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  1. Possibly true. Although the Colts biggest problem was talent deficiency during Grigson's rein. Their drafts were consistently atrocious, which you would expect would be in the wheel house of a personnel guy.
  2. Telling the truth and being a douche are not mutually exclusive.
  3. Sherman has always been an epic douche, a bully, and a shithead. He and Draymond Green should get DNA tests to see if they're long lost cousins.
  4. I would hope for a reconciliation as well.
  5. Can anyone else not wait for the LaVar and Lonzo Ball falling out? It will be the TMZ sports media story of all-time.
  6. Just when I start to believe the Browns might know what they're doing.
  7. Excited to do Murph on Memorial Day: 1 Mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Air Squats (divided any way you want, most choose to do 20 sets of 5-10-15) 1 Mile Run I will scale the Pull-ups (resistance band assisted) and Push-ups (20 inch incline). The pushups will still be a nightmare, even with the easier form.
  8. There are plenty of people on those apps looking for dating and relationships. I have several friends who are married or engaged to partners they met on Tinder. I've had plenty of luck dating on both sites, and have never used either for hook-ups. Obviously that's how they started, but it turned out they were just very efficient ways to meet people, so tons of single people are on there.
  9. Give me a break. Online dating is basically the definition of a number's game, and understanding how objectively attractive you are, as well as how objectively attractive the people you are pursuing are is going to be key to having any success. The number is a shortcut to giving you an idea of your position relative to the masses, as well as another individual's relative position. It's not meant to judge anything other than a person's appearance, which whether you like it or not is the very first hurdle anyone has to clear in online dating.
  10. Tinder and Bumble are your best bets, especially in your age group. Obviously your mileage will vary, and you need to have a reasonable understanding of your objective attractiveness, because how you look is going to be the first hurdle. If you're a 5 and are going after 9s, don't be surprised when you aren't having success on the apps. That being said, if you keep your sights within reason you should meet plenty of people. And there are plenty of people on those sites looking for long-term relationships. Use your judgment based on the photos and profiles they are providing to figure out who is who.
  11. Just another garbage hot take. LeBron was not the MVP of the regular season. He mailed in the second half of the season and his team was legitimately not good over that period. There have almost certainly been seasons where LeBron should have won the MVP and didn't (2014 being the most glaring example of this), but this isn't one of them. But you're right, this isn't LeBron's fault. This is the internet's fault, where zero-cost distribution has made it so that the only way that you can stand out in the sports media crowd is by providing brilliant analysis (like Zach Lowe), being objectively funny and entertaining (like Bill Simmons), or just being an asshat saying ridiculous shit that will get people riled up. Since the overwhelming majority of people in the field don't have the talents of the first two categories, that only leaves #3.
  12. Heh, I am also a total degenerate. I truly believe that if I had the discipline to only play the games where I believed the betting lines were incorrect I could grind out a profit. Problem is, I have no discipline and will just bet to bet. My only saving grace is that I will only buy in once a season, so I don't have to worry about jeopardizing my finances. I put in my couple hundred bucks every year, knowing that I will inevitably lose it all, but I enjoy it so it's well worth it.
  13. I'm on something of an epic heater. I've played Warriors over the total several times and hit every time, as well as parlaying it with the point spread a couple of times. Reminds me of some of these great offenses in college football where the books just can't set the totals high enough.
  14. My online book didn't have it at 12-1, or I would have taken it. Instead, I took the Celtics +15.5, which is also looking quite nice.
  15. ZaZa caused tens of millions of dollars in actual revenue loss to ESPN, the NBA, the Warriors/Spurs and just league brand equity. And he didn't even get a slap on the wrist. What a fucking joke.