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  1. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit
  2. It's amazing how the American public's perception of Assange has flipped in the last year. He used to be a traitor to the Neoconservatives and the Tea Parry people, and a hero to the left of left lefties. Guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  3. Sopranos- so awesome

    Season 2 is incredible. Season 3 might be a few steps behind, barring an episode or two.
  4. While this is true, i think the main problem is that everyone decided to jump on the serialized show bandwagon, and proceeded to over-saturate the market with mediocre (or flat out bad) content. There is still good fiction out there, its just lost in a sea of endless fucking television shows.
  5. Donald Glover's Atlanta on FX

    Agreed. Best show on tv right now, altho to be honest i dont know what 99% of the other shows out there are anymore. Post Peak Tv sucks. =(
  7. i should have been more specific in the cause of my frustration here. FFS...It must suck to be a sociological illiterate and be so indignant so as to defend the indefensible.... its the same word... one spelling is a derivative of the other.... like Talking and Talkin'... They have the same meaning... it's not like one is a hateful slang word for African Americans, and the other means something entirely different... if you can't use either spelling for the same reason... they are the same word. Anyway i can understand the phonetic dissonance, even tho i have listened to some (shitty) british hip-hop and was able to tell the difference in their usage of the "ga" ending of the word. Back to Luke Cage...after Cottonmouth departed this show it went downhill SOO fast. I watched 8 episodes and don;t feel like watching another one.
  8. I don;t get it either, but im just dropping the matter. You can lead a horse to water, and you can't convince some people that two different words are actually two different words. ::shrugs
  9. It must suck to be hard of hearing AND to fail at reading. As i said above: there are two different words and YOU or I should not use either of them. No one outside of the African American community should.
  10. I mean YOU can say that, but it doesn't make it true. There IS a difference, both in spelling and pronunciation. The debate on whether or not the "Ga" word should be used is one for the African American community to conduct. It's not up to you or I.
  11. No, never heard of that until today. Cheers. Curious tho, have you never listened to any sort of hip hop? Anyway, the moral here is that they are two different words and you shouldn't use either of them.
  12. What are you talking about? One word ends with a hard RRRRRR sound, the other doesn't. Our native language is the same and i have zero issues hearing the difference.
  13. Well now you know. It's not the same word. It bothers me when people like Martin claim that is is, because its the same excuse I've heard from countess of racists who feel they can use the N word freely. (THEY say it to each other, so why can't I??!! and so on...)
  14. It'snot a case of accents or whatever. These are CLEARLY two different words with two different meanings in the A.A. community. Anyway, as for your second point, absolutely true.
  15. " To me, as an African American, the word ‘n****r’ is a victim of a prejudiced person who is economically, politically or socially disenfranchised. While on the other hand the word “n***a” is a phrase black people use with each other to define a real cool homeboy or homegirl. It’s the latter of the two definitions that the African American community has allowed to evolve over the years into a term of endearment. The use of this word in hiphop and african american culture has long been discussed and debated. It's probably not a good idea for ANYONE to use either version of the "N Word", but there is no denying that the the word "n***a" is one of the most popular slang words in America in the hip hop community. So, if you aren't black you should never ever use either form. If you ARE black you might want to reflect on what using that word gets you.