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  1. I wish I'd seen the preview before hand where they big up just how much of a threat Worldender is going to be.
  2. I wondered where the discussion was for this, it has been excellent. I loved the Vindicators episode, Tales for the Citadel......no duff ones yet. Shame there's only 10 episodes a season.
  3. Enterprise implied that the mirror universe kicked off with Cochran shooting the vulcans instead of shaking their hand, Discovery takes place when the Terran Empire would be in full force. I never really liked it much, it can be fun for some characters but I can't really take it seriously when it's ultimately the 'everyone's a bastard' universe. I still can't see them doing this third timeline thing, I mean how the hell do you write the exposition for that in a way casual and hardcore fans will follow that wouldn't be horribly jarring? I can't make my mind up about The Orville. It can be pretty funny, but it's limited in how much it can send up Star Trek when it's trying to take itself seriously. On the other hand, if I ask myself 'did Star Trek have worse episodes than this?' the answer comes back 'fuck yes, all the time'. I'll stick with it. Even bracing myself for this being Seth MacFarlane just wanting to make Star Trek, I can't believe quite how much it is Star Trek. Literally change the logos, the uniforms, remove a little humour, you've got Star Trek.
  4. Eh......beats the crap out of Enterprise that's for sure. Not really a fan of how much it leans on TOS, and the mood feels more like the Expanse than previous Trek themes. Was looking for a nice warm major key piece. Surely these 3rd timelines rumours are BS right? That'd be weak by anyone's standard, just ripping off the exact same trick? I'm still pretty confident it'll be 'Prime but we won't dwell on it', there's not enough motivation to do anything else. Did anyone catch The Orville? I'd seen that it was a drama with comedy elements, while the network seem to promote it as pure comedy. Seth's a big Trek fan ....... anybody?
  5. Well this came around quick... http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/black-mirror-season-4-titles-cast-teaser-1202538681/
  6. Better than Iron Fist, better than the back half of Luke Cage, but that's it. DDS2 was a fair bit better, DDS1 and JJ were waaaaaaay better. Really disappointed actually. I thought they'd rest on the proven successes from the four of them, but the plot revolves largely around Iron Fist and good lord Finn Jones cannot act. At all. I couldn't stand a single scene he was in. So far I haven't missed a single minute of the MCU but how I'll get through a season 2 of that show with his single 'confused/angry' expression I have no idea. Defenders never dipped down into really terrible territory for me, but it did nothing better than any of the individual shows and had virtually nothing in the way of its own identity. Daredevil had better fight scenes, Jessica Jones had a much stronger theme, Luke Cage had more heart. The Netflix stuff definitely needs to sweep the Hand aside and start fresh with something better. DD3, JJ2, Punisher and LC2 all still have the potential to be great (no way IF2 can compensate for Finn Jones though) so hopefully this is a middle dip for the Netflix stuff and not an exhausted idea.
  7. Yea I stumbled across that, but didn't realise it was the guy that did Scythe until recently. I guess I'll have to jump on the preorder pretty swiftly as it's not on kickstarter. Just the artwork and 'village building Legacy game' had me interested. I picked up Great Western Trail recently and I'm so glad I did. It's a great game, plays differently every time and really rewards multiple plays. There seems to be so many equally viable strategies, and each one is dependent on the board randomness so you have to react quickly and be willing to change things up. Also picked up Patchwork (I've discovered a local board game store I didn't know I had) and if you like tessalating tiles and Tetris style block filling, you can't go wrong. It's a simple 20 minute 2 player game, which is a handy thing to have sometimes.
  8. Don't really have much to add but I'm fascinated by this subject. I definitely fall in the camp that thinks it'll catch on far quicker than we realise, 2020 isn't far fetched at all I don't think. Ford plan to have a level 4 autonomous vehicle in production by 2021, and other companies will follow. It's strange that the main hurdle is for the car to perform alongside human driven cars on roads designed for human drivers, when a century from now it could well be that autonomous vehicles flow seemlessly down tracks designed only for them - tracks which even now they could perform fine on. The transition is the difficult part, not the end state. Convenience alone would be enough to convince me, or cost (trips could become very cheap without the need to pay a driver, easily to the point of being more viable than buying a car and tax and insurance and parking, etc) but really the insane number of deaths is entirely sufficient argument by itself. History will not look kindly on a machine that kills over a million people a year, and wonder why on earth we put up with that. "Did people back then also fly their own planes and crash them every now and then? No, they were quite rational about that; training pilots extensively to do the job. Driving, on the other hand, you went round the block and someone ticked some boxes and then you were free to drive your death machine wherever and whenever you liked, with whichever passengers." If you proposed cars tomorrow in a parallel world where they didn't exist yet, arguing "they're quite convenient, if you ignore the million deaths" you'd be called barbaric for thinking such a thing was even conceivable.
  9. On the one hand, I loved the idea of an anthology series and it seemed like most people were disappointed with the news that that wasn't going to happen. On the other, given that Fuller (I assume) was responsible for these Klingons, would we want a series that looks this Kelvin-y and explode-y encroaching even further on the periods we know and love? Of Kirk and Picard? It does make more sense that he set in when he did though, if the intention was to give us a tour of the centuries. So now we're stuck with a series set strangely close to another, when Fuller probably wouldn't have bothered if he knew it wasn't anthology, and CBS probably wouldn't have bothered if they knew Fuller would leave. Great. And I also assume this is a one season idea of Fuller's that's now been stretched out for future seasons. Great.
  10. The reviews for the first four episodes of Defenders are pretty disappointing so far...
  11. Does anyone know if Runaways is part of the MCU? I'd assumed it was, but it's not that far off and I hadn't seen much discussion of it so I looked into it......can't find any confirmation anywhere. The 'Marvel's Runaways' title would imply it is, as they don't stick the prefix on, say, Legion.
  12. What I wouldn't give for just one well lit scene of some fine starfleet officers on the bridge of a starship doing some hopeful exploring. So long Star Trek, you were much loved.
  13. I think Black Panther is February, Infinity War is May. Kinda agree on Captain Marvel, but I wouldn't want Ant Man to have to adjust its tone to fit the mood. I guess the 'War' could be Thanos trying (and at the end, succeeding) to get the stones, then the second movie being the actual battle with a fully begloved Thanos.
  14. I kind of pictured them splitting up between the two parts (I know they're not called part 1 and part 2 anymore), so maybe Iron Man and the Official Avengers have a crack at Thanos and it goes badly wrong in 2018, then Cap musters up the unofficial ones for 2019. Hopefully a Civil War sized cast for each movie, or a little more. I guess the world will have to come back to some normality for Ant Man and Captain Marvel to take place in between though.