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  1. I did try to make a new topic about this, looks like it wasnt approved but is Robin being merged with Harry the Heir?
  2. I've only heard ADWD. I wanted to reread the book but I don't have time anymore so I got it with my free audible trial. It took a bit of getting used to, I started reading after the TV series so already had all the voices for the cast in my head. Hearing Roy's very different Tyrion and Dany was hard at first but I've gotton used to it. I sort of retranslate them in my head into what I think they should sound like but maybe that's me being a bit crazy. I can honestly say you do get used to it and if you haven't used audible yet get it for you're free trial. When you're at work doing something menial it's nice to have it read to you and it isn't too bad when you get used to the way he reads it. Thinking of the series though and the difference between the books I think asoiaf is ripe for an epic radioplay when done. They wouldn't have to change anything and can cast different people for the different roles. It would cost a massive amount for a radioplay but would be so worth it.
  3. "THERE ONCE WAS A MAIDEN FAIR!" Sing the rest with me