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  1. I originally described it to Xray as being short because I read the entire thing on my commute home, but then I remembered that my train was delayed so the commute was longer than usual. Still, it seemed to me like the shortest of the novellas. Not a complaint at all, just an observation. I think the relative brevity served the story well -- I didn't want everything to be neatly explained and tied up at the end.
  2. For clipping., you can always go here, scroll down to the tracklist, and click the play button next to 1. You can watch the video at the top of that page if you want a quick sense of them, but the album is much better in sequence.
  3. You'll do anything to avoid paying for airfare, won't you?
  4. I thought of you a couple weeks ago when I realized that, after a post-shopping purge of old clothes, I no longer own any white socks.
  5. Not me. The only novel from my nominations that made the shortlist is The Obelisk Gate. Come to think of it, I must really not be in tune with the Hugo nomination mindset this year. In the categories where I nominated, I had only one make the final list in all of them except Dramatic Presentation - Short Form, where I had both clipping. and The Expanse. On the bright side, that means more new things to read. Hope it goes better than my initial forays into the Best Novel list.
  6. Good luck!
  7. Holy shit! That's awesome. Xray and I once took the tour at Highland Park over in Scotland and our guide told us stories about dipping small empty bottles into barrels to snag tastes for himself as a younger, but didn't offer to pull any samples for us on the spot. Sigh.
  8. Exercise caution if you do get to eat them. I hear they can make you violent.
  9. Me three! Just started this morning and and loving it so far.
  10. Well, she named her car Brad. She LOVED Brad. And then she totaled him.
  11. Digging the newest Menzingers album. It's pretty straight up Springsteen-influenced pop punk in the vein of groups like Gaslight Anthem -- nothing new, but solid songs played well. I feel like the same is true about their latest video for the album's title track, "After the Party". It's a compressed story of a relationship from the wild and fun early days to some dark turns done with no dialogue, but the acting, filming, and editing is all done really well without being showy. AND they do a better job than most of fitting footage of the band playing into the storyline. Also playing the fuck out of Run the Jewels, because they've suited my mood for the past two months and four days perfectly. Their new video for "Legend Has It" is great. Oh, and Oddisee has a new album out, which is always a reason for joy in my world. Somehow I missed out on him putting out a new video last week, for "NNGE" off the new album. OLD BAY!
  12. ...possibly because people are talking about it in a dedicated UK Politics thread.
  13. That's one of those albums that works as an instant mood lifter for me. Doesn't matter how crappy my day has been, I put that on and I'm smiling less than halfway into "Second Hand News".
  14. No idea. Once I found out graduates didn't get to walk, I didn't look any further into it.
  15. What the heck, I'm in. Chrome crashed in the middle of my first attempt to complete the bracket. I'm looking at it as adding an extra level of randomness.