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  1. Zenefertiti added a topic in Entertainment   

    Game of Thrones Genesis

    I not sure if anyone has written about the Game yet, or where they have... Im suprised a thread about it hasnt been found more easily. Saying that, I didnt really look ;p

    I'm interested in getting the game - I'm wondering about others' thoughts on it. Is it worth it? Is it a great disappointment?

    What do you all think????
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  2. Zenefertiti added a topic in A Storm of Swords   

    Will we see Rickon again?
    But dont tell me if it is a big suprise! I've just finished ASoS, and was wondering if her turns up. Like as a twist somewhere
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  3. Zenefertiti added a post in a topic Need Help With Arya   

    hi there

    I understand the whole library thing, but you can buy the books quite cheaply. I buy them from www.bookdepository.co.uk, and each book (ecept for DwD) is under $10... with free delivery. I live in Australia, and it usually takes 2 weeks for a book to arrive. Even at department stores they are about $12...

    think of it as an investment - so you can read patiently and re-read !
  4. Zenefertiti added a post in a topic I'm surprised how loyal ASOIAF fans are   

    haha mattyp I just wanted to add my 2 cents. before discovering aSoIaF through HBO (i love good tv almost as much as good books) i had read all 11 books in the Sookie Stackhouse series (HBO strike again- True Blood) and then 2 other series by that same author.

    I actually lost interest in LotR during the two towers and stopped reading, never to go back. ASoIaF is the first fantasy series i have read (im still waiting for book 3 to arrive aSoS to arrive from UK for me to start reading -I've already devoured the sample on this site- and Im loving it.

    im thirsting for more!
  5. Zenefertiti added a post in a topic Do we find out why Benjen Stark joined the Night Watch?   

    that makes sense - being of the ' north' where the Starks had been for centuries.. and reasonably believing he wouldnt have a claim to Winterfell being the third born.. I was just wondering if there was some kind of scandal involved!

  6. Zenefertiti added a post in a topic Tyrion   

    i love this character - i was so glad to read he was alive I really liked him as the Kings Hand - cant wait to see what he does in aSoS!
  7. Zenefertiti added a topic in A Game of Thrones   

    Do we find out why Benjen Stark joined the Night Watch?
    Just wondering I'm loving the series, I've read a GoT and aCoK .. and this forum!

    Taking into account everything we know about the Starks and Benjen and the Wall (from the first two books) do we find out why Benjen went there? Was it for honour? Did he do something bad?

    If we find out later in the series, please just say that - otherwise, what are your ideas???
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