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  1. Your words, not mine. But you can't call it a rubber match.
  2. It actually got decided in the off season with a lucrative contract. This is BY FAR the least exciting of the last three Finals. The result is pretty much a forgone conclusion, barring a legendary LeBronian feat. Sort of what happens when you add the second best player in the galaxy to your 72 win roster.
  3. They will forever be the team that choked on LeBron's nuts, tbh. And the previous year they were the team that almost lost to a Cavs team without two of their top 3 dudes. And if they win this year it's because the second best player in the league had to come over and help Steph out.
  4. If you want to know that Channing Frye had a Tauren Hunter on WoW with a pet called "Dick Puncher, if you miss the NBA theme song from the 90s, or if you want to know what Kyrie thinks about retiring at 30 to start a commune you really need to listen to the Road Trippin' podcast.
  5. Why do you care? And, as an aside, have you spent as much time talking about the lack of women writing the GOP Senate healthcare bill as you have about the Ladies Only showing of fucking Wonder Woman The Movie?
  6. How fucking boring does your life have to be for you to get upset over a women's only screening of a comic book movie? Holy shit.
  7. Is Varga Jakob Ungerleider, the guy from the opening of episode 1?
  8. you can thank you boy Zaza for that
  9. Read this article about the podcast Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye started and listened to a recent episode. Highly entertaining.
  10. Kyrie being hot was a carry over from the previous game, by the way. LeBron is smarter than you
  11. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to losing in the Finals.
  12. That's only cuz you're a hater. If the theory is true, it would be a pretty wise move on LeBron's part. Anyway, these playoffs are just the absolute worst. 90% garbage games, 90% snoozefest. NBA might have a problem on its hands if they can't bring a more exciting product to the table next year. Also, they should have given Zaza an MVP trophy at the end of last night's game.
  13. Have the Warriors faced a healthy team in these playoffs yet?
  14. Amazing Knick fact of the day - Let that sink in for a moment. Over the past 16 years, the only teams with worse average draft position than the Knicks were the Spurs, Mavericks, Heat, Lakers and Pacers. These are all successful teams that generally picked late because they were good at basketball. Not surprisingly, the Knicks own the largest average discrepancy between where they should have picked in the draft and where they actually picked. Bad lottery luck has played a part. Since winning the Ewing sweepstakes in 1985, the Knicks haven’t moved up a single draft spot via the lottery
  15. 10? 20? As long as Dolan owns this team we are going to be losers. No matter how many first rounders you give us. The one competent person in the front office, who is responsible for some of our better draft picks in the last decade is interviewing for the Atlanta GM position. Once he's gone, its a total fucking shit show, on a micro scale of Trump's White House.