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  1. So. You want to have your cake, eat it, and fuck the baker? Read your own OP and you will [hopefully] understand what I'm talking about,.
  2. Rhaegar actually said nothing to no one about Lyanna and that's one of those red flags. None of Rhaegar's in the know buddies can give any detail about this relationship that suppossedly happened. Quotes are a bit wonky... Bolded is your reply to my reply to the second of your posts quoted here. First you claimed that Rhaegar told no one anything about Lyanna, and the fact is, you - or I or anyone - can't know that because we never get any accounts/recollections from any of Rhaegar's closest friends. And no, I don'r count JonCon among Rhaegar's closest friends, and Selmy even less. So, again, at the risk of repeating myself here, I don;t quite get the point you are trying to make.
  3. Damn straight, I couldn't agree more. Again, couldn't agree more. Ser Barry was most definitely not amongst Rhaegar/'s closest friends.
  4. I'm a tad confused... Which of Rhaegar's "buddies" are you referring to here?
  5. Hypothetically speaking, I'd say he could have. In which case the author would have left clues/hints, something he did not. As are a bunch of people, like Jaime Lannister, Barristan Selmy, etc. In a world where sword fighting/training is a big part of people's lives, we will get the full spectrum: from great sword fighters to awful ones, and everything in between. Of course he can't. Barristan wasn't in Rhaegar's inner circle, he has no way of knowing how good or bad Rhaegar and Elia's marriage was. I'm very happily married to the [almost] perfect man, and things get complicated at times. Well, according to the WB there are accounts of Rhaegar taking Lyanna. But even w/o any accounts or witnesses, what does this prove? Nothing. What does it hint at? Absolutely nothing. And how does that mean he was in love with Arthur Dayne? Erhm... and why and how does being fond of music equals being gay? Are you fucking joking? In many ways? Really? Please, do elaborate. I see no parallels here at all. Other than Westerosi, good w/ swords, male... that's it. Sorry, but there is no evidence above. Nada, zero, zip, ziltch. Again w/ the infantile and silly stereotyping. *disclaimer* accidentally deleted something here* Sorry but to me there's absolutely nothing here other than trying to come up w/ a "different" scenario, only there are zero clues pointing to it, and overall just makes me feel like you're trying too hard to be "original" - and failing b/c it has been brought up before. Many times, in fact.
  6. All work and no play... and now I have hundreds of posts to read until I'm all caught up. And a topic on one of my favourite men of mystery, the one and only Howland Reed! You are on fire, my friend!
  7. Tywin to Tobho: "I see that Ice is slowly melting..." (Best Beatle G Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun"
  8. We don't know if Robb sent the will w/ either Mormont or Glover. He tells them he's sending them to find - or be found by - Howland Reed, and tells them they'll be carrying letters w/ false intel in case they're captured. He never says he'll send the will w/ them as well. And more importantly, if Robb was aware they could be captured, why would he send his will w/ them?
  9. We can agree to disagree on this one.
  10. Me too! I want 48 hour days!!! Not possible, comfirmed by the man himself:
  11. Where did I say he would be the best? And that's not even accurate, b/c even in the North he has already given up on trying to convert people. It's a common misinterpretation of Stannis, actually. He's not a religious fanatic, he's not even into religion. He is using Mel b/c he acknowledges she has powers but that's it in terms of his religious beliefs- or lack thereof. Whatever Stannis' shortcomings are - and he has plenty of those - being a religious zealot is not one of them.
  12. Agreed. Doesn't Stoneheart know Oathkeeper is in part Ice? I may be making this up, happens a lot. And I definitely think Pod's welfare and survival - and to a lesser extent Hunt's - are Brienne's main motivations in going along w/ whatever plan the BwB has... I also think that Brienne has realised already that Stoneheart is not Catelyn, and she cannot hope to keep her oath to Cat w/o seriously harming Jaime - either by her own hands or by luring him into a trap and delivering him to LSH to be killed. There. Is. No. Way. Brienne. Will. Do. This. (Imo) Oh thank you! That's a great quote, and another important bit I had no recollection of... I have long thought that most of the RL smallfolk support the BwB; some more actively, some more passively. I really like that some of its lords are in on it as well. Ooops, should have broken here not one paragraph before! Damn, did I accidentally delete a whole paragraph now? But while I think some details may play out differently, I agree w/ the gist here. And you're spot on on Brienne having no choice but help the BwB or hanging and seeing Pod and Hunt die too. That's been confirmed by Martin at a con a few years back. This is so so important... "not all lies are w/o honour", damn right. Fits perfectly w/ vows are not supposed to be followed blindly, or the short version, "words are wind". Talking the talk is easy, but gimme characters who will walk the walk. So complex, there are so many details and characters, and possibilities... I really can't wait to see what will happen, and how!
  13. I know... just couldn't resist!
  14. But dear, now it's much too late for that!
  15. I'm always at my happiest when I'm in such fine company! And any topic hosted by our friend @Curled Finger is a topic I'll wanna participate in!