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  1. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Watch, Watched, Watching: Blame is safer than praise   

    I just finished Episode 8 of Season Two.  This show is so excellent.  I looked for the thread from last year about the show, but my hangover is apparently affecting my research ability.  
  2. Ravenhair added a post in a topic What are you listening to? Vol XX: Let me take you far away   

    It plays in the background or on the radio in the Bluesmobile in the Blues Brothers. Have you seen the movie? If you like Sam and Dave, you'll probably enjoy it.
  3. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Happy Name Day to Our Darling Fragile Bird!   

    Happy Birthday, FB! Hope it is a great one.
  4. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Dating, race, and you.   

    As Min points out so well, neither kindness nor intelligence are filters that lend themselves to all sorts of incorrect stereotypes or fetishizations. Also, intelligence and kindness are not usually capable of getting a person killed, while skin color (or rather imperfect attitudes to skin color) has a long human history of engendering prejudice and concomitant discriminatory, and horrific practices.

    Returning more to the original topic, weeding out all black (or white or Asian, etc.) people from your dating pool smacks of possible racism, and in my opinion, focuses entirely on the wrong things we should seek in others. Too often, people with great dating potential are placed in a type of "no" pile because of superficial considerations and attitudes of "I don't date X."

    Min, that quote is so bad/good that I tried to relocate a quote I found from the California legislature (I think 19th century) discussing fear of the Filipino man because of his advantages in sexual prowess with white women.
  5. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Dating, race, and you.   

    Intelligence was, and is, the main factor in how attractive people are to me. However, some of the most horrendous people I know (90 days and counting ex-H included) are intelligent, but are also cruel and awful. So, along with being intelligent, the person must be kind. Just using these two filters alone weeds out a huge number of people. I really don't care about eye color, skin color, hair color, height, etc. Boyfriend, who leaves tomorrow , is a wonderfully kind, incredibly smart Asian guy, who just woke up long enough to mumble "Pacific Islander" to me.
  6. Ravenhair added a post in a topic UTIs just suck.   

    Chats, Azo is the over-the-counter Pyridium, but as stated by ToL, the prescribed Pyridium is much stronger and more effective, imo. The burning sensation, the feeling of constantly needing to pee, the overall pain--Pyridium rids me of all of those. Also, Cipro is the one antibiotic that really clears up a UTI (again for me). I know Bactrim is often prescribed, and if it works well for you, then great, but it does not work for me, and I also developed a dystonic reaction to it. Having had both UTIs and kidney stones, I can tell you they both suck. I hope you feel better soon, and yes, you are right, after intercourse, you have to get out of bed to pee. It is a pain, and we all lose track of time and forget.

    Oh, seconding ToL, taking either the Azo or Pyridium will render your pee a day-glo orange that looks like the goo from Tremors, and it stains everything from toilet bowls to undies. Use wipes while you are on that medication, and you can save yourself some problems in the staining regard. You can also use wipes when you urinate after your next session of intercourse (advice given to me by my urologist.).
  7. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Dating 27: Plenty of fish in the sea, but a can of tuna is easier   

    Ah, your wording did not indicate quite that, but good plan.

    Still, it will be messy either way. She won't be thrilled to discover that while you'd have sex with her, you don't see her as having long-term potential; however, it is much better for you to deal with that problem than to have the hassle of explaining to a person with whom you are currently having sex that while you like fucking them, you don't consider them boyfriend/girlfriend material. I have had that awful conversation; I did it rather poorly with a "you do realize we aren't dating, right?" It's a very hard thing to hear immediately after days and nights of sex, and yes, he did think we were dating. It is a testament to his personality that we are still friends.

    So, again, good plan on your part. Avoid the mess.
  8. Ravenhair added a post in a topic The Mindy Project   

    I actually love this show, weird pregnancy plot line and all. I thought Mindy and Peter Prentiss (Adam Pally) would have been a great romantic relationship (the wedding date episode is a favorite), but I generally loved the two characters' interaction. Danny often seems like an asshole to be avoided. I'm very glad, though, that Hulu picked it up.
  9. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Should I have a 4th beer tonight given that I have CLE's to attend tomorrow?   

    Yes, of course. CLEs are boring, so I would rather sit through them hungover and having had fun the previous night than alert and paying attention.
  10. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Vikings VI: On to Frankia   

  11. Ravenhair added a post in a topic Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt   

    I enjoyed binge-watching the show, and as ST mentioned,