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  1. Targ incest: Is it a good thing?

    Yes it would have. Or perhaps she would have had that whole "he was no cannot kill a dragon" epiphany all by herself. Then instead of a Drogo-pyre dragon birth, it's Viserys who gets to feed the flames with his king's blood to hatch the dragons. 
  2. You're Sansa, what do you do?

    I'm sure he's super. If he had actually possessed some horrible flaw, Sana probably would have ended up there.  I really enjoy the Tyrells, but I do feel like they are more devious than they appear. I can't really blame them since it's going to take fighting fire with fire to best the Lannisters. 
  3. Targ incest: Is it a good thing?

    Since it's a fantasy series, I'm not going to judge them by our societal norms and agree that it's hard to say definitively if incest is to blame for the Targ madness. Honestly, I'm glad we don't have any active sibling Targ couples in the current series. It's one thing to have the idea of the Targs wedding brother to sister as a sort of abstract concept of what they used to do, but I wouldn't have want to readed about any more situations like Viserys and Dany especially after reading about poor Naerys with Aegon the Unworthy in AWoIaF. Although I suppose if the rumors about her and Aemon the Dragonknight are true, it wasn't the incest that was the problem, but dammit if that woman didn't deserve some small measure of happiness. 
  4. You're Sansa, what do you do?

    Like your scenario, but I've always been suspicious of Willas Tyrell. I don't really have a good reason, but he could be another Ramsay for all sweet Sansa knows. Who does Willas name those fine hounds he's known for breeding after? 
  5. The Seasons of My Love song is a prelude to Catelyn

    When I clicked on this, I thought you meant Seasons of Love from Rent. I was open to your interpretation, but I imagine UnCat/Lady Stoneheart measures a year in dead Freys and Lannisters rather than love. This makes a lot more sense. I don't remember this song from the books, so I must\ salute you for pointing it out! I can see how these visuals could represent Catelyn's youth, death and reanimated corpse visage, and while I now have a much greater appreciation for the subtle story being told through Catelyn's hair, I don't think the first couplet fits as well as the others do. I wouldn't really describe auburn hair as having sunlight in it. That sounds blond, but from all accounts, Catelyn was fair in her youth, so I guess it could work.  The second couplet definitely stirs up some strong images of Cat's death. The reference to sunset and autumn both conjure up the feeling of a life ending and the emphasis on the color red reminds me of her blood soaking into her hair as she was dying. Her last thoughts always get to me: Finally, I agree that the third couplet works with her resurrection as a living/undead corpse with the white LS hair color and winter/moonlight subtly referencing the series' "Other" resident zombies - the wights.   Great post, Abdallah! I really enjoyed it.
  6. Who will be new lord of Dreadfort?

    Good with me. For some strange reason, I like her.
  7. WTF Moments

    Catelyn's plan to send Jaime back to Tyrion in return for her girls. I know she was grieving the "deaths" of Bran and Rickon, but there were so many ways that plan could go wrong.  Jon distancing himself from all of his friends and allies at the Wall. I wanted to scream at him for the way he was interpreting Ned's wisdom on a lord not being friends with his men as needing to get rid of the only people he could really trust. When so many of your men openly object to most of the things you're doing, you need to have some supporters in the mix, or you'll end up exactly like Jon ended up.
  8. WTF Moments

    I agree but also must commend you on your use of pussy foots. It made me smile.
  9. Was there any way Stannis could have won Blackwater?

    Myrcella was in Dorne and Cersei sent Tommen to safety outside of the city so Stannis wouldn't have been able to kill all three Lannister children. Agree with your first part about how much of a difference Tyrion/Renly's Ghost made.
  10. Who will be new lord of Dreadfort?

    Fat Walda as Lady of the Dreadfort.
  11. The Black Dog at the Purple Wedding

    The Grim is exactly what I was thinking. Beat me to the HP reference 
  12. There is a specter haunting the Kingsguard...

    I really like this, OP. i think it actually makes more sense than it being a specific person. 
  13. Jamie's confession

    I believe him here. Jaime doesn't seem like he's big on opening up.
  14. The Roads Not Taken

    Sansa marrying Joffrey and bearing his heir and choosing to side with him over the Starks.  Jaime as one of the lead villains and sitting on the iron throne really surprised me, too.  Tyrion growing close with both of the Stark girls while they were at court.  Catelyn going back to Winterfell. Her not returning to her younger sons was one of the things that really frustrated me with her character. I actually prefer what GRRM had originally planned for her. 
  15. The Flight of the Ice Dragon

    I learned a lot from this post, Durran Durrandon. Thanks! Interesting about the dragonrider in the ice dragon constellation, but like others have said, it's probably just an error since it's only mentioned once.