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  1. DJ to Phoenix for Monroe and that draft pick they got from the Heat.
  2. I'm not even sure why this is up for debate. There is an implication, but no agreement. Unless we are children we understand that the world is unpredictable and that we aren't owed anything at all. The fact that we have the energy to be upset when our entertainment fails us speaks volumes about our priorities.
  3. Hmm, by the end of this last episode do you guys think Wellick knows of his wife's death?
  4. I absolutely agree. And I'm kind of surprised how many of us didnt see this coming. There is some serious Warrior fatigue to be had, and I sort of assumed this would be a lost season that ended with the Warriors steam rolling to victory with their over powered group of bland stars. That will probably still happen but the emergence of 10 to 15 legit stars has been a joy to watch.
  5. Continue here. And remember children, you can't teach a pedantic troll anything, whatsoever. So kindly don't encourage them to post.
  6. Here's an idea...stop replying to this dude. The thread derails have made talking about the NBA here much less enjoyable than in previous seasons.
  7. Lonzo is have a very very up and down year thus far. Its either a triple double or a disaster. The kid needs a shooting coach and another thousand hours in the gym working on his shot. Detroit is 11 and 5. Impressive. Very impressive. Bradley is fucking good.
  8. On that we can definitely agree.
  9. You really ARE a sour Billy. Who the fuck DO you like in the NBA? I had money on the Celtics last night. Not a lot, but enough to drink for tonight. I think they are the team best equipped to run with the Wars, and i think Stevens is the second best coach in the league.
  10. Embiid's numbers from last night are fucking ridiculous. That's some cheat code shit right there. When was the last time we've seen a line like that, anyone know? 46 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, 7 blocks
  11. Errrr, a broken air conditioner from the 80s?
  12. I appreciate your thoughtful and nuanced approach to this. Certainly better than @Trebla's response (which I just don't understand). Anyway, I have a bit of personal history with Newscorp, so im prone to perhapse feel guiltier about supporting Fox than the average person. However, regardless of what people end up doing in terms of financially supporting a horrible company I think we should, at the very least, be aware and honest with ourselves about what we are doing.
  13. And just like that you fuckers jinxed it. KP out with a sprained ankle and bruised elbow.
  14. Can we PLEASE not jinx this? He's a Knick and horrible things happen to Knicks ALL THE TIME. So let's wait and see to find out if dude can play the entire season before we crown him a top 5 player. (he HAS been putting up some incredible numbers, ill give you that. he doesnt always look graceful doing so but the dude is a baller.)
  15. Well, yes , you did. That's just a fact. And Fox selling their studios probably means an injection of what....5 billion dollars or so into their operations? More? Seeing as how these people are literally trying to destroy the only parts of America I find admirable, i'm going to have to not watch anymore Star Wars in response. But that's just me. do as you wish, just don't tell me to calm down.