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  1. Does anyone know if Runaways is part of the MCU? I'd assumed it was, but it's not that far off and I hadn't seen much discussion of it so I looked into it......can't find any confirmation anywhere. The 'Marvel's Runaways' title would imply it is, as they don't stick the prefix on, say, Legion.
  2. What I wouldn't give for just one well lit scene of some fine starfleet officers on the bridge of a starship doing some hopeful exploring. So long Star Trek, you were much loved.
  3. I think Black Panther is February, Infinity War is May. Kinda agree on Captain Marvel, but I wouldn't want Ant Man to have to adjust its tone to fit the mood. I guess the 'War' could be Thanos trying (and at the end, succeeding) to get the stones, then the second movie being the actual battle with a fully begloved Thanos.
  4. I kind of pictured them splitting up between the two parts (I know they're not called part 1 and part 2 anymore), so maybe Iron Man and the Official Avengers have a crack at Thanos and it goes badly wrong in 2018, then Cap musters up the unofficial ones for 2019. Hopefully a Civil War sized cast for each movie, or a little more. I guess the world will have to come back to some normality for Ant Man and Captain Marvel to take place in between though.
  5. I've been trying to get my head round the '8 years later' thing, reading various articles. It seems up until now, even though there was a more complicated timeline at work, you could largely ignore it and assume everything happens when that film's released. So nobody balked when Vision said 'it's been 8 years since Iron man revealed himself' in Civil War cos you thought "2008.....2016, yea that's right". But apparently it was wrong cos IM got bumped forward a year. But there's no good way of explaining this one, it seems really weird that's it'd be wrong. I mean you'd check that kinda thing. If Iron Man was actually set in 2009, and Civil War in 2017 (to preserve Vision's statement) then that marries up with this film being immediately after Civil War, but you can squeeze at most 7 years out of the gap I think, not 8.
  6. But shocker knew about the conversation as well. He said something like 'he gave you a choice and you made the wrong one' or something.
  7. I once heard someone use it on daytime Radio 2 and he didn't even understand the controversy, I really can't wrap my head around how anyone can live so insulated from the rest of society to have just completely missed 50 odd years of development against racism. Using the phrase: unfit to be an MP. Being stupid enough to use the phrase: unfit to be an MP. Being that out of touch with the general public to use the phrase: unfit to be an MP.
  8. How come the letter says two hour special and then you never know, but everyone's calling it a finale? I mean, it probably is.....still a bit weird.
  9. I was so interested in the concept based on Wert's review that I stopped what I was reading and started this. Tore through it in four days, and wasn't remotely disappointed. I thought it was incredible, the best book I've read in a long time. I'd braced myself that the time-travel elements might be the b story, playing second fiddle to a different plot but it was so satisfying how much depth there was about how the ouroborans worked and how the world might look if such a thing were possible. A few things for those that have read it...
  10. I can't imagine there's any way of confirming it as suicide though? That he had a lantern at all and the holes in the walls will probably point to a relapse but I'm not sure how it'll get chalked up to anything other than an accident?
  11. Well, she is fully human apparently... http://ew.com/tv/2017/06/20/star-trek-discovery-sonequa-martin-green-burnham/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&xid=entertainment-weekly_socialflow_twitter
  12. We have a date... Umm......didn't actually listen to that video until now. Ominous dread....really feeling the Trek now.
  13. ...that a lot of people seem terrified of Muslims, when they acted far better in this instance than non-Muslims might have done toward an Islamic terrorist? I'm not saying that's necessarily true, it's just what you posted. Its worth reflecting on just how crucial this intervention might have been, if the wrong guy had got hold of him and killed him, and then the media got the wrong part of the story and reported initially as a attack by a Muslim.....well, I don't want to think how that might have unfolded.
  14. So, genuine question, is there a good version of how UK politics unfolds over the next six months? Theresa May seems to have an unwinnable scenario on her hands, unless she has some magic Kobayachi Maru up her sleeve. But she, and I presume most people, realise that right now is a dreadful time to be having a leadership election. I can't see any alternatives, we either have a dreadful prime minister presiding over Brexit or we have a leadership and possibly a general election over the same period, all the while dealing with a pretty sharp increase in terror attacks and an investigation into the Grenfell tragedy. God I wish we could delay Brexit (and I'm surprised how often I'm seeing it mentioned that we cancel it altogether).