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  1. I have to say, this season doesn't make me look forward to the next one that much. Sure, it would be fun to have Canning become more of a constant presence, but the way characters who are not Alicia have been forgotten most of the time I'm not sure I actually want to become more invested in him. And then there's the fiasco of that last Kalinda/Alicia scene in years... But Alicia opening that door was a nice parallel to the end of season... 4, wasn't it?
  2. I got so mad after last episode that I couldn't even discuss it sooner. First of all, because they've gone beyond the limit of all soap-opera cliches and just condensed them in one contrived mess - crazy, vindictive sister who comes back from the dead, pretends to be someone else and in this case literally steals her sister's boyfriend wasn't enough, she also had to rape him and get pregnant with his child (or claim to be so - really hoping it's a lie, because I don't know how they can carry this storyline for long). It's just disgusting. Second, I'm mad because it's like Regina has to be continually tested in her commitment to be good beyond all rationality (since every time she's good something terrible happens to her and the people she loves, why should she insist on trying? That's the question the show fails to answer), whereas other characters easily get their happy endings after doing some other terrible things and not even trying to atone for them. I know Lana Parrilla is their best actress and the emotional center of this show, but if they insist on putting one character through hell while everyone else just has to deal with minor problems, the whole thing stops making any sense. Finally, I got mad because now I just want Zelena to go back to the land of the dead and never return again! Honestly, there's simply no way she can be redeemed after this, unless she sacrifices herself against the next baddie of the week. Anyway, the rest of the episode was okay. Adult Lily and Emma don't have the same chemistry as their teenage versions, but I'm still hoping Lily might stay on the show and become Emma's TL, even though I know that will never happen. It was nice to see Regina be the one to stop Emma from going too far - character growth, everyone. But JMo still can't convince me as dark Emma - I tend to think she's very competent at action sequences and humor, but drama and romance are areas that reveal her acting limits. There's something seriously wrong with the Apprentice. I mean, what kind of person would ever approach a very troubled teenager and tell her that everything bad that happened in her life is someone else's fault, that she's not actually guilty of anything, that fate is just screwing with her? In what world does that have a good outcome? Also, their talk in the bus - very creepy scene. But this whole episode was so messed up that in the most dramatic moment of it (the reveals at Neal's apartment - and how absurd is it that his murderer has been living there for nine weeks?) I couldn't help but laugh at Lily's and Emma's faces, watching everything like it was a live soap-opera or something. Really, rewatch that scene and pay attention to their faces instead - hilarious! :rofl: Pretty sure he was just manipulating her, in typical Rumple style. And typical Belle, she easily fell for it. I mean, he could just as easily have gotten rid of Will with no one finding out about it, but what he did, pretending he only had Belle's best interests at heart, only wanted to see her happy? Easiest way to begin to get her trust back. Also, I'm choosing to believe Belle did agree to help Regina in the other episode, but Regina made her forget even that to protect her from any backlash. Plausible deniability or whatever. Come on, she doesn't have a father - she has two mothers! Seriously, she even looked like Regina as a teen, both Latinas and all that. Then she grew up and became white and tall like her other mother. I think Ned Stark would approve of this logic. :cool4:
  3. What worries me with where things are going is that we'll end up seeing even less of the other characters on the show than this season. But other than that, I agree it was a good episode. One thing I don't understand, though: it was Kalinda's last episode, and not even then could she share some actual screentime with Alicia? LIke, wtf? That hasn't happened since, what, season 3 or 4? (I do want to know what she wrote, even though I doubt it's that relevant)
  4. I'm more inclined to believe Regina made her forget because the whole experience was kind of traumatizing and she didn't deserve to be stuck with those memories, whether or not they agreed on everything that would happen (and, as I've said, I strongly believe they did, otherwise why show Belle asking her how she could help in the previous scene?). But I think Regina was in control the whole time; Belle didn't have her heart at the moment, so there's no way she would fall for Rumple's story like she usually does. Remember, the only character who has been shown to be able to feel deeply while without her heart is Regina. Anyway, I'd like to share a couple things with you all: First, this amazing crack video (I love these things!). And this interesting speculation about what the ink did to Cruella and also a way to understand the Author's interference.
