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  1. Again, not to derail this thread, but just to explain where I'm coming from : for me, it's not settled that Syrio was alive in 298 AC, though someone who claimed to be Syrio was. (I don't think GRRM is lying to us when he implies that Syrio is dead ... but I do think he's being slippery.) I'm generally agreeing with you that details of D&V's expulsion from Braavos could come through the person we met as Syrio, or through Arya (perhaps via some interaction with Phario Forel).
  2. These are both thought provoking. It occurs to me re: her mind's eye , that Viserys had been telling her tales of Westeros for years, and though he must have heard a lot from Darry, he was old enough to have clearer memories of Westeros than Dany does of living in Braavos. Random thoughts about her dream - I think the dragon is Drogon. He is wet and slick with what she senses is her blood .. as a baby is at birth (Mother of Dragons).She is responsible for his birth. Similarly, when grown, he is responsible for her rebirth when he flies her out of Daznak's pit - precipitating the new fierceness she seems to be embracing in her last chapter in ADWD. Just my own crackpottery (and I don't mean to derail the thread), but I suspect the Sealord of the pact died about the same time as Willem and that Syrio was his first sword, who also died at that time. Regardless, whatever happened to Syrio, we now know about Phario Forel from the Mercy chapter. I don't know if this is still necessary, but... Phario may also know things about his kinsman Syrio that Arya does not .. I can't believe Arya won't meet him. The set up just seems too ripe.
  3. Besides being able to put a lemon tree in a pot, we can easily tell that from the time Dany was roughly about three, Westeros was entering into a 10 yr. long summer and potted trees would probably not even need to be brought indoors. My search and quote functions are somewhat glitchy at the moment, so I'll just point everyone to the wiki to back up my points... We know that there are trees in Braavos in the "courts and gardens of the mighty". It seems unlikely that Dany & co would be sheltered anywhere but the environs of the mighty while in Braavos. We know that ships from the Summer Isles dock and trade in Braavos. Elaborate decorative carvings would probably be something they trade and something likely to be collected by the wealthy. It's quite possible that Dany's memories could be a hodge-podge of multiple places she has been, but also possible that she really does remember a specific door in Braavos. There may be an intersting hint in the way colours are used as a significator in Braavos e.g. the purple harbour , the House of Black and White (which actually has black and white doors) and the house of the red hands being where healers are found. I'm waiting to see if the red door is possibly connected to or affiliated with the house of the red hands... Dany would have been an infant when she arrived ,Ser Willem was already half blind and ill...
  4. We haven't seen any.. but Benjen told Jon that rangers heard them from time to time beyond the wall ... In the Not-a-canon-answer-but-my-bet-anyway department, I suspect that direwolves only bond with members of the Stark bloodline.
  5. I don't think Sam would ever hate Jon. He has an understanding of the difficult decisions Jon has had to make and has himself practiced deceptions in varying degrees in service to a good cause. (I'm referring to Sam's role in Jon's election and to keeping his knowledge of Bran's survival from Jon.) But beyond this, I think there are signs that the babies may never have been swapped at all. ... I stress "may" because I'm still somewhat of two minds on the matter ... I lean more toward not swapped, but wouldn't entirely rule out swapped. I laid out most of my reasoning in an old thread of mine, in the last few posts on page 9 ... I've come to think that Gilly can go against her own warning about naming infants and enter into her discussion with Sam of eventually naming the baby Aemon Battle-born because, though Sam thinks she's talking about the baby with them, she is talking about the baby at the wall ... and she has no expectation of actually having to name him. It's all speculation. After her tearful conversation with Jon, where would Gilly have turned for advice on her dilemma, but to Val ? (All the more if Val is a "wise woman") Val says Mel knows who "Monster" is, and I believe that's a truthful answer...."He's no kin to me." may also be completely truthful if, as may be, Val and Dalla are not blood sisters but sisters in an order or through their vocation - as in The Silent Sisters, e.g. - or like the various non-blood brotherhoods... even extending to Borroq calling Jon "Brother". Mel knows that Mance didn't become a king based on his bloodline. Why would she think his son possessed king's blood? By contrast Robert's (and therefore Stannis') claim relied on his Targaryen ancestry ... and we know that Mel wanted to burn Edric for his king's blood.
