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  1. Brynden Rivers

    Just a side note, really, but I could never understand what exactly supports the idea that BR is not the 3EC.
  2. Brynden Rivers

    Ah, just the right topic to come back to! I'll try to catch up on the whole thread now.
  3. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    Your point makes zero sense. The Targs is a completely different situation, they're into incest, it's a tradition. Little Targ toddlers are told they're going to marry a sibling, so they have always looked at their siblings with, at the very least, the knowledge that it is a possibility. Also, regarding so many readers seeing these "clues", I think it's the other way about. It's not that there are clues that only a few picked up on, but rather that these few who did are wrong and seeing things that aren't there. In my opinion.
  4. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    They are cousins who grew up as siblings, and who only see each other as siblings. They can't flick a switch and start seeing each other differently, that's not how a proper story is told, and ASoIaF is a proper story. No romantic relationship between Jon and Arya or Jon and Sansa has been hinted at all in 5 books. Martin will not change that now, it would be a huge asspull, and that's not his style.
  5. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    Maybe. Or maybe Jon's story moves forward because he is exactly where he's supposed to be.
  6. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

  7. Forum rules

    No problem!
  8. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

  9. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    I'm not sure either way. The thing is, there's no way for anyone to be sure at this point, with the info we have. That said, I think Jon not being dead is at least as likely. The men who stabbed him were stewards, and they are acting hesitantly. Then there's layers upon layers of clothing, leather, and very likely mail. The blades aren't very long. It's very cold, and that will help with bleeding, etc. So, yeah, as I said, imo it's at least as likely as being dead.
  10. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    Is he dead?
  11. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    You should look for posts by @Ibbison from Ibben. He's been a proponent of Jon + Meera for a long time. And he has some very interesting theories and ideas, with lots of support.
  12. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    Martin said recently that the outline was just something the publishers wanted, and he said he "made shit up" or words to that effect. @The Fattest Leech can probably clear any doubts you might have about this, since she heard it from the horse's mouth at BaltiCon. But the fact that the outline can't be used to predict outcomes should be clear to readers; the story being told is not the same at all.
  13. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    It makes a lot more sense than Jon + Jeyne Poole. And I am absolutely not being sarcastic.
  14. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    I was thinking about this just the other day! And I remembered my dad telling me when I was a kid - circa 1823 - how much easier I had it as a sci-fi/fantasy fan than he'd had growing up. He had just taken me to see 2001 in an old artsy cinema that always had old/older films on.
  15. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    As I said, that's not a theory, it's just wishful thinking.