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  1. Soooo......I'm guessing seeing as Marvel didn't announce this it's not gonna be in the MCU with Spider-Man? Weird. And that's pretty soon isn't it, for a movie we've only just learned about?
  2. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Well, one aspect of my excitement remains; it's supposed to look amazing in 4K HDR so I can make use of my new telly. Shame about the reviews. I'd be shocked if it's so bad I don't finish it though.
  3. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Loved the film, don't care that much about timelines and such, but... Props to the movie for not cramming in some hot 20 something and sticking to what it needs to be; a movie about being old and approaching death.
  4. Star Trek: Discovery

    I'd forgotten the captain hadn't been cast.......well that's cool. He has the required gravitas.
  5. I'm not really sure how you'd portray the G's accurately. The most noticeable thing would be how your face is stretched out, and unless they CG that every single time someone's in a high burn, it's not gonna work. Generally speaking I share the praise for this season, it's been excellent. My only issue is that they should really have ended S1 with the previous episode, they've obviously introduced Bobby early so they don't have too much work to do here and in the next episode, but she's basically been standing around waiting for this final scene. I loved the Ganymede zoom in though, gutted I'm only watching it in 720p.
  6. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I was starting to think that his power was imprinting realities onto other people, so he has these delusions and is unconciously projecting them into others so they misremember things. So maybe there was no Lenny, but he not only experiences her but also forces others to as well...? I dunno. What was with the hand on his shoulder at the end, it looked like Yellow Eyes hand but Lenny's face? Is there a hint there?
  7. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    Is there any possibility that he gets frustrated with the questions about the book and so actively trolls fans about it, but is actually working on it? Has he ever actually said he's not working on it with no trace of irony, like an actual serious statement? That was my best hope.
  8. Star Trek: Discovery

    Late summer/early fall.
  9. So I stopped watching Game of Thrones to enjoy the eventual books more, as I figured that was the superior medium. I stopped reading The Expanse cos I think the show is better and wanted that to be my first experience of it. Now I'm torn on whether to read this.......sounds like a great book and a very promising show.
  10. Sorry, I'm not a religious follower of these threads. Could they? I remember a lot of talk at the time of how delicate the economy was, how uncertain the markets were and how important it was that it was all dealt with swiftly. There was also a lot of concern that it wouldn't exactly have been democratic to end up with the 2nd and 3rd place parties running the country and the 1st place not getting a look in. I don't really know what the outcome would've been had we gone down any of those paths, but at the time, a conservative coalition was a pretty good looking result for a party that haven't been in power before. But if you follow that logic, any party that doesn't have a shot at power (which at the moment is, arguably, all the others) shouldn't ever offer up a policy that they don't think would get through a coalition. So all manifestos would become "here's the 80% of Tory policy we'd accept, here's what we would push back on, and here's a watered down version of a policy that we reckon might fly with the Tories".
  11. I hate to sound like the LibDem spin department, but I believe the argument runs thusly; the LibDem manifesto was a list of things they would do if they were voted into power by themselves. They weren't. They were part of a coalition government. I'm certainly not saying I have no problems at all with everything they did, but the whole LibDem manifesto was never gonna get implemented 100%. I find it hard to see a path that Nick Clegg could've trodden and come out of things well regarded, he couldn't have turned down the coalition cos then what?
  12. In the book, we hear the words and know that it is the protomolecule speaking through Julie, using a phrase we know she's used. It's a cool bit, but without that previous exposition you'd be left thinking the station had just grown a mouth and they'd just jumped the shark massively. Had they gone that way in the show, the line would've been spoilt by all the questions attached to it; who said that? Is Julie alive then? Was that her speaking? Is she controlling Eros? Or was it someone on the open com link? All this at the exact moment we're supposed to be marvelling that the station moved at all. It'd be too much all at once. It's possible they've intentionally held back all this and they're going to flesh out Miller's trip inside, so he discovers exactly what the protomolecule is doing to these people as we do (and this probably will make for some really effective, creepy scenes). Totally. I couldn't remember whether we read that from Millers POV and I'm thinking of his internal dialogue, or if he actually has the conversation. But it's really needed, at the moment we just think Millers a loose cannon. It's also a shame that more wasn't made of how happy Miller was to be invited to stay on the Roci, and how miserable he was at loosing that.
  13. It would have been a bit jarring to hear that when they haven't set up the idea of Eros really communicating, other than the unintelligible feed. I was really pleased how it came out, I couldn't picture how they'd frame it considering you've only got space as a back drop.....but doing it from Miller's point of view and then seeing it on the view screen accompanied by Amos's "What........the........fuck" worked really well. I seem to remember the book has some really clunky dialogue from Naomi about how no, dear reader, it's not magic it's science. Hope they drop that in the next episode.
  14. Star Trek: Discovery

    There was a close up of that armour in the teaser video, which makes me think it's Klingons and not some random species. So we have TOS Klingons, then a joke about it 30 years later, then an explanation that has to also explain the joke 10 years later, then a new series that throws that all in the bin and redesigns them 10 years after that.
  15. Deep Space Nine Watch/Re-watch (No spoilers)

    Yea, if you've seen The Captains you can see why a contribution from Avery Brooks probably wouldn't make a great deal of sense.