  6. I'm expecting a lot to be revealed about Braavos in the next book. I don't think the Iron Bank is entirely separate and apart from the rulership of Braavos. At the very least, I can't imagine it would work against the interests of the state. As well, considering the origins of the state, I'd be surprised if Braavos didn't have it's own information about the vulnerabilities of dragons. So, I doubt stealing "The Death of Dragons" can be the reason for having a FM in the citadel (and he definitely seems to be engaged in an intelligence mission rather than an assassination, so far). Tycho Nestoris says to Jon .. "My lord jests. You will forgive me if I do not laugh. We Braavosi are descended from those who fled Valyria and the wroth of its dragonlords. We do not jape of dragons." ... Understandable ... yet they settled Valyria's grievance against them to facilitate The Unmasking and co-existed with the dragonlords from that time up until the Doom. Westeros was a major source of trade long before the Conquest and remained so afterward, so we can assume amicable relations existed between Braavos and Targaryens up until RR (and even in the aftermath, if we can judge by Doran's marriage pact and the sheltering of Viserys and Dany). What Braavos hid from for centuries was not so much dragons as the wroth of Valyria's dragonlords.Braavos need not be nervous of Dany's dragons unless Dany has a reason to be enraged by some Braavosi action. Valyria's gripe with Braavos was the theft of ships and slaves. Dany has been freeing slaves and breaking up the slave trade wherever she goes. Braavos keeps no slaves and slavers cannot even dock in her harbour. ...So far, so sympatico ... The only thing we know of that could rouse Dany's ire against Braavos is the way she and Viserys were cast out. Her memory of that is very sketchy, but we can be pretty sure TPTB in Braavos know what went down in much clearer detail. Still, we have been given some clues (up to and including the Mercy chapter) that allow us to draw some (I think) reasonable conclusions as to Braavos' apprehensions. 1. The Sealord at the time of RR witnessed the marriage pact and secretly sheltered D&V in Braavos. ... (We might ask if he also bore the expense, or a share of it.) ..I'm calling him Sealord 1. 2. We know that Robert wanted D&V dead, even when they seemed to pose no threat to him. When he learned where they were, he would have made some demand of the Sealord (and perhaps threatened to close his ports to Braavosi ships?) 3. I have doubts that Sealord 1 would have cast them out... That would have put him up against Doran and Oberyn (yikes) as well as (possibly) the Archon .. But if he had died and his successor, the current Sealord Ferrago Antaryen (Sealord 2) had been installed ..who would have had no part in the pact and possibly didn't even know about it , then pressure from Robert would reach a much more compliant target. 4. Ferrago is dying and he may be being helped along his way .. before Braavos has to deal with Dany. She now knows about the pact who knows what other details will soon come to light. The Mercy chapter seems to hold a clue in the play The Merchant's melancholy daughter... Later, Daena tells "Mercy" about the Reyaans (keyholders)... This is all very suggestive to me. (We're told Ferrago has a pleasure barge covered in laughing faces.) Anyway, I say yes, Braavos could be the answer to at least some of Dany's woes. I'm sure we haven't been told of the world's greatest naval fleet and the Braavosi ability to build a ship in a day for nothing.
  7. Right. @Noble Lothar Frey ... As to what the "primitive wildlings" (Har!) might have thought about the claims in the pink letter, I think we can probably judge by Tormund's response.. "Might be all a skin o' lies." To elaborate a bit on the point I was making upthread - the free folk saw Mance burn, and saw Jon's arrows spare him the worst of that death. Of course @kissdbyfire is right - it was Mel and Stannis who spared Mance's life originally... but if Mance and any of the spearwives survive Winterfell, it will become obvious that Jon spared Mance again. In the interim, the wildlings have accepted Jon's rescue, hospitality and in the shieldhall, his position as battle leader. If Mance survives, they will see him as subordinate to Jon (as Tormund, Styr, Harma, etc. were to Mance).
  8. wow.... @snow is the man , I think most that get close enough to know Jon do like him, but they all must at least feel grateful to him and that's a good start. I think general liking will follow. However, we know that they don't have to like a man in order to accept him as leader. Some didn't like Mance, but followed him all the same. They will now see Jon as their leader even if Mance survives. Jon spared Mance twice and Mance has been sent on a mission by Jon, as other leaders had been sent on missions by Mance when he led. Jon saved them when Mance could not. As a skinchanger, Borroq acknowledges a certain fellowship with Jon ("Brother.") and I suspect will become a friend and ally in the next book.
