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  1. About to finish The Iron Hound (The Hallowed War, #2) by Tim Akers.Then, it's on to Son of the Night, the second book in Mark Alder's Banners of Blood series. I've also ordered an interesting sounding non-fiction titled The Sabres of Paradise: Conquest and Vengeance in the Caucasus by Lesley Blanch.Apparently, this was one of the books that had a huge influence on Dune.
  2. Yes it did.It's being reissued along with book #2 before the publication of the final book.
  3. If Klopp says anything like 'we played really well' i'm gonna throw someting at the tv.He's sounding like Rodgers this season.
  4. Poor cross from TAA.Poor overall.
  5. The Klavan-Can comedy show.FFS Klopp's left the subs. too late.
  6. Yeah at this point in time i've given up on any defensive solidity.Clearly our defenders are neither world class talent nor do they seem capable of learning from mistakes.I have no idea what Klopp thinks in reality. We will just have to score tons of goals for any chance of finishing top 4 this season.
  7. What a fucking joke our defence is.Can't believe Klopp keeps giving Klavan chance after chance. ETA: good goal by Salah.
  8. Gomorrah - Season 3 Trailer (ENG SUBS) Gomorrah returns to Sky Italy on November 17.
  9. ‘The Child In Time’: Benedict Cumberbatch & Kelly Macdonald (BBC1/PBS) Black Lake: Trailer - BBC Four
  10. I will be getting these,will let you know if any bonus content has been added.
  11. They'd have to since the 3 omnibus collections are coming out in Oct/Nov/Dec.
  12. Even with 10 men,5-0 is humiliating.It's not like we lost a defender. Regarding backline: who's fault is that? This is Klopp's team now.
  13. Good thing i missed the match as well.Seems i saved myself an increase in blood pressure.Didn't even bother with the highlights after seeing the score. How did Klopp spin this?
  14. The Tangled Lands by Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias S. Buckell Moonshine by Jasmine Gower THE TOWER OF LIVING AND DYING by Anna Smith Spark (US cover)
  15. Strike: The Silkworm | Trailer Part 1 of the second book adaptation will air on 10 Sep. and part 2 on 17 Sep.