. You can buy it via Amazon and it was and will be on free tv RTL II. I have watched everything in English first but  you can get GOT in German without commercials from dark channels you know where in the world wide.....
  7. Which character are you?

      For all those who understand German: There is a cute questionnaire on the website  of the leading German newsmagazine Der Spiegel Which character in GOT are you? http://www.bento.de/tv/game-of-thrones-welcher-charakter-bist-du-267275/ This is interesting for two reasons: it shows that GOT is rather influential not only in pop culture but also in intellectual and nerd discourse in Germany. It is an event in literature and movie features, far more than being any Camp phenomenon. The  second reason is that my sweetheart and I are the same character: Daenerys. And yet we are so very different. I guess we both have still fire inside us, after all I have given birth to two dancing stars....
  8. Death of Shae

    Show Shae is 5.2 or 5.3, still a petite woman, I have met Sibel Kekilli and she is as tall - or small - as I am but weighs maybe 10 kg less. I do  not think at all that she weighs more than Dinklage. But I think this does not  really matter. Martin needs Tyrion to have a certain physical competence and endurance, there is no way Tyrion could be too frail, this would give Martin trouble with his plot. Tyrion must be able to travel, to ride and he can't be totally hopeless in defending himself.  And if Tyrion looks like Dinklage or more "malformed" and ugly does not really matter in the context of this fictional timesetting. In that superstitious world even the prettiest dwarf would be a cripple, cursed by the gods, an ill omen and condemned by his mere birth. 
  9. Will you be watching S6 even if it spoils TWOW?

    Of course I will watch! Frankly, I do not understand people who are afraid of getting spoiled. If I were afraid of  spoilers, meaning angry because I already know the main Landmarks of the story then I'd never read a book twice. Actually I love to read good books for a second time since then I am more relaxed and can concentrate on the finer details and the beauty of the language.  And, anyone who loves historical fiction has to live with spoilers. Or do you conveniently forget that Joan of Arc  got burned in the end and that Richard III died during the battle of Bosworth? Stay away from historical fiction if you remember anything you have learned at school!
  10. Actually I would be very surprised if Sansa settled down and had kids  with Sandor since I believe Sandor will not survive Martins's books.  The story Sansa and Sandor  have in common  is imo not so much Sansa's story but Sandor's. Despite not being the POV he is the main character here,  it's his tragedy. He desires her and at the same time he wants to keep her safe, safe from himself since he knows that he might be the worst that could happen to her. Though maybe not any longer.   In the end Sandor will die because of Sansa, because he wants to save her. Physically  from harm maybe though I believe it will be more complicated than that. Sandor's whole redemption process may be introduced to give him the option to be the moral opposite of Sansa. He may be in a position where he will save Sansa from herself, help her to see the corruption she got involved with and to refuse her when she wants to make use  of his devotion. He may die for it or, in extremis and as ultimate tragedy, he may be forced to stop Sansa by violence. Sandor might not be the beast to the beauty but his own beauty lies in becoming Sansa's moral conscience. The fairy tale turned upside down, with Sandor as tragical main character. This  tragedy might end Sansa's book existence or on the contrary allow her character to go on and to do the right thing.
  11. Who will be Sansa's final husband?

    That is hugely interesting, you are right, I have never seen Sandor like that.  At this may be the reason why I always had the impression that Sandor relates to Arya, and Arya to Sandor, like equals. They are  equals emotionally in a way. Sandor does  not act like a pedagocially competent adult mentor with Arya. And yet their communication was carried by the respect of two souls alike, a respect Sandor's behavior towards Sansa thoroughly lacked. 
  12. Who will be Sansa's final husband?

    Actually I try to discuss none of the characters as real existing persons but as fictional characters who have a role in a story to play. And I have discussed Sansa often enough only to learn that you should not dare here in this forum to describe her as, let's say, not as fascinating as some other female characters, her own mother  e.g. I got hateposts  from those who perceive her as the center of the books. Be happy, she is still there while many of my favorite female characters are gone. And, sorry, any story between Sandor and Sansa is about Sandor as tragical main character, Sansa is the supporting character here.
  13. Who will be Sansa's final husband?

    Then, sorry to say, you may have misunderstood most of what I ever wrote. A game to punish the pretty girl??? Why should I dislike pretty girls? Your answer is a bit or very much cheap. Apart from that, the only one who plays games with us is the author. I may have a different interpretation of some characters than you have. You have to accept that, full stop. Or do you seriously expect the whole world to agree with you??? We all are just speculating  and we all may be absurdly wrong in the end. What was the topic? The 1000000th San/San thread or  Sansa's  final husband?
  14. Who will be Sansa's final husband?

    Are you joking!!?? San/San super  popular? You might be in denial
  15. Who will be Sansa's final husband?

    http://watchersonthewall.com/a-song-of-ice-and-fire-theory-poll-results-the-conclusion/#more-54075 Actually San/San is not really populr among fandom, only the fans of this theory are very active: these are the poll results of Westeros.org and of Watchersonthewall hat were published on Watchersonthewall will San/San occur? Yes.  10 10.2 % Partially 21 21.4 % No 62 63.3 % Don't Know/No Opinion 5 yes. 112 6.4 % Partially 285 16.4 % No 1279 73.6 % Don't Know/No Opinion 62   Now of course this does not mean that any form of San/San will never occur since Martinis free to write unpopular stuff. It just means that San/San, in whatever shape, is not really popular.