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  1. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    That's too bad. Better luck in the future Hello everyone! Today I'm breaking routine and am having sushi for supper. One day of carbs a week I think is a good regime. At least it will let me keep it up longer
  2. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Oooh that is awesome!!! I had not seen it.
  3. Say Something Nice v. XVII.

    FoMN enjoys a good musical, and good music in general.
  4. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    The revenge of the Fifth! lmfao Lily, I want to take a vacation in your head. Nein, spoilertags for such old stuff as that can't be enforced imho... Even if there are slight changes in the film versus the musical. What do you mean? Double entendre ftw! I've "helped" Lily with summer grading before so she knows what I mean lol. That is a weird side effect indeed. Have you looked it up yet? I'm kicking carbs atm, any carbs apart from veggies. I am actually doing fine, maybe since I cut down rather gradually over a long time and sugar was the first thing. I never liked sweet stuff all that much anyway. I also cut down on meal sizes so I can't eat all that much in one go anymore which helps. Since no sugar I don't get as hungry in the first place. We'll see how it goes in the long run, but it's going well so far.
  5. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Ah, I see. I guess you're too busy to take a break and do something entirely different before sleep? That used to help me. Just 30 minutes or so to occupy my mind with something else. Good luck with getting to sleep tonight.
  6. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    I'll crop that up to trunkated data.
  7. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Hey Buckybuck, that's unfortunate. It's something as you said, experience not the least. Helena, that doesn't sound very good at all :/ have you gotten any help for it, or is it a one off thing? I know you usually sleep very little but not like this. Lily, happy grading Just F everyone
  8. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Good morning spamlingas. May the fourth be with you.
  9. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Lol, I can understand that FoMN. His voice can only be tolerated in certain amounts. Having a nice time at friend's place atm. I hope to see some more posts next time I check in Where had Rhae disappeared to?
  10. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    There's more to me than this! Wait and see, wait and see...
  11. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    You cannot hide... Wherever you go, I will be there.
  12. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    Sorry, I can't even hear what you are saying, my loathing is overpowering my senses.
  13. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Hmph. I see it's a day of slow progress. Well, it's still Friday and that calls for music, Today! The 90's was a fun time. And every time I see Billy Corgan it feels like I'm looking at a relative, he looks so much like my family.
  14. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    There's this old artfilm that I saw maybe 15 yrs ago, of an eye getting cut that still makes my skin crawl whenever I recall it. I wish I never saw it, or that I could at least forget it :/ Damn you, memory! Anywho, it's Friday! My niece has started to walk completely on her own now. With her unending energy and curiosity this should be interesting, and by that I mean dangerous and tiring.
  15. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Uuuuuuughhhh Things like that are up there with my worst phobias. *shivers* Good morning all.