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  1. Congrats, you're 1 and 4 against them in your last five games
  2. Korver is a logical addition to the Cavs, esp with JR being JR. Where will Millsap end up? Will Cousins get moved? Will Brook Lopez finally be traded?
  3. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    There will be a jungle planet. Chewie will actually do something.
  4. I think you're forgetting a couple of dozen others?
  5. The Man in the High Castle [Spoilers]

    5 episodes into this and really want to punch Joe in his stupid chin everytime he's on screen. Horrible character.
  6. Berlin terror attack

    Can work for non mainland European countries, but not very practical for the rest of the E.U. So again, how do you sort the small percentage of criminals and agitators from the rest of the refugees?
  7. Game of Thrones is about climate change

    sooooo deep
  8. I'd take a few years of indentured service to have a couple mysteries of the comos revealed to me, personally.
  9. ive been waiting my entire life to see that. and he went 2 for 2. excellent.
  10. Good for them. Please go find the aliens and bring them here ASAP.
  11. Berlin terror attack

    Ok i agree that people with criminal records should be detained at borders. How do you implement that? And didn't NATO participate in destabilizing Libya? Is NATO not supporting American ops in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan?
  12. Berlin terror attack

    Ok, what's your solution? Given that life is pretty untenable in certain places where the western world is conducting proxy wars, what is to be done with the flood of displaced people, most of whom have not and will not ever commit a crime?
  13. Do you really think he's a only a "bit" of a headcase? The man is a huge baby, and has some severe anger issues. I almost wonder if he's sniffing adderall before games, based on the unmistakable anger in his behavior while playing, and after games. Maybe a better organization would have gotten Cousins the therapy that he needs, but as a grown ass man he has to take some responsibility for his atrocious behavior. Shit like this is just...unacceptable - Behavior like this is horrible for his team, and his erratic fits of anger on the court make him unpredictable, and unreliable. Which makes him a bad team mate, and a absolutely terrible leader. He has Hall of Fame talent, which is a shame that he hasn't been able to get his shit together. edit - examle of a late game melt down by Cousins. Just can;t count on him.
  14. Anyone else think that Boogie Cousins is the biggest waste of talent in the NBA right now?
  15. He's not a Jedi but he is very clearly Force sensitive (if that's still a thing after the death of the E.U.)