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  1. How would you rate episode 308?

    Great episode. Much tighter and more focused than that past few. The end was fucking awesome. Though I did wonder why Sam didn't take the dragon glass with him. But I can forgive that (and the fact that no one but gilly saw sam the slayer). Very glad they ditched Theon Robb and bran this episode. Made for a much better episode. Eta: oh right. Gave it a 9.
  2. Bran, the King in the North?

  3. Bran, the King in the North?

    Well, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say neither of you are lawyers. Since that's likely the case, let me clarify a bit about the law of wills and estates--taking into account that this is like middle ages England: the English have more of a "forced heirs" law--Americans otoh, can bequeath their estates to whomever they choose. However, there is some wiggle room for King. But, even though Kings can name other family members in the will, it is not the end of the discussion. Intention matters, as it did in middle ages England. I said this before, but maybe it was a different thread: there is a law that has existed since like 300AD that is called the "omitted heirs" law--which even exists in the US. It means that if an heir is omitted from the will unintentionally--usually because that heir was thought dead, or wasn't born when the will was written--then the omitted heirs inherit as if they were in the will. In other words, if Robb said Jon is my heir, Bran would still have a claim because his omission from the will was unintentional. The way this is disproven is if the will specifically disinherits an heir--like Robb did with Sansa--or if the will gives him something else, meaning he was thought of). However, I concede that this will most likely not come into play in Westeros. Even if it did, which I doubt, I don't think it will be make a difference. I think what will make a difference is Jon knowing that Robb didn't mean to disinherit his brothers, so he will step aside. Also, there is still a problem for Bran--and it is not that Robb's will names Jon heir (if that is what it does). The problem is that the will also (most likely) legitimizes Jon, which cannot be undone, as Cat so astutely noted. So, although this seems like an insignificant difference, legally, it makes all the difference. There is still the question of where legit bastards fall in the line of succession, and I don't know the answer to that. But, I figured I'd clear up all of these misconceptions about the law of wills :).
  4. Bran, the King in the North?

    Fair enough. However...we know NW vows are for life. We know he left the NW. But yes, he could have come back years later and said he got stuck somewhere, which is prolly your point re why he didn't have to stay there. But as we both noted, it wasn't the only reason he stayed there--he was at least in his 60s, more likely closer to 70 by the time he got to the caves, so the journey back was probably too difficult. But even if he wasn't stuck there, as I also pointed out--at that age, in that time (when 60s-70s was considered very old), the idea of prolonging his life would've been very attractive. And no, I don't believe, even a little bit, that this correlates to Bran. I believe Bran most definitely does NOT have to stay there, nor will he, imo.
  5. Bran, the King in the North?

    BR is Brynden Rivers, former Hand of the King to Aerys I, and when Aegon V becomes king, he sends him to the Wall, where he later becomes lord commander of the nights watch, and later deserts the NW to go to tCotF. So by the time he gets there he's quite old--he's born in 175 AL, gets sent to the Wall in 233, so he's already almost 60--then he stays long enough to rise to LC and serve for some period of time--even if he does it all super fast like Jon, he's stil in his 60's when he leaves--and that's the low end. More likely he's much older. So staying in the caves is the only route for an old NW deserter. He can't go back, and the thought of sustaining his life at that age in that time, when people died much younger--would've been pretty attractive. And having greensight doesn't preclude anything. No one would know, and he could have time to do both with some well-places advisors.
  6. Bran, the King in the North?

    Fair enough--your post just said he'd find out information--most boarders think he will stay in the caves and be an information bank for the readers--so I assumed that the information you spoke of was for the reader as well. So, my bad. I do think it's possible for him to have both though--he could be a useful,greenseer and lord of Winterfell/KotN--he already was lord of Winterfell. Granted, it didn't go well, but Luwin and Rodrik were part of that failure as well. The reason I think he will play a role politically is because I think he will leave the caves, and probably end up at Winterfell, at which point he his heir. He could go to the Wall and stay with Jon though--but I feel like he will go back to WF after he goes to Jon--so that's my main reasoning behind thinking he will play a political role. Plus, most people expect Rickon to be lord/king and he's a baby, so the age/maturity doesn't really enter the calculus. I suppose Jon could get the will and Bran could decide that he is better suited, but I don't think either of them will think Jon should inherit over Bran--unless Jon was KotN and Bran lord of WF. Of Jon lord protector.
  7. Bran, the King in the North?

