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  1. In fairness, I wouldn't call it right off the bat with a margin this slim.
  2. Just seems like their model is way too dependent on assumptions that they can't verify until after the fact. And I think this does a ton to damage their trust with the public, who don't really understand the concepts behind statistical modeling or what the "76%" number even needs. I think they would be better served leaving that to other websites to do the forecasting.
  3. All I know is the Times better be pretty damn sure if they're publishing the results of a prediction model again, after the presidential election. Why would they even bother?
  4. Dungy and Steve Young are the only ESPN guys I would be shocked to see. There are athletes on these sports shows that I would be shocked NOT to see. And in fairness to those accused on this one, this is part of a wrongful termination suit, so the claims definitely need to be investigated for veracity as there could be an ulterior motive.
  5. Ol' Ray would be very high up on my list of expected.
  6. A bunch of NFL network former athletes are the latest to be popped for sexual harassment, as well as the guy Bill Simmons hired as President of the Ringer (oops). Wouldn't be surprised if 80% of our dipshit athlete studio analysts are out of jobs in the next few months.
  7. Only line it really affected were people who live bet the second half. Rams were favored by 1
  8. Bennett has got to be suspended, and preferably for a good long while The NFL has enough of a problem with guys getting injured in the normal course of action. Intentionally trying to injure guys cannot be tolerated. The suspension for cheap shots unrelated to play on the field needs to be in the range of PED suspensions. Sitting guys down for 4 games for a first offense and 8 for a second will start getting the attention that trying to injure your fellow players is beyond the pale.
  9. They've been saying Wentz plays reckless the entire time he's been in the league, and that was never clearer than on that scramble. If it is indeed a torn ACL, he's lucky that's all it was. He took a full contact shot directly to the knee. He could have had the whole thing explode a la Teddy Bridgewater.
  10. NFL is so lucky they didn't have a Ron Artest situation on their hands. Some Seahawk scrub got ejected for throwing a cheap shot on the kneel down, started yelling at the fans, got a beer thrown on him and legitimately tried to go into the crowd. Someone pulled him down before he could get over the railing, but I would guess his season is over. Would have loved to see a defensive lineman rampaging through the crowd though, would have been a cherry on top of the NFL's implosion.
  11. Isn't he another guy who is likely to take the first job that opens up in the southeast if he has any success?
  12. I'm guessing that after flubbing the initial announcement so badly, they just want to wait until they actually have concrete information to give out. Just realized this happened to Shazier right before he was about to cash in with this second contract
  13. Even the NFL isn't stupid enough to blame the surgery for paralysis. And players and fans know it can happen, it's happened before on the field, and it will happen again.
  14. These programs hiring defensive coordinators as head coaches in the SEC boggle my mind. It's a recipe for years of 7-5 seasons. Go hire someone who knows what they're doing on offense. That league is ripe for the taking if someone comes in and brings a quality offensive system. Still mad that Chip didn't take the Florida job. Can't believe he chickened out and didn't want to topple the mighty SEC.
  15. Sucks for Oregon. That Helfrich hire was an absolute killer.