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  1. What @SecretWeapon said. But since I'm here already, let me ask you something... what's with the incomplete topic headings now? It's like some sort of thread click bait, and a bit annoying.
  2. But Mel does need to sleep, as she tells us herself. Stands to reason that if she needs to sleep, she also needs nourishment. It's obvious there's something going on there w/ Mel... she's not like other people. But I doubt she's undead but think she is glamoured and her physiological needs are different, but they exist. ADwD, Melisandre “Dawn. Another day is given us, R’hllor be praised. The terrors of the night recede. Melisandre had spent the night in her chair by the fire, as she often did. With Stannis gone, her bed saw little use. She had no time for sleep, with the weight of the world upon her shoulders. And she feared to dream. Sleep is a little death, dreams the whisperings of the Other, who would drag us all into his eternal night. She would sooner sit bathed in the ruddy glow of her red lord’s blessed flames, her cheeks flushed by the wash of heat as if by a lover’s kisses. Some nights she drowsed, but never for more than an hour. One day, Melisandre prayed, she would not sleep at all. One day she would be free of dreams. Melony, she thought. Lot Seven.”
  3. That's fine, and an interesting concept. Still, religious zealots, regardless of what or who their deities are, are scary and not very bright imo.
  4. And with all his shortcomings, he is much more honourable than many other KG...
  5. Oh I totally agree she has knowledge and that she is playing her cards very close to her chest. But we don't know how she studied it, for how long, how difficult it was, none of that. She might be a natural and have skills and power w/o being particularly intelligent. There are instances where she doesn't really come across as being very smart imo. For instance, the visions w/ Jon as a man and a wolf, then Bran as a boy w/ a wolf's head, she knows Jon has a direwolf and the direwolf is the Starks sigil, and yet she doesn't connect the dots. Mel is a religious zealot and imo being a religious zealot and being intelligent are mutually exclusive.
  6. Please. I always enjoy reading your posts, even when I don't agree w/ you. And I do agree w/ you more often than not. Ditto! I do have an issue w/ anyone trying to force anything on anyone, anywhere - real or virtual! And yup. monitoring topics to try and sabotage a thread just because you disagree w/ its premise seems incredibly childish and more than a little idiotic. But if we are to have a truly open space for discussion, I suppose we will have to put up w/ people like that. At leaset these party-poopers are not the majority group. I understand. Can we agree that there is a huge difference between those who fully believe in R+L=J but acknowledge they may be surprised and those who support R+L=J and are dead certain there is zero chances they are wrong? And there's also a big difference between the latter group and those who believe the exact same thing, but don't act like idiotic bullies. Seems to me the real problem is not what one believes in, nor how sure they are of it, but rather whether they're arseholes or not! I'd also like to add that behaving like an arsehole is something that we see on both sides of the R+L=J issue. I'm still discovering new things too, even after all these years. And that's a fine testament to Martin's skill and talent. As you know, I do believe in R+L=J, even if I don't agree w/ all the assumptions. I know you don't support R+L=J. And yet, that has never stopped me from thoroughly enjoying your posts and well-thought comments and ideas. As I said above, I think the problem is not so much what one believes in, but rather what type of person/poster they are. I can't say that I've noticed that, but I took a few breaks over the years and maybe I just didn't notice it. I am assuming you're really asking my opinion and not being sarcastic (sorry, but sometimes it's hard to tell w/o the benefit of voice and expressions. No offence meant). So, my answer is, that sounds juicy and interesting. I hope you decide to post it here.
  7. I'm curious as to why Mel... I know she has real powers on top of all the powders and glamours but she doesn't strike me as someone who is particularly intelligent.
