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  1. Linda added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    Correct, the only additional content that will be restored (beyond repairing the quote issue in older posts) is content between September 17th (which is when this database was taken) and mid-October (which is when Invision grabbed the database they have been converting).
    And we still don't know for sure if the insertion of this database will mean that we lose all posts made here so far. One option may be to leave out the October posts to be able to preserve the new posts here.
  2. Linda added a post in a topic Why are some posts just quotes?   

    We hope so too, but we're dependent on support managing to complete a full conversion of the old database without any of the data loss. They seem to think its working so far, but its very slow to complete.
  3. Linda added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    What was the indent function and where did it appear?
  4. Linda added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    Unfortunately, we can't do anything ourselves to add those numbers back in, its down to the forum developers.
  5. Linda added a post in a topic Why are some posts just quotes?   

    Correct, this is the result of the database corruption. We're hoping to get a properly converted database, but it is taking ages to finish.
  6. Linda added a topic in Help   

    Design Issues
    This thread is for posting about issues with the current forum design, in particular the colour scheme. Posts should be accompanied by a screenshot that clearly illustrates the issue being reported.
    Please note a couple of things before posting:
    The basic layout is not something we can influence to any noticeable degree. The skin is based on the skin that the forum software ships with and doing an entirely new skin is not feasible.
    We're primarily looking for things that cause problems, such as colours that aren't distinct enough or seem to mis-matched.As we have to go through and manually tweak each colour from the default, it is entirely possible that we have missed some of the original blue colours, for example.
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  7. Linda added a post in a topic New forum layout   

     I don't disagree in the sense that I also like keeping to designs that have a bit of that old book feel. That is why I have found it so hard to go to a modern design for itself, for example. However, a responsive design is pretty much necessary on the web these days, and when the base design provided is this modern looking, it is hard to make it have that oldfashioned feel. But I am not quite done playing around with colour options and so on.
  8. Linda added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    That is not an issue.
  9. Linda added a post in a topic Lost OP content   

    The conversion process from IPB 3 to IPB 4 caused major data loss. This is what we've posted about hoping to restore once support gets a database they have converted to us. But it has taken a long time.
  10. Linda added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    I am currently working on tweaking the skin colours a bit, yes. The collapsible part...that was probably just not showing up so well on the black.
  11. Linda added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    This content was lost in the conversion and that is why we're waiting for support to provide us a new database that we then have to integrate with the forum.
  12. Linda added a post in a topic IMPORTANT: Forum Status   

    To update again, we did not get the database from support yesterday and since they are closed on weekends, we won't get it until Monday at the earliest. Unfortunately, this does mean that we get more days of posts that will disappear when we reintegrate the converted database, but the alternative is to keep the forum closed.
  13. Linda added a post in a topic Status feed question.   

    We are looking into this. It seems to relate to the ability to pull in posts from Twitter and Facebook.
  14. Linda added a post in a topic Are we getting a mobile skin?   

    It isn't quite that simple, unfortunately. We do have a lot of mobile users, but the decision to go to a responsive design and ditch the separate mobile skin was made by the forum creators. We have never created any of the skins for the forum, mobile or otherwise, only modified the bases they provide. Anything else is simply way beyond what we can do, so we don't have a choice in this.
  15. Linda added a post in a topic Board Issues 4   

    1) After we have integrated the old database with this one. We don't know when yet as we don't have that database.
    2) IPB 4 is a complete rewrite from IPB 3, and the makers of it removed or changed a lot of things.