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  1. He didn't get a DUI. He was drunk and ran from the cops and got tackled into a wall.
  2. Mayfield is the best quarterback in this draft, and it's not particularly close.
  3. The Rockets run more Iso than anybody.
  4. I meant the early Luck years when they were making the playoffs. The Manning teams were awesome.
  5. Even when the Colts were good, they were still awful to watch.
  6. Embiid has been a disaster in this game. He is killing the Sixers with stupid play.
  7. I cannot stand the players on this Heat team.
  8. He shared an agent with Jimmy Clausen and was endlessly hyping him up. Obviously, that did not end well.
  9. I think you just have to surround them with shooters. Obviously every team needs shooters, but those guys really need shooters. Especially in the playoffs when you aren't going to get calls to go to the line 15 times per game, especially in the later rounds. You are right about the shot people have to respect. Westbrook and Lebron are two guys that aren't good shooters, but you can't just sag off them and pack the paint because they can knock down open pull up jumpers. I feel like Simmons and Giannis both have to develop that aspect of their games to get to the next level of superstardom.
  10. That's true, but what the Thunder and Rockets do isn't really old school iso. It's not like everyone clearing out and Kobe or Carmelo dribbling with their back to the defender for 20 seconds and then jacking up a turnaround fadeaway as the shotclock expires. Both teams set a ton of screens and there's a lot going on.
  11. Just couldn't overcome that ridiculously awful shooting performance, and lost to a bad Heat team. This should have been an easy sweep for the Sixers.
  12. I will give Rothfuss credit. He wrote one good book and one bad book and made enough money to never to write a third book to break the tie.
  13. Sixers struggling with this bad Miami team is just pathetic. They are so far ahead talent-wise that it should not be close.
  14. I'm pretty down on both Simmons and Giannis for the playoffs. If you can't shoot at all it doesn't matter how spectacularly athletic you are. Meanwhile Sixers legitimately putting together one of the worst quarters in the history of basketball.
  15. Iso with your best players is fine. Rockets do the same thing, and average very few assists.