  8. Paragraph in question is pasted above. For the last time, I never said only Dayne could have known nor that there's no one left standing that could know. Course you do! Do you realise these two statements are completely contradictory? Maybe that's part of the issue... you mean to say one thing but it comes out differently. Please, enlighten me further... Who exactly are you referring to when you say "you all"? Again, who is "you all"? Those who believe in R+L=J and do not accept the possibility that they are wrong? Or is it anyone who believes in R+L=J? I'd say there's a big difference there. Generalisations like this don't help at all. How am I - or anyone else for that matter - not giving others space? This is an open forum, where anyone can join in any discussion they want provided they stick to forum rules. That means there is space for everyone to discuss and engage in whatever topics they want. Now, if you want the type of space where no one will ever challenge you and your ideas, you need a more private sandbox to play in. You think you know what I believe would be more accurate. And don't worry, I can follow your train of thought just fine. No, weakness or strength of a theory is not solely in the eye of the beholder. Sure, if I say something outrageously crackpot w/ no evidence to back it up like... "dragons are a master alien race who landed on Westeros after having flown across the galaxy on their weirwood spaceships", then yes, it's a toss up and totally in the eye of the beholder. But proper theories on mysteries in the novels do have strengths and weaknesses, and some are much more likely than others. Yes, all these things happen. Always have, always will. You just questioned my ability to follow your train of thought, for instance. I'm not sure what you're on about here... b/c sometimes what one person considers a logical deduction will seem illogical to someone else. "It's all in where you're standing". That is just as it should be, imo. Variety, the spice of life and all that. Good for you!
  9. There's a huge difference between duty and honour.
  10. Another great post, @Julia H.! It had never occurred to me, but you're right, it's very northerner-y of Jaime to pass the sentence and swing the sword. .
  11. That's a great inaugural post! Welcome!
  12. You, ser, just made my day!
  13. Ditto. Maybe you should go back to my first reply to you, since you seem to be misremembering what I said. Or maybe you didn't understand what I said, but either way, read that first reply again. Because I never said Dayne would be the only one who could know anything. Read above. Sadly, only one alternative to Jon's parentage can exist since he is not an amoeba born from spores or whatever. He has one dad and one mum, and the stronger the case for one pair, the weaker the case for other pairs. It's simple logic. And LMAO. Seriously, major chuckles. But tell you what... since this is obviously going nowhere and it's totally OT and all, let's leave it at that for now and get back to it when we have more info.
  14. So what if I am? The info we have on Rhaegar and Dayne being bff was put there by the author for a reason. And the same goes for whatever knowledge we gain from being in JonCon's head, And again, this analogy no sense at all. If someone is my best friend and overhears something about my personal life, the person "needs be a friend far less a close friend to have known that"? What? What's that got to do w/ anything? And no, of course I am not proposing that, since that's not what I said. And maybe JonCon isn't jealous of Lyanna because he doesn't know much about what went down w/ R and L. It does though, because anything that seems to weaken R+L=J (in your opinion) could be said to strengthen other possibilities. And thank you for enlightening me! Now I know that my opinion on this matter is wrong because it is mine, whereas your opinion is correct because it is yours.
  15. "Nuh uh?" And no, I'm not. I'm saying we know Dayne and Rhaegar were BFF, and that while JonCon was close to Rhaegar, he was not as close as he wished he were. And it's quite obvious why JonCon is irked about Elia. He was jealous, he was in love w/ Rhaegar. That doesn't in any way, shape or form mean Rhaegar ever confided in JonCon nor that Rhaegar was as close to JonCon as he was to Dayne. In fact, all the clues we get point in the opposite direction. I'm saying that only those (few) who were as close to Rhaegar as Dayne was would know anything about Lyanna, and JonCon was not one of them. Whoever those very close to Rhaegar were, they're either not around anymore or haven't presented themselves yet. Yeah, my apologies. I just saw on your sig that you support Robert + Lyanna = Jon. I suppose that explains why we will never see eye to eye on this.
  16. Jaime did what had to be done. Bad timing, but that's all I'm putting on him. If only his ever so dutiful sworn brothers had stuck to honour instead of duty and blind obedience to vows, the problem would have been dealt with much sooner.
