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  1. Star Trek: Discovery

    Hmmm.....I'll hold judgement for now, but I was kinda hoping they'd leave some space between TOS and this one. Not really looking to be constantly reminded that they're supposed to be 10 years apart.
  2. Sherlock

    Which begs the question......what exactly was the point of the therapist cherade? To make a good twist, I guess. She certainly didn't need that info for any part of her plan.
  3. Sherlock

    I think what bugged me was the way he opened with "is it night or day" and I thought we were in for a classic Sherlock deduction. Next question: which airport did you come from? Oh. Never mind. I'm not sure it was the 'solving cases' part, for me the last two seasons seem to feel the need to give Sherlock an emotional arc, when I'm not looking for Sherlock to really change much. He's carefully carved himself into a case-solving machine, rejecting extraneous information that doesn't contribute to that. I'm happy for Sherlock to be that, use those skills, and remain that at the end. EDIT: sorry that's @polishgenius just couldn't be bothered tackling hidden quotes.
  4. Sherlock

    Not confirmed at all. As best I can gather, they have no idea and so left it in a place that could end things. I'd wager it'll be at least three years till we see another season, if at all.
  5. Sherlock

  6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    So Aida made a May replica so good that it can get past all the measures they introduced after HYDRAgate?
  7. Sherlock

    Did they ever actually say he was alone? Could it be handwaved that someone off camera said "and he's with some woman", and Mycroft just didn't mention it to Watson? Agreed it'll be terrible if she's behind Moriarty all along. That wouldn't even nearly make sense. I'm hoping she just feels some twisted need to entertain Sherlock and feels bad that his adversary isn't around, so she 'ressurected' him. Thinking back to the scene at the therapists house, I remember thinking she was notably not fussed about all the shenanigans in her house.....I know Sherlock called for more water but I don't recall them seeing one another. Perhaps she didn't trust her disguise on him twice? It's weird thinking back to Moriarty's return, it was 3 years ago now .... in 3 years, he got on a plane and got off it again and nothing more.
  8. Sherlock

    Yea far better episode than last week. Although I wonder whether they've set the bar too high with just how intelligent Sherlock and his adversaries have to be.....the already completely absurd prediction of the precise time and place of the goings on at the therapists house appear to have been trumped by the sister, who must have known all that, plus figured out Culverton was a serial killer without Sherlock's 'tip off', and just generally orchestrated / predicted every movement of everyone on the show for at least this and the last episode. Wasn't really a fan of the Mrs Hudson stuff either, they've subverted our expectations of her one too many times and now she's about as believable as Ninja Assasin Mary. But, despite not being a fan of how they set them up last episode, there was some nice character moments for Sherlock and Watson. The whole scene at 221b at the end was very good. Also, off-topic, but I've been playing Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and it's so, so good. If you like Sherlock and a mystery, or if you don't, do yourself a favour.......and.....wait for it to become available again when it's reprinted. Sometime this year.
  9. Star Trek: Discovery

    Can't quote for some reason but @Rhom.... The show's already profitable on international sales I believe, so I'm hoping that gives it a bit of a safety net, that watching in pretty much every country except the US is much easier.
  10. Star Trek: Discovery

    Hmm......trekipedia's entry for this is based almost entirely on a role playing game. http://trekipedia.com/file/Four_Years_War#cite_note-EV01-16 Is there an in-show reference to it?
  11. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    That's a hell of a subtle way of indicating it, a brief glimpse of two simultaneous people......I'm not gonna hold my breath that it doesn't turn out to be a mistake. Good explanation though.
  12. Netflix's December Drama - The OA

    Yea, that did cross my mind. Also, relying on what we see as true is a bit fuzzy......I mean the trip to Cuba would've been recounted to her so that's feasible, but what about Hap's meeting in the abandoned hospital wing? OA specifically says 'I think he killed someone' so she doesn't know the whole scene.....so how are we seeing it?
  13. Netflix's December Drama - The OA

    She said when she woke that it wasn't a suicide attempt didn't she? I didn't get the impression she was lying. Also now that we know
  14. Sherlock

    It's bugging me the more I dwell on it. Obviously they just wanted Still don't understand the "go to hell Sherlock", anyone?
  15. Sherlock

    What was with the post credits "go to hell Sherlock"? Yea not the greatest episode. The actual mystery of the Thatcher heads didn't last too long, and that's really what I'm here for ...... Sherlock solving a mystery.