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  1. Agent Carter

    didnt Agent Carter get a second season of 8 episodes? Hopefully that will cover the early days of SHIELD
  2. Doctor Who Series 8; The time of the man that stops the monsters (v2)

    " a woman with scottish accent" called it in to unit... How long did Amy live for after being sent back in time?
  3. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    Attack on Titan made me watch anime again for the first time in years. I read the Manga but the animation of their manouver-gear is just brilliant, makes me wish I could fly :)
  4. What is the Rhaegar Ruby Theory?

    When I saw the title I was thinking about another Rhaegars ruby theory I hear in the past. Something along the lines of "The rubies on rhaegars armour were used to glamour someone else into Rhaegar and Rhaegar is actually alive". Never heard of the one explained here though. But as others say... alot of rubies where smashed out of that breastplate.
  5. Rhaegar Targaryen

    Im gonna drop one for my countryman Alexander Skarsgård.
  6. Jamie's reaction to Aegon

    I rather doubt he'll join Aegon. He may regret what happend to Rhaegars children but he's not stupid enough to think that people will forgive him for slaying Aerys. If he goes to Aegon. At the best he stands trial and at the worst hes executed for his crimes (Kingslaying and treason x2)
  7. Rhaegar Targaryen

    Hey dont count him out cus of that. His dads a famous actor but he always tries to make some B films aswell as those big projects. Alexander might very well be a fan of the show and be delighted to take part in it. You never know.
  8. Rhaegar Targaryen

    Alexander Skarsgård for The Prince of Dragonstone! Put some long hair on that man and he can play the sad Rhaegar Targaryen.
  9. Cus when they go deep enough they will find a slightly rusted Stark production called"The Ironman suit" which will battle the others. It is known.