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  1. I naively hoped that this might finally be the time the media realised that, much like the sun rising in the morning is not news, IS taking responsibility for these attacks is not news. I'm not saying people don't have a right to know who perpetrated this horrific attack, but until some recognisable connection is established, I wish we'd just fucking ignore them. True @Werthead, even all the talk of dividing us and trying to disrupt our way of life and "letting the terrorists win" seems to give them too much credit. It makes the whole thing all the more tragic, that the ideology behind it is so flacid and weak and.....just plain stupid. It'd be a joke if it wasn't so tragic. So so sorry to all those affected. Just unthinkably awful.
  2. I'd be surprised if Marvel allow them to just gate crash their schedule unless they're involved creatively. My guess is it isn't.
  3. We don't know if Venom will be in the MCU yet do we?
  4. I can't remember if this is official or just a theory, but I think the idea was that the attack on the Kelvin was studied intently as they never knew if the mining ship would come back, and as a result Starfleet was more militaristic and had better technology. Of course this is just smoothing over the fact it looks so much better. But I can't think of anything that could come up without them really going out of their way. The Kelvin might still be in service I guess, but basically Discovery will sit in either universe until they intentionally reveal which it is. Which I doubt they will.
  5. Abrams-verse NCC-1701-C. It never goes through the wormhole that the Prime version does, but gets held up for some other reason so war with the Klingons is built in and in a way that'd be a nice nod to Prime fans. I'd watch that. I really quite like the Abrams-verse, just not for the same reason I like Star Trek and I'd rather they just admitted which version it was instead of hedging. Shame that all I can think to post about here is shows I'd rather see than Discovery.
  6. Yea this is a pretty crucial distinction. It is a bad trailer. I know they don't want to give away too much, but it should still make some limited sense. "Where are we going? Something about plotting courses?" "Something irrelevant about you getting a command even though we all thought you were supposed to be a first officer" "OK we walked all this way just to beam out anyway". Then the rest does nothing coherent really, just gives off vague impressions of doom and gloom and Klingons.
  7. Where exactly do people get this idea that May is a master negotiator that will skilfully extract a great deal out of Brexit? I'm not even convinced that there are that many possible outcomes, seems to me the EU know full well they can't give us anything that great, they've probably already established their red lines. I'm not saying Corbyn would be just fine at it, but I'm starting to wonder why the logic only works one way; "I like Labour policies but he's not a good leader so I can't vote for him", but never "He's not a good leader, but I like Labour policies so I'll vote for him". I don't think he'd be good at what people think of as typically priministerial things, but if the ultimate fate of the NHS rests on this election, I don't see why policies can't trump leadership.
  8. I kinda know what you mean, I'm in awe of the game and it is amazing.....but it gives you the perpetual feeling that you're not actually good at it. You're constantly having to forage and eat and find stuff and break stuff, in previous games you could look back and say "yep, I've done well there", but here it just feels like you've survived along with all the other average joes in Hyrule. In a way that's part of its charm, but at the same time I don't feel hugely satisfied when I put it down. I always find it hard to judge games against each other, I mean if you'd never played Ocarina and were handed it along with Breath of the Wild there's just no competition. But as far as how amazing it felt at the time, maybe... Ocarina of Time Breath of the Wild Skyword Sword Wind Waker Twilight Princess Those are the ones I've played anyway.
  9. I know what you mean, I struggle to think of what exactly I'd want to see on a new ship technology wise. But then I think pitching it largely the same but with modern effects would make it all look so much smoother anyway. Call em quantum torpedoes, job done. It's not really the concept of a prequel I mind, just that it's so close to TOS that it makes it that much harder to squeeze it into your head canon that this series turns into that one. One idea I had is that the Federation could discover a highly labour intensive and energy intensive way of creating wormholes to anywhere. They only have one roll of the dice, so they create one to a different galaxy, send a ship through and explore. It'd be a good chance to completely start from scratch with all the races, although you could argue it's kind of what Voyager was supposed to do but just didn't do very well. But it seems there's not much left in this galaxy, what with the Borg in the Delta Quadrant, Dominion in the Gamma, Feds in the Alpha, Klingons bordering the Beta.
  10. I was about to discuss the destruction of Vulcan but then I realised that wouldn't have happened yet......so the only difference is that 20 years before, a ship called the Kelvin mysteriously got attacked and no one ever saw the perpetrator again. What's the odds that they never mention the Kelvin and therefore leave it in either universe? Yea there doesn't currently seem to be any major reason to set this when they have. Other than "hey look, Sarek! Mudd!" and just an excuse to not be at peace with the Klingons. The Klingons have become like the Daleks in DW, a crutch they'd be better off leaving alone. Ah, to see the Federation 16 years after Voyager with the capabilities of modern sci-fi shows......
  11. Hmm.....I kinda don't like it. But I'm not sure why. Doesn't feel like Trek for a start, and I can't really get a feel for what it's actually about. I think it's the focus on weird Klingons (sorry I can't get past this; they just don't need to look different) and just the general war and combat and violence and death. Wouldn't mind some optimism and prosperity in there. Plus it reeeeeeally looks like 10 years before Pine & Quinto and not Shatner and Nimoy despite which universe they claim it's in.
  12. Oh yea.....didn't notice that. Huh.
  13. First pic......aaaaaand it's pretty boring. Could be any other series.
  14. Actually come to think of it, they can all just talk to one another in their heads still, even if they're together physically. We've established they 'see' each other as being in a physical space when using their telepathy, and we've established they can't tell the difference as per Whispers not realising Will was really there. So they can just film as normal and then just say 'no they weren't speaking English, they were doing what they always do, just near each other'. I wouldn't really say they use each other's fighting ability, more that they just put someone else in the driver seat for that moment. For example, I don't think any of them could fight like Sun if they were on blockers.
  15. Well....I don't seem to share the huge love this season is getting here. I much preferred the first season to be honest. The whole BPO threat never really coalesced for me, why does Whispers care about this particularly cluster when there are so many? The constant slo-mo / weird lighting flashbacks were really tacky and just badly done generally, and as a result I really didn't follow or particularly care about anything that happened with Angelica and her cluster. And they've completely given up giving Whispers any kind of scientific curiosity to explain his actions, he's just a two dimensional sadistic villain. It's a strange show in that the more ambitious it is, the more it succeeds. They can film a scene across 8 countries that has no plot development at all that just celebrates the sheer joy of human life and diversity and it's incredible, and they can make a simple scene in one country with a handful of actors seem incredibly average. The acting is weak a lot of the time (Bug has to be the worst character, and the scenes with him and the 'hackers' were always reliably painful) and it still has some clunky dialogue, though probably less than Season 1 to be fair. I still love any scene where a character is struggling emotionally with something and they can draw on any of the clusters experience and advice. This show is best when it's just utilising it's premise in that way, when it's just being a raw undiluted version of itself. I just don't think it's really succeeded yet with its world building or its over arching plot. I'll certainly still watch a third season, but the final episode particularly was very messy (meeting in real life promised to be a huge moment that they completely skipped over, how did they get a police car, how did they find the base, surely Whispers knows when someone's sat in front of him, etc etc etc), I really hope they dial the pace back a little and just focus on being good at what they're good at.