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  1. Hooded Man of WF is 10000% Theon

    The post I replied to talked about a frozen body, and my reply was that a frozen corpse wouldn't bleed.
  2. "For a thousand years or more..." What?

    Yeah, I don't buy the time loop explanation(s) that we see so often now.
  3. "For a thousand years or more..." What?

    Yeah, I know. I just find it really odd in this instance, even if I can't explain well why. I think in part it's b/c Martin doesn't really use this shorthand when talking about the NW and its history. But there's probably nothing to it at all.
  4. "For a thousand years or more..." What?

    I agree with the 'thousand years' shorthand for long ago, but I don't recall a single instance where it's used in relation to the Wall/NW. Like here: “Marsh flushed a deeper shade of red. “The lord commander must pardon my bluntness, but I have no softer way to say this. What you propose is nothing less than treason. For eight thousand years the men of the Night’s Watch have stood upon the Wall and fought these wildlings. Now you mean to let them pass, to shelter them in our castles, to feed them and clothe them and teach them how to fight. Lord Snow, must I remind you? You swore an oath.”
  5. ADwD, Jon XII “It was time. “Open the gate,” Jon Snow said softly. “OPEN THE GATE!” Big Liddle roared. His voice was thunder. Seven hundred feet above, the sentries heard and raised their warhorns to their lips. The sound rang out, echoing off the Wall and out across the world. Ahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. One long blast. For a thousand years or more, that sound had meant rangers coming home. Today it meant something else. Today it called the free folk to their new homes.” --- The bolded caught my eye the first time I read Dance; I thought it was odd but didn't give it much thought. But now the sentence keeps popping up in my head, so I decided to post it to see what people think. I suppose it *could* be a mistake, a slip; like someone's eye colour or the gender of a horse... but I think not. The legends and histories are too important for such a slip, imo. Sure, the timeline should be taken with a grain of salt. 10,000 years, 8,000 years, etc. But 1,000? So, what's up with that?
  6. Small Questions v. 10105

    The WoIaF has the Stoneborn of Skagos as part of the North. And in theory, I'd say yes, but not sure it actually works that way since they're pretty isolated and we haven't seen them at all. Yet.
  7. Manderlys plan for the mean time?

    Right? But the thing is, I've no problems with differing opinions, only with the manner in which they are expressed.
  8. The Horn of Winter was never made to make the wall fall...

    And before that, he tries blowing the horn but no sound is heard... which doesn't necessarily mean no sound was made. What if it was only inaudible? Shortly afterwards we have the attack on the FotFM. He had made a dagger for Grenn as well, and another for the Lord Commander. The warhorn he had given to Sam. On closer examination the horn had proved cracked, and even after he had cleaned all the dirt out, Jon had been unable to get any sound from it. The rim was chipped as well, but Sam liked oldthings, even worthless old things. "Make a drinking horn out of it," Jon told him, "and every time you take a drink you'll remember how you ranged beyond the Wall, all the way to the Fist of the First Men." He gave Sam a spearhead and a dozen arrowheads as well, and passed the rest out among his other friends for luck.
  9. Hooded Man of WF is 10000% Theon

    First you said Theon killed the rest, like Yellow Dick, and now you're saying he didn't kill anyone. I'm confused, which is it?
  10. Hooded Man of WF is 10000% Theon

    And a frozen corpse wouldn't bleed anyway, let alone spray since the blood would be frozen/congealed.
  11. long night (spoilers)

    I think there will be total darkness, much as @LynnS said, similar to an Artic Winter. But regarding the WW being able to pass south of the Wall, what if the wards are not working anymore, due to the NW not being true anymore?
  12. Manderlys plan for the mean time?

    There was some speculation here that Stannis will try to take the Dreadfort and not Winterfell, and that's what my post was about. He'd gain nothing by taking the Dreadfort and leaving the Boltons in Winterfell. And once the Boltons are defeated, taking the Dreadfort will be easy peasy.
  13. Manderlys plan for the mean time?

    Sure, but then he must defeat the Boltons, and the Boltons are not there.
  14. Hooded Man of WF is 10000% Theon

    Nope, the spearwives pretty much admitted to killing Yellow Dick. And all the rest, actually. All but Little Walder. Nope. When Theon meets with Lady Dustin and Roose and a few others, a Frey comments on how he'd still be able to use a knife/dagger. Sure, Lady Dustin disagrees, but she may have other reasons for that. The point remains, Theon's lost only his pinky off his right hand, there's no reason why he wouldn't be able to hold and use a dagger. A Dance with Dragons - A Ghost in Winterfell Theon glanced up sharply. "Please, no. I … I …" "Do as she says," Ser Aenys said. "Show us your hands." Theon peeled his gloves off and held his hands up for them to see. It is not as if I stand before them naked. It is not so bad as that. His left hand had three fingers, his right four. Ramsay had taken only the pinky off the one, the ring finger and forefingers from the other. "The Bastard did this to you," Lady Dustin said. "If it please m'lady, I … I asked it of him." Ramsay always made him ask. Ramsay always makes me beg. “Why would you do that?” “I … I did not need so many fingers.” “Four is enough.” Ser Aenys Frey fingered the wispy brown beard that sprouted from his weak chin like a rat’s tail. “Four on his right hand. He could still hold a sword. A dagger.” Lady Dustin laughed. “Are all Freys such fools? Look at him. Hold a dagger? He hardly has the strength to hold a spoon. Do you truly think he could have overcome the Bastard’s disgusting creature and shoved his manhood down his throat?” “These dead were all strong men,” said Roger Ryswell, “and none of them were stabbed. The turncloak’s not our killer.” Roose Bolton’s pale eyes were fixed on Theon, as sharp as Skinner’s flaying knife. “I am inclined to agree. Strength aside, he does not have it in him to betray my son.”
  15. Raven's Speed

    There's some info/speculation here: Also, it's worth noting that Robert's trip was extra slow tks to Cersei's wheelhouse and all.