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    He is vile, disgusting and self-pitying, he has plot armor, his fight scenes are ridiculous because he can barely walk unless he has to fight and suddenly becomes the Hulk in terms of power, and the show has completely white-washed him, a lot of people are completely oblivious to his flaws and he has become boring. B-o-r-i-n-g. B.O.R.I.N.G. He has way too much 'screen time' in relation to what he actually does, in ADWD this is especially bad. His 'wit' is overrated, it involves playing his position and giving people gold and he's just lucky he hasn't met someone like Vargo Hoat who turned this against him. Varys and Littlefinger constantly outsmart him anyway, so he's definitely overrated. He rapes slave girls and wants to rape his sister. He is constantly an asshole to everyone simply because he can. Yes he's had some bad shit happen to him, so has Sansa. That's no excuse. Yes there's other disgusting people in the series (Ramsay). That's not an excuse either. In fact seeing his 'fans' making excuses for rape and saying stuff like 'she was a whore anyway, how could you possibly rape her?' does the opposite of making him more likable. Killing Shae was wrong. He created the problem by fooling himself into thinking she actually loved him, and she didn't have much of a choice but to testify against him or they would have made her do it, nor did it make all the difference. I think the OP should re-read as many of us have done, as it's upon re-read that most people started liking him less and less.

    Is he an accomplished character? Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't detest his behaviour.
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    Actually I think it does matter, because all the time, just like the characters in the novel, we keep forgetting that the fight for the Iron Throne isn't the most important thing, and realizing that sheds a light on who's going to become important in the end, and who seems important but really isn't. I figure they're the people we read and hear about a lot, but not necessarily the POVs for a lot of reasons. Even if we get 50 chapters of Areo Hotah observing conversations in the next book I will not consider him a main character, because he has no importance and he doesn't do anything. Yes, the true main characters are probably still going to be the ones who have a lot of action apart from being important, but I'm trying to narrow it down, a list of 7 or more people just doesn't do it for me. Their contribution is important if you like their personal story, but seriously, what impact has Tyrion had, despite all of his chapters, in ADWD? What impact can Sansa hope to have? Following my logic I end up with Daenerys, Jon and Bran with Stannis as a maybe depending on how his role plays out. 'Cos if it weren't for Stannis, there wouldn't be a whole lot going on in Westeros post-ASOS, but, if he doesn't stick around (to become the Night's King or something like that) even he won't seem so important in the long run.
  4. StannisandDaeny added a post in a topic Who are the main characters?   

    Amount of mentions isn't really a good way of saying who's most important in my view, though I suppose if we described how a peasant lived through all this I guess he'd be a main character in mentions even if not in importance on the greater scale. It's just the way of looking at things, I'm trying to see who moves the plot the most, who the Song of Ice and Fire is about. A lot of the people mentioned have been or may become important for the fight over the Iron Throne, but not so much the fight against the Others. I'll agree that Bran obviously has a pretty big part to play alongside Jon and Dany, but I don't see how Tyrion, Jaime or Sansa will have any effect on the war against the Others. I know probably only few people would see them as main characters but I think Melisandre is ridiculously important for representing the R'hllor side of the conflict and Euron because he seems to be shaping up to become the main villain, the guy who understands something about the occult, the greater purpose of things, and seems poised to seriously f s up rather than simply a guy who harasses peasants.
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    Who are the main characters?
    I've never really thought about this before I had to do a book report on A Dance With Dragons. Simply saying the main characters are the POVs doesn't always work, see Areo Hotah the breathing camera and excuse for a thought-process narrator. George also makes it difficult by tricking us into thinking someone is really important, and then killing them off. I suppose we have to look at the subject and the most important thing in the series. Not the fight for the Iron Throne, but the prophecies and the coming of the Others has to be the main subject of ASOIAF, no? The battle that will result from that will decide whether it's even going to matter who has the Iron Throne, so we have to deduce that the people who seem like they will play a big role in this are the main characters, so who does that leave us with?

    Jon and Daenerys seem to be a given, but other than that...
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    Edmure Was Not Wrong
    I still regularly see people cursing Edmure for 'what he did' in Clash Of Kings, namely 'ruin' Robb's 'genius' strategy of luring Tywin past Riverrun and into battle, and 'causing the defeat of Stannis'.