  5. OUAT is so full of plot-holes that trying to make sense of it can sometimes become a Sisyphus job. I think Cruella simply didn't give a damn about what happened to Maleficent's child. So when she found herself stranded in an unknown land with no magic and no possessions other than those in her body, she certainly wasn't about to make things harder for herself and take care of an infant (though the thought of mommy Cruella is hilarious!). I also think that part of her decision to abandon the kid in the woods might have been a way to test if the Author's influence went that far and she still couldn't kill. What perplexes me about all this is that Ursula would simply agree with her decision; I mean, nothing we've seen of Ursula so far suggests she was that evil (what was the worst thing she did? Try to drown a few pirates?), but abandoning a baby in the woods? Wow... But yeah, I have a hard time reconciling how worried they appeared to be when the Charmings kidnapped the baby with their willingness to just get rid of it a few hours later too. On the Author pushing Snow and David to transfer Emma's darkness elsewhere, he's not like Rumple - he can't see the future. I imagine this time it's exactly as he said - he thought having the heroes do something so dark to an innocent child would make a fun story, so that's what he did. I suppose he could have just used his pen and ink to do that, but seeing them act that way of their own free will was probably a lot more satisfying. So he wouldn't have foreseen the Emma vs Cruella battle either, or the Savior's temptation, he was just trying to have a good time. Rumple's actions generally have multiple purposes at once, so it's possible he wanted Regina to go to NY and deal with the Zelena problem, but I think it's too soon to tell. We know very little of what's going on with him so far: centuries of dark deeds have taken their toll on his heart, which is now failing. We know Zelena has a potion that should be able to heal him, so it's likely he is actually working with her in order to save himself. After all, self-preservation is one of the few constants about the character. But it's Rumple, so he's certainly working on an alternative that doesn't make him dependent on Zelena. What we know about his plans for the Author is that he wants to use him to flip the balance so villains get their happy endings and heroes don't - or so he told the Queens of Darkness. To do that, he seems to need the Savior to go to the dark side. Which doesn't make any sense, because all he needs is to have the Author write whatever it is he wants and - voila! Unless the way to get the ink necessary to that writing is via Dark Emma? Stranger things have happened on this show... So, yeah, none of this makes any sense, and as far as we know Rumple's plan might simply be to transfer his darkness and the Dark One's title elsewhere, to Emma or Regina. As to how the characters can leave Storybrooke without losing their memories, my guess is that, since they got back to town after a second curse, cast by Snow, not Regina, the rules about them leaving are probably different. But they do lose their magic - there's something in one of the previous seasons about there being very little magic outside of Storybrooke, so they have to rely on enchanted objects to use it (like Zelena's pendant, or the potion). See, this is one of the most bizarre things about OUAT for me: that the heroes would just let Regina keep all those hearts in her vault instead of trying to return them to their rightful owners. WTF?! But assuming she does still have those hearts... It's possible she would have used them, but I tend to think she didn't. First, because Rumple is too smart to be tricked that way, and Belle was acting too cold in his presence, I have some serious doubts she would be able too keep her cool like that if her heart was still inside her body, or without Regina telling her what to say to hurt him just the right way.
  6. This episode... OMG, it's so good to finally have a villain that we're not told to sympathize with! Though, to be fair, that only makes her even more fascinating than most of the others. :bowdown: And I do love Victoria Smurfit's ability to look absolutely insane, with or without the wig. :devil: But the explanation of how she ended up with that hair was one of the most ridiculous things this show has ever done. Was it just me, or was anyone else expecting this episode to show how the Author ruined Cruella's life in the past and that's why she became a psycho? What we got was so much better! :bowdown: And her reaction to her theme song was the best! :bowdown: :bowdown: I'm kind of disappointed that the Queens of Darkness are going away this soon. I mean, Frozen proved beyond any doubts that the core cast should always be the focus, not the shiny special guests, but the QoD were so fabulous, and had all that potential, yet they barely got any screentime at all, all things considered. *sigh* I hope Maleficent somehow sticks around, and that maybe Cruella and Ursula might return someday in flashbacks about the Evil Queen or something of the kind. As to how Cruella was killed off... Like most people, I expected Regina to kill her, which would in turn put her in some good vs bad dilemma, tempt her back to the dark side or whatever (since she hasn't killed anyone since Graham - unless we count some of Zelena's flying monkeys, which the characters love pretending were never actually people), or, well, anything that would focus on Regina. Instead we get another Emma-centered story and OUAT's poor attempts at philosophizing over nature vs nurture, free will, and the likes, with this Savior nonsense. :bang: If only JMo