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  1. I quite agree that these people became symbols, and more than that, I think in the books George shows us , to one degree or another, that in all three cases, those symbols were not based in reality, or at least not wholly so. Readers are divided on whether Drogon really killed and/or ate Hazzea. Though Skahaz (?) immediately points out it could be a ruse, she doesn'tgo far in checking out the story.. (understandably, but still...) By the time Dany can't remember the girl's name, she's becoming increasingly aware of the depth of deception that surrounds her. Sandor was following Cersei/ Joffrey's orders. Arya has heard what Sandor had to say on the matter, and come under Sandor's protection herself . Though outwardly, she resists the logic in his perceptions, we know that inwardly, she is affected, or she wouldn't have bothered to ease his suffering at all. Robert of course, is in complete denial. .. but we know he's built up his own fantasy, and doesn't dare admit it, or even entertain the possibility.
  2. Yes, was it something we said ??.. Edit: Oh, Noooooo..We've been auto-corrected into Fansa ? What a fate!
  3. I still don't think letting Lady go was a viable option... Lady was already chained/tied up , and even if Ned did scare Lady off, Cersei would only have insisted on hunting her down .. or punishing Arya. I agree Robert would have been relieved, but Cersei was determined not to be denied . I mean, though Ned had regrets, it's not as if Ned ever fully realized the depth of a warg bond.. How could he? Skinchangers were the stuff of legend to him. But I don't need selling on the importance of "Get her a dog, she'll be happier.".. .. or on the importance of her connection to the Hound. I also can't help feeling that her Tully/Whent (with maybe a bit of wrong-side-of-the-blanket Lothston thrown in) heritage will also be very important to her character's development. But it appears the show is going nowhere with that.
  4. Re: Lady... I really don't know that blame can be assigned to any one character, apart from the triumverate of Joffrey, Cersei and Robert. It wasn't until this moment that Ned realised that Robert would so easily allow his hand to be forced by Cersei. And Ned could never have let Lady go - Cersei was demanding the pelt. I'm not sure he could have easily even packed up and gone home, at that point... Wasn't Cersei initially wanting Arya to lose a hand for raising it against Joffrey? At least Robert resisted that. But if he perceived that Ned was turning against him (publicly refusing him, after Robert first approached him in private, when a refusal could have been kept between the two of them).. I'm not sure what he would have agreed to. Sansa's position would have been difficult for an adult, let alone a child. However, by the time we come to Ned's plans to leave KL, she should have known better than to turn to Cersei . It was obvious who had demanded Lady's death. Sansa was a child .. but a selfish, disobedient child. She was at fault,, yes, but that doesn't mean she should shoulder all the blame. Ned made mistakes, too. Sansa had always been the obedient daughter, but becoming a Queen had never been at stake, before. Still there's no denying that Ned might just have got the jump on Cersei, if Sansa had obeyed. But for readers to carry their disapproval to the point of hating the character for having all-too-human foibles is going too far.
  5. I get it. Whatever George does in the books, I expect it will be well set up, and therefore believable. He has been showing Cersei's descent into extreme paranoia (and madness) for some time .. while the show has been polishing that poisoned apple to a ridiculous degree. So whatever Carol does will probably be for the wrong reasons, or just seem like a sudden snap, as opposed to a looming inevitability.
  6. ..Wasn't that "based on a true story" ?
  7. I must have missed that spoiler... I'm only aware of the "Tommen out the window" one for KL (and the promise of a bloodbath)... or maybe more detail has been added ? I've been arming myself with spoilers so that I won't be completely unprepared for whatever the upcoming deviations will be. So far, they've been pretty spot on. Even if they aren't completely right, I figure being aware of the possibilities decreases the danger of destroying of my possessions as I watch in frustration.
  8. This probably belongs on the rant thread, but it was the indulgent "let's show off Charles Dance" scenes that truncated the Arya / Jaqen interactions so viciously...
  9. character "tornado progression"
  10. Last year, I wondered why the Waif was being portrayed as being so resentful of Arya.. and it's only been getting worse... Of course it's now all too obvious that "creatively it makes sense, because.."
  11. It would be/is silly from a book perspective, but show Waif has been antagonistic, resentful and bullying from the get go, (her beatings far exceeded anything the Kindly Man ever dished out).. soo... The spoilers Oh, well.
  12. Of course both Sophie's and Maisie's statements about Arya's list could be untrue. The showrunners / writers have lots of latitude (and often take more than I would like).. There's no guarantee that Arya's list is down to three (except for the hinted addition of the Waif ). It's changed before for various ... reasons. If spoilers are true, But unless I'm mistaken, the theatre troupe appear in 2 episodes (IIRC - interview with Essie Davis) so I suspect they may really feature in Arya's return.
  13. Speak for yourself. I wasn't addressing you and don't intend to.
  14. ..that would be.. if spoilers are true.. wouldn't make sense with book FM ethics, but , hey.. that would be nothing unusual..
  15. I don't know if it's a permanent recast ...maybe it is... or maybe it's just, this is the guy we'll see if NK needs to fight or do some other action-y stuff.. ?? (trusting that the casual viewer won't notice ?)