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  1. LOVE the show and feel like it's been ages since I got to sink my teeth into a good time travel story.
  2. I'm doing a rewatch at the moment, I thought I had a good memory of all the stronger episodes but I'd completely forgotten about Crossfire. It's probably my favourite episode of the whole thing. Rene Auberjonois is phenomenal, it deals with two of the best relationships on the show (Kira/Odo, Quark/Odo), I was blown away. The way that Odo and Quark have to be enemies because of their jobs, but they've strangely become the person the other actually spends the most time with ... and so there evolves a strange need to be friends as particularly Odo has so few other people in his life. The way Quark offers advice (but of course, he's just looking out for his business) and Odo soundproofed his room (but of course, it's happenstance that it benefits Quark) was beautiful. And the scene at the end where he cancels their Tuesday meetings was as heartbreaking as any full blown break up I've seen. I really don't know what I'm going to watch when I'm done, there's nothing quite like Deep Space Nine.
  3. Haven't opened my presents yet, but Photosynthesis finally turned up on a Saturday so I got to play that. Wow ... I didn't have time to read the rules, so it started with me literally reading them to everyone. Fortunately they're short and we got it in a few turns. It looks beautiful, and it's incredibly elegant. Probably the most in depth game I've seen with a two page rule book. You plant seeds, grow trees, they collect light from the rotating sun, and you spend the light on growing more trees and planting more seeds. But trees only score points if you take them through the whole life cycle, seed, tree, medium tree, large tree, felling. And they score more if they're in the middle ... but, in the middle, they're more likely to be blocked from the sun by other trees. So less light. So you have to think about whether you're going to have time to grow the whole tree, how much light it will get before it scores, how much it will score, etc. It's a really great game, and quite amazing that we went from reading out the rules to being really satisfied we understood the puzzle (not to say we were particularly good) by the end. Strongly recommended.
  4. A lot of time did elapse, but he didn't spend it with Yoda. After rescuing Han he goes back to Dagobah, and asks Yoda about Vader being his father for the first time.
  5. He was? He had quick reflexes, I don't recall him doing anything overt. No light sabre, no mind tricks, no telekinesis...
  6. There was an awful lot of discussion after The Force Awakens about how Rey could be so proficient in the Force. Beating (an admittedly wounded) Ren, Jedi mind tricks, etc. Nothing in The Last Jedi seems to explain it, but discussion has died down it seems. She even achieves more levitating with the rocks than Luke ever did. The Force 'balancing itself' against Snoke I've seen mentioned, but then of course we have the kid at the end. So are we forced to conclude that being a Jedi is just ...... really easy? If you're born with the midichlorians, then great, reach out with your feelings and bobs your uncle, you're a Jedi. Also I had a discussion way back, possibly in The Force Awakens thread, about how stupid the whole 'turning to the dark side' is. It's a huge failing of the entire saga for me that we still have no clue what this temptation looks like. Luke never once looked like turning in Return of the Jedi and it just makes the Emperor look stupid for thinking he would. Then of course, Lucas had several hundred million dollars and a truck load of good will to make three films about exactly this, and ballsed it up completely. But even now, we have Rey and Ren heading to see Snoke and we're supposed to wonder whether one or the other will turn one way or the other? Can anyone honestly say they can put themsleves in their shoes and understand why they would? What's so good about the dark side? What we really need is a scene where someone gets access to some seriously amped up abilities, but is noticeably dragged into the classic 'dark side' emotions (fear, anger, hatred), and so rejects this power. Then they need to lose quite badly, and be significantly weakened. If there's no sacrifice to rejecting the dark side, why does anyone turn? Why does anyone turn back, what's the difference? What's the point? Are Siths just Jedi's who are dicks? Shouldn't it be more complicated than that? Regarding why Anakin and Obi Wan don't show up as Force ghosts; Anakin particularly, if he showed up it would have to be either Hayden Christensen or Sebastian Stan. Hayden is a reminder of the terrible prequels, and would intrude on the enjoyment for those of us who have removed the prequels from our head canon. Sebastian Stan would seem like a middle finger to the RotJ special edition. So whichever way you go, you're siding with someone when you may as well leave this trilogy as being compatable with either. Obi Wan would work, but I don't know what more he could have said to Luke so it would really just exist cos it'd be cool, not for any plot reasons.
  7. I personally find Catan dry and dull ..... may turn them off entirely. I haven’t played Ticket to Ride, but that is generally regarded as the game that straddles the divide between popularity and quality (i.e, people have heard of it like Monopoly, but it’s not shit). Pandemic is also a great starting point, if they like the sound of cooperative games. I believe I’m getting Charterstone for Christmas, anyone have it yet? My only board game news is that I’m still playing the shit out of Great Western Trail, I’m about 30 plays in now.
