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  1. I don't think it's particularly close. I really think Cleveland eviscerates the Celtics here.
  2. Cleveland will smash Boston this year. LeBron, IT, Kevin Love, Crowder, and Thompson is much better than anything Boston can throw out there, and much better than their lineup last year. . Boston is setting up for the future, and not having to pay IT a big long-term deal.
  3. Wow, what a trade. I really think the Celtics have horribly mismanaged their pile of assets. They traded IT, Jae Crowder, and the Brooklyn pick next year for Kyrie. I don't like that at all for Boston. And I think Cleveland got better this year AND got a top 3 pick in next year's lottery.
  4. Colts will be drafting in the top 5 this year.
  5. I'm not watching the game, but the box score is indicating Jared Goff is playing well tonight. It's the preseason and all, but at least he's showing competence. The Jeff Fisher stink may finally be wearing off of him.
  6. The internet has given people with crazy ideas a voice. That's how they were able to cobble up a couple thousand losers who were willing to march in the name of white supremacy (despite ironically being the dregs of society regardless of race), and that's where you see people convinced we should literally go to war with the "alt-right."
  7. JaMarcus Russell was at least talented. The Bucs traded up, to draft a kicker, in the second round. That makes it the worst. At least you can justify the Jamarcus pick by saying if he figured it out he could have made a difference to the team.
  8. Think it's safe to say that this is the worst draft pick in the history of major sports: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20323063/roberto-aguayo-waived-tampa-bay-buccaneers-missing-pat-fg-preseason-opener .
  9. I don't even think it's worth fighting over for the Cowboys. Morris and McFadden are both starting caliber running backs in their own right. They should be fine.
  10. Also, Leonard Fournette thinks the NFL is going to be easy because he got 31 yards against the Patriots third string. Don't think there's ever been an easier pick for a bust.
  11. Lol Goodell just asking for a fight. That being said, it's the right decision. Send a message that being a shithead off the field isn't going to be acceptable.
  12. I still don't see why Cleveland trades Kyrie. They have no incentive to unless they are offered a package that is flat out better than him. Which recent trades of stars has shown, there's about a zero percent chance that happens. They know LeBron is gone in the off-season. They run it back this year and then can deal Love and Kyrie next offseason.
  13. That attitude can manifest itself in many ways. Being a douche is not the only way to have "swag." Not a fan of Durant for other reasons, but he's not a douche.
  14. We're conditioned not to like douche bags, because we've all met aggressively cocky pricks in real life. And people don't like them there either.
  15. Cutler is a solid quarterback. The problem has been the Bears, not him.