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  1. Let him go to the Spurs. Would make the thread title even more relevant. I'm predicting LeBron in Houston, with Melo and eventually Wade on a vet's minimum.
  2. Kyrie's an idiot.
  3. Who was the genius here thst insisted the Knicks would buy out Melo? Can we get a retraction?
  4. Anyone remember how incoherent McCain was during the Comey hearing? He sounded like he had a stroke right then and there. This dude shouldn't be sitting on any committee from this point on.
  5. Did he really say that? Bad news, bad news...
  6. I actually haven't seen the movie. But i doubt they filmed in Bronx Science anyway. If they did I think i might actually go see it.
  7. Lol, he went to my high school for three days? That hilarious. I can tell you from first hand experience that the Bronx High School of Science is NOT like most public schools in NYC, mainly due to the fact that it rejects 99% of applicants, it's rammed with nerds, it's in bumble fuck Bronx, and everyone who goes there commutes, some for as much as two hours each way via public transport.
  8. I hate you guys. We've suffered enough.
  9. hahahahaha, that was pretty great. Durant was NOT amused. Poor sensitive soul.
  10. Because you think you can talk sense to someone who, in his own mind, is light years smarter than you. Just let it go, you won't convince him or anything.
  11. Sadly, I don't disagree.
  12. A quick recap (to make myself feel a tiny bit better about the Knicks) of what the Nets have done with their draft picks since 2010, courtesy of this article: Let’s recap what has happened with the picks the team has traded since 2010 (sorry, Nets fans): 2011: Utah selects Enes Kanter no. 3 overall (Deron Williams trade) 2012: Portland selects Damian Lillard no. 6 overall (Gerald Wallace trade) 2014: Boston selects James Young no. 17 overall (Garnett/Pierce trade) 2015: Atlanta selects Kelly Oubre Jr. no. 15 overall due to a pick swap with Brooklyn, trades his rights to Washington (Joe Johnson trade) 2016: Boston selects Jaylen Brown no. 3 overall (Garnett/Pierce trade) 2017: Philadelphia selects Markelle Fultz no. 1 overall, via pick swap with Boston (Garnett/Pierce trade)
  13. Well, somehow they have managed to sell out basically every home game while getting out of the first round once in 16 years. So... i don't think they care what the average fan (who can't afford to actually go to a game) thinks at this point.
  14. would be fine...if we hadn't already been terrible since 2001. Also, when rebuilding, it's nice to have a GM in place before drafting. And it's probably a good idea not to hand out huge contracts to dudes no one wants at the price you are willing to pay.
  15. Pretty atrocious team, on paper or otherwise. Noah is done, Rose is a ball dominant point guard who can't really shoot, and the other three players need shots to be effective. Just ill conceived, all around. Noah and Hardaway make almost 40 million dollars a year combined. Just makes me want to vomit.