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  1. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Captain America 3: Civil War   

    It's Iron Man 2: Public Identities, an MCU comic that came out alongside IM2.
  2. DaveSumm added a post in a topic DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- aka The Arrow Cleanse   

    Quite impressed with that trailer. I have a soft spot for time travel, I know it can be a dangerous road to go down when in theory you can undo any event and thus remove the peril, but there's still plenty of good stories to be told. I'm sure they've been pretty selective with scenes in the trailer, but it looks expensive as well. Not sure I believe that of every person who ever lived since forever, heatwave is in the top eight heroes. Maybe there's some kind of 'Flash and Arrow are too important in their own time' explanation, probably the same for the 'Men of Steel' and 'Dark Knights'. Be good when this starts and Arrow and Flash can go back to doing their own series instead of setting up Legends.
  3. DaveSumm added a post in a topic The Flash - Stupidest man alive   

    I'm confused, why does anyone have to be acting weird to be Zoom? Zoom doesn't have to kill his Earth 1 counterpart. He could be Earth 2 Henry Allen, and that episode we just saw featured Earth 1 Henry Allen. That's why I hope they don't drag the mystery out, because ultimately it only makes for a nice 'ahhhh' moment for the audience, and means nothing overall. We've seen wildly different persona's between E1 and E2 so it doesn't even inform us on the E1 character, whoever it turns out to be. It's just a face.
  4. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird   

    Nice Mr. Robot reference thrown in there.
    Yea, I'm not sure when it happened but I find this is one of my more anticipated shows of the week now. Good job tying everything up this week. I wish we knew more about the Inhumans movie (were there overtones of it possibly being cancelled?) seeing as that seems to be the entire arc of the whole show so far. Now just ANY tie in with Civil War and we'll be somewhere roughly where we thought we'd be when the show first started: good quality for abc, and MCU relevant.
  5. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    Was this the first episode without a UFO reference or did I miss it?
  6. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    Is the board always going to have the banner advert along the bottom? It's currently rendering the mobile version somewhat obsolete. One half the width would be fine.
  7. DaveSumm added a post in a topic The Flash - Stupidest man alive   

    Didn't Caitlyn do a full medical inspection of Jay and confirm he'd lost his speed? I forget the exact line, but I thought she had some sort of confirmation other than Jay just saying he had.
  8. DaveSumm added a post in a topic The implications of the Paris attacks   

    I'm not sure what the relevance is of the possibility of them being refugees? That may be how some happened to get to France, but so what? Terrorists with clean criminal records can still travel from country to country can't they? Would this plausibly not have happened if France hadn't taken in migrants?
  9. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    Don't know if it's connected, but I usually use Google to search this forum, but no results from the forum show up on a Google search anymore...?
  10. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    I like the I like the new look, just a couple of things:
    Any idea when the October database might be up? I'm just not sure whether to bother reposting a few things or wait it out.
    And the mobile skin currently shunts everything over to the left hand side; weirdly on my iPhone, while it's loading it looks fine. Then fully loaded, it compresses to the left. 
    Appreciate all your hard work though guys, I'm sure it's no fun having a bunch of complaints waiting after busting a gut updating the place.
  11. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Supergirl TV show: anticipation or wary?   

    Just a generic Superman, unique to Supergirl I guess. You can't really have Supergirl without Superman first, with everyone just saying 'oh, Supergirl's got a cousin'.

    I think I mentioned on the DCTV thread, I'd be interested in seeing Supergirl set a few years in the future, so Superman's arrival could be an upcoming event in Flash/Arrow and maybe an older Ollie and Barry could show up in Supergirl, alluding to some dark and mysterious events to look forward to. Otherwise, I'm not buying that Arrow and Flash exist in a world where Superman exists but nobody's ever mentioned him.
  12. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Black Mirror - Spoilers after the first post   

    In the article I read, Channel 4 would still air them first, so I'm not sure what's changed......unless Netflix are co funding? Good news that there's more episodes though.
  13. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Is Tywin a fool, or is GRRM sloppy?   

    Where was this implied? I thought the purpose was to spread Tully troops thinly to give the Lannisters the advantage in the Golden Tooth? Clegane was without banners so as to provide a defence for Tywin; deny its anything to do with him, and even if he is caught, declare Gregor a rebel and disown him.

  14. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Small Questions v.10103   

    Apparently the WoIaF app is canon, and there are numerous entries (Jeyne Westerling, her parents, a few others) that state that Tywin ordered them to spark a romance between Robb and Jeyne. I much prefer the idea that he was told that it was already happening and greased the wheels a little, instead of Robb just falling for whichever female got shoved under his nose. Maybe Tywin could have just dressed up in drag like Bugs Bunny used to do to Elmer Fudd and have him smitten on the spot.
  15. DaveSumm added a post in a topic Small Questions v.10103   

    Yea, this plan ventures into 'impossible to predict the variables accurately' territory. The Dothraki invading at all was only gonna happen in the brief period between Dany's assassination attempt and Drogo's death. So the plan was to marry Dany to Drogo, hope she retained the desire to invade Westeros, time an assassination and the letter preventing it to the day so that Drogo was angered enough to invade, then hope the entirely untested hypothesis that a Dothraki army could defeat the armies of Westeros turns out to be true, and also, crucially, that it's true just enough for them to win but be close enough that the Dothraki would be fatigued enough that Aegon's army could still defeat them? Nah.

    Sadly, I feel the same way about Tywin engineering romance from thousands of miles away but that apparently is canon now. So who can say.