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  1. COFT and the song of ice and fire

    That's one of the theories I think are more likely to be correct, at least partially. But what doesn't make sense to me in this scenario is, why would they transform themselves into something that looks like men much more than it does their 'original model'?
  2. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    And as eager - desperate is a more accurate word here but it just sounds so... well, desperate! - as I am to read it, I'd be 100% totally fine with the bold. And you know why!
  3. Stannis wrote the Pink Letter

    Not necessarily, there are plenty of siblings that look nothing like each other. Even in-story, we have Arya and Sansa/Bran/Robb for instance.
  4. Stannis wrote the Pink Letter

    @three-eyed monkey, yeah, makes sense.
  5. Stannis wrote the Pink Letter

    Are you sure? I don't remember Martin saying that... I do remember something along the lines of TWoW Theon I taking place before the end of ADwD, but not before Jon XIII.
  6. Stannis wrote the Pink Letter

    I agree. And just imagine what could happen if it fell in the wrong hands or no one understood the true message! Oh. Wait.
  7. Theories on the assassination of Jon Snow at CB

    @Clegane'sPup, about Martin's choices of dagger and knife, the first thing that pops for me is that both have rather short-ish blades. Like, too short to cut through layers of woollen small clothes, chain mail, leather, etc, and still inflict a mortal wound.
  8. Val is Jon’s true Queen. Part trois.

    @bemused, I've been banging on about Jon's name for years, but no one listens to me! Jon Snow, the King of Winter. C'mon, it's perfect!
  9. Theories on the assassination of Jon Snow at CB

    @sweetsunray, I think the lack of confirmation is a red herring, and it's supposed to do exactly what it does: it's impossible to be sure who the letter's author is. And if that's the case, I wouldn't consder it 'cheating'.
  10. Theories on the assassination of Jon Snow at CB

    The way I see it, he doesn't think about it being spiky because it is; he doesn't have to think the same thing twice. He "knows" the letter is from Ramsay, he's received another letter from him already, and he would only think about it if it looked different, not the same. As to the rest, how a maester/someone else could have written it, it's the same issue again for me. Because I think he then would think about it at the very least.
  11. Jamie's Role In The Red Wedding

    Wow, that's a pretty bad translating mistake!
  12. Theories on the assassination of Jon Snow at CB

    @bemused, it's a funny feeling to be discussing anything and not agree with you 100%, it's possibly a first! Well, maybe a second, if we count Mully That said, and back to the topic here... I think the issue here is what each of us would consider a 'cheat' by Martin, or in other words, how much deception/misdirection until he crosses the line into cheat territory. I would definitely consider either of the following scenarios as 'cheats' of the type I don't think Martin does: a - Jon notices significant differences between the two letters he's received from Ramsay (handwriting, tenor, wording, etc) and doesn't think about these differences at all, doesn't say anything - not even to Tormund, who gives him the perfect opening when he says it could be all lies. As I said up thread, given how serious the claims are, it makes no sense for Jon not to talk or even just think about it, unless it's only to muddy everything to the point where it's impossible to be certain without knowing more. And that's a type of cheat I don't think Martin goes for. b - there are no significant differences but it's a second letter, forged at CB or elsewhere, by someone(s) who got their hands on/intercepted whatever an original letter, sent by Ramsay. And I don't see how the forgery could be so good as to fool Jon, who has received a letter from Ramsay already... And I'd consider that a sort of cheat too - although less so than option a. I think my main problem with the letter not being from Ramsay is that none of the alternatives and theories I've read over the years make much sense, imo. The motives and the way to go about achieving their 'goals' sound too far-fetched for my taste... And I can't help but feel that whoever wrote the PL is... well, a dim bulb, and Stannis and Mance are nothing if not intelligent and experiment men.
  13. Theories on the assassination of Jon Snow at CB

    I'm with everyone who thinks TWoW Theon I takes place before ADwD Jon XIII.
  14. Theories on the assassination of Jon Snow at CB

    @rotting sea cow, I agree with lots of what you're saying, and the bottom line is, we simply don't have enough info at this point to be sure who wrote the PL. I've read many, many theories/threads on the subject as well, and the letter's authorship is still a mystery. The problem with the 'editing' you propose (another letter written at CB by someone(s) who's read the original) is that we go back to Martin having to 'cheat' for it to work. Because the PL is not the first letter Jon receives from Ramsay, and if the hand was different, he would have thought about it. Especially given the serious nature of the claims being made: Stannis dead, Mance captured, spearwives killed, Ramsay will march on CB. I've seen many argue that the letter was not written by Ramsay because Jon doesn't think about the hand being spiky, but it's just the opposite; he doesn't think about it being different than the previous letter he received from Ramsay. I also agree that we've derailed the thread here a bit.
  15. But it doesn't work like that. He didn't fall in love with her because he's a nice bloke or has a good heart or whatever. That's an oversimplification, at the very least, and it takes much away from Ygritte's character, like she doesn't matter. People (real or fictional, if written well) don't fall in love because they're good; they fall in love because they see something special in the other person, something that attracts them and complements them, and a million other things, big and small. And Jon came to see many of those things in Ygritte, that's why he fell in love with her.