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  1. @sweetsunray This is true in general what you are writing but Sansa is imo not of that enlightened emphatic resilience but of the self absorbed kind. it does not mean that I am not interested in Sansa's fate, I am, and even more so in her character within a show we are not allowed to name here. But it is a detached interest, not an emotional one like some posters in these forums here have. Or not an emotional interest like I have in e.g. Brienne.
  2. Ok. Maybe Sansa has a certain ability to de-escalate situations if she wishes to do so though she completely failed when Joffrey was bullying Mycah and Arya. And Sansa has another competence: she is resilient. Resilience is mostly interpreted as positive quality but it has a dark side: insensitivity. Resilience is a very particular ability: to deal emotionally with horrible situations without breaking down. This has nothing to do with empathic competence, with sensitivity, maybe right the contrary. It has to do with the ability to deny, to not see, to not realize the horrors that happen around you, to not let them get close to yourself, to shield yourself from others' misery. For example Sansa's approach to the tournament killing or to the disappearance of Jeyne. Yes, Sansa is a survivor because she is able to fabricate and to deny reality. This is good for her and it may carry her to the end of the books since we need the observing character who tells but does not interpret. But it does not make me like her character overly much. To each his or her own.
  3. I do not think that the respective ages of Turner and McCann are the most important argument against any elaborate happy ending the way SanSan fans hope for. I think the character of Sandor has come back for Arya first of all. He will meet her and in the end he will teach her a final lesson: Stop killing! Arya and Sandor have chemistry, a complex and hugely interesting relationship in both books and show, something that is worth a conclusion beyond any "shipping" fandom fun. While the conclusion I see for Sansa and Sandor, if any is needed at all, would most likely be a tragic one: He will die for her or because of her. But Sandor might be the turning point for Arya.
  4. This is very well said. Some fans feel the need to style her favorite Sansa into someone very special. Why? As if it were illegitimate or below standards - or simply boring - to like and to root for a character who is nothing but, well, average. Sansa is like any of us in this strange world, she is our eyes and ears, she sees and remembers a lot without always understanding, her POV's allow us to draw our own conclusions without spoonfeeding us solutions and clever deductions. No, she cannot be the special heroine with superpowers, neither intellectually nor emphatically. Her role in the story is to lead us, clueless newcomers like her, into Martinworld, easy access.
  5. Thrones at the Emmys

    I am definitely happy about it! But Lena Headey should have had her Emmy.
  6. Cron, I would agree but..... - we are here on the GOT page and no one can delete my always thoughtful and polite posts because I dared to mention that the show exists - ...... there is virtually no preparation for Tysha so far in the show. She is not nearly as much present in Tyrion's thoughts as in the books and main characters will have about the same fate in both show and books. It would take a strong reminder for the audience to remember Tyrion's first marriage and to root for them to come together again. Thirteen or fifteen episodes, hmm, of course just as possible or impossible as building up a relationship with a character yet to come. Meaning it could happen. I though think that Sansa is more likely, meaning Sansa would not go down the dark road very far. But what do I know! This is about wishes not predictions. I stay with Brienne and Jaime, Tyrion and happiness.
  7. Brienne and Jaime Tyrion and happiness. If with Tysha, Sansa, any other character, e.g. one that has not shown up so far entirely depends on what Martin intends to write. He can make all of them possible, there will always be people who dislike this or that. But Martin is the God in his realm. Of course Tyrion and Sansa is a version many fans support. If I personally would like it.....entirely depends on who Sansa will be in the end. But are these books meant to feed fandom dreams....I guess not.
  8. Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    Call no one lucky until they die paraphrasing Tom Waits
  9. If the series ends with a character's inner thought...

    LOL, maybe he does, only he won't be beheaded by her, certainly not when meeting her. He may though later curse himself for his loose mouth, volunteering for something crazy. But if Tyrion dies before the very end it will have some touch of heroism.
  10. If the series ends with a character's inner thought...

    I wonder if you don't like Tyrion, Sean F. .................!? Don't worry, I am not going to write a disgusting retaliation about Dany , too cheap, apart from that I like all the main heroes, Tyrion, Dany, Jon and Arya. And Brienne and Davos and Sam....they can all have the last word. I am looking forward to it.
  11. If the series ends with a character's inner thought...

    Tyrion looked at his grandchildren down at the beach. Sunset, so dark already. He definitely needed more light for the last touches on his most recent book, eagerly awaited by fandom: Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Seven Parts. By Tyrion Hill, First a Dwarf, then Queenmaker and Hand of Kings and then a Captain of Several Ships, commonly known as Tyrion's Travels More light!
  12. Sansa's Marital Status

    Of course I (or anyone else) do not know more than you do about Martin's plans concerning Sansa and Tyrion. Or Tysha and Tyrion. Or Sansa and Jon. Or Jon and Dany. Or Brienne and Jaime, bear and.... Or any other pairings different fans prefer as ending. And I'm, just like you, sceptical about happy endings, any ugly frog kissed into a happily ever after lover. I do not suggest a lovey-dovey falling in love for Tyrion and Sansa but more a reconciliation. I am thinking of Elisabeth of York who married Henri the last Tudor heir, thus bringing the War of the Roses to an end. I indeed suggest more the idea of political marriage decided by both partners, growing into true partnership. But I may be completely wrong concerning the author's intentions. And all protagonists might be dead in the end anyway Certainly , like any fan for his or her favorite, I would love to see a truly happy ending for my favorite, Tyrion in my case, like being loved and desired etc, everything and with candy topping. Could that ever happen via Sansa? And who of these two might be the ugly frog in the end? But shall we get it our respective wishes granted? Would dream fulfillment even be within Martin's way of storytelling?
  13. Sansa's Marital Status

    Agree If Martin wants Sansa and Tyrion married they could simply decide to marry again, for whatever reason Martin chooses - for friendship, love or for political reasons. And even if they were married and this could or should not be annulled they would hardly live together against their will. Tyrion would not chain Sansa to the wall of CR and Sansa would not feed Tyrion love potion. They could simply wave goodbye in friendship and ride off into opposite directions. Or they could decide for a marriage starting out like Ned's and Cat's.
  14. Sansa's Marital Status

    It s even possible that Sandor was among the many guardsmen. By now he despises himself for it and hates Tyrion for it seeing him as cause of the horrible deed he, Sandor, had a part in. Or Sandor was ordered to do away with Tysha as he did with Mycah, an awful thing again, and he hates Tyrion for having been the source of everything. I guess in a situation like that thirteen year old Tyrion would hardly remember the faces of the rapists. There was his father and the alleged betrayal by Tysha. Actually this would be an elegant plot turn from the author's side which explains the irrational and unilateral hatred from Sandor towards Tyrion and the fate of Tysha at the same time. Speculation of course but answering two open plot points at the same time. And this means that Sandor might know for certain whether Tysha is dead.
  15. What's the basis for Cersei's claim to the Iron Throne?

    We have been prepared for Cersei's move many seasons ago. She played that liitle game with Baelish: "Knowledge is power" - ? No, "Power is power" !!!! We are not supposed to find the deep inner logic in Cersei claiming the throne. She does because she can - at this moment. Power is power, even if ephemeral.