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  1. And now I can't take the picture of a poor sheep with fake antlers slapped on out of my head! We just adopted a(nother) dog. She's lovely and was almost adopted by someone else, and this person named her Zoe and we decided to keep it; she looks very much like a Zoe. But my first reaction was, "but there's no character called Zoe in ASoIaF!"
  2. A few months after Ned returned to Winterfell after RR.
  3. I'll give you a gold star for managing to combine two of my top pet peeves: Mance is Rhaegar (or at this point ANY "x is y!") AND "X happened because Bloodraven skinchamged into Y". And no, none of it makes any sense whatsoever.
  4. Maybe this is a bit of a semantics issue... Martin says it's unlikely that we'll see any gods on page, so it will be, at least in theory, possible to assign either religion or magic as the cause of whatever event. In other words, "you say potato, I say po-tah-toe". Another definition is: something good that you must stop having in order to achieve something: Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to succeed. But not necessarily divine. For instance, the Starks' special bloodline could be a result of intermarrying with the CotF. I agree they have had an impact. And since Martin himself says it's unlikely we'll see gods on page affecting the story, my take is that Craster is full of it on top of being one of the creepiest PoS in the story. And why should you? On that and everything else btw!
  5. Dunk at Winterfell, and with Old Nan, and Dunk escorting BR to the Wall. Those are the two things I want to see most of all. But I love Dunk, and in reality I wanna read about it all. Except Summerhall because it's going to be so terribly sad!
  6. @The Twinslayer LOL
  7. It may be the case that Ramsay truly believes he has won, and that he has received intel or been presented with either "Stannis" body and/or sword.
  8. He was, almost as if he wasn't used to doing this kind of thing. And he's also one of very few men at CB who can read and write (after a fashion). Enough to make one wonder whether Satin isn't just a random commoner. But I don't believe he was involved in the assassination attempt, nor that he is working for/with someone else. I also place him firmly on Jon's side.
  9. Re # 9 above, it's very likely that a midwife/wet-nurse was there, Wylla. Later, in ASoS I think, Edric Dayne tells Arya that he and Jon are milk brothers.
  10. That's just it. How much did Ned know? And how much of what he thought he knew was fact and how much were assumptions, either his or someone else's? Something like that would have been kept a secret amongst very few people, maybe even just Rhaegar and Dayne. Mind you, I'm not saying that's what happened, only that we simply don't have enough info to be sure of anything at this point.
  11. Maybe they didn't break their KG vows to Aerys, and then again maybe they did. All we have so far is Ned's fever dream so we can't be sure either way.
  12. Sure, those are the "rules", but rules can - and are - broken all the time, irl and in the story. According to the rules, the KG obey and protect the king but that doesn't mean that one or more KG didn't bend or break these rules. Is it treason? Maybe. Or, better said, it is, but it may not matter. Say, for the sake of argument, that Rhaegar was planning on deposing Aerys. Now imagine Dayne and maybe others are with him, supporting him, against his father the king and their vows. Now picture a scenario where they succeed; Aerys is gone and Rhaegar's is king. Dayne and whoever else have broken their vows and committed treason. But they won, there will be no consequences for them other than now Dayne is the LC.
  13. I agree w/ many things you said but... I don't think bringing a dead person back to life is "saving" them. Like, not at all. As to your edit, neither is good old Late Walder!
  14. I know. I was just using the exact wording the person I was replying to had used. That said. I think loyalty and adherence to vows do not necessarily go hand in hand. For instance, Dayne may have been more loyal to Rhaegar, a close friend, than he was a stickler for rules, vows, etc.
  15. No, their are following the orders of whoever it is they are "irrationally loyal" to; it could be Rhaegar or Aerys, or neither. From what we know, Rhaegar is the more likely option by far.