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  1. This is a fairly resource-intensive feature which was turned off during the show and which we have kept turned off since then. We are looking at doing an upgrade soon of the forum software and may enable it after that to see if it still affects performance.
  2. Apologies, we forgot to post about this. Gosu is unfortunately going to be shutting down, so we have removed the code from the site. For the time being, it works directly from their site, but no idea for how long.
  3. Hi! Great idea introducing yourself, but I would actually suggest you do the same over on the game itself. You could use the Recruiting board. Not all players check the web forums, unfortunately.
  4. That the message regarding ad blockers shows up is intended. However, it should not be showing up if you have whitelisted the site as the first poster reported. If you haven't whitelisted the site, then it will show up.
  5. Thank you for the report, that is a weird problem.
  6. Exhausted after this weekend, dressage competition and dog show.

  7. Sorry, no it isn't. It blew up badly last time we tried to install it. We may try again once we have completed some other upgrades, but they are taking a while.
  8. I don't think that is ad related, I think it is because Chrome has started insisting that all sites use https:// instead of http://. We haven't been able to sort out how to do that on the forum.
  9. Baroque Play #SecondLife

  10. Looks like the CSS got screwed up and had a bad cache stuck for a while.
  11. Ghost Town #SecondLife

  12. Since traffic is much lower when the show isn't on, we reduce the number of servers for the website during this period. This means we can sometimes run into issues with how much the site can handle. Additionally, we have some configuration issues related to memory right now that we have not been able to solve and that has been the cause of the recent crashes.
  13. @Fani_Karamanou Thanks! We likely need a good dose of that, no matter how much we train. He has his own ideas. ;)

  14. Hi James, It depends on what software you are using to connect to the MUSH. If you just used the webclient, I don't think there is much that can be done. But clients such as MUSHclient do offer options for altering background and text colours. And no, you don't need to learn every command. You can look things up as you need them.
  15. We will try the forum route first and then, if there's interest, maybe open up other avenues for feedback as well (such as a meeting). As we wrote on the game, with the 10-year anniversary for the game just around the corner, we'd like to take some time to solicit player input on what we should focus on going forward. Activity has been rather low lately and we need to find ways to work with the resources that we have, which unfortunately includes being rather short on staff. That makes it all the more important that we focus our efforts on worthwhile projects for improving the game and the player experience. One example would be the project we're currently working on, which is Influence & Renown. We hope that having those numbers finalised and fully working will have an impact on the social roleplay.