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  1. For me, all the Netflix-Marvel series have tried to split being a proper TV show with high production values with being superhero shows. And pretty much all the time, they succeed in the first and come apart when they lean too heavily on the second. Jessica Jones is probably the best of them so far, as it drew far more on its theme of dominance and control in relationships as opposed to fistfights. Luke Cage was at its best when it was about Harlem; Cottonmouth and Mariah's scheming still had Harlem's interests in mind, and the way people reacted to Luke and to those around him felt more like that was the victory, not to defeat a villain but to convince Harlem what was best for them, and who they really wanted as their hero. But it seems like all of the shows suddenly lose their bottle at some point and think "oh yea, we're a superhero show, guess we need a villain and a punch up". I hope Iron Fist moves away from it, I don't know much about him but on the face of it it seems like the least grounded power and the least grounded protagonist so I'm not all that hopeful.
  2. I guess technically they should be called Flashdiggles but I prefer Digglebacks. A sort of promising return to grittier murdery Olly, more grounded......then we get radioactive-cloak-octopus-man? OK. It's not bad, on target to be better than the last 2 seasons but still pretty meh. They have a real thing for throwing a black mask on a similarly-clad baddie and giving him a funny voice, these DCTV people huh?
  3. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Much better episode than the first I thought. Kinda annoying for a while as he pointlessly didn't tell anyone, but then he came clean. So......is that it? Diggle has a boy and Barry's not gonna fuck around anymore, so we're gonna move on? Pretty lame Flashpoint ultimately.
  4. Supergirl TV show: anticipation or wary?

    I only saw like 3 episodes so I had no idea MM was in it. A couple of Donner-film nods in there (the California earthquake and the new assistant), and a mention of Gotham I notice. I really hope it is getting folded in, I say screw it and go full Justice League. It's all pretty much there.
  5. Supergirl TV show: anticipation or wary?

    Hey, that was.......good? I think? It's hard to tell, I'm a Superman fan so I'm predisposed toward it. But I think they did a great job, he looks like Superman more than Cavill or Routh for my money. Just get the colours right, have him smile once in a while and save people......very refreshing after the recent DC offerings. Whether the series holds up once he goes back to Metropolis remains to be seen, but I'll stick around until at least the crossover. Did anyone here see the first season through? Who's the boss of the DEO supposed to be?
  6. I know people will call it silly to complain about such a thing in a superhero show, but anyway: those gloves pissed me off. What do they do? Do they pull your arm along with them far faster than you can punch, and probably dislocate your arm? Stupid comic book gadget for a stupid comic book villain.
  7. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    Guys, just so you know.....it uhhhhhh.......ain't looking so hot right now.
  8. US Elections 2016: The END IS NEAR

    I don't think there's a person left on the planet who doesn't know full well he's had plenty of conversation like this in private. But it offers a chance to 'gracefully' bow out of support for him, a platform at which to depart this crazy train. Yes, the moral outrage is all faked, but the important thing is it's happened.
  9. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    I properly LOL'd at that cos Iris sounded exactly like Mr Burns from the softball episode; "...so I want you to remember some inspiring things that someone else may have told you in the course of your lives and go out there and win".
  10. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    I totally missed why he undid everything? So he was forgetting the old timeline......isn't that still preferable to both his parents being dead? Feels like something as significant as Flashpoint needs something far worse to happen, I think Joe was the only one who had a worse life. It was a bit ordinary for an opener, like they tried to force a regular villain of the week plot over the situation they created. But still fun I guess, the actor playing Thawne has been fairly underused and the Ramon Industries stuff was funny. I have a bad feeling that the way this all gets folded together through the Arrowverse is gonna be disappointing though.
  11. Star Trek: Discovery

    Thinking about it, you could combine both our theories - the Captain and possibly Commander don't have to die, they could just learn of the actual plot to stoke things with the Romulans and orders from the top are that Number One is to take over at a certain point (kinda mixing 2001-esque 'the crew don't know the real mission' with the Omega episode of Voyager). That be an interesting dynamic, if the Captain is suddenly bumped down to Commander in favour of someone who's been lying the whole time.
  12. Is it confirmed in the films that Obama isn't president, or is it just Agents of SHIELD?
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    Isn't she's a lieutenant commander? So I guess the commander would have to die as well for that to happen. But still works I guess. Although it doesn't explain why we don't learn her name until the end of the season, unless it's just a random 'Withnail and I' style thing where it just happens that nobody ever says it.
  14. Yea, if had a choice between him and Black Widow I know which way I'd go....