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  1. I like it BECAUSE it's a bit cheesy and self important, sort of like Uthred himself is.
  2. The new Justice League trailer

    Looks like straight poop.
  3. *SPOILERS* Netflix's Love: Lets go too far... lito's way.

    I actually sort of like the show, as much as you can enjoy a show within which the protagonists are major downers. There is something melodic and peaceful about how Love is shot, edited, and presented to its audience that goes beyond the characters. However, Gus, in particular, just makes me want to curl up and vomit, so no more Love for meeeeeeee.
  4. *SPOILERS* Netflix's Love: Lets go too far... lito's way.

    if YOU hooked up with Harry Crane you'd lie about it till your deathbed too!
  5. *SPOILERS* Netflix's Love: Lets go too far... lito's way.

    She hooked up with a guy while he was away. Really shouldn't be the end of the world, given how unstable their relationship is/has been. Anyway, i don't expect perfect characters as well, i just found myself not enjoying either of these two leads. Especially Gus, since he's a sniveling needy creep with no real personality. Mickey comes across more as a stereotype than an actual person to me. I doubt ill watch S3.
  6. *SPOILERS* Netflix's Love: Lets go too far... lito's way.

    Both of the main characters in this are a total nightmare. Hard to watch.
  7. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    A sign and trade for Blake Griffin or something equally horrible.
  8. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Nah. KAT is a tranformative talent, with the ability to morph a franchise from a loser into a contender. That said do you guys know that the Seattle Supersonics have played in a playoff game more recently than the Timberwolves?
  9. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Pels are 2 and 6 since the Boogie trade. Pretty much a lock for the lottery now. If they get a top 3 pick they keep it. Were I them I'd tank hard as fuck right now.
  10. So... I'm engaged now.

    Congrats !! Let me know if you guys ever come to Prague.
  11. Haha, well, in many ways you aren't wrong. And yet, you're SO wrong.
  12. No way Madi is dead. Off screen "deaths" don't count. She'll be back for dramatic effect soon enough.
  13. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    Part of the reason is because he already launched his reelection efforts, a mere four weeks after taking office.
  14. US Politics: Lock Him Up!