  8. Saw it. I generally enjoyed it, but was mildly disappointed I guess. But that's as much to do with my expectations as the film. Won't rehash the main points as I've read through the last thread now, but.... I thought for sure there'd be pages and pages of talk about the set up of Rebel and First Order ships. So ... you can just fly a little bit out of range, and there's nothing a Star Destroyer can do? They have no impulse movement at all? Wasn't the very first thing we ever see in Star Wars a Star Destroyer doing just that? It seems a minor point, but the entire movie lives in this single point; that you can pause a chase through space and go on completely separate mission right in the middle. I thought it was really odd, but nobody else seems to so I guess there's an explanation for this. But the movie is, literally, the Rebellion flees the First Order. It's right in the opening crawl, and it's where we leave them (albeit it on a different ship and mostly dead). Everything of significance that happens is an interruption of the same chase. All of that makes it sound like not much really happens, but from a different perspective, too much happens. I'm of the same opinion that someone mentioned way back - what exciting things do we have to look forward to in Episode IX? The characters seem to have made their choices, set out their stalls. We'll have a battle between the good guys and the bad guys, and I guess the ending hints at a a new Jedi order that could be set up (strangely, we always thought these episodes were about the Skywalkers, but they could end up being about the Jedi Drought, a brief period where there weren't many Jedi). Rian Johnson seems to have tied things up quite neatly, and handed off to Abrams, a safe pair of hands but hardly someone known for really shaking things up. Episode IX is teed up to be another Return of the Jedi, a tidy and predictable movie where everyone lives happily ever after, good guys win, bad guys lose. Some minor points: Hux is awful. Baffled by people who think this is a good performance, it's cartoon villainy and I can't take it seriously. The ridiculous grin he tries to suppress when ordering evil things, like he gets a sexual kick out of being evil for evils sake .....ugh. Phasma is also awful. Her single character trait ("silver") isn't enough for me to give a shit about her, or see her past with Finn as any kind of vendetta that was worth settling. It was like a tired piece of housekeeping that Johnson felt obliged to deal with, but cared about as much as I do. Yoda was incredible, and I was so, so, so thrilled that he looked like ESB Yoda. Whether it was actually a puppet (I suspect it was with CG touches), he looked like he had his soul back after the horrible CG version from the prequels. All juddery and shrill and playful but wise, this is my Yoda. Also wanted to echo the point someone raised about the writing of the overall trilogy, it feels really stupid that Abrams does one thing, then Johnson does whatever he likes and hands it back like a game of Pass the Franchise. We really needed an overall vision here, and if Abrams decides to undo Rey's parentage and switch back to whatever he was thinking, it'll seriously damage this trilogy.
  9. That's the only thing about the Phase 4 reboot rumours that has me interested; if they start fresh with their own streaming service and have some shows that truly are part of the universe. Then they don't have to decanonise the 'old' shows, just wipe the slate clean. But aside from that positive, it really doesn't feel like it needs rebooting and it doesn't seem likely to me.
  10. Hmm..... I like X-Men, but the MCU has been so carefully nurtured up to this point I really hope they don't rush this. What of all the upcoming X-Men films? I've got a bad feeling they'll just hurriedly smoosh the universes together, when I'd much rather they took their time. The problem is how integral the perception of mutants is, it wouldn't work to just say "oh yea, there's always been mutants in the MCU and everyone's wary of them .... unless they've used some serum like Cap, that's fine. And we didn't mention it when the Inhumans came about." Shame really cos from the X-Men side, I can't think of any compelling reason that First Class through to Apocalypse couldn't have been in the MCU. Ideally, they could end Infinity War with the Earth being kinda screwed, and everyone blames superheroes. Maybe steal the comic Civil War plot about registration (the movie was about UN accountability) and everything seems simple enough, if you wanna be a hero, you gotta register. But then, mutants start arising ...... these people can't help it, it's in their genes. Should they register then? Cue the revelation that Professor X has been running a school full of them, and the animosity toward them means they need to defend themselves and he forms the X-Men officially. Something like that, something which explains why anyone would feel differently about mutants (this guy is Asgardian, this guy has gamma radiation, this guy had a serum, this guy has an expensive suit, this guy is a mutant ...... does anyone care?) Be quite happy Deadpool remaining the same and being entirely aware that he got bought by Disney though.
  11. I've seen plenty of people mention that Tarantino loves Yesterday's Enterprise, and thinks it should've been a movie. OK ..... but it wasn't. So what would it be, JJ cast going through the same plot? Just seems to me like, too late, it was an episode, move on.
  12. Both me and my lodger voted Remain, so I'll also be applying for membership for my house. It will also be 'the EU' for a radius of 1 metre from my location at any given time.
  13. Something that got talked about back when GotG was released, but I haven't seen discussed about the trailer: is anyone else still worried that Thanos is gonna be a bit underwhelming? We don't see him speak, or emote at all. We see him punch Iron Man, that's about it. Other than his ambition of owning these things we've been told are super powerful, I'm not really hyped about him as a villain. I'm sure I'll still love the movie though.