  17. I hear ya. And while I couldn't agree more, the obfuscation can be soooo infuriating at times!
  18. Like I said above, I believe they were "close". The big question, and something that is up for debate, of course is, "how close?". For instance, I don't think he was as close as Dayne, and I definitely don't think he was one of Rhaegar's group when they "abducted" (also up for debate) Lyanna. Truth of the matter here is, we're not even sure the story about Rhaegar and a group abducting (or even meeting) Lyanna is true. Regardless, imo it doesn't make sense for someone who is in Rhaegar's inner circle to not think about anything connected to any of the events and rumours we have about R+L and the Tourney and ToJ etc etc. I acknowledge there are several possibilities and several paths left open. That said, I don't think it fits Martin's style and talent to have JonCon be one of Rhaegar's closest friends and one in the know and not give us any hints of this - we are after all inside JonCon's head. I think if it is revealed later that JonCon knew anything at all about R+L and never thought about it once it will feel very cheap and I have a lot more faith in Martin than that.
  19. My point is, JonCon was "close" to Rhaegar, yes, but not inner circle close like Dayne. Which statement did I make that isn't true? I said there's no one left [that we know of] from Rhaegar's inner circle to give us any info on Lyanna and/or R+L. And that was in response to you, because had said we have no one telling us of L and R. I don't know how to respond to this b/c it doesn't make any sense at all... If there's no one who could say something, the only reason nothing is ever said is because there is no one and not b/c there's nothing to be told.
  20. So. You want to have your cake, eat it, and fuck the baker? Read your own OP and you will [hopefully] understand what I'm talking about,.
  21. Rhaegar actually said nothing to no one about Lyanna and that's one of those red flags. None of Rhaegar's in the know buddies can give any detail about this relationship that suppossedly happened. Quotes are a bit wonky... Bolded is your reply to my reply to the second of your posts quoted here. First you claimed that Rhaegar told no one anything about Lyanna, and the fact is, you - or I or anyone - can't know that because we never get any accounts/recollections from any of Rhaegar's closest friends. And no, I don'r count JonCon among Rhaegar's closest friends, and Selmy even less. So, again, at the risk of repeating myself here, I don;t quite get the point you are trying to make.
  22. Damn straight, I couldn't agree more. Again, couldn't agree more. Ser Barry was most definitely not amongst Rhaegar/'s closest friends.
  23. I'm a tad confused... Which of Rhaegar's "buddies" are you referring to here?
  24. Hypothetically speaking, I'd say he could have. In which case the author would have left clues/hints, something he did not. As are a bunch of people, like Jaime Lannister, Barristan Selmy, etc. In a world where sword fighting/training is a big part of people's lives, we will get the full spectrum: from great sword fighters to awful ones, and everything in between. Of course he can't. Barristan wasn't in Rhaegar's inner circle, he has no way of knowing how good or bad Rhaegar and Elia's marriage was. I'm very happily married to the [almost] perfect man, and things get complicated at times. Well, according to the WB there are accounts of Rhaegar taking Lyanna. But even w/o any accounts or witnesses, what does this prove? Nothing. What does it hint at? Absolutely nothing. And how does that mean he was in love with Arthur Dayne? Erhm... and why and how does being fond of music equals being gay? Are you fucking joking? In many ways? Really? Please, do elaborate. I see no parallels here at all. Other than Westerosi, good w/ swords, male... that's it. Sorry, but there is no evidence above. Nada, zero, zip, ziltch. Again w/ the infantile and silly stereotyping. *disclaimer* accidentally deleted something here* Sorry but to me there's absolutely nothing here other than trying to come up w/ a "different" scenario, only there are zero clues pointing to it, and overall just makes me feel like you're trying too hard to be "original" - and failing b/c it has been brought up before. Many times, in fact.
  25. All work and no play... and now I have hundreds of posts to read until I'm all caught up. And a topic on one of my favourite men of mystery, the one and only Howland Reed! You are on fire, my friend!