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  1. HBO Episode Teaser - I am so sorry

    Not just "why why why", but how how how? Did they sync their watches and agreed on a specific date and time?
  2. Maybe it's not laziness, but this is indeed the best they can do.
  3. I think she was talking about the last episode ever, last season.
  4. Upcoming TWOW twist.

    Mance as well. In the North, still alive in the books. As to the rest, I really don't think so. For instance, I don't remember when the Greatjon is supposed to have died but we know he didn't die at the Red Wedding. I think it was in the war somewhere. But he hasn't appeared since series 1, and the twist, from what Martin said and the way he talked about it, involves someone who died last season.
  5. I wouldn't be too sure about the show not being creative about the origin of the WWs. Especially if it made sense to them because they wanted it to happen. Also, I very much doubt the time manipulation thing, whatever the hell that was. You should check out Elio and Linda's video about it, it's very good. Here's the link:
  6. (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion - Rant & Tear apart

    It most definitely is.
  7. Upcoming TWOW twist.

    I don't think Trant is important, but just my two cents. Mance, otoh, is, imo.
  8. Upcoming TWOW twist.

    Don't think Jon is a candidate, he did come back. And yeah, Mance, Barry, Stannis, Myrcella and Shireen are, imo, the most likely candidates with the first three being much more likely, again, imo.
  9. (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion - Rant & Tear apart

    A back door is a rear entrance that is not necessarily an actual door, except on GoT where it was an actual door. Definition of back door in English: back door Pronunciation: /ˈˌbak ˈdô(ə)r/ NOUN 1The door or entrance at the back of a building.
  10. why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Well... The credits at the end, you can read "Annick Wo---" and "Oliver Bu---" and there are two producers on GoT called Annick Wolkan and Oliver Butler. But I suppose that shot can be from a previous series, pre-RW.
  11. Upcoming TWOW twist.

    I don`t think so. Because when he first talked about the twist, he only said it was a character that is alive in the books that the show had killed off. But as I said above, after s 5, he gave another interview where it became clear the character in question had been killed in s 5.
  12. Upcoming TWOW twist.

    I don't think so. We only saw one of Craster's sons, and he wasn't killed. Also, they're not proper characters in the books. From what Martin has said the first time he brought this twist up and what he said after s 5 was over, it's not just a character (named character, proper character) that is alive in the books but that the show has killed off, but someone the show killed in s 5.
  13. (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion - Rant & Tear apart

    And I'm still waiting to see those hundreds or thousands of wildlings that came through with Jon and Tormund and Edd last year. They just completely vanished! LOL
  14. Upcoming TWOW twist.

    It's not Coldhands. It doesn't matter that his 'alive' status is highly questionable in the books, but more importantly, he was never a show character and Martin very clearly said it's a character who the show has killed off but is alive in the books.
  15. I'm not sure where he got the visual for Royce's armour in the books, since he claims the runes are the same as in the show but on his cloak instead of armour. But I haven't read the whole thread on reddit, so maybe he goes into that at some point?