managed to be convincing as Dark Emma, and not looking like a drug addict trying to hard, it might be easier to stand, but after 4A, the overexposure of Emma, and the fact that this character isn't Emma Swan at all, that's getting kind of hard to accept. But then, I watch this how for Lana Parrilla, so as long as she's around, I'll keep watching it. I never thought I'd say this, but I wish Snow had some more screentime this season. It feels like she's barely been there at all, other than to try and curse a baby-dragon, that is. And then there's Rumple. Okay, I guess the heart turning to charcoal or whatever that is thing kind of explains how randomly evil his actions have been lately - but they can't be used to excuse it. Maybe that's also happening because of the whole bringing him back from the dead thing, maybe that takes its toll on an already battered heart? Anyway, it's only getting harder to imagine how Rumple can be kept around or redeemed. Because right now the only way that happens is if the Author rewrites his story, but why would he do that? What has Rumple done other than try and corrupt every desperate woman within reach, and be a manipulative bastard to anyone who crosses his way? He doesn't deserve redemption, or even forgiveness, and I'm so happy that the two women he's wronged the most, Regina and Belle, are finally acknowledging it and teaming up against him. That's why I think this whole QoD arc should have lasted the whole season 4, not just half of it. It would have certainly been better than all that Frozen. The problem for me is not that they're bad, or that they've done something so despicable - I like my characters flawed-, but that they were such hypocrites, their inability to act like adults and acknowledge how messed up they are instead of convincing themselves and others they're so much better than everyone else. That's the unforgivable part to me. Rumple's plan was bringing Maleficent back from the dead so the Charmings' little secret would come out, and when Emma was already on edge from that, he would blackmail Regina into bringing her over to the dark side. The problem with that plan is that he underestimated Regina, as he always has, and all the growth she's been through since he turned her into his monster. He never realized that, this time, she might actually fight back, that there was a limit to how much abuse she could take from him before her anger out-weighted whatever affection she might still have for him. She wasn't just going to lose another love, he was right about that, but he never realized just how close she was to the Charmings that she wouldn't betray them either. Even more? He underestimated how hurt Belle was from everything he's done that she would agree to work with Regina against him (and I strongly believe she agreed with Regina's plan before the latter took out her heart to manipulate Rumple - and how lovely was that scene?!) Lucky for him, wild card Cruella De Vil was around, even more unhinged than before now that she lost her allies, Mal and Ursula, and that the Author was around. Cruella is not subtle, and neither is the Author, so of course Rumple quickly realized there was more going on than either admitted. From that, all he had to do was watch as she did all the heavy lifting for him (oh, and use those enchanted shells right at the right time to make sure Emma would be the one to find Cruella, on her own, of course).
  7. My feelings for Rumple, Cora and Zelena are actually quite similar - all of them boil down to: WHY CAN'T YOU REGRET ALL THE THINGS YOU DID, BE REDEEMED, AND HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH MY GIRL REGINA?! :bang: (sorry for "yelling", but that's pretty much my reaction to them all the time) Of course, I'm much more invested inn Rumple's happiness than Cora's and Zelena's, but that's mostly because he has a bigger time on-screen, and Carlyle makes him a lot more sympathetic than he probably should. Otherwise, they are very similar. Zelena's problem was that of perspective, of assuming the neighbor's grass is greener and never trying to actually think about it. I honestly can't understand what the writers did to her, because she seemed very stable, then, suddenly, she was turning green with envy and trying to kill her sister before even attempting to talk to her or anything. I mean, sure, it must be hell to discover that your sister, who your mother kept, grew up to become a queen, but Zelena actually had the means to watching what Regina's life was actually like (and, the way she behaves, I don't doubt for a second that she spent all her free time stalking Regina), all the neglect, abuse and manipulation she suffered, but she refuses to acknowledge that. And the irony is, from what we've seen of her adoptive family, her mother loved her and was probably a lot better to her than Cora could ever be, and her adoptive father just seemed to fear her, but was probably not that bad a parent, mostly for his wife's sake. The woman died when she was, what 20? So the only way her life was worse than Regina's was that they didn't have much money, and yet she ends up becoming worse than the Evil Queen. That scene, I think it was one of the few times we've seen Rumple be open and completely sincere. I think his intention with that speech was to push Robin to find a way back to Storybrooke, both because of his affection for Regina and wish or her to be happy (as long as that doesn't get in the way of his own happiness, as he says) and because it was one of the few things he could do to get back at Zelena without breaking their deal (okay, we don't know what exactly their deal was, but I'm pretty sure the things he told Robin are okay).
