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  1. I agree. Sansa's story is one of the ones I'm really looking forward to getting back to. It felt like we were left hanging with so many unanswered questions and plots waiting to come to fruition.
  2. Very true.
  3. It's an interesting thought, but probably not the case as other posters have pointed out. Cersei's definitely thought it was Tyrion, but I see where you're coming from wanting Cersei to have created her own downfall. However, I think she will do that with Tommen and somehow be directly responsible for his death.
  4. @serinsight Interesting piece and not one I've seen before. I've always leaned more toward gods not being real in story but rather certain people/groups knowing how to wield magic, which is real. To this end, I think the question of who or what resurrected him. Moqorro survived a similar situation in the sea thanks to his Red God magical skills, so that's definitely a good bet. I really hope squishers/selkies/merpeople aren't really a thing. Sorry if I missed this in the OP, but how do you suppose he ended up in Valyria under the sea? The ship went down in Shipbreaker Bay within sight of Storm's End. I like some of the Valyrian links you've made to his prophetic rambling, especially about the dragons being birds with scales but I'm not so sure about Valyria existing under the sea. Or am I misunderstanding?
  5. Yikes. I think I must have repressed those Reek chapters.
  6. I always thought it was Cersei, Margaery and Dany, but I wouldn't discount Sansa since crowning her seems to be part of Littlefinger's long game. It's been a while since I've read A Feast for Crows, but I vaguely recall Dany being discussed at a Small Council meeting. Whatever they know about Dany, it's safe to assume LF knows, too.
  7. This is how I took it. The dream came to pass since I think it's safe to assume Reek/Ramsay skinned the boys faces so it would be more difficult for anyone to come to make a positive ID.
  8. I really, really loved this show, but there was just so much bullshit this season - plot holes, continuity errors, character inconsistencies, complete abandonment of the laws of space/time, terrible writing (with the way they regurgitate memorable dialogue from past seasons or throw in book dialogue in the wrong scene or w/the wrong characters, it's feels like they ate all of the old scripts, GRRM's notes on key plot points and the ASOIAF Wiki pages and are just puking up words at random.) - that I don't see how any serious fan could overlook them. It's been frustrating for a while, but a lot of it was only mildly annoying (Littlefinger saying "Only your sister," names being changed because they're too similar, etc), and I could overlook it because there was still so much that was great. Now I can barely get through the episodes and just feel so disappointed in what could have been. I know I'll finish it out because I want to know how they end things, but this season killed the final flicker of hope I had in their ability to tell this story.
  9. Don't know if anyone else answered you, but I thought he meant Lancel. Someone to confess Cersei's crimes to the High Sparrow so she'd get locked up. But I guess that doesn't really make much sense either. Really, why do we expect anything to anymore.
  10. All I can say after this season is: Gods help you, Thrones, now you are truly lost.
  11. I think this is the best info we get in the books:
  12. If Vic gets roasted by dragonfire, I hope he has enough time to see how much being burned alive sucks before he dies. No, you do not break out in joyous song while your face is melting you jackass. I think you're right about Euron wanting to crush Aeron before killing him. He does seem to like his theatrics. I'm kinda hoping we get a lot more of Euron's rise to power and whatever part he plays in the wars to come through Aeron's POV. He might make it all of the way to the end tied to the prow of that ship and cursing godless men and seastone chairs and rusty hinges.
  13. Now I remember why you're so familiar. I couldn't see your signature when posting from my phone, but I've read your Amethyst Empress Reborn theory. You've really connected some interesting dots, and I could be on board with something along those lines. Thanks for sharing @Durran Durrandon!
  14. I don't think he's got Moqorro, but I think you're right about the Dusky Woman. I think Euron is just the horn's maters. Vic can't exactly claim it from him with fire and blood - however that is even done - before he has it blown, and as Moqorro said, the horn will bind the dragons to their master seemingly whether he's around for this or not. Euron won't have to lift a finger to secure most likely both Rhaegal and Viserion or at least one of them and can just breeze into Meereen after Vic has finished all of the heavy lifting. "Thanks for taking care of getting our fleet to the other side of the world and that pesky siege and being such a laughable letdown to the queen that she actually thinks I'm a smart choice and leashing my dragons, bro. Have that Dusky Woman of yours bring us a drink...mwaaahaahaa! Yours was poison just like you said all my gifts are! Time to mark another brother off my kill list."
  15. I can't remember if you came up with the weirwood/shade of the evening trees being inverses of each other or were just a big part of that thread, but I'm definitely sold. It's a brilliant catch. Do you think the gifts they awaken in a drinker/consumer are somehow inverses as well? I know they both induce visions, but maybe the power is drawn from opposing sources that will influence the different users. Or not. My good speculation cap fell off a few hours ago. Interesting idea with the Dany sacrifice. Can't you just see her shouting her long list of titles while being tied to the prow of the ship? The most beautiful figurehead in the world could soon become one of them. Hmm...saying prow and Dany so close together brings to mind the Mother of Dragons, Bride of Fire vision of the corpse standing at the prow of the ship with eyes bright in his dead face and grey lips smiling sadly (that was from memory so apologies if it's off). Was this Aeron Greyjoy all along? Is Euron really dead? So many questions! I've also been wondering how much Pyatt Pree and the warlocks told Euron about Dany or rather how much of what she saw and heard in the HotU were they aware of to share with him. Do the Undying know what the prophecies mean/what their outcomes will be? Do they know of some power she has or think she's the savior of the world? I didn't care much for the Ironborn plot dump in AFFC, so I've never put much thought into it like Euron having other motives to want Dany besides her being a beautiful queen with a strong claim to the IT who needs Westerosi allies and also has three dragons and a big-ass army. Of all of the HotU sequences, I always thought the dwarves one was the hardest to figure out. I've seen countless explanations and have never liked any of them. Now that these guys (who for some reason I see as angry, black-clad garden gnomes) have popped up again in Shade of the Evening induced prophetic dreams/visions, they seem a lot more significant. This chapter has gotten me more excited than most of the others and I haven't even really read the damn thing.