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  1. I'm interested in why you think he'll peak at that? For what it's worth, you're probably right on rebounds and blocks, but those numbers show that he's got high 20s, 30 ppg potential. That's with range beyond the arc and quality defense. That's an elite NBA player. He's not guaranteed to get there, as I'm concerned about injuries, but still.
  2. Also, I'm looking for a decent website to get stats and box scores. I used to use ESPN, but the autoplay videos on every page are a dealbreaker for me. What does everyone use?
  3. This is insane to me. http://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/3102531/kristaps-porzingis , who happens to be 22 years old, needs to be the third best player on your team?
  4. Looking more and more like the Niners should go grab Cousins. The so-called year of the quarterback for the NFL draft is imploding. That being said, they'll probably waste the pick anyway. Maybe they can spend a 4th straight 1st round pick on a mediocre defensive lineman.
  5. He's definitely got a ways to go to getting to #1 status. I just see low (relatively) low ceiling with Tatum. I think that's okay with the Celtics who have a lot of good players already, but I do not think he's close to a build around guy.
  6. Knicks have Porzingis for at least 2 more years after this one guaranteed, and that's assuming Porzingis is wililng to take a HUGE paycut to not sign the max deal the Knicks will offer him. Also, Smart isn't on a long term contract. This is a contract year for him.
  7. WHAT???? I don't think Tatum will be bad or anything. I think he's a high floor, low ceiling guy with fringe all-star potential. Like a David Lee type. I just think this was a great draft and that's not going to crack the top 5. The idea of trading him for Porzingis is also insane. Porzingis is a 7'3" rim protector with 3 point range. He is already playing at a level higher than Tatum's ceiling, and has significantly more growth potential.
  8. The funny thing about the Celtics-Sixers trade, is that after having seen the rookies for a while now, I think that neither of those guys is going to end up in the top 5 players from this class.
  9. Nothing like playing a team that doesn't play defense to bounce back. That being said, he will be a really good one eventually, but I'm going to enjoy this year as the league's best players consistently go to humiliate him.
  10. I turned it off. Can't watch anymore.
  11. Also, the English language needs a word to differentiate types of broken bones. Fracture, to me at least, sounds like he has a little crack in the bone and he'll put a cast on it for 3 months and be fine. That bone was snapped in half.
  12. It sounded like a damn gun. That was a snapped ankle, he's done.
  13. That was awful, but long term he should be okay. It also just took every single ounce of drama out of the season. We've got Cavs-Warriors part 4.
  14. Yep, peering into the depths of the backup QB quagmire is pretty terrifying. Garopollo is the only one who MIGHT have legitimate starter potential. With the rest, you're just hoping for competence.
  15. i have practiced a ton.