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  1. They have to think its true. You can;t be an athlete and approach anything thinking you will lose. If Rose stays healthy and plays like 70% of what he used to be the Knicks can be like...a 48 win team. Maybe 50 if Zingus is a borderline All-Star. Being as good as the Warriors might be possible, if the Wars dont gel with their new dudes. Otherwise, just a bunch of hot air coming from Rose. I never did get the sense he was the brightest bulb on the christmas tree.
  2. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    It's called trolling. Or just plain stupidity, really. As you said, no one implied poverty breeds murderers; "poor" folk are among the most giving people in my experience. However, CRUSHING INEQUALITY does breed anger, resentment, and desperation.
  3. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    yes. or the rogue one trailer. i'll take either.
  4. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    And that's wonderful. It really is. It never ceases to amaze me when I think of everything around me being a product of human cooperation. From the food I eat, the water I drink, the clothes I wear, and mostly everything I touch and I use... it was all created for me by a complex system of ingenuity, and a loooong history of perseverance. I am truly grateful. And now, clearly, we must do more to ensure a minimum standard of quality of life across the board, globally, for everyone. Or we can proceed as we are, straight towards something extremely dark.
  5. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    awww. can you give me a blow by blow? all cinematic like?
  6. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    donde? linky por favor
  7. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    Why? Other than you thinking that it is.
  8. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    I never understood this argument.Profit led to progress. Ok, cool. It now stands in the way of it. It's been a hundred years since the Industrial revolution. We have reaped the benefits, and we can now pretty much turn the world into a green paradise if we wanted to, while educating every single human life and providing them with food and opportunity. Instead, we have sort of decided that we accomplished enough, and the status quo is how things would continue for a majority of folks.
  9. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    Errr, yeah, except when your quest for profit creates a world within which horrible inequality exists. So while questing for profit might, in a vacuum, be totally fine, how one goes about it is all that matters. And we, as a society, have decided to go about our quest for MORE by making the majority have to be content with LESS. Less education, less health care, less natural beauty, less years to live, and so on. That sort of shit blows back on you. Especially the part where you deny a decent education to a large majority of the world's population. What the fuck do you expect to happen when you under educate the masses, while making firearms the biggest business in the world?
  10. Police killed at Dallas protest

    Without clicking on the link i can tell you that i love that bit. "Man, I'd kill your ass...if i could afford it!! I'm gonna go put some bullets on lay away..."
  11. Police killed at Dallas protest

    You aren't wrong. Pandora's box has been lifted, and a lot of disassociated folks are going to be acting out. I hope that as a society we figure out a way react/respond that leads to positive change being implemented. If we don't, and if we continue answering violence with violence, the coming months and years are going to be very very grim.
  12. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    It's not hard to trace back a lot of our society's machinations to the quest for profit.
  13. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    Sadly, i don't think this is true in many cases. We have seen plenty of massacres in the USA that reflect a different reality. Even in cases where politics is given as a reason, like in Orlando, or Dallas, I would bet major money on those men killing for any other cause just as easily. There is something in our social structure that seems to be leeching empathy out of men. Maybe the male gender was always short on empathy, history certainly does strongly suggest that. Seems to me, however, that there has been a spike in the amount of people acting out on their lack of giving a fuck about anyone else. Maybe the internet has given a lot of them a voice they previously lacked, and perhaps emboldened the more violent among them to manifest their desire to lash out indiscriminately, without care for any life whatsoever (even their own). We are creating monsters, more of them than ever as the total population keeps expanding, and we aren't doing anywhere close to enough to educate the population of the world about the value of cooperation, and the joy of empathy. Probably cuz, like, those values don't help corporations make money.
  14. Attempted Coup in Turkey

    Budapest closed down its railway to prevent refugees from moving within the country last summer. I was there around that time too.
  15. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    Just to recap - radical religious zealots are NOT the root cause of our problems as a nation, a society, and as a species. Anyone who tries to make this entire conversation about Islam has to be willing to listen to contrary arguments pointing out why that is short sighted and stupid, or they can fuck right off.