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  1. Ok 1. Did she end the slave trade? Last time we say a slave she had agreed to let them sell themselves into slavery if they liked. 2. Do you consider the peasants of Westeros slaves? 3. Do you know the ins & outs of the Slavers Bay slave trade? Like whether slaves can purchase their freedom or if there are laws to protect them? We dont get this even in the book but what the show glosses over is that a large proportion of freed slaves preferred it before Dany took Mereen. As I said before please don't hear the word slavery & think of the Atlantic Slave Trade as it is a completely different system.
  2. It depends on the era of slavery. In the late Roman Empire there were laws that protected slaves from abuse & murder. Also in bastard feudalism as westeros seems to have the lords run the law courts so a serfs life is subject to their master. Tywin Lannister can murder an entire family (Reynes) if he wants. Ramsey can kill peasants with inpunity. Slavery is a loose term we fit to a whole host of situations that aren't related & it's very artificial which situations we decide to use it for. The atlantic slave trade & roman slavery are nothing alike but we use the same term. Serfdom is closer to roman slavery but we dont call it slavery even though the word serf is a derivitive of servus the latin for slave and the system was designed by diocletian to fill the gap of the old slavery system. I repeat as well that Essos slavery is more like Roman slavery than the atlantic slave trade & so closer to serfdom in westeros than that slave trade. I think the problem is our use of the word slave for these different systems & the connotations the word brings up in the modern age when half those dont fit this model.
  3. Slavery doesnt begin & end with the atlantic slave trade. Slavery as an institution functioned for a lot longer than that. The atlantic slave trade was abhorant as it tied slavery to race. The slavery in Essos looks more closely related to classical slavery and so not hugely unrelated to serfdom & fealty.
  4. The conditions have to be right. One of the main reasons the french revolution happenned was the military power of the nobility was already destroyed. One thing the war of the 5 kings has shown is all the military power is with the lords. They could crush any change & Dany must rely on them.
  5. Did she destroy the slave trade? Last we saw of slaves Dany agreed to let them sell themselves back into slavery if they wished. Surely this is one of those moral decisions she shouldnt have compromised on in your book? I guess we are sticking to the series but in the book slavery is still rife in astapor & yunkai albeit under a different guise. Westeros peasants are in a form of slavery with serfdom. There is no way any ruler could change the system in westeros. Dany will need the lords more than ever in peacetime. If you look at the North you see the local lords will resist any who arent their traditional lords. Dany will have a rebellion on her hands pretty quickly & I dont think the dragons will survive to peacetime. I agree the show will have a different ending to the series. I think the show will end the series after all unite and win the battle for the dawn but the books will continue. I think tho the books will end with new factions being created, new claiments & the game of thrones starting again. The moral being people wont stay united for long before they start fighting to be on top.
  6. So I'm assuming that the wheel to be broken is feudalism. Dany is not in the ideal position to do this. Feudalism is a really good way of administering a realm with very little taxation. If a ruler is going to change this they need an educated middle class to perform administration. This does not exist in Westeros. There are two examples of how to create an educated middle class from medieval europe. 1. Westeros needs to become much better at trading with Essos and so create rich common men. This would require the development of fine produce such as cloth. Rich traders will educate children well & over a few generations there should be a group of educated administrators. Plus the taxation from trade should give funds to pay for their jobs. 2. A ruler makes a concious effort to give lesser nobility (those without large amounts of land) administration roles. You will send these men to administer the other kingdoms also. There will be kick back from lords who expect these tasks as their rights so a degree of force is also required. The adminstrators also need to be paid. So in both cases we need a ruler with bags of cash & an army loyal to them alone. The Targareans only possessed KL and Dragonstone so not a basis for a large army or masses of funds. Dany would have to keep some of the other kingdoms, I think she'll find that very hard, her allies (like Tyrion) will be expecting these as reward for their support & she'll their support more in peacetime as her war machine powers down. We have seen how the Northern minor lords are very loyal to the Starks, they would not fight for Dany. She's only got a finite number of unsullied and the dothraki wont hang around once peace has been achieve. Of anyone I think Littlefinger would be the character most likely to be able to end feudalism. He has amassed some wealth, has control of a large agriculturally rich kingdom & a large armed force. He also would be forced to use lesser nobility as he would not be viewed well with the major lords. It would take a lot of cunning for this & show Littlefinger at least is lacking this. One bonus for Westeros is the citidel, it would be a good vehicle for the spread of education to a middle class however you would need to open it up to traders or increase the size & attractiveness of the profession by making it a paid profession. This of course also needs bags of cash.
