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  1. I agree w/ what @maudisdottir said in her reply, and would like to add that the above makes no sense. Lyanna and Rhaegar simply meeting has nothing at all to do w/ HR turning up.
  2. I find Dune Messiah to be the weakest of all in the series. I really like CoD and GEoD particularly. I didn't like any of the prequels, even if seeing some of the Butlerian Jihad happen had a few interesting moments.
  3. I agree w/ your points very much. And the above literally blew me away, brilliant!
  4. So glad to see this thread! As @Reekazoid, I reread the whole Dune series every couple of years. Agree w/ what most said here regarding the parallels in these awesome stories. Someone asked whether Martin has ever mentioned Dune as an inspiration... not as far as I know but I could be wrong. The only instance I remember of Martin bringing up Dune is an interview where he said he doesn't want what happened to Herbert to happen to him, what w/ people pestering him non stop for "more Dune stories!". As to the bold above, I like it!
  5. Before, but we only hear the proper story (instead of rumours) much later on. IIRC.
  6. Oh yeah! And Osha is just the perfect surrogate mum for Rickon, especially in these circumstances. I totally agree that she will see to Rickon's "education". I can't wait to see them all again!
  7. Yes, absolutely! I love this passage, and the above part is my favourite as well. Indeed. It doesn't get much clearer than that, does it? Yeah, I agree. IRT the Skagosi, my pet theory is that they will come in force w/ Rickon, Shaggy, Osha and Davos. After all, we learn from both Cotter Pyke and Davos that there are ships stranded on Skagos and Skane. So, kind of perfect to carry an army. Right? And preferably they'll bring their fierce unicorns w/ them! Oh I don't think the Old Flint and Norrey will side w/ the conspirators at all. For the reasons you stated, and also the fact that they probably know more about Marsh. As in, enough to know he isn't LC material. After all, the previous LC was one of them, and if Mormont told Tyrion about Marsh I find it quite likely that he would have told his fellow northerners as well. (I'm also very worried about too many characters, and I especially want Satin, Leathers, Iron Emmett and Mully to make it!). Yes, I think Borroq will have an important part to play helping Jon, his "brother" to learn how to master his skinchanging skills. Can't. Wait.
  8. Exactly that. Once the wildlings take over at CB, it will be the closest to what it used to be back when the first LN happened: "pure" First Men blood. We even see through Jon's eyes how it's all changing already before the stabbing. ADwD, Jon XII “That’s done, then,” Rory said when they were gone. No, thought Jon Snow, it has only just begun. Bowen Marsh was waiting for him south of the Wall, with a tablet full of numbers. “Three thousand one hundred and nineteen wildlings passed through the gate today,” the Lord Steward told him. “Sixty of your hostages were sent off to Eastwatch and the Shadow Tower after they’d been fed. Edd Tollett took six wagons of women back to Long Barrow. The rest remain with us.” “Not for long,” Jon promised him. “Tormund means to lead his own folk to Oakenshield within a day or two. The rest will follow, as soon as we sort where to put them.” “As you say, Lord Snow.” The words were stiff. The tone suggested that Bowen Marsh knew where he would put them. The castle Jon returned to was far different from the one he’d left that morning. For as long as he had known it, Castle Black had been a place of silence and shadows, where a meagre company of men in black moved like ghosts amongst the ruins of a fortress that had once housed ten times their numbered. All that had changed. Lights now shone through windows where Jon Snow had never seen lights shine before. Strange voices echoed down the yards, and free folk were coming and going along icy paths that had only known the black boots of crows for years. Outside the old Flint Barracks, he came across a dozen men pelting one another with snow. Playing, Jon thought in astonishment, grown men playing like children, throwing snowballs the way Bran and Arya once did, and Robb and me before them.”
  9. As do I! But I do believe that's the most likely scenario. And yes to the pulpy mess. a very loud and resounding YES! Morna, I can't wait to see her again. She should have been at the meeting in the Shieldhall. After all, Jon called all leaders of the FF, and she's not only a leader but was given a castle as well. And right next to CB. There's even a chance she's there already. And I'm not so sure about the Shieldhall being far from Hardin's Tower b/c Jon hears the shouting as he steps out of the Shieldhall. Maybe, or maybe the wildlings take over. I think it's the other way around... Jon is the de facto king of the FF, Tormund is his hand. Jon will now become the King of Winter. I think she will, together w/ Morna and very likely Borroq will be important too. I don't think Val is hurt. Ser Patrek tried to steal her to show his worth but he never got past Wun Wun.