  8. These past several episodes... wow. Unless they're relying on a lot of red herrings, it seems pretty clear what will happen to Kalinda now. And Alicia... well, what happened to her was just plain disgusting, though somewhat unsurprising. We're probably getting a very angry Alicia next season; I'm all for it! :bowdown: I knew the Will subject would come up; nothing would justify the narrative ignoring it in this arc. And not just Robyn; where did Nathan Lane's character go?
  9. These past two episodes... wow. Okay, the one from two weeks ago first: I think it's great that they're showing us how Snow and her prince aren't as heroic as they seem, but what they did to Maleficent... honestly, I think that's a lot worse than most of the things done by the villains, because not only did they essentially doom a child's soul or whatever, but they justified it by saying it wouldn't be human?! Wtf? Add to that Kristin Bauer's ability to bring tears to our eyes, and I think it's pretty unavoidable for everyone to root for her, not the heroes, at this point. Kudos for Cruella and Ursula for trying to protect her baby, too adorable. And, of course, the identity of Mal's child is no surprise, but nice to see it confirmed anyway. As for the Author, I'm divided; I don't know if I love it or hate it that he's just some random asshole who has nothing to do with the characters we know. Okay, last night's episode. I wanted to like it, I really did, because the OUAT fandom has been throwing so much hate Sean Maguire's way recently and all that, but the episode itself was kid of dull, particularly the flashbacks. Another miracle performed by this show, making the love story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian so boring; part of it from the writing, the other part from the lack of chemistry between the actors. And then there's the big reveal.
  10. I like to think she could only possess Snow because of the connection they probably share. I mean, of the people still in her life, Snow is the one she has known for the longest time, and, for better or worse, she was her mother for a few years, and she continues to act on a motherly role very frequently.
  11. I was frustrated when Prady didn't agree to work with Alicia - think of all the cool polite disagreements scenes we might have had! But also relieved; he deserves better. I hope he'll still show up once in a while, though. Okay, best thing this episode was Alicia and Finn playing Halo, and Diane completely out of her comfort zone (but still fabulous, somehow) hanging out with Republicans. But what was the deal with the episode aired one year after "Dramatics, Your Honor" showing everyone suddenly loving guns? :bang: Yay to Elfman not sticking around. No yays for Finn's new girlfriend. And Peter still sucks, but at least he works as an excuse for delightful Eli scenes. I'm as confused as the rest of you about Bishop and Kalinda. I still don't see her surviving the season, though.
  12. Okay, OUAT is just messing with us now, right? One week Regina rides Maleficent, the next she enters Snow White, wtf! :smileysex: And what's the deal with Mal and Cruella creepily watching Regina as she sleeps? Not even gonna say anything about Maleficent offering her drugs :cool4: I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. On one hand, Ursula's story is a lot more innocent, sweet, than I expected, but it's also considerably sillier than the character deserved. Younger Ursula is adorable, but her reasons for becoming a villain were the same level of ridiculous as Archie's reason for wanting to be a cricket, of all things, or Hook's for becoming a pirate. Which only goes to show OUAT does have some consistency after all... Anyone else frustrated about
  13. Me too :cheers: , though I have my doubts. But then, last time I tried to predict anything with this show, they killed one of their main characters. :bang: (and I can't believe it will be one year next Monday :crying: ) Especially because I now want to see Alicia interacting more with Prady. And if he was SA and she stayed a lawyer, that would certainly happen. Or maybe that isn't necessary... I mean, wasn't he a TV personality or something?
  14. I feel like Elfman will end up bringing out the Peter in Alicia, you know... Really not a fan of this development, as that feels like the opposite of what everything was supposed to be about. But, other than that, it was a nice episode. Damn Canning and his unfiltered scheming! Abernathy's horror at certain technological advancements was fun to watch, and the beyond complicated relationship between Diane and her Republican is always fascinating. Oh, and Eli :bowdown: I do wish he would just leave Peter behind and go work for Alicia. Five seconds of Kalinda is just a crime. :agree: It's like they're having trouble prioritizing plots this season, which is a shame. A few brilliant episodes, especially as far as Alicia is concerned, but beyond disappointing in the treatment of the supporting characters.