  7. Well they have merged him with Stannis but that's to give him more of a role in the victories & uniting of the north
  8. I read an article saying he was writing both at the same time & will publish when he has finished so we either will get both or neither. Not sure if anyone who knows more can confirm. Seriously tho why does he keep writing history books. They aren't the easiest of reads with the dry narrative. It's all a bit lazy.
  9. Tyrion lets his dislike for Thorne stop him from listening to anything Thorne has to say & he treats him & his message with contempt. In the books Tyrion is rather self centered. He focuses on all the injustices he has been dealt rather than opportunities and goes through a lot of self loathing. This often results in him making a poor decision or two along the way. Or selfish ones like the murder of the musician that found out about Shae. The show stripped him of that hence a lot of book readers refer to show Tyrion as St. Tyrion.
  10. It doesnt in the show, but in the books Tyrion dismisses Thorne & the hand in Clash. The hand had decomposed by the time Thorne was seen if i recall.
  11. I agree it's difficult. I just dont understand what capturing one wight does. Cersei has Ser Robert Strong she knows it's possible to reanimate a corpse. Is she actually going to care? I can not imagine this being in the books in any way, shape or form
  12. Just to ask a silly question. They are definately going to capture a Wight & not a Walker? A Walker would prove there is this monster alien race, a Wight is just a re-animated dead guy. Cersei would just say, yeah i got me one of those too.
  13. Yes I agree with all of this, Tarly to switch sides early in the book & Aegon to control the Reach, Dorne & Stormlands early on. I think he'll then march on KL in force & who knows the ins & outs but I think the result is dead Cersei & Aegon sitting pretty for Dany's invasion with minimal losses. I think Dany will land by halfway into the next book.
  14. I think Cersei's politik will result in the death or margery & queen of thorns. I believe GRRM wants to give Aegon a strong hand militarily for when Dany shows up for there too be a Dance of Dragons 2. That means he wont take many loses. I therefore think, Tarly will turn on whatever Tyrell is left & move to Aegon with forces in tact. If I recall the legends the Tyrells were never kings but promoted to lord of the Reach after Aegon wiped out the kings of the Reach. And i think the Tarly's also claim to have similar blood relationship to the old kings of the Reach. Pls correct me if I've confused them with another family. What that says to me is the Tarly's are proud & cud see a new Targ invasion as an opportunity. In any case my whole opinion is based on my belief that they'll be a big war between Dany & Aegon. For that to happen Aegon needs to gain as much land with as few a losses as possible before Dany shows. That means whatever the conflict with Cersei it will be short with few losses. Looking at history & situation as it stands I've made some guesses as to how Aegon can be in a position of strength. I'm not trying to match the show these were my impressions after reading the preview chapters last year. I think the show just confirmed a lot of this to me in their treatment of Cersei.
  15. What we can see from preview chapters is Doran is weighing his options. His son has died in Dany's custody & arianne wud b a good match for Aegon in which Dorne wud b partners. I cant see Dorne going anywhere other than Aegon. As soon as Doran hears of Tristan it will be done. Tarly seems to be leaning towards Targs from hints which suggests he's being primed, obvs we have to remember Varys is on Aegon not Dany's side. I think Randyl Tarly will take the Reach but prob after Cersei has destroyed the Tyrell leaders in KL. Cersei is no match for all these & I think GRRM will be concious of not created too many wars after wars so Aegon vs Cersei will be resolved quickly. I think Aegon preps his forces and marches to KL, Cersei pannics (Tommen dies some how), she decides to burn the whole city rather than lose, has the wildfire set up. Jaime has come back and is around to learn of this plan & kills her before she gives the order. Aegon marches into KL unopposed. Then Dany lands at Dragonstone. Que Dance of Dragons 2.