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  1. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    The actor playing Jay can't pull off Zoom. Add to that Zoom's 'feelings' for Caitlin being such a lame way of staying his hand (how many times is he gonna kill everyone......except our beloved characters?) and Caitlin generally being pretty boring anyway.......I can't think of anything that I'm excited to see the rest of this season. Barry will come back, deal with Zoom, blah blah. It'll be stupid, it won't make sense. Well at least we know who was at Laurel's funeral: hologram Barry.
  2. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Here's something I only just thought to look up........CBSAll Access is only available in the US, Canada and Australia. Do they plan on rolling it out to other countries by then? I also noticed they have a free week, I guess you could wait 13 weeks then binge it for free? Or probably they have certain episodes you don't get in the free trial, sounds like the sort of thing they'd do. If I can't even pay to see this, basically, fuck you CBS.
  3. Civil War spoilers (yes I'm in the right thread): I totally missed what Savage had on Carter...? Why couldn't she kill him? Also, I was thinking with the ending to the series, there's no way they can get dropped back off on that rooftop in January 2016. It'd ruin Arrow and Flash continuity, where they haven't been all season. So I assume something will come along which means they return in the summer.......except Sara's sister died. I can't see how they're gonna work that. Sara can't stay on the team forever and just never be told what's happened, they'll have to invent some timey wimey reason that January is 'blocked'. April, to comfort your Dad? Blocked. Gotta be June for some reason. Or maybe they all live happily ever after in a completely different century.
  4. Yea, I assumed that was 'you're done for today'. I disagree with your other points, but this does touch on one issue I had.
  5. I don't mind them leaving out the Netflix characters. They're mostly concerned with the plight of Hells Kitchen, not of the larger world, and far less likely to care about thisargument about Bucky. Plus, is Luke Cage actually strong? I thought he was just indestructible? That's a clincher; I can picture Tony asking Friday who's on the radar that could help them out, she points out Daredevil (who's appeared in the media, but I don't believe JJ or LC have...?) but notes that while he's damn good for a blind guy, he's not actually any stronger, he's not asuperhero. Spidey, meanwhile, has actual powers. Plus, you'd think Tony had seen the footage and already started thinking about how he could design him a better costume. Convenient that I don't think they should be included, cos we all know even if they should have been, there's no chance at all it would have happened. The bars so low now that one single line ("I considered the blind guy you've got running round Hells Kitchen but I need someone a bit more......unique") would have me jumping out my seat. I'm still deeply troubled by the Russo's "wait, there's fish oil in Agents of SHIELD?" line, it seems literally no one even glancesat the script to make sure there's nothing incompatable. It's only a matter of time before something incongruous comes up, that's if you don't include the actress appearing in both this film and LC (or IF? I forget which).
  6. You could be right, I'm not really sure how it works. I just assumed it was his baby, and he can't possibly oversee 4 shows as well as he can 1. The Flash is definitely lazier this year, it's not just tone or plot, it feels like a lot less time has been spent on it.
  7. So do you think Berlanti has just stretched himself toothinly this year?He's writer/producer on all 4 of the DC shows isn't he? I like the thought of him coming back to the Flash offices all "hey, thanks for helping me out the last few weeks, let's just take a look at the scripts you've.........you made Zoom JAY?Da FUCK?!"Arrow dropped in quality when The Flash arrived, and now the other two shows have arrived, The Flash has dropped. Basically he can only make one of them good, except now with 4, none of them are good. Well, I don't really watch Supergirl, but I've seen a few and it's pretty weak.
  8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    I think he can only infect Inhumans.
  9. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    Something I forgot to ask a few weeks back; I never finished out Agent Carter Season 2, did it have any bearing onanything going on in AoS? I only saw three or four, it didn't really grab me.
  10. I considered writing a break down of each character and why they chose each team, but they're all present for the scene at HQ. They all have lines, they all explain it themselves. The three who aren't are Black Panther (I don't think anyone's claiming he doesn't have a damn good reason), Spider-Man and Ant-Man. Remember how Ant-Man ended; Falconintimated that he might audition him for the Avengers ....... and here's the call.Yea, me, Cap, half the team, we need your help! Gotta protect a guy they're trying to kill! Stark's in charge of the other side, the guy your mentor keeps saying is an asshole. He'd jump at the chance. And Spider-Man's just a kid, doing what the guy who just gave him a truck load of money tells him. I'll spoiler tag this as I guess it's a minor spoiler, but the kicker for me is...
  11. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    I notice the final episode is called The Man In The Iron Mask. I'm struggling to see how that can't be disappointing, it'll basically be 'wow, it turns out it was (*insert literally any character*)! So I guess (*insert terrible explanation that makes it abundantly clear this was never planned*)'. I'm not sure why, but I've always been able to compartmentalise the murder and illegal imprisonment and not let it bother me too much. Until this week. There was a clear window there where they could have suggested simply tellinghim that was why he was aging, and try to help him. But they leapt on the murder option, with no argument. Essentially, Team Flash aren't superheroes, they're the meta-human cleanup squad. Dealing with meta-humans whatever the cost. I wonder if tallying up the murders between Flash and Captain Cold, who would win? I genuinely don't know. And he was supposed to be a villain. Maybe he can come back from Legends and give some moral guidance to Flash. Maybe strike some kind of deal where he lets him continue to operate, but he's not allowed to kill anyone. Flash, I mean.
  12. Lost re-watch! (Spoilers)

    Yea, I assumed the S5 explanation that they were to prevent the electromagnetic build up was all we'd get. If anything, the Valenzetti explanation just muddied the waters more as there's no reason that should be connected with their 'fix' for the station (other than your guess). As for why they're cursed: what the hell does an explanation for a curse look like? That was never coming.
  13. We don't really know the details of the accords as you say, but one thing that bugged me:
  14. I honestly can't begin to fathom how you came to this conclusion. As a pairing they probably get one of the most prominent sub-arc's in the movie. In a movie that has no obligation to be 'about' either of these characters, you don't think this is a sufficient arc for them? I'd say we learn more about Vision in this movie than we did in Age of Ultron, by quite a margin.