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  1. yeah hard for me to see another outcome as well. BUT ill be thrilled to have been wrong IF...
  2. To be fair the mistakes are fucking obvious. 6 turnovers in the final 3 minutes/poor shot selection. Try as i might i simply can not picture OKC winning this game 7. Game 7s on the road are incredibly tough, and the home teams have like a 80% win rate. I will be shocked if the Warriors lose.
  3. Nah, this was OKC's series in 6, no way they win it in 7. It's probably going to result in a blowout which will have GS riding into the Finals with their mojo back. Sad.
  4. Zero chance of OKC winning game 7. They gave it a good shot, but they are missing something.
  5. Same here. My plan is to wake up early-ish and avoid all possible spoilers until i can download it.
  6. OKC was NEVER winning this in 5. Trust in 6.
  7. Looking at the box score seems Morrow finally got some time off the becn. Went 4-4 in 10 minutes for 10 points. I was wondering why he wasn't playing at all in this series. Can anyone who watched the game comment on how Morrow did defensively?
  8. Not surprised at all that the Thunder lost this one. I was sort of expecting a blowout before a possible game 6 win by OKC, so i think this game is actually a good sign for Oklahoma. I have to think they are going to be favored heading into game 6.
  9. Good question. Before the series i figured that if OKC would win it would be in 6, on their home floor. I just don't see them winning an elimination game in GS. However, i had no idea the Thunder would snatch the thunder's heart out like that dude in The Temple of Doom. (if anyone has decent PS skills maybe you can make that look like it wasn't put together by a spastic 4 year old?) Who else is excited about The Ringer launching next week?
  10. Other thread well over 400. So even with GS down 3-1 they are still extremely dangerous. Anyone have predictions for game 5?
  11. Yeah he seems to lack any sort of fire. All he's done for the past two games is chew on his mouth piece. Very strange from a guy who steam rolled the regular season.
  12. Only thing that can stop Russ is the 8 second half court penalty. He;s been coming veerrrrrrry close to drawing it a few times now.
  13. Russ is a fucking lunatic. Love it.
  14. Ibaka coming to play tonight. I predicted that if he gave them 17 13 and 2 they would win the series. He's on pace to net more than that this game...