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  1. You should try talking to @Rhaenys_Targaryen or @Nittanian. There are more wiki masters but sadly I don't know their names.
  2. To each their own, right? No, I just picked AGoT out of a shelf in a bookstore a million yrs ago and thought I might like it.
  3. Damn straight, puppy power!
  4. @Lord Varys, you are contradicting yourself. Nothing new there, except maybe that you're doing it in one post, so maybe a record of sorts. Every man is eligible, even the cook. Otherwise Hobb wouldn't have got three votes. LMAO.
  5. @Tyrion1991, but as you say yourself, that's just your opinion. Right? I tried reading WoT a few times, and never managed to get past the first third of the first book. It bored me to tears!
  6. No, it's two different things, don't you see it? Marsh is exactly where he is supposed to be: counting beans. That's what he's good at, and therefore having him as First Steward is the right decision. And that has fuck all to do w/ him being a bad option for LC. And I have no idea why you say "if Jon or Mormont don't want Marsh to succeed". Again, fuck all to do w/ anything, since that's not how leadership works in the NW. No one "succeeds" anyone else, and the position of LC is filled by the black brother w/ the most votes.
  7. Simply put, no. Bowen Marsh is the perfect bean counter, and as such he is absolutely not fit to command my dead nan let alone the NW.
  8. Exactly. Mormont was a good LC, and he at least knew what the Watch's purpose is. He also knew what kind of man Marsh is, and clearly he didn't think much of the man and was certain Marsh was not fit to be LC. Which doesn't matter, because he won't be anything once Tormund, Leathers and the rest are done w/ him.
  9. The WWs are not "incredibly vulnerable to fire", that's the wights. And frozen fire is obsidian, not VS. Inspired? And btw, no show discussion here.
  10. Hmmm. Yes, I'm well aware of all that. I stand by what I said earlier, I don't see a lover's love as love of family, even if the lovers in question are siblings.
  11. And? I fail to see the point of the provided quote...
  12. Sorry, but "I did it b/c I was caught shagging my sister" doesn't work as "I did out of love for my family" for me.
  13. I'm w/ @falcotron on this. Jaime pushed Bran out the window for love, but a lover's love not family love.
  14. What exactly do you mean by "Valyrian-esque"? Because I don't see it. Dawn is described as a meteorite sword, so not steel like VS; it's pale, so different colour. And you even go on to say it has "different traits", so I don't get why/where is the "esque" here, or similarities shared by Dawn and VS other than being really, really sharp. Which also is a good description for obsidian. And if Dawn is in fact made of a meterorite I'd say it's more obsidian-esque than Valyrian-esque.