    What's the point of having Bran at all? Jon could fulfill this role and he's closer to the caves. He could make a quick trip, learn to greensee and save the world. Bran as a cheap plot device is antithetical to Martin's complicated world. I don't see how anyone thinks he is just going to stay in the caves--the caves that appear connected to the Wall and WF. And what's Summer supposed to do? He can't stay there--he needs more food and can't get it there. But he's not leaving Bran either. And Bran doesnt have magic--not the way you're describing. He can see through weirwoods. Not kill others. Whether or not he plays a political role is only part of the issue. You are arguing that Bran won't be involved in the plot in any significant way--your out-there theory re Bran using the CorF magic notwithstanding. He has a purpose beyond growing into a friggin tree or just being a convenient plot device for history. Him and his sisters are all in apprenticeships with shady mentors. All are quite young. So by extension they can have no political purpose? Same must be true of Rickon then... And even if Bran can't use the weirwood archive, he can still learn more than anyone else in the realm by warging ravens. Frankly, I don't understand how "you people" can't imagine any use for Bran aside from Westeros historian.
  8. Bran, the King in the North?

    You're totally right re the omitted heirs law. No indication that it exists in Westeros. In fact, I highly doubt anyone will bring it up as law. If anything,I think it will be brought by Jon bc he would know that Robb thought the boys were dead and Jon would think it was the right thing to do. I just brought it up to clarify that intent matters in a will--and I think the question of Jona intent will arise. Granted power always wins out over law in Westeros so it wouldn't make a diff to most ppl except Jon. Also, no idea where Jon sits in the line of succession, bc of course the act of legitimizing him changes everything. I do think the will specifically disinherits Sansa, since in Robb's mind at the time, she/her heirs would otherwise inherit if Jon died without heirs, which I'm sure Robb considered. And totally agree that Bran would be a great Hand.
  9. Bran, the King in the North?

    Disagree. Winter Warden is right insofar as we are talking about lords. The line of succession stays with that family--it's the king who determines who holds what lands--which is why kings can disinherit other families. So, because Robb was king, as king he can name his heir and disinherit whomever he wants. HOWEVER: there was and is a legal rule called omitted heirs, or pretermitted heirs in current legal terms--the idea is that if a potential heir was left out unintentionally, usually because he wasn't born at the time of writing the will, or if he was thought dead, then the presumption is that the omitted heir should inherit as if he were in the will. The way this is disproved is if the will bequeaths something nominal, showing that the "omitted heir" was intentionally disinherited, or if the will specifically disinherits an heir. Therefore, Bran still has a claim to Winterfell and possibly KotN. The question is, where does legitimacy put Jon in the line of succession? I personally don't think Jon would take Bran's place (assuming he's back by then--I do think he will leave). Same thing applies to Rickon of course, if he's there first. My guess is that the will specifically disinherits Sansa, throwing a wrench in Littlefinger's plan (bran, Rickon and Jon notwithstanding).
  10. Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Now that Fringe is over, please cast John Noble as...anyone...Randyll Tarly, Doran Martell, Wyman Manderly (even tho he's supposed to be obese, I think Noble would be a fantastic Manderly). I think Doran or Wyman make the most sense, but I'm sure I'm missing some other characters he could play. Also, now that Merlin is over, Katie McGrath (Morgana) as the sand snake nymeria, or even Arianne. Bradley James (Arthur) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) as any number of characters. But mostly, please cast John Noble...
  11. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    Mel sees Bran and BR in the flames, not Rickon. She sees "a wooden face, corpse white...a thousand red eyes floated in the rising flames... Beside him, a boy with a wolf's face threw back his head and howled." Plus, why would Davos go to the wall instead of to White Harbor/find Stannis at Winterfell? And even if he didn't know that Stannis was gone and went to the wall, he hates Mell--there's no way he's letting her get her hands on him. I mean, she has more men, but he'll have Osha and possibly some crazy Skagosi army (that's what boarders think anyway--I'm not sold on it), but I think Osha will be around since GRRM has said he liked the way the actress plays her in the show so much that he plans to write more for her to do--and Osha will protect him.
  12. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    I think Jojenpaste is bs. Bran never says the paste tastes like blood. He says it looks like blood. He likens the taste to acorns, not blood. Specifically, he says it tastes bitter, but not as bitter as acorn paste. As he eats, the taste changes, signifying his wedding to the trees. Plus, he has eaten as Summer enough to know the taste of blood. The fact that the sap is distinguishable from the rest of the paste means that he would be able to taste it if it were blood, since it's clearly not mixed in. He's just describing the sap the way everyone else describes it--that it looks like blood.
  13. Dragon of Winterfell?

