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  1. It's not Alys Karstark, either

    Question... so we now have a fAlys who is in truth Arya, who is now Mrs Thenn?
  2. Could someone please let me know who the mods are?

    Well, in some cases it's both!
  3. What is Ghost?

    I'm with you. To me that was so clearly some type of trick or sleight of hand, so to speak...
  4. What is Ghost?

    Can't edit. Like the GoHH? must remember to read all the posts before posting.
  5. What is Ghost?

    Like the GoHH?
  6. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    Aw, thank you for the kind words, @Curled Finger! I've checked with a mod, and it's all good - didn't want to risk causing the thread to be locked b/c the discussion here is too interesting! So, I'll use the secret eye, and will also leave a warning: the hidden link below contains spoilers from TWoW Theon I, click at your own peril!
  7. Things the winds of winter would reveal

    Friendly reminder: no discussion of the thing you two are talking about here.
  8. Things the winds of winter would reveal

    Nothing much I suppose... but for the most part he bores me to tears.
  9. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    That's a great OP, @Curled Finger! When you brought up the topic (Bran into Meera) elsewhere and we talked about you starting a thread for it, I thought about this scene... The possibility of Bran having skinchanged into Meera had never crossed my mind, but when you said the words, that's the scene that popped up in my head. Very interesting, and now, with the benefit of you laying it all out and hindsight, I'd say it's very likely indeed that that's what happened there. I now feel I must reread Bran's ASoS and ADwD chapters asap. As to your last paragraph: "I think we will learn that Meera felt encroached upon during this scene. Bran will come to understand his power and the imperative to control it. Will he unconsciously channel Jojen, Leaf or even Bloodraven? Jon, Arya or Rickon? Theon? Will he learn what this power is specifically for in conjunction with the laws of abomination held by the Wildlings? Is this ability restrained by distance? What if Bran never learns to control himself? There is a lot to anticipate from the Last Greenseer. Could Bloodraven's living entombment in the weirwood be a measure to contain his skinchanging ability? What possibility do you see in Bran’s ability to skinchange humans? Do you think Bran inadvertently buzzed Meera?" all I can say is yes, yes, yes! (But I'm not sure I can post it here... even in secret eye mode)
  10. Skin Changing and The Last Greenseer

    @Curled Finger, you got me sooooo confused just now! I never saw you'd opened the thread, and when I got the notification now saying you'd mentioned me, I came and read that post (with the mention), and I'm reading it and thinking, "why is CF talking as if I knew the first thing about his/her "Bran skinchanged into Meera" theory? Now back to read the OP and the other posts...
  11. Things the winds of winter would reveal

    - Jon's return (I think he's wounded and not dead) - Stannis v Boltons and Freys, with Manderly men siding with Stannis - Arya leaving Braavos, wearing a different face - Jaime, Brienne, and LSH - Sansa bringing LF down - The Hound returning - Tyrion dying - but this is just wishful thinking and I know it won't happen! - Rickon, Shaggy, Osha, and Davos landing on EbtS with an army of Skagosi
  12. That's my take on it, yes.
  13. How old is Braavos? When was the city founded?

    Gotcha, tks!
  14. How old is Braavos? When was the city founded?

    But what does that tell us about the founding of Braavos? I may be missing something obvious?
  15. Yeah, that could very well throw a spanner in the works. "...half-brother Jon Snow, son of Eddard Stark, yadda yadda yadda". The other "surprise" we could get in the will is to find out that Robb named Arya his heir, and in her absence, Jon.