  10. There's Bowen Marsh, aka the Old Pomegranate. Very much doubt Leathers is dead. The guys who stabbed Jon are a mess... one is crying, the other is apologetic, etc. And as the text clearly states, men are pouring in from the surrounding buildings. The Shieldhall is one such, since Jon hears the commotion as he steps out, and in there the ratio was 5 of the FF for each black brother. All the things you mention would only help the conspirators later on. Much later on in the case of help from the Shadow Tower and/or Eastwatch. The bloodbath will happen immediately, without any sort of delay. The FF and black brothers loyal to Jon will fall upon Marsh &a co without mercy, and it will not end well for the conspirators.
  11. No. It will be a bloodbath, and the conspirators' days are numbered. Besides Leathers and Wun Wun, "men poured from the surrounding keeps and towers. Northmen, free folk, queen’s men". And there are more arriving from other castles, Morna White Mask, Iron Emmett and the spearwives, and all are loyal to Jon. They'll be having pomegranate juice w/ their next meal.
  12. Exactly. But there are lots of people who can't stand the idea of Jon being Rhaegar's son. Jon being Ned and Ashara's makes zero sense in the context of the story, and there are zero hints pointing to it. Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's, regardless of what the mummer's version did or didn't confirm.
  13. I would soooooo love for Bloodraven to be the ptwp but if the GoHH was right, and she was in everything so far, this prophesied prince/princess/dragon would come from Aerys and Rhaella's line.
  14. Excellent, can't wait.
  15. How do you reckon? 1. Well, we do know is that Martin uses "words are wind" repeatedly, and that one of his editors wanted to take some out and he didn't let her. And we have very clear examples where Martin goes through the trouble of basically spelling it out for the readers. ASoS, Jaime VIII Ser Meryn got a stubborn look on his face. "Are you telling us not to obey the king?" "The king is eight. Our first duty is to protect him, which includes protecting him from himself. Use that ugly thing you keep inside your helm. If Tommen wants you to saddle his horse, obey him. If he tells you to kill his horse, come to me." In other words, use your head and some common sense instead of blindly following orders and later hiding behind words. 2. It's not just "break any oath whenever". It's about making difficult choices and accepting you're going to get some right and some wrong. But to do nothing because "vows" is bollocks, and it's the coward's easy way out: "I was just following orders/obeying my vows!". "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing", thats it in a nutshell.
  16. Sorry, can't help but laugh at it.
  17. So what you're saying is that Ghost takes after his dad? That and that Bloodraven did/skinchanged ________________ (fill in with anything, but as these theories go everything may be a better choice of word).
  18. I agree. I like how Martin shows us [again] how stupid Ramsay is. Jon is probably dying to march on the Boltons for all the "wrong" reasons: love and family. Not that these reasons are wrong but many, both characters and readers, will see them as wrong and evil. And then Ramsay opens the door for Jon by threatening CB, Jon personally, and everyone else. ETA: there's more we are supposed to think about here, not just whether Jon committed treason and/or broke his vows. We should be questioning the actual vows. I'm fairly certain Martin isn't making a statement in support of blind obedience. Words are wind, in the end what matters is what you do, not what you said. Exactly. 1 - Agree completely. 2 - Exit LC Jon Snow, enter Jon Snow, King of Winter.
  19. Yeah, I do too. Interesting. I suppose I will watch the film at long last. And no, not b/c of the codpiece shots. Why, oh, why?
  20. The connection is the Old Gods. Remember, Bloodraven is half First Men on his mother's side. ASoS, Jon “Red eyes, Jon realized, but not like Melisandre’s. He had a weirwood’s eyes. Red eyes, red mouth, white fur. Blood and bone, like a heart tree. He belongs to the old gods, this one. And he alone of all the direwolves was white. Six pups they’d found in the late summer snows, him and Robb; five that were grey and black and brown, for the five Starks, and one white, as white as Snow. He had his answer then.”
  21. Great points throughout. And the above? I wouldn't say it won't end well for the NW but rather that it will end very badly indeed for the mutineers.
  22. Yes! And so love 'em too!
  23. "How do you pronounce" are the worst Qs to reply to in writing! And there's lots of words/names that readers pronounce differently, and as far as I know Martin hasn't spoken about all, only some. W/ all that said, I pronounce it like this: c - va as in valerian - ss sort of like bouillabaisse. Stress n middle syllable.