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  1. @sweetsunray! @LynnS, very good point about the prayer in a diff language. I'd forgotten that too. As to CH being a Raven's Teeth, well, I have zero evidence for it - maybe b/c there is none? - I just really liked the idea... I've always wanted to learn more about them.
  2. I agree that we know for a fact that Mormont's raven speaks 'human', there are indeed several characters as witnesses. But the fact that the raven speaks human doesn't mean s/he doesn't speak raven as well. As a matter of fact, it's a given: Mormont's raven does speak raven. So in the scene we're talking about the raven may have spoken in raven and Jon understood. But there's nothing in the text that suggests or hints at Mance being a skinchanger. And he is a character we spend some time with. Not only that, but it seems being a skinchanger is not that big of a deal north of the Wall. We meet several, and apart from Varamyr they're all well integrated into the free folk culture.
  3. Yes! Here it is: A Game of Thrones - Jon III Jon rose at dawn the next day to watch his uncle leave. One of his rangers, a big ugly man, sang a bawdy song as he saddled his garron, his breath steaming in the cold morning air. Ben Stark smiled at that, but he had no smile for his nephew. "How often must I tell you no, Jon? We'll speak when I return." As he watched his uncle lead his horse into the tunnel, Jon had remembered the things that Tyrion Lannister told him on the kingsroad, and in his mind's eye he saw Ben Stark lying dead, his blood red on the snow. The thought made him sick. What was he becoming? Afterward he sought out Ghost in the loneliness of his cell, and buried his face in his thick white fur. If he must be alone, he would make solitude his armor. Castle Black had no godswood, only a small sept and a drunken septon, but Jon could not find it in him to pray to any gods, old or new. If they were real, he thought, they were as cruel and implacable as winter. I've thought for a long time that Ben is dead. And then I read a great essay by @sweetsunray and that kinda sealed the deal for me. I had the page open but never got around to bookmarking it - it was right there! - and now I lost it. But perhaps the author will link it here? Great catch. I really like the idea that CH is one of the Raven's Teeth that went to the Wall w/ Bloodraven. And I'm really, really curious to learn what's the deal w/ CH. Did the wightification process didn't take in the first place, maybe because of some trait of his? Or was he fully wightified, and then de-wightified?
  4. Yes, I have. Didn't have to, I knew what you were talking about. My point stands, though. We don't know jack. Craster's wives clearly believe what they are saying, but we can't extrapolate from that that their beliefs are the truth. I don't understand how this is not obvious. Yes, I know it's possible they are right, but it's just as possible that they aren't; imo it's even likelier that they are wrong. It's really very simple: we don't have all the info to be sure either way. Tbh, I don't understand why you take it as gospel. Much more likely to me is that part or everything Craster's wives say about the babies being taken is bollocks. Stuff Craster made up on his own just to find a good method to get rid of the future competition. I never disagreed w/ that, my problem is with believing what Craster's wives say. I'm not sure I understand your point here. No, we don't know. Sure. Either very important, or not important at all. Remains to be seen. I don't know. And neither do you, but don't let this little detail stop you. Not sure I follow... Are you saying there are other types of Others? Sorry, couldn't help it. Carrying on... and some resemble humans, others resemble the CotF? I'm very, very curious to learn about the Heart of Winter.
  5. Good stuff, @LynnS! And it doesn't preclude Benjen bacon, a bonus. How do you think he died?
  6. Very interesting, I like it! And the bold, I can't believe I didn't remember that!
  7. I disagree. They "know" the same way Old Nan "knows" that giants drink blood. ^^Quoter glitch, this is @Maia's post. If the WWs are the result of a species undergoing a transformation, however that might have been, then it's gotta be humans. Their description matches that of humans and doesn't at all that of the CotF. Even their gear: armour, swords etc. I have long considered the possibility that the WWs were an attempt at magic by the still inexperienced FM that backfired spectacularly. Mostly for two reasons: the general look and gear, and b/c I find it infinitely more likely for Martin to make men and human motivations the "bad guy" and not a different species.
  8. It's the king who decides whether the KG protection is extended to family members.
  9. And we do, actually... Stannis/NK; Manderly/Rat Cook, etc. Not Benjen, though. I really like the idea of Ben living a second life in Mormont's raven, and can't wait to read the link @LynnS posted.
  10. Interesting! Will read the link later when I have a mo. Gotta say though, right now I'm firmly on the Benjen bacon camp!
  11. @chrisdaw, I don't even know where to start replying to your post. Where is any of it coming from?
  12. I do, somewhere... I can dig it up if you want but can only do that later today.
  13. Here:
  14. Martin said Renly's eye colour was a mistake.
  15. I'm confused... You agree but at the same time you're asking whether it's possible for the "original" Night's King was a "position held by a specific Other".