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  1. LFD!!! So good to see ya! And lol Faux News!
  2. Haven't read it yet:
  3. I can't understand how people can entertain the idea that Jon won't come back one way or another, given he previous 5 books and the story being told. It's a massive reading comprehension fail, and it gets to the point of being funny even.
  4. Yeah, no news. This is a serious post, btw. I'm just Rome'ing around the house and thinking about the now infamous Alas, Valyria post, and know what's really, really bugging me? The locked comments. Not just for that post, but all subsequent ones and now apparently even older ones? This to me suggests Martin is totally aware of what's going on and how fans are in a frenzy. But is that a good thing or a bad thing? I can't tell anymore, the suspense and thinking about this too much is doing my head in.
  5. You are so, so, bad Leech! Wankers Corner!!! That would be a good nickname for some threads here!
  6. I don't like them mostly because I find their whole pillaging, raping, murdering culture horrible. That said, you make some very valid points.
  7. We should stop. I Just went through half the list of countries in the world and couldn't come up with a single one. But if cities count... I have a much longer list to check now!
  8. No, I meant more as in "don't stop, don't stop!" Damn, just spent the last 5 mins staring at the screen trying to come up w/ at least one and I cannot Bolivia that I came up w/ nothing, just nada, zero, zip, zilch.
  9. Stop!!! You guys are killing me here!
  10. Brilliant!
  11. Awww, were good!
  12. Glad to hear it. And such good taste too!
  13. Oh dear me. Firstly, thanks for letting me know what I said about Royce and Othor and Jafer was correct, I really needed that. /s Secondly, did you read what I said? In case you didn't, let me repeat it here, and it's a whole string of posts that led to the one you quoted. @Ian Dunross said upthread something along the lines of, "we have seen the Night's King resurrect people". I replied, "have we? Where?". @The Fattest Leech asked for any type of evidence and I made a joke about people thinking it's fine to just come up with crazy stuff w/o any textual evidence to back it up. Then @E.S. Dinah replied to my post saying there's textual support for the WWs resurrecting the dead and cited Royce and Othor and Jafer Flowers, and ended the post saying there is no support whatsoever in the text for the possibility of Mel resurrecting Jon or anyone else. To which I also replied. And I started my reply by just pointing out that the arguments s/he made regarding the WWs and Waymar and the other two were either clearly wrong or not not really proven beyond a doubt, and ended my post by saying I had never claimed that Mel would resurrect Jon. So, there, the whole thing. I like you, 40K, but I don't like to be misquoted!
  14. As long as you guys don't check Fox "News"...
  15. Exactly as he did when he finished writing ADwD.