    I've felt like this about him for a while myself, but now I have a problem with that idea, in fact I disagree with it completely. If the books have taught us anything it's to not take anything that's said (especially by characters) for granted and to always analyze further if we want to know the real truth.

    I don't think Edmure made any mistakes, but Robb did. The most important factor in this regard is a passage that's often overlooked, where a scout comes up to Catelyn and tells her Edmure has been ordered to guard the rear. How can letting an entire Lannister army slip by a natural defense fall into that? It doesn't.

    There's also some other considerations to be made:

    1) Even if Robb explicitly told Edmure to 'hold the city', stopping Tywin from crossing the river and besieging it again is a way of defending the city, even if you're not defending it directly from the walls.
    2) It is optimistic, to say the least, that an experienced commander like Tywin would fall for Robb's plan and engage him in a place where he could not use his cavalry properly.
    3) If Tywin simply got through a tactically easily defended place like the river without resistance, he would suspect something.
    4) 40 000 Tyrell bannermen would have still been more than enough to relieve King's Landing of Stannis' embattled and thinned out army of 20 000 men max in a surprise assault. That Tywin got back in time didn't make all the difference.
    5) Robb pretends it's a foregone conclusion that he would have defeated Tywin, when in reality, this is far from certain.
    6) There is no reason not to tell Edmure of this strategy if Robb wanted him to let Tywin slip past. Not giving clear enough instructions is a mistake on Robb's part.

    Conclusion: the strategy failed due to Robb and not Edmure. Robb, in the end, sees this as a good opportunity to guilt-trip Edmure into making up for his mistake of betraying the Freys. The fanbase, on the whole, keeps supporting Robb and his look on things because he is the more popular character and granted, it's not all that obvious that it's actually him who's in the wrong, but still, I have to stand by Edmure in this matter, and I hope at least someone will now realize that Edmure is not the buffoon his family and a lot of readers make him out to be.
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  8. StannisandDaeny added a post in a topic Hizdahr zo Loraq cast   

    ^ I am going to keep that post and either laugh or weep at your naivety when the season ends. True to the books? Please.
  9. StannisandDaeny added a topic in Casting   

    Frank Benbini
    Frank Benbini is the drummer for Fun Lovin' Criminals, I was surprised to see a Facebook statement by the band saying he'll be involved in the show.

    I thought maybe it was a joke 'cos they are like that but another source says the same

    Since I'm a huge fan of the band I'm of course excited to see which part he'll fill, probably some small part... I couldn't be more surprised though, Frank is a talented guy but with his looks I'd rather have expected him to play some Italian mobster in the style Joe Viterelli used to portray in another movie, but not GoT.

    Here's my guess: he might be the guy in Euron's crew who dies blowing the horn.
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  11. StannisandDaeny added a post in a topic Strength of the Vale   

    Now I seem to remember Tywin made a rather high priority of 'pacifying' the Vale through LF, so the Vale must have had respectable power. Although I think they (at that point) wouldn't have made 'all' the difference since Robb's forces had already been thinned so much at that point and attacking one way would have inevitably meant exposing their backs to a superior force on the other side, the strategic situation would have been difficult even to a superior force.
  12. StannisandDaeny added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Strength of the Vale
    In ASOS, Robb says during his council 'the knights of the Vale could make all the difference in this war.' Does that mean House Arryn is really powerful, has exceptional knights, or is it just wishful thinking on Robb's part? Because in the situation he's in at that time (he's just lost the Karstarks) the Vale would have to be really powerful to turn the tide, or does he just mean it'd balance out the cavalry (something the North doesn't seem to have)? I'm tying to gauge the strength of the Vale because I think they're going to become really important later on as one of the few 'unmolested' forces left on Westeros, but somehow the Vale doesn't seem like the most powerful house or geographically suited place for training 'exceptional knights'. I mean, they can barely take care of the Hill tribes.
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  13. StannisandDaeny added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Stannis's vision in the flames   

    In the context of the show, it's probably his battle at the foot of the Wall.
  14. StannisandDaeny added a post in a topic Is Common Tongue really English?   

    You guys are still discussing this? That is funny. I stand by my points.