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  1. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    The dipshit leagues have also been cutting off their nose to spite their faces re: gambling. Still not sure why they've been fighting that battle.
  2. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    Sports are more popular than ever, they just need to figure out a better way to monetize. People are more comfortable than ever with the subscription model, so I don't think that's the issue either. While they were being subsidized by the people out there who had no interest in sports, that subsidy was likely allowing the avid sports fan to be undercharged. There worry has to be just getting cut out by the leagues. I mean, in 10 years will the NFL need broadcast partners? Why wouldn't they just sell tiers of streaming packages, where you could do: just your favorite team's game every week >>> the old model of the 3 network games, plus Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games >>> Every game Sunday ticket style. I guess that there are probably enough old people out there who will refuse to learn technology that they will want to keep television games alive for a while, but that has to end relatively soon.
  3. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    A lot of people seem to think treating non-whites and gay people with dignity is "political." Even if it is politics, though, the idea that that is what's hurting them is laughable. They were asleep at the wheel thinking their ridiculous cable television model was going to last forever, and they overestimated their future revenue potential and overbid on live sporting properties. They can't do anything about those long-term league contracts, and they've already cut the back office space to bare bones levels. They got fat on an unsustainable business model, and they're having to go lean in a hurry. I live in Oklahoma, where pretty much everything is the oil and gas business, and the same things happen. When times are good, like 5 years ago, these companies fatten up. And there's a good reason for it, as every company is flush with cash and needs to expand to capitalize on high prices, so they get into bidding wars for talent. But it goes past it's logical extreme. My old roommate at the time was a perfect example. Great dude, and capable worker, but he was in a non-engineering role with a fortune 100 player in the industry, was 27 years old and making $90k a year working 40 hours a week, and getting a golf membership paid for. Those numbers don't add up when the price of oil cuts in half. Exxon went from 486 billion in revenue in 2012 to 246 billion in 2016. ESPN is suffering the exact same type of thing.
  4. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    http://www.basketball-reference.com/leagues/NBA_1987.html Scoring was MUCH higher in the 1980s than it is today. The decrease in scoring came in the late 90s, early 2000s, when the talent level in the league was way down. The talent level is up again, and that's why you're seeing an increase in scoring again.
  5. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    In the game where Russ went for the 50 point triple double and was ripped on for his bad 4th quarter, Russ was +11 in the game. The backup PG in that game, Semaj Christon, went -15 in 7 minutes. It's just comical.
  6. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    As many know, I'm a huge Oklahoma homer. I love Blake Griffin, he was at OU as the same time as me and watching him just fucking dominate outmatched college kids was one of the highlights of my final year of college, which is still the best year of my life to date. That said, I do not want him on the Thunder. He's a guy who relies on overwhelming athleticism, and that athleticism is fading fast. He's hurt way too often. I just don't htink he's the answer for the Thunder, and I think anyone who gives him a big contract in the offseason is going to have that albatross around their neck for the next 5 years.
  7. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    Would likely cause a completely unwarranted hysteria.
  8. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    His teammates were atrocious, once again. The box plus/minus tells the story in this one. Russell dominated this game, but the backup point guard went -18 in 7 minutes of floor action. With Oladipo playing like a complete shit stain, Russ is forced to try to do it himself. Eric Gordon and Lou Williams go for 22 and 21 on 8-14 shooting each, and we're still going to pretend that the Thunder supporting cast is even in the same league?
  9. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    Touche. Still, you can get mattresses full of cash doing slightly less reprehensible things.
  10. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    After the lawyers took their fees, I doubt Hernandez had much to give to Lloyd's estate anyway. Never understood how criminal defense attorneys for the wealthy can sleep at night. And I say this as a member of the bar.
  11. The Circle

    Yeah, I was mostly poking fun at the fact that Tom Hanks has adapted some truly terrible novels into films. The movie looks interesting, and I'm going to check it out when it releases. I generally trust the opinions of the regulars on this forum, so wanted to see if anyone had read the novel.
  12. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    He's not an idiot. He got the rug pulled out from under him at the last minute when Durant left. He did win the Ibaka trade. The Thunder got a really talented young starter at a position of need plus a lottery pick. The lottery pick had an atrocious year, and Oladipo has been good, but hasn't taken that next leap. The idea at the time of the trade was Durant would be playing more 4 and protecting the rim, which he does for GS now. Plus, had Durant resigned, they couldn't have afforded to keep Ibaka when he became a FA this season anyway. That was an excellent trade.
  13. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    I was very high on Adams, he didn't translate it over to this season. I think it's a nagging back injury, but he just hasn't been great this year. I've never liked Kanter more than a scoring punch off the bench, and I've always hated his contract.
  14. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    Yeah, it's totally bizarre that removing a top 10 player of all time and a high end stretch 4 would make a difference on a team's overall talent level. Other than that, great point, though!
  15. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    1) The argument is about Westbrook's usage and making his teammates better, so it is exclusively about offense. 2) Again, the Thunder don't have shooters. That's the issue here. Harden gets into the lane and kicks it out to guys who can bury 3s. That's where this perception of his making his teammates so much better comes in. Russell doesn't have that option because his teammates can't shoot 3s. 3) You might have a point about Kanter's PER, if he wasn't so horrific defensively that you can't play him in many matchups. I don't want to hear anything about Kanter's offense, because he is so bad defensively that for every point he scores he's giving one back, and sometimes worse. There's a reason that a guy as offensively gifted as him plays 20 minutes per game on an offense starved team. 4) Oladipo is not "clearly" better than the next best wing player. I think he is better, but it's damn close. The Rockets also have 4 guys who are in that mix with him. Thunder have no one else who is: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.fcgi?request=1&sum=0&player_id1_hint=Victor+Oladipo&player_id1_select=Victor+Oladipo&y1=2017&player_id1=oladivi01&player_id2_hint=Trevor+Ariza&player_id2_select=Trevor+Ariza&y2=2017&player_id2=arizatr01&player_id3_hint=Eric+Gordon&player_id3_select=Eric+Gordon&y3=2017&player_id3=gordoer01&player_id4_hint=Patrick+Beverley&player_id4_select=Patrick+Beverley&y4=2017&player_id4=beverpa01&player_id5_hint=Lou+Williams&player_id5_select=Lou+Williams&y5=2017&player_id5=willilo02 Capela has been better than Adams, he just missed a few games which brings down his win shares. 5) The triple doubles thing is arbitrary. But the argument that most are making is that the Thunder supporting cast is shit, which I've just shown you to be the case. If you dig into the stats at all, or hell even just watch the guys play, it's clear that the Rockets supporting cast is exponentially better. Which makes sense, since it's a team built around James Harden strengths, whereas the Thunder's group was designed with playing alongside Russ and KD, adn then you took out one of the two support columns, yet Russ has been able to make the whole thing balance on one leg.