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  1. One thing i can say with ABSOLUTE certainty about the Durant Twitter controversy - I don't give a fuck. Not a single fuck is given.
  2. GRRM probably won't complete the series, but not due to health issues. Simply put, his muse has flown out to sea, and it might never return. I've heard that he hasn't actually written anything in two years. Can't reveal the source of that, but part of me feels like it's the truth. As someone who has been reading these books since GoT was available in hardcover, circa 1997, this bums me out greatly. However, i can never begrudge an artist the space they need to create. Or to not create. GRRM is beholden only to himself as far as this story of his is concerned.
  3. Wow brah, must be sooooo cool to hop on a bandwagon a few years ago and get this sort of pay out.
  4. Pretty good trade for the Cavs, all things considered....
  5. I'm surprised the people still don't know what to expect from EA. They'd fuck your decomposing corpse if there was a dollar to be made. Stop buying EA products if you want to voice your anger.
  6. I'd say that everyday brings us closer to this. It appears inevitable that they will at least try.
  7. The Nazi organizers of this march straight up said that they feel emboldened to come off of the internet and step out into the streets now, and that this March is just the beginning. They also said that they are willing to kill people to get their way. Which means that we either smack them down now or face a much larger, very violent, and well armed problem quicker than you can say Hail Hitler.
  8. Can I quote your friend's quote elsewhere on the webs?
  9. He's 100% wrong. If you come in from out of town to join a march and the dude next to you is chanting "The Jews wont replace us", and the dude to your immediate right is throwing up Nazi salutes than you are a fucking Nazi, and there is no room for you in a peaceful equal society. I urge everyone to watch this Vice video, as they had a reporter who was "embedded" with the Nazis on Saturday.
  10. Yup.
  11. I'm torn between wading into the previous threads and never ever giving a fuck about this story again.
  12. Death came swirling down. Thanks.
  13. ... ...... When did a God possess Kel? did little Kel kill big Kell? If not, then how did a skin spy ninja Kel with a trinket? How did that kid get into the Ark in the first place? How/why did the TTT fail? What was the point of Mimara? What was the point of Esme? Why does a centipede/dragon know what human vagina smells like? Why did i just read like a hundred pages of dudes chewing other dudes dicks off? I guess that would be a good place to start?