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  1. Stranger Things (Netflix)

    I loved the show.....but I don't think I want another season.
  2. Mr. Robot

    Well.....that's what fsociety think. Whether they're proved right is a different question. I wouldn't say that this is the creators 'message' (if indeed there is one). Already with season 2 we're seeing things haven't exactly turned out as they hoped.
  3. @Mmerek Hamšzulíe I largely agree, and the stupid thing is, I don't think anyone is particularly fearful of his policies. They just don't think he's electable. I've seen people actually reason that "I like him, I would vote for him, but he's unelectable so I'll vote for such and such". I would love to have a GE with a solid party behind him, and find out just how unelectable he is. I suspect it wouldn't be too great, but at the same time I find it hard to believe that this surge of support for him doesn't even slightly translate into votes.
  4. So.....what's the NEC's official line on the £25 fee? Or are they just not even bothering dressing it up, it's just a retroactive change to the terms which 100,000 people were told they were signing up for? Also, you've gotta love McDonell calling the coo 'fucking useless'. He's not wrong.
  5. "Do-doooooooo.......doo dooooooo. Right."
  6. Has anyone ever had an easier job of becoming PM? She basically put her feet up and let all her rivals destroy one another.
  7. Labour seem to have odd definitions of 'unelectable'. Apparently Corbyn is, but people like Eagle and Milliband aren't. Except, slight annoying detail, Milliband quite spectacularly didn't get elected. He did terribly. At this point, the Corbynistas are so fervently pro Corbyn that there can't be any such thing as a 'uniter' of the party. Nobody but him will satiate that left wing of the party. Funny that now May is gonna be PM, there might not even be a general election which was probably what sparked this whole mess in the Labour Party in the first place. Labour's best bet now is to accept things under Corbyn, grin and bear it for a few years and hope they're in better shape when there is a general.
  8. Lost re-watch! (Spoilers)

    Your reviews must be averaging 4 stars I'd say? Whatever you think of the ending, it was a very consistent series.
  9. Alton Sterling shooting.

    We don't have the whole video, and we don't have all the facts, but it's very, very difficult to see how he could possibly be posing a threat when he's got two officers pinning him down. That much we do see.
  10. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I feel completely ridiculous making a comparison to cycling in London, but a lot of cyclists go around with purposefully visible cameras on their helmets so cars think twice before starting any road rage with them. The woman who filmed this in the car seemed very quick to start filming, I could well imagine black people driving around with "cops, you're being filmed" stickers and mounted cameras on the dash. As much for deterrence as evidence should the worst happen. Again, I feel completely ridiculous saying it, but people are just getting openly murdered by cops here. What the actual fuck.
  11. UK Politics: A Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

    So this is truly going to happen, isn't it? Boris is going to put the entire country in a nosedive for his own personal benefit, abort the plan cos he doesn't fancy it right now........then we're all gonna fucking forget and elect him in 2020. I thought I was past despair, but right now, I really despair at this country. I'm with Heseltine on this one.
  12. UK Politics: A Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

    I suppose I'd better start reading up on all these Tory leader candidates. It's all happened so suddenly I don't really know much about Boris, May's or Crabb's politics on a lot of issues. I'm not well inclined toward May after her attempts to double the length you can hold someone on terrorist charges, and human rights in general I think is a big negative for her. Do you think there's a least-worst option for the left out of these candidates?
  13. UK Politics: A Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

    The Corbyn things getting bizarre.....did anyone see him and Tom Watson being interviewed earlier and (apparently, but inaudibly) someone asked him about the leadership, and he was dragged off by an aide? Genuinely, when I first saw it with the sound muted, I thought someone had tried to attack him or something. He looked so confused and terrified for a brief second. What with him refusing to talk to Watson about it and talk of McDonell doing some kind of Grima Wormtongue style puppeteering.......as I said, bizarre. It always amuses me how indignant I get at these pesky GoT viewers crashing my board where I come to discuss other things. How dare they? I mean where do they think they are?
  14. UK Politics: A Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

    Did a long post yesterday that bounced off some downtime, but the gist: What happens if Corbyn doesn't have enough Mp's to field a shadow cabinet, but gets reelected as leader? Could we see another party as Her Majesty's Oppostion?