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  1. My example with the little girl maybe not exactly correct (it was done on purpose, in case you didn't understand that). It doesn't change anything: using dragon as a weapon is not the same as taking responsibility for your actions when you are actually swinging the sword, which was my original point. P.S. Please, don't answer to this post, since I am not going to answer back - I am not going to make change your mind. For the thousand times I am convinced that it is better just read the threads (which I've been doing for years before this season came) rather than intervene in the discussion and tell my opinion.
  2. My example with the little girl maybe not exactly correct (it was done on purpose, in case you didn't understand that). It doesn't change anything: using dragon as a weapon is not the same as taking responsibility for your actions when you are actually swinging the sword, which was my original point.
  3. By that logic, Dany killed a little girl back in Essos herself. Dragon is a beast, an animal, who likes to burn and EAT living things, including people. If she is the one whole with it and you're suggesting that she is, then I think she is also a beast, thus, any kind of argument about her kindness or humanity is basically ridiculous. And this conversation should stop immediately. If she is not one whole with it, then it was just like giving your beast another thing "to play with". Drogon is another living creature, so it is the same if somebody uses his dog to kill another person. I hate to tell you, but she is basically like Ramsey in this case. I am not sure which option is better or makes her look better, but definitely both are not in her favour and both does not make her a ruler material. Swinging the sword to execute a person or living creature (immediately Lady comes to mind, when Ned asked Robert to execute her himself in hopes that Robert couldn't do it, I presume) - means taking responsibility for your actions. Using a living creature is not the same, neither is ordering to kill for that matter - responsibility is elsewhere in this case.
  4. As if Dany follows the Old Way or even has a slightest idea what it is. People were executed on her orders before. She only used Drogon to demonstrate her power as a dragon. To spread fear for her own personal power - no one else can order Drogon. So any dothraki could chop the head by one swing of a sword - a clean death. It is better than burning alive. She chose another approach - to spread fear and she also feels really powerful when she gives an order to Drogon - it is quite obvious.
  5. Of course, he learned that from Ned, he is half-Stark after all and they follow the Old Way. Janos disobeyed an order in public few times, he opposed an order in a military institution. If I am not mistaken, half of the NW actualy assist the execution (even Thorn did not interfere), so probably by their laws that was a lawful act. I doubt anyone would be glad to have their life depending on such a man like Slynt. Randyll was a prisoner. He didn't owe Dany anything, he didn't swore to her. Also, I really think she should have listen Tyrion about Dickon at least. That would be wiser, but she decided otherwise.
  6. The only difference is that Jon swang his sword by himself, thus, taking responsibility for his action (Janos actually deserved that, since Jon was chosen Lord Commander, Janos' Commander). Dany, on the other hand, used Drogon and Tarlys were her prisoners, not her lawful subjects, who sworn to obey her. I would say killing Dickon was idiotic at least. Drogon was used solely to cast fear and not to inspire people.
  7. I think that 'the heart' of the Children's culture, I mean real culture and magic, is there and that's where the WW are heading. Also, in the books Dany saw vision/dream of her riding a dragon and fighting with the ice army on the Trident, defeating that army. If I'm not mistaken, the Isle of Faces is not far from the Trident
  8. That is also true, she seems like a fanatic.
  9. That's also true, but High Sparrow was a fanatic...religious fanatics....they usually do not create, they just destroy. It could seem as breaking the wheel, but in the end it always turns out to be something even worse - servitude.
  10. Absolutely agree!
  11. Oh, I know that, too. People keep bringing up ideas like that all the time - that's why I sometimes stop visiting and reading the forum for months. I mean without the next book and no evidence it's just frustrating. I remember someone was arguing/suggesting Lyanna-Ned, Lyanna-Brandon and Elia-Oberyn relationships, but that's just ridiculous and awful that people cannot believe in brother-sister love and keep arguing that their is Jaime-Cersei incesteous couple why not the other siblings in the series, too.
  12. Ned also didn't say anything bad about Rhaegar either. Only once he said something remotely good about him - that he somehow assumed that Rhaegar wasn't a man to visit brothels, although, he didn't know the man at all. I do not buy incest theories about Elia (or Lyanna for that matter) - they are just made up to justify Rhaegar actions, but Martells have few drops of Targ blood, so theoretically the kids could inherit the looks, just theoretically.
  13. 100% agree!
  14. He is just too good for that and, anyway, he doesn't want to, so I guess you are right he will never be the king of the Seven Bloody Kingdoms. Let the power hungry b*tches squabble about it - that's their game...fucking brothers, burning people alive, bringing savages, blowing up septs and thousands of people, not actually caring about people's traditions, cultures...those are definitely smart moves worthy of decent rulers. May be the Night King is a better option after all. I love Jon and I'm afraid that he will die in the end, anyway.
  15. Look what Targs did to Westeros. They had few decent kings who really count, but the worst were too cruel and insufferable... The Dance, the Blackfyre rebellions... or even the Aegon conquest...nice dynasty indeed. Anyway, Starks did well in the North. In the books Starks are possibly the most loved by their bannerman House (also Martells are) and even by common people and that speaks volumes. Probably, that's why the North and Dorne are different from other kingdoms and probably that's why no one roots for the Mad King's daughter.