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  1. That is complete bollocks and yet outrageously hilarious as well.
  2. Great councils occur when the succession is not clear, not necessarily when it's a "tie". As to the bold, that's simply wrong. We have the GC of 101, the first one ever iirc, when the Targs still had dragons. I am am sure many will. Just as I'm sure just as many will pick Jon over Dany. And that's the point.
  3. We don't know what Jon Arryn and Ned would or wouldn't do. Tywin was never well liked, he sat out the whole war only moving his arse when the rebellion had been won basically. Then there's Tywin's men sacking KL and brutally murdering innocent children. So anything could have happened, really. Mind you, I think it's likely that both would have advised against setting Cersei aside, but perhaps not too vehemently. But the bottom line is Robert. If he saw in Marg a sort of second shot at having 'his Lyanna', nothing and no one would have been able to stop him. And that's exactly what I think Renly was counting on.
  4. This. Spot on. I don't want to see Jon on the IT, and I don't think this is something he would want either. I also don't give two fucks about Jon being legitimate or not. But none of that has much to do w/ the actual discussion. Is it possible that Jon is legitimate and in the line of succession? With what we know so far the answer is yes, it's absolutely possible.
  5. Renly didn't know Cersei's kids were bastards fathered by Jaime.
  6. Not many cared and even fewer knew about it. Also, I don't get many of the arguments people are making here... Like, no one knows who Jon is (wrong), he doesn't look Targ (laughable b/c Baelor Breakspear, Rhaenys, etc), he can't prove he is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son, and so on. Some of these may be true at the mo, but things change, characters learn things, new characters appear, and shit happens. Hopefully Jon's arse and the IT will never ever meet, and I don't really think he'd want that gawd-awful chair anyway. But to state he has no claim is just silly stubborn hating on a character, and LMAO at that.
  7. Erhm... what? Sorry, but what's so funny? It's true, we don't know yet of all the promises that Ned made to Lyanna. I have no idea where you got the above from, but you're off, way way off.
  8. Well, since Martin has said Jon will learn who his parents were it's safe to say at least one character will know for sure.
  9. Then what's the point of this thread? You could just say, "Jon's not in the line of succession because he's dead", and be done w/ it.
  10. Poor misunderstood little Ramsay, I'm nearly in tears here. /s
  11. I agree that the mutineers werent being skinchanged, but you can't really say it would have been impossible for Marsh to controlled like this. The truth is, we don't know that. we don't know what can or cannot happen. We know it's something very difficult, but that's all we actually know. I think it will very much depend on who is the skinchanger, who is the skinchangee, and the circumstances. Just felt I had to let you know that the twig you were hanging onto broke off and crashed on the ground. There's simply no way in 7 hells Sam would have joined Marsh & co.
  12. Yes. And Tormund's behaviour and his words indicate that he doesn't know about the switcheroo and/or that Mance is alive. He may have been told more by Jon when they chat for 2 hours, but we can't be sure. Regardless of whether Jon told him or not, his behaviour and words in the Shieldhall, same as Jon's, don't contradict the contents of the letter in any way. There's no break, no time lapse, nothing to indicate that it didn't happen exactly the way it's on the page: Jon reads the letter, and the free folk go mad.
  13. But where and when is this accusation made? No, he doesn't. Look at the punctuation and use of italics in the convo. “That was Rattleshirt, Jon almost said. That was sorcery. A glamor, she called it. “Melisandre … look to the skies, she said.” He set the letter down. “A raven in a storm. She saw this coming.” When you have your answers, send to me. “Might be all a skin o’ lies.” Tormund scratched under his beard. “If I had me a nice goose quill and a pot o’ maester’s ink, I could write down that me member was long and thick as me arm, wouldn’t make it so.” “He has Lightbringer. He talks of heads upon the walls of Winterfell. He knows about the spearwives and their number.” He knows about Mance Rayder. “No. There is truth in there.” “I won’t say you’re wrong. What do you mean to do, crow?”
  14. How? We don't even see Jon tell Tormund. Just the opposite, in fact, we have that "Jon almost said" to show that he caught himself before actually saying anything. I think he may have told Tormund when they talk for almost 2 hours to change their plans, but we can't even be sure of that since we don't witness the convo. And when Jon reads the letter in the Shieldhall it's clear he doesn't say anything.
  15. I don't think they would be inclined to believe it... And why should they? After all, they saw "Mance" burn, and they saw him die like a pincushion. They know fArya and Reek aren't there, so why believe something that contradicts what they saw w/ their own eyes?