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  1. Melo can play the 4 in todays game. He's a bit of a defensive liability (but not a complete disaster) and he can still get buckets.
  2. One thing I like about the T-Wolves is that Towns is a player the Warriors are not set up to deal with. They're probably still too young to compete in earnest, but their roster is set up well.
  3. Monk plays the same position as Buddy Hield, and those two can't play together because neither can play the point and neither can guard bigger wings. Kings were never going to draft Monk, nor should they have. Kings murdered this draft, and that consensus is almost universal.
  4. Buying picks should not be a thing, especially for teams that are over the cap.
  5. Also, the Kings murdered this draft. They got a guy with a legitimate chance to be the best player in the draft with the #5 pick (and a guy who is an athletic freak, high character kid, and has a very high floor), they got Justin Jackson at 15, the former #1 HS prospect at 20, and the Naismith winner in the second round. That is an incredible haul.
  6. Not to a small degree, they tanked big time. It's not a coincidence that they started out playing decent basketball and then just turned into a steaming pile. And next year there will be plenty of teams tanking on purpose. Magic, Sixers, Suns, Kings, Bulls all have bad teams and no incentive to win. Nets and Knicks will be a dumpster fire.
  7. Seems like these sharpshooters fall in the draft every year, and turn out to be among the most valuable players in the draft. Monk to Charlotte is a great pick at 11.
  8. Yeah, can we talk about the Kings looking competent?
  9. And I have no problem with the Celtics. I just think these moves are dog shit.
  10. They aren't trying to tank. There will be teams that are actively trying to tank. That puts a floor on where they are going to finish.
  11. Celtics only get that if the Lakers finish 2-5. They tanked on purpose last year, they won't this year with no incentive to do so.
  12. You got the Kings 11th overall pick in 2019. Congrats!
  13. I hate that less, but still not high on it. Especially if he goes to the Lakers like everyone thinks he will. They must have heard no from Hayward.
  14. Wow T-Wolves! Also just laughing at how bad the Celtics have botched this treasure trove they stole from Brooklyn. You ended up with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown from the #1 and #3 overall picks in consecutive years. That's a fucking disaster.
  15. Why? He's on the third year of his contract. You have him under team control for 7 more years.