  9. Even "born and raised in a brothel" could be a cover story ... I'm not sure he's LF's agent, but I feel pretty sure he's a noble bastard.
  10. If I'm not mistaken he said some time ago that when the announcement does come, it will appear on his blog first... ??
  11. @Lost Melnibonean Filled with Lemony goodness!
  12. Oh, I think Roose is aware. Here's Theon, from Reek III ... "As you wish." Bolton's pale eyes looked empty in the moonlight, as if there were no one behind them at all. "I mean you no harm, you know. I owe you much and more." "You do?" Some part of him was screaming, This is a trap, he is playing with you, the son is just the shadow of the father. Lord Ramsay played with his hopes all the time. ... and of course, a real person is more substantial than his shadow. Unless we're in Peter Pan territory, when has a person's shadow done anything the person didn't expect ? It's just the result of light cast on the person's actions. I think the way Roose raised Ramsay guaranteed Ramsay would become the person he is. Roose must know the full story of how Ramsay took WF from Theon, so he would suspect Ramsay of the killings before yellow Dick.. YD was probably tasked with trying to get Rams. to cool it.. Barbrey tells Theon, in regard to "Arya" crying.. "Roose is not pleased. Tell your bastard that." Theon is far too afraid of Rams. to attempt such a thing, but YD as Roose's man, and Ramsay's favourite, would pass on a message from Roose .. he doesn't have Theon's reasons to be afraid. I think Theon is psychic,to a degree ... certainly by the end of ADWD, or rather, psychically receptive. That's why he senses the ghosts, hears Bran, sees Bran's face. I agree that the torture has broken down what natural resistance he had... But I still reject Theon Durden. Where I think this will become more evident is if when he's taken before the tree in TWOW. In our world, when people become psychic channels, it's often as a result of a near death experience, or something else psychologically traumatic. Theon may have shown the first signs of receptiveness in ACOK, Theon V, when he had his true dream of the dead. The Ironborn may not be blocked, they just don't try to speak to their god any other way.
  13. Yes, and Theon always knows that he's someone other than Reek, even when we meet Reek in his worst condition in his first chapter. When the Walders ask who he is ,he's terrified of giving the wrong answer. "You have to remember your name" shows he knows "Reek" is a pretense that must be kept up for fear of horrific consequences. Was he molested by Euron? I don't know .. maybe just tormented (bad enough) like Egg was by Aerion.. ".. And Aerion . . . I remember, when I was little, he used to come into my bedchamber at night and put his knife between my legs. He had too many brothers, he'd say, maybe one night he'd make me his sister, then he could marry me. He threw my cat in the well too. He says he didn't, but he always lies." ... Egg to Dunk in The Hedge Knight As to the Walders.. Big yes,to this.. But that doesn't rule Big Walder out.. he was just kept indoors until it was time to make the grand entrance. He was either complicit with Roose or complicit with Ramsay.. (If Roose, removing the only one of "the Bastard's Boys" who wasn't Roose's man.. If Ramsay because maybe Roose had got to Little Walder, too) That prospect did not appear to please Lord Ramsay. "I laid waste to Winterfell, or had you forgotten?" "No, but it appears you have … the ironmen laid waste to Winterfell, and butchered all its people. Theon Turncloak."...Reek III Ramsay is ferocious, I will grant you, but he swings that sword like a butcher hacking meat." ...Reek III "My brother Merrett's son." Hosteen Frey lowered the body to the floor before the dais. "Butchered like a hog and shoved beneath a snowbank. A boy." ... Theon I We're often in agreement, but not in this. I think Theon was right when he thought, about the murders ... It all seemed so familiar, like a mummer show that he had seen before. Only the mummers had changed. Roose Bolton was playing the part that Theon had played the last time round, and the dead men were playing the parts of Aggar, Gynir Rednose, and Gelmarr the Grim. Reek was there too, he remembered, but he was a different Reek, a Reek with bloody hands and lies dripping from his lips, sweet as honey. Reek, Reek, it rhymes with sneak. ... A Ghost in Winterfell In other words, Ramsay is the killer. Yellow Dick's end was particularly vicious because Ramsay has cottoned to the fact that his men are Roose's.(See the arguement on the dais.) The spearwives are willing to let Theon suspect them, if it helps to get them what they want, but being suspected of killing a child is a step too far. I hope this wasn't too big a derailment.
  14. ... I guess that would be Efficiency Expert Daario... or Political Strategist Daario?