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  1. New Wiki Editors

    Hi, At the moment we are unable to setup new accounts as we have not found a good approach for doing so after we upgraded to IPB 4 and the plugin which gave automatic access to the wiki for board members broke. We are looking for ways to solve this, but we have not found one as of yet.
  2. How to Get a Wiki Account

    Yes, it is, its available here:
  3. Yes, the MUSH is active. The forum just doesn't get used much.
  4. Goddess in Furs: A new round of the Secret Affair has opened and it is full of wintry goodness and... #SecondLife
  5. Board Issues 4

    We'll probably be attempting another upgrade once support is back after the holidays and we've looked into whether we can find a better solution for the high traffic periods this year. The new version forces us to abandon the less resource-intensive search engine we switched to for a while, so there's a risk with that going forward.
  6. @venustastic The same to you! :)
  7. How to Get a Wiki Account

    We didn't create the mod ourselves and have no such coding experience, so we are completely dependant on someone else updating that mod or creating a new one. Because of this, I am afraid we don't have a date for when this might be solved. We can't allow the wiki to be open to registrations entirely unconnected to the forum as that makes the risk of spam and vandalism too great.
  8. Board Issues 4

    I don't think it will be possible to do anything about that given that it would take another rebuild which would take another 2 months.
  9. Board Issues 4

    Afraid not, the functionality was removed from the software. Its all baked into the activity stream now.
  10. Board Issues 4

    Heads-up: I have posted a new announcement regarding the forum issues. In brief, older posts should not be fixed, but only up until September 17th. Posts from September 17th to November 10th were not restored.
  11. IMPORTANT: Forum Status

    We have finally received the rebuilt database from Invision's support and it has been restored. The situation now is as follows: 1) Content up to September 17th has been restored to fix the issues with posts stopping after the first quote. 2) Content from September 17th to November 10th has not been restored. The old forum will remain up at throughout this week for anyone who wishes to salvage posts from that period from there. This completes the restoration process and we will now look at moving forward with other forum-related issues.
  12. @AKA_Qthulhu True. I got soft ones, rather than dried. Those can be too chewy.
  13. Board Issues 4

    Correct, the only additional content that will be restored (beyond repairing the quote issue in older posts) is content between September 17th (which is when this database was taken) and mid-October (which is when Invision grabbed the database they have been converting). And we still don't know for sure if the insertion of this database will mean that we lose all posts made here so far. One option may be to leave out the October posts to be able to preserve the new posts here.
  14. Why are some posts just quotes?

    We hope so too, but we're dependent on support managing to complete a full conversion of the old database without any of the data loss. They seem to think its working so far, but its very slow to complete.
  15. Board Issues 4

    We've added back the indent button, not sure if it still works the same, but I used it here.