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  1. Varys: "Birds I always trust" (book spoilers)

    Haha! I think that would be my favorite episode title ever.
  2. I really enjoyed how that scene played out on Showtime's The Borgias. "You can take my son. But do you see? Here! I have the means to produce TEN MORE SONS! And they will hunt you down and send you to your grave!" Imiss that show.
  3. Tyrion Targaryen?

    Doreah touches Drogon in S2. Here's the proof: ETA: I think it's important to note that Doreah did this while actively betraying Dany. The direwolves know when someone is dangerous to their master's but the dragons don't for Dany. Weird.
  4. Why are Davos etc protecting Jons body?

    I think the easiest thing to do is stop expecting logic. @bb1180nailed it. Plot convenience. Honestly, I agree with everything you said. It wasn't so long ago that Jon was elected LC over Thorne, but these 4-5 Brothers are it for Team Jon. I guess there were a few boos when Thorne said he killed Jon but compare that reaction to whenMormont gets killed. Speaking of Craster's, what happened to all of the Brothers who answeredJon's plea for volunteers to join him in taking out the mutiners or the ones who followed him to Hardhome? Seems like most of theloyal pro-Jon Brothershave fallen into a plot hole along with Ser Davos' memories ofStannis and Shireen, Dany's notoriety among the Dothraki andRamsay's dogs that were tracking Theon and Sansa.
  5. Dosh Khaleen and Vaes Dothrak

    The Dosh Khaleen are the rulers and lawmakersin Vaes Dothrak, so that pretty much makes them the highest authority in the Dothraki culture. I'm glad it put Dany in a hands-off zone. Considering how openly hostile Dothraki have been about maegi/witches, I don't think they're big fans of magic. Inhaling smoke and banging some drums to conjure up omens from the way a pregnant khaleesi eats her horse heart might have more to do with tradition than actually seeing visions. She eats it all and keeps it down, the baby will be a strong, healthy boy. She can't do it or pukes, weak child, probably a girl. We don't really know enough about the Stallion that Mounts the World prophecy to know why they attribute it to Dany and Drogo's child. I'm sure she wasn't the first khaleesi heart-eating success, so maybe the prophecy indicated a foreign mother or something. It's hard for my book knowledge to not interfere with my reasoning, but I think Dany is going to impress the Dosh Khaleen with some Mother of Dragons shenanigans with Drogon, and they willdeclare herthe Stallion that Mounts the World. Dany will fulfill the prophecy and unite all of the khalasars under her banner. Too bad all those ships got torched...
  6. Mel Sleeps [Book Spoilers]

    And not just getting into bed but covering up. Was she actually cold, too? Running low on the Lord's fire I suppose. @Durran DurrandonYou're right about the kiss being last rights. I'm starting to wonder what's going to inspire her to try to revive Jon. I've always been a proponent of a Mel-free revival for Jon in the books, but that hasn't seemed likely for the show. At this point, will she trust a vision from the flames that shows her Jon is AAR? Could Bran spell it out for her in a vision?
  7. What the show got better than the books

    Well said. In the show, I liked: - Getting to see more of Robert Baratheon. Robert and Cersei on their marriage holding the kingdoms together.The first kills scene with Barristan, Jaime and Lancel. "Surrounded by Lannisters. Every time I close my eyes I see their blonde hair and their smug, satisfied faces." - Theon struggling a bit more with betraying Robb. I liked the scene where he waswriting Robb a letter and then burned it. Also his dialogue with Ramsay where he says had a choice and he chose wrong and that his real father died at King's Landing. Seeing so much remorse out of him before he had even really been tortured that badly made him a lot more sympathetic. - Podrick. As dark as the show has become, his mysterious skill with the ladies and complete lack of skill with horses and cooking is a welcome relief. I very much enjoyed seeing him roast rabbits with the skin on. - Bronn being the one who trains Jaime's left hand. I enjoyed his book scenes with Ser Illyn because they served as a catharsis for him with his pent up anger over Cersei, but since the show has cut all that out, I like that he has Bronn to tell him some hard truths. - Jaqen being the Kindly Man. I only think this is better in the show because the actor who plays Jaqen is so good. The Kindly Man is just fine as himself in the book, but I was glad they stuck with that actor for the show. I can't agree with Commando Stannis. That scenewas a bit ridiculous.What's hedoing -conquering the longest hallway in existence? He's fighting nonstop but never penetratesfar enough into the castle for retreat to be a problem when it's clear they've lost. "Noooo! Stand and fight!"
  8. What the show got better than the books

    And then a boot to kick it off. I just watched that episode last night. Brilliant comparison to Robb's one stroke beheading of Rickard Karstark.
  9. Maybe they think it's too many M names in the North for TV viewers to follow. These are the people who decided the Asha/Yara, Robert Arryn/Robin Arryn,Cleos Frey/Alton Lannister and Three-EyedCrow/Three-Eyed Raven namechanges (among other things)were necessaryfor audience comprehension. Certainly no one likes a TV show that makes them haveto think too hard about stuff orpay attention to detailsor remember a bunch of characters with similar names orlisten to exposition without a breast or two in the background.I mean,it's not as if there's some magical placecalled the Internet where you could go to quickly and easilyfind answers onanything you could possiblywantto know about GOT. I find it so frustrating that they seem to think the story needs to be dumbed down and spattered with shocksfor it to be successful onTV. I have absolutely no problem with gratuitous sex and violence (loved the campy ridiculousness of Spartacus on Starz), but I still want substance and strong characters that aren't relegated to being plot devices.
  10. Now I know what this show needs...Nicholas Cage! I thought the music was riveting though. They can really write a good chase scene score.
  11. Remember that Cersei told her a woman's most powerful weapon is the one between her legs so it makes creative sense that the only wayfor Sansa to "win" is via her snatch. She needed Ramsay'sempowermentso she is able to take out Littlefinger with those treacherous lady bits, most likely with a woman's other weapon - poison. We didn't have Ellaria's deadly kiss for nothing. In a century, every girl in the North playing Come Into My Castlewill be pretending she's that fooking legend Sansa Stark.
  12. Are any new locations due to be added to the opening credits map?

    I was surprised that they didn't ever go north of Castle Black/the Wall in past seasons even when we had important scenes at places that could have beencool to depicton the map likethe Fist of the First Men or Craster's Keep or Hardhome.I can maybesee them suddenly showing a location in the far north if a place like the Lands of Always Winter/stronghold of the White Walkers is introduced as a key location as the plot moves forward, but I doubt it. I like the idea of Oldtown/the Citadel. Maybe the Tower of Joy orHighgarden if anyof theTyrellscontinue be part of the story after returning home.I'd really like to seehow they'd do Casterly Rock but can't think of why anyone would be going there.
  13. Daario Naharis is the Harpy.
  14. Well said, @sweetsunray. While I'm still trying to hold off judgement on Dany's (and Jon's)leadership abilitiessince she is still in the middle of her arc, and it's hard to say if she's going to learn from some of these past mistakes or if she will continue going down this same path that will ultimately end in tragedy. So far, I would agree her storyseems to be underscored by the age-old adage that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions or as the great Virgil put it, "Facilis descensus Averno."