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  1. I do love our dog, but I wish his hairs would stay attached to him and not cover the floor. Whew, cleaning in 30 degrees, bad plan.

  2. How to Get a Wiki Account

    It simply isn't possible to have open registration or to hand-add accounts, so until we get a new "bridge" working, we are stuck like this.
  3. INFO: Upcoming Events

    =================================<+Events>=================================== Title: A Revelry of Ravens Submitter: Dermett (739) Date & Time: Jul 15, 2016 at 18:00 Game Time Participants: Desmona, Myles, Gwenda, Roland, and Melarra Description: The Houses of Corbray and Blackwood are bound by marriage in King's Landing. (Note: Moved to this date. SHOULD be set now!) Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Corbray Wedding Tourney Submitter: Dermett (739) Date & Time: Jul 16, 2016 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Desmona, Mathin, Almer, Gwenda, Roland, Harold, and Melarra Description: A tourney is held in the capital to celebrate the wedding of Ser Dermett Corbray to lady Desmona Blackwood. (Note: Moved to this date. Apologies if you had already signed up for the 23rd!) Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Enemy Sighted Submitter: Nymeria Date & Time: Jul 17, 2016 at 10:00 Game Time Participants: Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 3! Description: A first naval encounter between the Westerosi and Pentoshi fleets. Players are still welcome to request a temp alt from the list of selected knights or to sign up if they are interested in running a puppet during the scene. Dornish alts can also be setup for those who don't have one and fulfill the requirements. ==============================================================================
  4. The Wiki isn't letting me log in

    Unfortunately, the function for sharing accounts from forum to wiki has not been working since we upgraded the forum. We have been trying to find another solution, but don't have one sorted out as of yet.
  5. Midsummer Night: It is that most Swedish of holidays today, aka midsummer. This year, I have not ... #SecondLife

  6. INFO: Upcoming Events

    ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Tourney at Planky Town Submitter: Balerion Date & Time: Jun 25, 2016 at 13:00 Game Time Participants: Allyria, Garlan, and Rhodry Description: A grand tourney at Planky Town where the gathered knights of the Iron Throne and Dorne might meet in friendly chivalry! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ==============================================================================
  7. I would say that option 1 is the only solution. Otherwise we get a discrepancy between the descriptions on the Wiki and the Citadel. Edited to add: Considering the depiction on the Citadel as not being canon would be absolutely out of the question, just to make that clear.
  8. Has it stopped for you now? If not, it is something we are aware of but have not been able to solve.
  9. Danae in the Desert: Another busy weekend and I find myself with a long list of new releases that... #SecondLife

  10. A couple of notes: Flashbacks do not count, it would make it a little too easy! If we learn that there is a leak, we don't count answers given after that point in time.
  11. A couple of notes: Flashbacks do not count, it would make it a little too easy! If we learn that there is a leak, we don't count answers given after that point in time.
  12. How to Get a Wiki Account

    We'd like to, but we don't have a technical solution for it yet. We have had a person looking at it, to see if he can solve the problem.
  13. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Gogossos. Should be corrected in later editions.
  14. That feeling, when you want to beat your head against a wall. I missed it. ;P