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  1. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Cutler just channeled his inner Grossman. Also: "Mills took the cheese." I'll tune in for Gruden saying ridiculous shit over pretty much anyone else's insightful commentary.
  2. Will eBooks supplant Paper-books?

    MatchBook. And yeah, now I remember the limited selection.
  3. Will eBooks supplant Paper-books?

    I imagine one of the challenges is that records are sealed in plastic when in a store, so the card with a download code stays firmly inside the package, whereas that won't work with the current model for the majority of books (where you can pick them up off the shelf and leaf through the pages). I suppose there's the possibility that everything moves towards the "display copy + shrink wrapped sale copies" thing that places do with art books or cookbooks or coffee-table books. Pretty sure that Amazon US did the "Kindle version for $2 if you ordered a physical book from us" thing for a while. I remember getting notices about that for things I had ordered for my mom as birthday or Christmas presents. Not sure if they still do it, as any physical book purchases I make are at local bookstores or convention dealer rooms.
  4. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    This is correct.
  5. Will eBooks supplant Paper-books?

    A few years back, we were talking with Ty Franck (half of James S. A. Corey) at Readercon and he said he, as an author, was a big fan of this idea. I'm not sure how much of an effect it would have on sales (would need more info w/r/t what you mentioned in the second half of your post), but you, Ty, and I can't be the only three people around who would be excited about such a thing. Right now, I take much the same approach to books as I do with music. I buy (almost) everything in digital format first, read or listen to it, and if means enough to me to warrant a physical copy (OR if the occasion arises where I can buy a copy at an event to get signed by the writer or I can buy a physical record to support a touring band), I'll go and buy a physical copy. Yes, I end up paying for the same piece twice, but in the end I'm just giving more money to artists whose work I value.
  6. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    Loved the lineman pick.
  7. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    ND keeps scoring in strange ways. Blocked PAT return, now a safety on a kickoff because a Nevada player totally lost track of where he was. ETA: And then Kizer throws a pick. I'm sort of glad ND took themselves out of playoff contention in week one. Makes the rest of the season less stressful to watch.
  8. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    Federal Donuts from Philly did a one-day popup thing in Manhattan this morning and I got to start my day off with two of their hot cinnamon sugar doughnuts. Fresh from the fryer. No lie, those are the best doughnuts ever.
  9. Mine too. Use it in class every year.
  10. Q: What did the fish say when it ran into the wall underwater? A: Dam.
  11. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    Seriously. The personal data section of that page is lots of fun.
  12. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    I am. Source.
  13. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    His younger brothers are named Osiris and Amon-Ra.
  14. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    I concur. ETA: Oh, and Kizer is back in for two possessions in a row. It's like they're listening to Trisky.