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  1. Just that, at the beginning of the season, the agents were the prophecised ones who would come to set everyone free or something. The bald alien fella went to an awful lot of trouble to kidnap them and send them to the future. And they arrive, and they save people, but we know the whole time that they have to go back and stop the earth from breaking apart. Why hang around? Just go back and get working on saving the earth. I don’t understand where the drive came from in the first place to send them to the future, or what they learnt there, or what they brought back. I quite like the idea of a giant loop that could’ve been going round and round for ages and self fulfilling, but they haven’t really done anything with it yet, and we know this’ll be the last loop and they’ll fix things (Fitz’s theory of immutable time be damned, I guess).
  2. I’ve finally caught up, I’ve been lagging behind the whole season. Seems a bit incoherent this season, like they’re muddling too many ideas together. Can someone explain to me what the point of the entire future arc was? They go and save a bunch of people, then come home and stop the earth exploding and prevent the people from requiring saving? I don’t see the logic.
  3. Is it possible he gets 5 in this movie, then Captain Marvel explains where the sixth is (or was, back in the 90’s)? Then what was Infinity War II has Thanos get the full house? That is, if he does get all six. Seems like you can’t build up a whole universe around this plot and then not have someone get all of them.
  4. Is the frog avatar he used for the post relevant? Doesn’t that imply....things? I forget.
  5. No, just that they could gracefully remove themselves from the MCU. The characters would retain all memories of all events. Something along the lines of them going back in time and preventing Coulsons resurrection, or going back and preventing Shield’s creation at all. Basically just a permanent version of what they attempted with this season; they obviously felt jumping to another time was easier than trying to co-exist with the rest of the MCU, the films don’t have squat to say about 2091 so there’s no potential inconsistencies. ...kinda like how Supergirl is in the same multiverse but not universe as Arrow, it gives them room to breathe but the ability to crossover if needed. AoS could be in the MCM, not the MCU.
  6. I’m always amazed how often I see talk of a reboot to the whole thing. Why? It’s been the most successful building of a shared universe on the big screen (and little, probably) ever. I don’t see why they’d just scrap it now to start again. I certainly concede that it’s become so large that they’ll have to kill off a few people in Infinity War, make things more manageable. But Phase 4 onward, letting what used to be lesser known heroes shine ... an Avengers with Black Panther, Spider-Man, Wasp, an Iron Man successor, Bucky as a Cap successor, take your pick. I’d be thrilled if they had a grand Phase 4-5-6 plot to mirror the Infinity Stones of 1-2-3. As to alternate universes (and I haven’t seen the most recent two episodes, apologies if this has been proved false), I wouldn’t be surprised if they one day realign just AoS. Maybe they fuck with the timeline, end up in a different one where there was never an Iron Man and there’s no heroes. Or maybe somehow fudge things so that Coulson was never resurrected? Leave the MCU with it’s (let’s be honest, better) version of Coulson having died in The Avengers and carry on in another universe/timeline.
  7. For me the question is more ‘what if Fuller had never been hired?’ It’s hard to know what aspects of this season were just making the best of the situation, given that it was an anthology fairly deep into production that they then had to turn into a regular show. I really hope Season 2 is more sure of itself, more even in tone and direction.
  8. It’s very possible that if he hadn’t killed himself, Jonas wouldn’t have found himself in the woods with Mikkel and he never would’ve been sent back to 1986. So I think he was ensuring Jonas existed. Old Jonas says something along the lines of ‘he saved my life many years ago, though I didn’t understand that at the time’ when he’s talking with Young Jonas at the church.
  9. See, until I started reading reactions online, it never occurred to me that the Enterprise showing up was anything other than a playful cameo for the ship. I’d be surprised if it gets a passing mention in Season 2, maybe Michael notes that it was nice to see Spock again and that’s it. Seems like a whoooooole lotta trouble if you started trying to actually cast Pike and Spock (and Number One? That’d be weird.) Quinto would just lead to a bunch of weird questions, like why isn’t Sarek the same guy, is this the JJ verse then, blah blah.....
  10. I thought it was a pretty disappointing finale overall. It wrapped up way too neatly and quickly, as if it was originally planned as an entire arc for the show but then they trimmed it to one season. I agree with a previous comment that the show seemed to hit its stride around the middle, it took quite a few episodes before any kind of continuity existed for them to do more standalone plots (the Mudd time loop, for example). But I’ve been disappointed with some of the decisions they made these past few episodes, really disliked them making Mirror Georgiou a captain, Ashvoq got de-Voq’d way too easily, Michael’s pardon was pretty daft (wasn’t she up for life imprisonment? So, life unless you wrap up a war, in which case, full pardon and commendation and a medal?), L’rell blackmailing her way to Klingon leader was stupid. Mirror Georgiou is left dangling to show up predictably at some point in the future, yea let her off, I’m sure this genocidal mass murdering racist (speciesist?) won’t cause any trouble later. And still, a whole season goes past and there’s no convincing reason to set it when they did. This is going to hamper them for the shows entire existence, nothing can ever happen that goes against continuity without them contriving a reason why it was never mentioned. They were already pushing things with a Klingon war 10 years before TOS. It probably beats DS9’s first season (the only real contender) but it’s very hard to judge them side by side when they’re so different. I assume we’ll get a new captain next season then? I was kinda hoping they’d just promote Saru, first alien captain of a show would be good.
  11. Bit late to the party but .... damn, not getting any Han Solo vibes from this guy at all. He doesn’t really look like him, sound like him, his whole rhythm of speaking is different. The movie could still be good but I think it’s just gonna be super distracting trying to imagine this as a young Han. I had to look up the ages, Ford was 35 in A New Hope but I think he looked pretty good for it. He could easily have passed for 28, which is how old Ehrenreich is. Maybe that’s part of the problem, I don’t see any age difference between the two. Maybe they should have gone with an early twenties actor playing a teenager?
  12. Sooo.....I’ve been enjoying Discovery, despite being constantly distracted by how much more awesome it’d be if they just set it 20 years post Voyager....but that episode annoyed me. Two utterly dumb decisions; hey, what happened last time we let Ash roam around the ship? Oh, he killed the doctor. But he’s OK now, I mean we don’t understand the procedure ourselves, but this super helpful Klingon L’Rell says he’s fine now. And she definitely wouldn’t have any motive for secretly deploying the exact plan we knew they had to begin with. So yea, roam about, have lunch. Hope you don’t bump into Stamets, that’d be awkward! And then the supremely stupid Giorgiou plan. Granted, we don’t know exactly what info she’s provided, but no fucking way does Starfleet let someone waltz into someone else’s life and assume Captaincy like that. Soooooo stupid. And did I miss something or did the plan already hang together? They spore jump into Kronos, destroy military targets (or maybe blow up the whole place), what exactly has the empress given them?
  13. LOVE the show and feel like it's been ages since I got to sink my teeth into a good time travel story.