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  1. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    You're forgetting, this one is fast... No wait, I mean, this one is from the future... No wait, I mean, Barry screwed his life up somehow, and now he's getting revenge... No wait, I mean, he's.....uh.....made of metal. Yea. Metal. Big difference.
  2. Does the model not completely kill that theory by pointing out it was taken four years ago?
  3. One thing they didn't really emphasise with MiB and Dolores was a bit of an irony, William felt something was going on with Dolores and thought she might be conscious and cared for her as a result. When he saw her back on her loop he realised Logan was right, that she was just a host but, it sparked his interest in what she was looking for; Arnold's grand plan, the centre of the maze. I turns out that that grand plan was her consciousness, so in a way, the closest he ever came to finding the centre of the maze was when he was William. What are we to make of Dolores saying "whose is this voice I've been hearing all along"? Of course it transpires that it's her, that her mind is bicameral, that she can internalise thoughts and ask herself questions. But I wondered whether that meant her dreams with Arnold were actually present day dreams where she was conversing with herself? Sort of a twist back again, from Bernard to Arnold to Dolores. Or has she ever been seen talking to herself, or to anyone that leaves a dangling mystery? Also, as cool as it looks to have everything backstage be made of glass, you've gotta wonder how many plot holes would disappear if they were just rooms. The amount of dodgy goings on that took place where people seemed utterly unconcerned that anyone could walk by at any minute......that guy with the lube? Wtf?
  4. Still think everyone's being overly harsh on this. We're internet people, we come here and dissect the shit out of everything. Show makers can't, and never will pander to us because we're a tiny portion of the audience. Either they do absolutely no telegraphing at all and it looks like they pulled it out their ass, or they foreshadow stuff and we figure it out. I just can't see how any writer could possibly write any twist that tens of thousands of people all working together won't figure out. And I'm not saying this was extremely difficult to figure out, it wasn't, but there's a good number of people in the general audience who won't have figured it out. Maybe a majority. And the thing is, even if you do figure it out, if you watch in complete isolation of anyone else, you don't have any reference point for how difficult it was, so instead of thinking "jeez, alright, we figured it out, get it over with", you think maybe you're just pretty smart. Whether you are or not, it's a nice feeling. I felt the same, that the reveal went on too long but, I blame myself for that for caving and reading these threads, not the writers. Anyway......wow, I figured we'd get the resolutions to the story lines, but I didn't see the whole park going batshit and shooting up the place. Really good finale. It's hard to see how another season will work, how will they regain any semblance of it being a 'park'? Surely the place would get shut down? Is the story now about a bunch of rogue hosts being hunted down? Will the park be the hosts 'base' in some crazy war? Also, can you imagine how many genres people would want to visit before Western and Samurai? How many parks are there? I wonder which is 'Park 1' where Maeve's daughter is?
  5. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    There's so much scope for things to do with the basic concept, the way they've set it up with characters on a constant loop. You could have a completely different set of guests arriving 20 years ago, and have them interact in different ways with the exact same story lines. Dolores could have got into all manner of shit trying to make this journey she's on every time, or you could decide to cast the same actors in completely different roles to change things up. Or have plots long in the future when Ford is dead and he's laid down an Arnold like plan beyond the grave. Picking a time in the chronology to advance your main arc, while still having all your principle cast and stories to cherry pick from is pretty unique, I really hope they rise to the opportunity.
  6. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    It was a response to the idea that you could signpost the timeline stuff without spoiling the mystery. Whether or not it's good, or how many people have figured it out is a seperate issue, it obviously is intended as a twist. I'm gonna have to rewatch to decide how much they cheated or not, gonna wait till after the finale though.
  7. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    It made it clear, but then that wasn't the twist. The twist was ...so the black and white parts didn't spoil anything. The vast majority of people haven't cottoned on to the two timelines, the average viewer is not remembering dialogue from weeks ago about moving parts or recognising half a photo from the pilot. Anything to give that away and William = MiB would quickly follow, with far less impact. When I was still on the 'no internet wrt Westworld' wagon I kept seeing articles about the existence of theories and I was like 'what theories? Does it need theories? It's a park where people come and there's robots that are probably gonna wake up, where's the mystery?' I didn't even notice this was anything other than a linear story.
  8. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    But what timeline we're seeing *is* the mystery....
  9. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    It's a marked improvement on S2, not sure where I'd place it alongside S1. On the one hand, the villain is looking a little......well, he's basically fast. Again. I've got a feeling Barry will have to run *even faster* this season. On the other, he's created this alternate timeline which actually looks like it'll stick, and a lot of people think he's a bit of a jerk, so that's satisfying to see after we spent last year whining that he was a massive jerk. There's even a new character (Draco Malfoy) who's entire purpose is that he thinks Barry's a dick. The Flash part of the crossover was a great episode, and I've been enjoying Legends far more this season. Those two are massively propping up the DCTVU though, Arrow is still pretty dire and Supergirl (to the limited extent that's it part of this......the DCTVMV if you will) was good when Superman was in it, middling to meh since then.
  10. Arrow Season 5: New Thread, New Team, Same Angst...?

