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  1. Yea that was the phrase that jumped out at me as well. I don't think your fifth movie should be doing heavy lifting for things to come, I assumed the heavy lifting had already happened to make this a good movie.
  2. Rotten Tomatoes are holding off for some reason, but the reviews are out there. I'm seeing a sea of 2/5.
  3. I think it's safer just to ignore universal translators and just say they're everywhere, in the com badges or in the walls. Now Burnhan has specifically brought one along, it means L'Rell must've gone to the trouble of learning English for her conversation with the Admiral. Strange for a race they've had so little contact with... I really wish they'd used a different actor for Voq, because it has no tension anymore. We're all just sitting waiting for the reveal. At least now we know he doesn't know he's Voq as we saw his PTSD flashbacks. Weird that his kiss with Burnham snapped him out of it, maybe being re-Voq-ed won't be that straight forward? I guess they're in the mirror universe, agreed that they should have just said (maybe a bit of the floating debris could've had an ISS plate). I may do a rewatch of this half to see how it sits with me, it was a good bunch of episodes but not without issues.
  4. Is there any reason Thor doesn't deserve his own spoiler thread? I just ducked back in a few weeks after I was spoiled last time.
  5. I really didn't rate that last episode. It tried to do too much but none of it ended up coming off. What's L'Rell's plan? It's some secret plan, if we're going on the last episode we saw Voq in ...... no wait, she's sucking up to Kol now .... OK now she's talking about defecting ..... nope, wait, the admiral's dead. OK she's back to hating Kol. Meanwhile, the Pahvans might be a threat, they've brainwashed Saru, and now they can teleport people, or something. Oh and they're not a threat, Saru was just unafraid for the first time (doesn't even nearly explain his behaviour, which will no doubt come with zero repercussions next week). So I guess the Pahvans are just super smart ... no wait, they're idiots, they just invited the Klingons to the party. I really wish they just used a different actor for Voq if he is indeed a spy, it's tainting everything about the show. I don't particular care about his romance with Burnham, and the Klingon stuff is just spinning its wheels until the reveal comes. I think the show started off strongly but it feels like it's lost its way a bit.
  6. Given there's been no official announcement, is it not possible this will be set in Middle Earth but not the actual story of tLotR? I don't know how the rights work, but maybe even set in the same universe as the films? A kind of late shared universe? If it's just the same story again, I'll have to echo everyone else here, this is just pointless. Fellowship is the most faithful of the films, so what will the first season do differently? Depict Hobbiton more accurately? Cast everyone more effectively? Even if they nailed most of the cast, what if, say, Pippin isn't as good? He'll just be 'that guy who isn't as good as film Pippin'. And eeeeeeevery aspect will be judged in the same way.
  7. I'm a week behind, so I've only just watched the 'social media' one ... wow, I thought it was really bad. I'm slightly worried that the show has always been this bad but I've been being generous, except this week's episode was exactly the same as an infinitely superior Black Mirror episode that I could compare it to. Seriously, if you found the topic remotely interesting, watch 'Nosedive'. So, so much better. The Orville's take had all the subtlety of Tasha and Wesley's drug conversation, it was basically rock up to the planet, clumsily tell the audience how bad direct democracy is and get out of there. There didn't seem to be any Star Trek style difficulty in tackling it (it made me realise that the Prime Directive is as much a handy writing tool as it is a wise in-universe policy), just pointing out how much better they are than these people. This seemed to cascade in my head and suddenly the dialogue, the acting, everything seemed really sub par. Is it me or did the actor playing John LaMarr really struggle with this episode? I'll watch this week's, maybe things will improve. I've been giving it the benefit of the doubt up until now, hopefully this is just an aberration.
  8. Yea I cold turkeyed as well. I suddenly realised how much work I found it keeping up with all these shows. Any good crossovers since around February? Is it still all terrible overall?
  9. I'm kinda torn.....the line that really did it for me was when Michael brought her concerns to Saru and he said "our captain is missing, you're not seriously suggesting..." and Michael responds "of course not". Why of course not? This would be a highly typical plot of any other series; crew member kidnapped, unethical way of finding them presents itself, crew discuss, don't use it. Never. I happen to be watching DS9 alongside Discovery, Discovery rang in Star Trek's first 'fuck', 'shit' and 'beat someone to death', meanwhile Jake and Nog traded some Yamak sauce for a bunch of self sealing stem bolts. I do enjoy Discovery but you can see why there's something of a rift amongst the fans.