    It's a description of the sack of winterfell. Specifically, the dreadfort men throwing a torch onto the roof of a building. It's the last page of the Theon chapter...Summer sees it above the grey cliffs, which is how he describes the walls of Winterfell. GRRM is messing with us. When Bran wakes up, he says they burned wf, not I saw a dragon. And it's not a vision of the future--Summer is seeing and hearing the sack and it's aftermath.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    This. I think it's "supposed to be" a white walker, just like from the pilot and early this season w/crasters son...but it's like a "recast" like someone mentioned up thread -- the part of the white walkers are now being played by skeletor could be them w/o the clothes? they always seemed clothed. either way, i thought they were terrible. the pilot one was creepy and awesome -- this was a huge step down. not to mention the fact that we saw the same type of white walker (from the pilot) early this season -- so why change it at the end of the season? it just makes it confusing.
  15. [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Too much to read through and i'm too thoughts. 1) WHERE IS GHOST!?! I know, i harp on this every week, but it literally makes no sense in the story that there is no Ghost -- it makes sense budget wise since how do you make a cgi dw attack someone realistically, but to not have him there at all, I just don't understand it. 2) HOTU -- this was ok for me. I didn't think that drogo scene was amazing, honestly -- but the rest was fine. i am actually in the minority of people who are glad they didn't visualize the prophecies -- i had been hoping they wouldn't because some shit would've been way too obvious -- a wolf head on a guy dead at a wedding? hello super telegraphing. i mean, granted, they're already telegraphing a bit with the whole "cant betray a frey!" thing and newbies seem to think he'll die for it, but i'm glad they aren't totally spoiling it is mainly how i feel about it. when she went to the wall though, i thought we'd see a blue flower! otherwise, that was random... 3) jaqen+ arya=awesomeness. although the new guy/makeup (i think it was a new guy cos the voice was different) made me sad b/c i love Tom W. you will be missed...maybe he can wear jaqenface whenver we see him killing people in the series. 4) winterfell -- i liked that whole sequence. they will bring in ramsay and some people are already predicting that that's what happened -- granted, they weren't going to be able to show the razing w/o the whole subplot, which was a bummer, but i'm glad we get our reek and ramsay. cried when luwin died after talking to the boys...couldn't help it even though i knew it was coming. i sort of got on the "maybe they'll keep him alive" bandwagon after no reeds, but then once they were confirmed for season 3, i figured he'd die -- so as soon as he walked out after dagmer hit theon over the head, i thought, there goes luwin...but still cried! nice work GOT. 5) north of the wall -- i think they fucked this up way worse than dany's storyline. my newbie friends had no idea that qhorin egged jon on to kill him to become a double agent -- they just thought qhorin suddenly hated jon and tried to kill him. such a totally unnecessary way to do it -- of all the things they make blatant, to make this one subtle seemed like a huge mistake -- some newbie reviews think jon is now FREE from the night's watch and wonder what he'll do next! that is just a failure of the team. and it makes no sense whatsoever. the amount of time and money it would've taken to clear this up is very minor -- compared to how fucked up this makes jon look and how people will always wonder whether he is a double agent or just an opportunist -- he leaves the nw to join teh wildlings when that's the only way then joins the nw again -- maybe at that point it will make more sense that he was a double agent, but i dunno -- it just seems too random. i don't understand why they did it that way and now i really wonder whether ghost is ever coming back?!!? is it just b/c they were up in the mountains and ... ghost couldn't follow? as long as he comes back, i don't care what their reasoning is. i presume he will come back, but what if he doesn't??? i can't see that happening. i mean i can, but i will be super bummed. ghost is literally my 3rd favorite character in the whole damn series. (which i know is very weird). 7) the white walkers looked so bad i cringed. super bummed. i liked the weird black ones way better -- they looked way more mysterious and cloaked and creepy. these reminded me of like a skeletor zombie and agree that it makes no sense not to kill sam immediately and there's no way sam is getting out of there w/o some absurdly contrived storyline. what? he kills the horsed white walker and the wights are just like ok nevermind we're out. 8) i didn't love tyrion/shae's scene -- i loved how now the whole 'they're in love' story is now very clear and will be very painful, but something about it was ... off. maybe it's just the fact that i know her feelings and i can't watch tyrion love her instead of it being a problem w/peter and sybill (?)'s chemistry. 9) the doreah betrayal was a cool surprise, and i liked how they are starting to make dany ruthless and fucked up...and regardless of how terrible doreah's betrayal was -- locking her in an empty vault w/one other person, who will likely eat her b/f he dies of starvation/dehydration -- was just another level of fuckeduppedness that is totally the dany i have come to dislike. 10) brienne was bamf and the scene with them trying to pass jaime off was hilarious and then the dude asking them to count to 3 and then say his name at the same time was friggin genius. also, the whole, if i'd known i was jaime lannister, i wouldn't have had to steal that pig bit was awesome. so if i added it up: KL +1 Winterfell +5 (with extra points to theon's hilarious diatribe about the horns; and luwin's death scene. and b/c at least bran and rickon's direwolves still exist) HoTu +1 north of the wall -10 stannis +1 robb/talisa 0 jaqen/arya + 5 jaime/brienne +4 all in all, a pretty mixed bag