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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    I did try to make a new topic about this, looks like it wasnt approved but is Robin being merged with Harry the Heir?
  2. Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    I've only heard ADWD. I wanted to reread the book but I don't have time anymore so I got it with my free audible trial. It took a bit of getting used to, I started reading after the TV series so already had all the voices for the cast in my head. Hearing Roy's very different Tyrion and Dany was hard at first but I've gotton used to it. I sort of retranslate them in my head into what I think they should sound like but maybe that's me being a bit crazy. I can honestly say you do get used to it and if you haven't used audible yet get it for you're free trial. When you're at work doing something menial it's nice to have it read to you and it isn't too bad when you get used to the way he reads it. Thinking of the series though and the difference between the books I think asoiaf is ripe for an epic radioplay when done. They wouldn't have to change anything and can cast different people for the different roles. It would cost a massive amount for a radioplay but would be so worth it.
  3. Stannis humor

    But in real life the action wasn't necessarily an insane one. Caligular was dropping the pretence of the republic Augustus had set up (very crudely) and sending a message to the senators along the lines of, you think of yourselves so important well I can make my horse Consul (chief senator) and the empire would still carry on. You don't have any power!
  4. Does Cersei truly love her children, Jaime, anyone?

    I think she really did love Joffery, Tommen suffers from having to step in Joff shadow. You say she only showed affection for Myrcella because she saw herself in her. That is part of love for your children seeing yourself in them. Also that's pretty weak to say her emotions had nothing to do with her loving her child. This is the problem with that Maggy the Frog prophecy it's changed Cersei's motives around her children to being about fighting against her perceived future rather than it to be about her love. Love for Jaime is a little more sketchy. They loved each other and were very close but whether that was more than sibling love with benefits still remains to be seen, they do both seemed to have drifted away from each other after being seperated for the first time in their lives.
  5. How does Tommen die?

    But that still counts doesn't it, he still fled. I'm thinking King James II and the Jacobins in England. It doesn't matter if your fleeing death, once you flee you become exile and foreit your right. Though I think has it in that all the nobles recognised a change of dynasty to the Baratheon's. If Cersei stepped out and said they were Lannisters, that they were seizing the throne and all the nobles agreed then I'd accept them as rulers by conquest. I do still think possessing Royal blood counts (as Robert did), you see in English history the effort made by new dynasties to emphasise there bloodlines (I'm thinking Tudors and King Cnut in particular). This became important in Europe after the Crisis of the third century in the Roman Empire where every general with an army decided to declare themselves emperor and you got a different emperor a year with all the civil wars.
  6. How does Tommen die?

    That's not how it works, Robert gained the throne as he was the closest related to the previous king (not killed or exiled). You cannot seize the throne just because you are stronger or killed the last king you need legitamacy (which was why Robert was chosen as the head of the rebellion in the first place). So Cersei's children have no claim to the throne it passes to Stannis as the closest legitamite relation to the previous King.
  7. Long Claw and the Prophecy

    Didn't Mance survive wounds that the Watch couldn't heal due to Wildling aid. Mayhaps Val has some knowledge that could save Jon? That's what I'm hoping for.
  8. The most Useless character in ASoIaF

    Penny gets my vote, so glad she's dying (she better be dying!). Tysha is the most annoying non-character though and I hope so much that she doesn't appear in the series.
  9. Pick 10 characters you think will survive at the end of the series

    1. Tyrek Lannister - he's gonna reappear & outlive 'em 2. Hot Pie 3. Rickon 4. Sansa 5. Edmure Tully 6. Sam 7. Bronn 8. Edric Storm (I'd say Gendry but I think he might be Nisa Nisa to Arya's AA) 9. The young Mormount girl, Rickon's future wife, I forget her name 10. Shaggydog (on account of Rickon surving)
  10. What are the best quotes/lines in the book?

    "THERE ONCE WAS A MAIDEN FAIR!" Sing the rest with me
  11. Cersei and her ill-fitting gowns.

    Doesn't Maggy the Frog predict she'd have only 3 children and they'd all die on the throne. I think that means she's done with having children. But that's not to say she aint pregnant, just to say she won't be giving birth. But yeah the more likely reason is she's becoming Robert.