  10. Still enjoying it a great deal, but it's on shaky ground with its morals here. It feels like they could pull it back if it turns out Starfleet are like "wait, Lorca's been doing what?!?", and he's a rogue section 31 captain who doesn't have the authorisation to do any of this. From his conversation with the admiral, it's possible he hasn't told them about how he's doing any of this and just said that the spore drive will work, leave it with him. But what troubles me is how Michael is the only one who looks concerned at the treatment of this creature. There were other officers there, including Stamets, who didn't seem to bat an eyelid at subjecting 'ripper' to obvious discomfort for their own ends. I'm not buying this 'it's ten years before, maybe they haven't become as ethical as TOS yet' cos there's no way Archer would have signed off on this. Or any of his crew. Inevitably, the next episode will feature this debate when Michael raises her concerns with the captain and won't win the argument. I just really hope Starfleet are shocked when they find out and strip him of rank.
  11. Terran Empire. It's called the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe. Plus, I think fans on the whole would be pretty pissed if the first Star Trek series in 10 years was an entirely Mirror based one. And, casual fans wouldn't give a shit or know what it was. And, the different technologies and uniform are just as incongruous to what we saw in 'Mirror, Mirror' as they are to the rest of TOS. It seems odd that they would have a mirror universe episode, I'm thinking maybe the transportation device that they're working on propels them to a parallel universe and it's a bit weird for a while, but it being the mirror universe will be a subtle nod that new fans wouldn't pick up on? Dunno.
  12. I'm now wondering how Fuller's anthology plan would've tied in to this story. Obviously we know this new means of transport has to either fail or be banned or put on ice for some reason, maybe this would've been the through-line for all the series, leading up to a post-Voyager series where they finally perfected this technology and explored much more distant space. It's frustrating knowing that this is probably a one season plan originally, that'll be stretched indefinitely. Michael is universally hated and due to serve a life sentence, so is Discovery destined to be in the shadows and off the books for however long it runs? There was some mention in the Fuller interview where he revealed his anthology plans that this could've built up to a full 'Marvel-isation' of Trek where you'd have multiple series (and probably other media) running at the same time and building a full shared universe (I don't remember if that was just speculation in the article I read though). If this was running alongside a 'main' series it'd be a fascinating look at this darker side of the Federation, but it's a bit of a shame this is all we've got. This is primed to be the weirdest Trek I'd say. But, still, it's very good so far and when you consider the competition.... TOS; The Man Trap, Charlie X, Where No Man Has Gone Before TNG; Encounter at Farpoint, The Naked Now, Code of Honour DS9; Emissary, Past Prologue, A Man Alone VOY; Caretaker, Parallax, Time and Again ENT; Broken Bow, Fight or Flight, Strange New World DSC; The Vulcan Hello, Battle at the Binary Stars, Context is for Kings .....I'd say DSC wins on almost any metric I can think of. Performances, characters, writing, effects (even adjusting for time period) are all better IMO.
  13. Anything featuring Sean Paul, which when I last checked was 67% of all music ever.
  14. Yup, there's been some discussion in the Star Trek thread (understandably), but certainly deserving of its own thread. I was on the fence for the first two episodes as I still hadn't quite pinned down exactly what it was setting out to be, a comedy? A drama? A Star Trek clone? A hybrid? The third episode was really a declaration of intent as to how seriously MacFarlane wants us to take the show. It's certainly the closest thing to 90's Trek that I ever thought I'd see, with or without the name. It's a very odd period where we have a Star Trek series that's moved on, and a series proving that maybe it didn't have to. I'm still not totally convinced it's found the right tone with its comedy. It's quite funny, but it too often resorts to making fun of the genre whilst simultaneously asking us to take it seriously. I don't think it can get away with it for very long. Some jokes can work (if you had a holodeck, you'd totally give your sparring partner fun personalities and reprogramme dance-offs into stories, and I don't think this detracts from the serious elements) but at the same time, I'm dragged out of the moment with all the pop-culture references. It all depends on whether they can find enough humour whilst simultaneously building up their universe in a plausible way. I'll certainly stick with it, some part of my brain rebels a little at my attempts to believe in it the way I believe in Trek, but are these first three any worse than any opening three of any Trek series? Absolutely not. And this last episode is about as quintessential a Trek plot as you could imagine.
  15. I was sooooooo hoping that at least some of the other 23 houses looked like regular Klingons (Edit: or even TOS Klingons? A single shot of the holograms be they smooth, ridged or rhino headed, binding all the looks into one, cementing all into canon.....what a wasted opportunity.) It would have been so easy, and then you don't see them as much so the series can happily carry on with its new look. But no. I had a weird thing about five minutes in where I realised I wasn't really processing what was going on, my mind was fogged with the expectation and possibility of disappointment. I think I'll have to watch again to really let it sink in. Generally, I liked it. It's a good series, and how Star Trek like it will be remains to be seen as this was all prologue. I hate to harp on about the same old issues, but it really, really annoys me how good this would look if it were set 20 odd years after Voyager. You'd have to change very, very little about it (what's the state of the Klingon houses in DS9 era? Couldn't they have disbanded and be in need of reuniting?) and just taken the 90's aesthetic instead of the 60's as your jumping off point. Such a waste.