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  1. Patty Jenkins To Direct & Chris Pine To Star In TNT Series ‘One Day She’ll Darken’
  2. Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is Scottish Legend James Douglas In Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’
  3. ‘True Detective’ Close To Season 3 Greenlight; Mahershala Ali Confirmed To Star
  4. haha..this looks CRAZY!
  5. ALIAS GRACE Teaser Trailer
  6. Good to hear. My only reservation is that the moment i see Bateman on screen i expect comedy and i've heard that his role in this is pretty dark/serious.Does he pull it off?
  7. Anyone watched this yet? If so,is it worth watching? I'm not too sure about this comparison by a reviewer
  8. Blurb for The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert – January 30, 2018 Blurb for The Hyena and the Hawk (Echoes of the Fall #3) by Adrian Tchaikovsky - 19 April 2018
  9. Get your first look at Elliot in season 3
  10. PACIFIC RIM 2: Uprising Teaser Trailer THE DARK TOWER "Magnus Opus" Vignette KINGSMAN 2: The Golden Circle "Eggsy Meets Archer" Clip PLANETARIUM Trailer
  11. Yes,most of the plot is resolved by the end.No cliffhangers! I would even go so far as to say that this could easily work as a standalone novel without the need for sequels.
  12. Hey,don't shoot the messenger!
  13. Season 3 trailer
  14. Finished The Witchwood Crown (Last King of Osten Ard #1) by Tad Williams.Great start to the new trilogy.Hopefully we get book #2 next year,cause i can't wait longer than that! Also finished the epic fantasy debut, The Court of Broken Knives (Empires of Dust #1) by Anna Smith Spark.Unique voice and some pretty prose.She managed to pack a lot into a 400 page book.Reminded me of Mark Lawrence's debut in some ways.Definitely in my top 5 fantasy debuts of the year.