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  1. She did, but then we started offering treats after applying the drugs, so now she grudgingly tolerates the application of drugs before chasing one of us into the kitchen while demanding her reward.
  2. Cue up The Dismemberment Plan: "What were you doing for those eight and a half minutes? Was it mean, was it petty, or did you realize you were sorry and that you love them?"
  3. Of course.
  4. Nutritional Sawdust is going to be the name of my vegetarian progressive grindcore band.
  5. A few years back, there was a thread on here called "Things I learned on the Board" or something like that. My contribution was "Today I learned that Kalbear is not a Cal Bears fan." At any rate, you are certainly not the only one who thought that.
  6. eBird is a very useful tool if you are going out birding and want to get a sense of what to expect in an area. You can view recent checklists and see what folks have spotted in recent days and, if you're not familiar with them, look up some pictures of those birds either online or in guidebooks. That way, you have a sense of what to look for while you're out and about. Afterwards, you can use those lists as suggestions for where to start looking in your guidebook in order to identify something. We have also used eBird as a way to find places to go birding when traveling.
  7. They've got nothing on albatrosses. Those doofuses will sit right in the middle of the road and not move at all. You have two options -- drive carefully around them in a slow automotive slalom or, if there is no way around, stop your vehicle, step out, pick up the offending bird, place it on the side of the road, and resume your drive.
  8. YES! That would almost make me want to skip right to the hangover. Almost.
  9. Werthead wrote about the timeline of the Culture novels in this blog post.
  10. The first year that Xray and I went down to Baltimore for Maryland Deathfest, I didn't have a ticket for the festival so I mostly walked around downtown and watched baseball while she was off at the show. Saturday night, I turned on ESPN and was pleasantly surprised to see the Phillies were on. Not long after, I texted Xray something along the lines of "ROY HALLADAY JUST PITCHED A PERFECT GAME!" She probably had to explain what a perfect game was to some other folks at the festival. Good times. Dead at 40? Not good times. RIP, Doc.
  11. Me neither, though the only time it bothers me is when I don't know whether to put a D or S in the middle while doing a crossword. I lived in Indiana during the years when they didn't change clocks and it was kind of amusing to have the TV schedule flip between New York and Chicago times.
  12. Tuesday the 5th should work for me. Where in Jersey are you staying? It's not really that small of a state, especially on a Monday night.
  13. Clean, assuming you mean fermented with standard ale yeast.
  14. Wow. I figured it was an uncommon matchup in recent years, but that's a bigger gap than I would have guessed.
  15. The chance to live in Corvallis instead of Madison?