    Massive meh. Really felt like it wanted to be either the hundredth episode, or part of a crossover but not both. The Supergirl and Flash cameo felt bolted on and was pretty feeble, I think that was the shortest "I don't trust you / oh wait I do" arc ever from hockey mask guy, and that's a low bar for this show. Where the hell was everyone else? Where did the rest of the Legends go when those 5 got beamed up? And why the hell did they drag out the reveal that when they got beamed UP, by the SPACE aliens who arrived in SPACEships, they turned out be in......space. Yes. Where was I supposed to assume they were? Why on Earth was Thea gonna stay? Why was Ollie OK with it? Yea, I'm sure if you wanna hang around then The Dominators will just keep this doohickey running for the rest of your life, it'll be great. Really hope Legends pull it back.
  11. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Yea, plus there's a whole can of worms there.......if Supergirl's universe is #36, how many other Supergirls are there? Why not bring 20 just to be in the safe side? How many worse crises are there going on across the multiverse that they should be helping out with? I think they dealt with it well, call in Earth One's Finest, and seeing as she happens to owe you a favour, Supergirl. I have a feeling this will turn out to be the exact right amount of heroes. I can't figure out how they deal with these crossovers so well compared to the individual series.....how does having over a dozen heroes from four shows and a bunch of loose ends (Flashpoint, Barry's message etc) mean they can suddenly write so much better? Then back to their respective shows, it's less fun, much lazier writing, falling back on tired tropes. This was probably the best episode of any of the shows this season at least. I guess they just know they have to bring their A game to these things. Plus, I guess it'd get old if these characters were interacting all the time, it's just good to get fresh character match ups every now and then. Seems a bit too convenient how the only times Ollie has ever been in mortal danger are when Barry's around to rescue him. Plus, I'd be so pissed if I was Wally and my sister wouldn't even let me in the room. Freakin' Felicity, Caitlin, Iris herself, all in there for the banter, but Wally, go home? I'd be all 'fuck that, I'm fighting aliens'. If I were Barry, I'd probably make use of that abberation-detecting-computer they've got going on on the Waverider.......reckon it might shed some light on what exactly went wrong with his attempt to fix Flashpoint.
  12. Star Trek: Discovery

    Two more added.
  13. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Well, not the buildings and such, but the adventures. But I'm sort of wrong anyway, the Reddit post that HokieStone linked says one of the hunts was replaced with a recruitment for soldiers. Dolores dropping the can is still the same, but that could fall into the category of evidence that Ford is trying to recreate things intentionally. Maybe Dolores has been doing something completely different for the best part of 30 years, but Ford unearthed her old loops and no one noticed cos no one was there that long ago. It's interesting how TV has had to adapt to the internet, you essentially have to throw in enough confusion to make things difficult for people cobbling together theories otherwise everyone will just crack it wide open from the get go. I'm a bit disappointed I caved and started reading this thread, it's a lot more fun to be shocked by a twist than to think 'oh, those guys were right, it was this theory'.
  14. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    I tried making this a series where I didn't ever look up anything on the net about it, and succeeded till around episode 7 or 8. I hadn't considered the William/MiB theory, although I'd like to think the photo would've tipped me off as I recognised it from the first episode. So I'm new to this timeline stuff, forgive me if this has been asked; in order for this to work, does it mean that the whole opening entrance to the town hasn't changed in 30 years? All the same people making the same appeals to come on their adventure, Dolores dropping the can, all of that? Seems unlikely. And what exactly is the editing issue that people are talking about, is there a scene that blends the two timelines? Is it possible they changed their minds? Also with Bernarnold (great name), is there no pictures at all of Arnold? Hell of a risk isn't it, for Ford to hope that no one would ever recognise him?
  15. Convince me that breakfast wasn't a terrible act of self-harm

    Tried to post an image, failed, please ignore.