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  1. Be careful with jokes in these forums. The true believers will declare you infidel and burn you for heresy
  2. Foreshadowing Jorahs Death. Spoilers thru 0604

    Do you remember when Jorah found Dany's ring? The right hand holding the ring had a black nail already. Amputating his left arm won't help anymore.
  3. Anybody notice the look Tormund gave Brienne..... Cute!
  4. You are joking aren't you........ I hope so. After all there are some famous movie romances - Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca being the most iconic - where the actors were even more different in height (male-female) than Harington and Turner. Ingrid Bergman was as tall as Turner and Humphrey Bogart shorter than Harington! Apart from Bogart marrying Lauren Bacall who was for sure one head taller than he was. And your approach would declare any romantic perspective for Brienne or Tyrion impossible, while their actors are in fact hugely sexy. i think the height approach is as old fashioned as declaring gay relationships impossible, so I really hope I was only too dense to get the joke.
  5. I hope that you are right, actually I think you are right. Sansa will have to go through some horrors in the books as well before she sheds her character's shell, I guess.
  6. This But I hope we will not lose Baelish too soon, even at the expense of Sansa being too trusting again. The show needs good, cunning and ambiguous villains, players not brutes. Don't kill off LF now!
  7. This time I really hoped that someone has opened the inevitable Sansa thread so I have a place to praise the character and her actress. Badass! She was the one encouraging Jon who - understandably - has lost faith in himself. She was proud and she was kind. And I loved how she struggled with that food a noble lady would normally not even get close to. Those small things, apart from her newfound radiance, showing that she is not little Sansa anymore who denies reality. The show did so much for me to finally not being only mildly interested in little (book) Sansa but to really love her character on the level like I love Arya, Dany, Tyrion, Brienne and Jon. Sophie Turner is playing her character into my heart.
  8. I haven't picked up any erotic vibes either, only family warmth and wonderful friendship, heartwarming sibling banter. But I am totally open to an erotic turn - which will probably not happen before Jon is not established as her cousin instead of brother. Though maybe guilty looks and blushing......The chemistry of those two actors was great, sigh, these young actors have learned soooo much during the show!
  9. Parts of the Series You Have Trouble Taking Seriously

    I love my ruins as well, but I wonder why that very long time of Planetos history is needed at all. Precise historical events and lineages transported for eight thousand years, no technical, artistic and scientific development. They invented books, scriptures and libraries many thousand years ago but what is in them? Nothing but lore and lineages, no science, no philosophy, no art, no economics, no technology? I believe it is virtually impossible that a society on the level of a medieval feudal system stays that way longterm. There are too many antagonistic interests, to many diverging forces to change that system which is so precariously dependent on weather. Starving workforce goes where they survive and they would overrun any feudal army trying to stop them in the long run. There will forcibly develop a more reliable economy to balance the unpredictable natural resources: a market economy as opposed economy based on exchange. Intercontinental trade to balance the irregular seasons. Food speculation would happen and this needs scientific methods of storage. A currency to create reliable markets, based on contracts and reliable business partners, a legal system coming with it - and wham! You have capitalism. Houses and lineages are usurped not by swords and honor but by becoming obsolete and mere decoration. There is actually a very short timespan in human history where Martin's books find a realistic background. A time where leading ideology was that rightful claims go back for centuries but we all know that was propaganda. So these long timespans of Martin's fictional history might turn out as exactly that: propaganda. And I perfectly understand that writing about mystical magical Starks and Lannisters and Targaeryens is more fascinating than about pragmatic Buddenbrooks, lol. Though the human heart is in conflict with itself everywhere and anytime, do you need Westerosi stasis of eight thousand years for it, to make it magically mysterious?
  10. Sansa Stark marriage to a Lannister

    You are right, by all story lgic and by all historical examples the present Lord of CR would have tried to get himself a heir and, conveniently, the last heiress of Winterfell. This is so very logical that that all fandom discussions have a hard time to interpret things into Tywin's undying love for Joanna which after so many years are hardly plausible as wedding stopper since he would not have had to share dinner with Sansa nor the bathroom, he simply would have had to get her pregnant. No moral compunctions would have stopped him to be sure. Was he incapable of having sex or did he know that he was sterile? Another somewhat twisted fandom speculation, given that there was Shae in his bed. Actually the gaping plot hole is: Why didn't Tywin remarry years ago since he urgently needed another heir? Yes yes, he still had the illusion to get Jaime out of the Kingsguard, but another heir would not have stopped him from trying that, would it? And only one heir, no spare? Given this plot hole which cannot be discussed away anymore - the only reasonable argument to lure Tyrion into the Sansa marriage is that Tyrion could actually take a potential heir to WF while Tywin himself could stay at KL as Tommen's hand. There was no need, not even much sense for Martin to write it that way ...except one: Martin had a very good reason to link the story of Sansa and Tyrion, a reason we can only speculate about. And the author was willing to go to some lengths of stretching logic to make his ultimate story goal possible in the future.
  11. What I would like to see happen if The Hound Returns

