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  1. Thank you sniffer. I am so sad for you and everyone. I am crying buckets now that I had some time to process things.
  2. I haven't been to the board for a long time but I have to get this out somehow. I only knew him for a short time compared to most of you, but there are few who made such an impression on me like he did. I am happy he lived so vigorously. I am happy he was the funny crazy bastard he was, and I hope he knew how much that was appreciated and how many laughs he spread as well as thoughts. I wished I could given him my blood, and I wish I had talked to him more. I didn't know it was so bad. Shit.. this is hard... I truly appreciate all the moments I got with you in the brief time I got to know you. Live on and fight on LoB. I miss you <3 My condolences to all of his family and friends
  3. Thanks dear Buck. I think I'm at over it for now at least, but I might pick you up on that later *hug*. Change is good. This is going to be a good thing. I think you are looking in the wrong forum. But, being a good sport I volunteer everyone.
  4. Isn't she beautiful anyway you look at her?
  5. Yo everyone! I've had got some things to deal with but all that ends well etc... I'm in the process of looking for a new place, selling the old place, restarting my studies and beginning life anew in general. I'm a single woman now. I should be sad, and I was for a bit. Now it's more like a new found freedom. Best of luck to Lord Sidious and Buck! Lord S, are you an expat now? Come chat sometime! I try to come around when I can.
  6. Who's to judge who the jerk is, really? The jerk calling another jerk or the source original jerk? Who's innocent? Aren't we all jerks if we look closely? *squints and looks at everyone*
  7. I keep looking forward, but people still only see the colourful past of me. My wings are only a means of transportation, please!
  8. Can anyone claim to be an expert in everything without lying?
  9. I hope you are all well
  10. Being single after 12 yrs relationship at the age of 35. Very annoying.
  11. Hey new thread!! Congrats to JQC, my cAPSLOCK SISTER I'm becoming one of those terrible fly-by people now, but I still wanted to say hi to you all. I hope each and everyone of you are doing well.
  12. Oh congrats Rhae! And congrats FoMN! to both of you
  13. Yeah, I agree. 'Unfortunate' was an intentional understatement on my part.