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  1. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    Yes! I should get there a little before 5 (probably around 4:45, if all goes according to plan) and will try to secure a table.
  2. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    It was them. I missed Daniel but saw Ty very clearly.
  3. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    One of the houses where I lived in Indiana had an RC warehouse at one end of the block. At the other end of the block, there was a RC vending machine. It did charge 25 cents per can, but there were times when I'd put in a quarter and get both a soda and my quarter back. Another time, I put in a quarter and got a soda, my quarter, and a dime. I made money drinking RC!  Good times.
  4. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    My guess is that it booze will be sold until the hall closes (or shortly before) at midnight or 2am. While panels may end earlier in the day, the convention itself usually includes the events in the main hall. That's how it worked in London, which used a similar setup for parties.
  5. NFL 2016 Divisional: THE GREATEST GAME

    As far as I can tell, it was the 04-05 season: NE/Pittsburgh and Atlanta/Philly. 
  6. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Getting the hops to have a strong presence is not an easy task. Heck, IPA's are not easy to make well, period. Red IPAs are tough since hitting that right balance of bitter, sweet, and aromatic is made more difficult by going for the red color. We've got one recipe that's evolved over the years to get drier. Haven't made it in about a year and a half.  Feel free to PM me if you want to talk recipes/procedures/what not. A lot easier to do that via email than on here.
  7. 2016 NFL Wildcard cont: Their Bones Will Turn To ICE!

    I was thinking along the same lines - Washington's first three scores made for three unusual NFL scorelines: 2-0, 5-0, and 11-0.  ETA: When did the emoticon codes change? 
  8. Boskone - Boston - Feb. 19-21, 2016

    Perhaps a field trip to Trillium?
  9. Boskone - Boston - Feb. 19-21, 2016

    Do you mean the program? That usually doesn't get finalized and posted until a week or so before the con.
  10. MLB: Book'em Danno!

    Somewhere in America, there are 3 sportswriters who dream of punching their mothers in the face.
  11. Currently edging into one of those phases where I binge on "Set You Free" by Chisel. Tough for me to be objective about this one, as I went to college with these guys and they were, by far, the best band on campus my freshman year (and flat out good people outside of the musical context). Still, this is one of those albums that delivers on every single track. Highly recommended if you like stuff like The Jam, Minutemen, Fugazi, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Wire, Superchunk, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, and all sorts of other great rock music.
  12. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    Me too. Seeing it spelled out made me realize I've been mentally dropping the first n all this time and saying "Rociante".
  13. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Yeah, we drank our last bottle last Thursday.
  14. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Still drinking our way through the case or so of Pretty Things we bought while driving through Massachusetts over Thanksgiving weekend. Currently on the East Kent Saison, which is an absolute delight of a beer. It's super simple - pale malt, Whitbread Goldings hops, and English ale yeast. And it's super refreshing - it was designed to be the sort of thing hop pickers would drink after a day of, well, picking hops.  Fairly confident I can pick up a few more bottles of this around the city, but sad it will soon be gone for good. I suppose there's another homebrew project in the making....
  15. The Tales of Drunk and Egg

    THIS IS DRUNK CONTROL TO DRUNKER TOM: YOU'VE REALLY MADE THE GRADE! And Lily wants to know... something....