    I certainly don't want that so called Cleganebowl to happen. The High Sparrow might try to manipulate Sandor like all the other fools andtry to tempt him with revenge. I do not want that interesting character of Sandor getting wasted as toolof a religious fanatic, of a hypocrite who uses his ideology as power game like the High Sparrow does. That cunning seducer may fool Tommen and Lancelbut Sandor?Iwould like to see Sandor find his own way, I would like to see him give up fighting with weapons though this does not mean I want to see him pray all day. I would like to see his atonement by fightingfor those he used to despise, the smallfolk and those who cannot defend themselves. But with words and actions, finding his own peace at the QI in the end. I don't mind if some darker characters survive as long as it is well written. But I guess this is not going to happen. No peace but death for Sandor.I guess Sandor will indeed defend Arya, she is the person that counts for him, he respects her as an equal and not as little bird to protect. We hear of Sandor via Arya, not via Sansa. The younger sisteris in a twisted way his soulmate and friend, respectedwithout sexual undertones. Though if Sandor dies in the end Sansa may shed a tear or two while Arya will lose a friend. I guess Sandor will be brave when he is most afraid and his probably badass death will involve overcoming his fear of fire and his arc will end with a tragic logic.
  12. Tommen and the High Sparrow

    In hindsight I am even more glad that the show agedup all teen characters. How old is Tommen in the show now,14 or 15? A malleable, insecure teen, the actor does a great job here.The same age Jon and Robb were at the beginning of the books and at least one year older than book Dany. This shows how unbelievable andbordering to absurd the ages of these young characters in the books were:Jon as commander of the Night Watch, Robb as King in the North and battle commander or Dany taking charge of her fate the way she did. Jonathan Price's portrait of the fanaticmanipulator, clad asbenevolent, caring and concerned is a study in totalitarian manipulation: you know, actually the gods areon your side, Theyknow what is best andI know what the gods want, it isn't me actually,it's [insert:therevolution, the purity of the white race, whatever gods or God ] .......giveup yourself.....purification...... bonfire......... You will seeit yourself........no fatwa is needed....... You will want it in the end............ only one more step ....... trustme, I mean the gods........ And little Tommen gets what he has always missed: guidance. He is an easy victim to make use of.
  13. Which bear for the fire kissed maiden fair?

    Welcome to this forum, Boutoo! I shareyour spontaneous liking. But with that topic you really have opened a can of worms here since there are some posters who will try to convince that your hope is dirty and pure horror. Apart from being ...... Insertany insult We don't know what Martin intends, maybe Sansa, Tyrion and Sandor will be dead all three in the end. But I personally think that any future history of Sandor will be a tragic one if he should ever meet Sansa again. He might die for her or because of her, it will be fascinatingbut not exactly a happy ending. On the other hand there is the remote possibility - remote since I just like anyone here know nothing of Martin's plans - that Tyrion and Sansa agree to a relationship like Cat and Ned, startingas political agreement and turning into friendship and love. I think this outcomewould have the beauty ofa rounded story arc. Some posters will declare it impossible, IMPOSSIBLE!that Sansa could ever agree to bewith Tyrion, some may insist that Tyrion would never want to be with Sansa. WhileOF COURSESansa will want Sandor and assuming that Sandor would take Sansa any time. Only the characters in the end will want exactly what the author will make themwant, not what fans wish them to want. After all Martin is the god of his realm.Apart from thatwho says that anyone inthese books or the series ever gets what he or she wants. Sad topic. And so much room for vitriolic bitterness among posters. I hope I have the serenity to stay out of it.
  14. [spoilers] Five years later: The Cave, the Tree, the Exodus

    Alteringthe past?
  15. [Spoiler] EP603

    The three eyed Raven can't be Bloodraven since he said that he had been a thousand years in that cave