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  1. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    And as @Kalbearnoted earlier, those Trump-nominated justices will ensure, among other horrors, that reproductive freedom for women will become a relic of the past.
  2. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Yes, with the Senate in its current makeup, Trump will have an easy process shepherding through his nominees. His chosen ones will not suffer the fate of Merrick Garland.
  3. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    It is somewhat likely/likely that 2-3 justices of SCOTUS will die/retire for health reasons and therefore, it is somewhat likely/likely that Trump, through the nomination process, could affect legal decisions long after his 4-8 year reign of terror.
  4. Sologdin now has double tags.
  5. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    The Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner? Or any of the Stila liners?
  6. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    Like others on this thread, I have tried so many different mascaras, but I have yet to find anything comparable to Lancome Definicils. I have found the waterproof version of this mascara to be unnecessary. Definicils does not smudge, and it provides length and volume to the lashes. The item that I am always searching for is an eyeliner for my waterline that is a color other than dark brown or black and that does not cause an immediate allergic reaction. The truly perfect color for me is Too Faced Perfect Peacock. Unfortunately, the moment I apply it my eyes start producing an overload of mucus.
  7. I am adoring this right now, but please be advised the group has a somewhat country sound.
  8. Still adoring this:.
  9. I'm sorry. Is there a way to set up a rule on your computer that if the recipient is his address, then the email will be deleted, automatically saved as draft only, or something else? I have used the rules function only to move email to archive if it is from a certain sender. I don't know if you can set up such a rule for emails you send, but it may be worth investigating.
  10. Echoing what others have posted previously, delete his contact information and unfriend/unfollow on all social media. To the extent possible, eliminate all methods you have of contacting him. The temptation to reach out is too great.
  11. Your Desert Island Sport

    Easy. Football. In descending order: NFL, college, high school.
  12. Happy Birthday Gillio!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Fashion thread: updating classics

    You can get a natural manicure at any nail salon. Instead of polish, request a shiny buff. Every other week is standard maintenance. Use some CND Solar Oil on your nails and cuticles at night followed by hand cream. It will aid with the splitting and the dry cuticles.
  14. Better Call Saul

    I think you stated it perfectly. BCS is excellent, but at this point, it is not as compelling as BB. The only time I thought BCS came close to the same level of intensity and pathos was the opening sequence of Season One, Episode One.