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  1. Maybe so on Beard, but Shaka is a disaster.
  2. Killmonger had plenty of reasons to be angry with T'challa and Wakanda, and he was certainly correct that they shouldn't be hoarding their technology and letting the rest of the world suffer. But past that, he was a psychopath. The scene in the junkyard shows pretty definitively that any talk about caring about other people was bullshit; he just wanted power and revenge.
  3. Warmonger mentioned 2 billion people. He was from Oakland, but he was clearly referencing all black people. He also was supposed to be unpalatable. Nakia was the voice of reason who wanted to help the rest of the world without committing genocide, Warmonger was the embodiment of radicalism.
  4. Chris Beard at Texas Tech is a UT alum. You have to imagine they'd love to jettison Shaka and scoop him up.
  5. Nothing was available at a decent price. Thunder have to position themselves for more than just this year, because PG isn't going to resign if the cupboard is bare next year.
  6. Thunder would have been a legitimate threat to the Warriors if Roberson hadn't gotten hurt. Unfortunately, they don't have anyone to replace him.
  7. Their draft day trades were pretty impressive. Gave up nothing other than this year's late first and Jae Crowder, and got some really nice players.
  8. I'm in the same boat. OU has completely imploded. They got as high as #4 in the country, and now they are in danger of missing the tournament.
  9. Holy shit Kentucky is awful. I knew this would be Cal's worst team, but they are pitiful.
  10. It's a meat grinder. No great teams, but everyone has a pulse.
  11. As far as I can tell, Isaiah has been a cancer everywhere he's been, except for the year and a half that he balled out of his mind for the Celtics and got to shoot 20 times per game.
  12. I think the top teams are really good this year. Good teams get upset in College Basketball sometimes. Duke and Nova are still awesome though.
  13. Jimmy G has got to be the only player in the NFL that likes Goodell.
  14. They do. Thomas is an expiring contract.
  15. We've got quite a bit of evidence that McDaniel's is a self-centered douche of epic proportions. Colts dodged a bullet. McDaniels is obviously a great offensive mind, but I don't think the dude is capable of managing relationships outside of the weird little bubble in New England. Also think that's a disaster waiting to happen for the Patriots if he does get that job when Brady/Belichick leave. Pats roster is not good, they've been propped up by the greatness of Brady, and to a lesser extent Gronk. But Brady is out, and Gronk can't have much time left being dominant.