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  1. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I'd say book 1 climax should happen by the end of episode 3, ideally. Unfortunately budget limitations might prevent that from being the case. Between the ending of book one, and Bobbie's first chapter in book two you have a whole lot of CGI. 
  2. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    Far more faithful than some other popular shows around these parts. and it's certainly one of the reasons I enjoy this so much. having the books come to life is a real treat. I can understand non-readers not enjoying it as much as I do, however. The show runners made a bit of a pacing error early on, and that is a problem in today's uber saturated television show market. 
  3. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Based off of something like the Warriors being really good at basketball? It seems like an easy statement to make about ANY free agent this off season. 
  4. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

      Otherwise known as Hardenitis.    Soooooo... Kevin Love is scoring the ball, Cavs are 4-1 since Blatt was fired with the "Big 3" netting 20+ points over the last few games. . 
  5. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    It is, and Charles is a good sport to be wearing it. He's, by far, one of my favorite NBA personalities. The Round Mound of Rebound indeed. 
  6. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Well, i feel like Russ and KD could get into the paint at will against that team. If i were the Thunder id drive it into GOlden State's mouth every single possession using those two, along with Ibaka. 
  7. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Pat Riley chimes in on LeBron and Spo  If LeBron James ever wanted Erik Spoelstra fired as coach while a member of the Heat, he never expressed that sentiment to team president Pat Riley. "Not from him to me, ever," Riley said Thursday of James.  Hope this settles that.  
  8. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Just listened to the latest Simmons pod with Charles Barkley. Seems like Sir Charles and I are in agreement, the way to beat the Warriors is to pound them down low. We also agree that it is far too early to put Steph on the short list of "greatest ever". He ALSO seems to think the Thunder can beat the Warriors in a 7 game series. I think we might share a brain. 
  9. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Complimenting KP isn't the only thing we need to be worried about, but yeah. This is a pretty intriguing trade possibility -   The New York Knicks have spoken with the Atlanta Hawks about a potential trade for point guard Jeff Teague, league sources tell
  10. It did. It got darker as the weapon powered, which is why it's dark as night by the climax. Or do you mean during the final fight itself?
  11. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    I dunno, i think he fails because of Love. Whether its because Love is highly over rated or because Blatt couldn't figure out how to integrate him into the team, it got him fired. 
  12. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Lebron admitting that he had his coach fired is a story that wouldn't go away. It would follow the team all season, and his team mates would be asked about it constantly. If it's just a matter of Blatt getting fired without LeBron being involved, the goes away in a couple of weeks, unless the team starts shitting up the court. 
  13. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Because it becomes much more of a sideshow, and potentially takes over all the talk around this team. It creates too much controversy, basically. 
  14. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    No, he can't say that either. He has to deny it, at least until the season is over.