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  1. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I don't think this is that far-fetched as I would expect an inversion to the Wall and the Watch for the fire side.
  2. Heresy 191 The Crows

    If R'hllor is a male diety, shouldn't the Great Other be female and connected with the moon? Dany was Drogo's moon while he was her sun and stars. Now it seems we have a female representing fire and a male representing ice placing opposing sexes with the dieties. Hopefully we aren't wandering too far off the path from the crow discussion? Are the crows and ravens on the same side?
  3. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Maybe it's like saying Beetlejuice three times? You don't want to attract the attention of the Great Other!
  4. Heresy 191 The Crows

    A few more thoughts regarding the Drowned God...of course prior to the first sword tempered in water the Ironborn's god wasn't originally "drowned" or maybe even associated with water at all. It must have been something that gave the Ironborn their power, but when they were defeated their god became "drowned". The power was locked away and suppressed and the Ironborn believed it was under the water. IMO the hammer of waters separated the Ironborn from the mainland, and it wasn't until they built ships and began a lifestyle based on raiding did the people become the "Ironborn". They had a rebirth after the Children thought they had warded these Others, leading to the motto "what is dead can never die, but rises again harder and stronger".
  5. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I don't think of Bloodraven as the drowned god. The Drowned God of the Ironborn was in the region of the Iron Islands and IMO became "drowned" during the first forging...the sword tempered in water. Nagga's ribs may have once been a grove of weirwoods with "evil" greenseers. I say "evil" if they were helping the Ironborn who would have been viewed as "Others" by the Children. Or Nagga could have been some great sea creature, sea dragon, or kraken, anything that the Ironborn worshipped or attributed to their god who was helping them in their struggles against the Children. If Bloodraven is aligned with the Children, then he's on the opposite side of the Drowned God. "Others" is an inclusive term and would include anyone that is not the Children or their allies. I know the way I look at this is different than most, but I imagine an invisible door...one that used to cover the area of the Iron Islands, but now open and laying across the north placing (throwing?) the Drowned God over the north and releasing it's magic into the air instead of being contained under the waters of the Sunset Sea. Since the Drowned God is being carried everywhere in the north by the cold winds, it's like a blanket layered over everything making the north "under water". Bloodraven is technically under this water, so in this respect he is "drowned"...but he's always had greenseer powers both before and after the ward was opened. I don't think the ward that released the Drowned God's magic suppressed Bloodraven's abilities, but it is possible that it's changed them somehow.
  6. Heresy 191 The Crows

    On the other hand....even if the Children created the White Walkers so long ago, it may be that they are not involved this time around, although your suggestion that there are six named Children and six White Walkers is compelling. They could be controlled by Euron using the magic of the Greyjoy's Drowned God, but again because Euron and Bloodraven are inversions of each other they cannot be working together.
  7. Heresy 191 The Crows

    It is a tantalizing conclusion, but I don't think it's necessarily true. The north is underwater and subject to the Drowned God, but that doesn't automatically mean that Bloodraven and the Children are subjects or followers of Euron Greyjoy. Rather the outcome of their magics are subject to the effects of magic being released. The opening of the ward was done in such a way that the Drowned God was released. The mummer's version implicated the first White Walkers to be the creation of the Children...the second forging, the sword tempered in the heart of the lion, but I don't think there's enough evidence to also tie them to Euron. I believe Euron is Bloodraven's inversion, therefore if the white walkers belong to Bloodraven then they are not connected to Euron.
  8. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I think there is evidence to suggest that the Andals assumed control over the Nights Watch and so it's up for debate if their purpose also changed or if any of their traditions changed. They're called crows because they all dress in black, but I like the idea of crows taking care of the dead, and the association with wolves. In real life crows and wolves have a symbiotic relationship. Crows both lead and follow wolves when they hunt even alerting them to prey. It may be that if the Starks founded the Watch then they would be the crows to the Stark wolves.
  9. Heresy 191 The Crows

    IMO the Prince that was Promised prophecy is based on the original blood magic ritual used when the Childen forged their third sword to kill humans, but they also believed this third sword "broke" Westeros, or what they refer to as the moon Nissa Nissa. The wheel of time keeps repeating itself...the birth, death, rebirth cycle keeps repeating. The end of each cycle has a cataclysmic event and I believe the third sword was a volcanic eruption. Dragons and volcanoes have similar descriptions, and maybe the volcanic eruption is what birthed dragons. When the moon split open a thousand thousand dragons poured forth. The Targaryens are very much students of history and they've been trying to replicate the cycle in such a way as to birth a dragon at the end of it. The dragons are what elevated the Valyrians to lords, or rather your "princes among men", therefore the ability to birth a dragon is what will make you a prince.
  10. Heresy 191 The Crows

    It's the word "prince" that I believe was misinterpreted, when it's actually supposed to be "dragon". Apparently the two words must look similar and was mistranslated.
  11. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Well said Mace! BC the clever crow, king of Heresy! Long may he reign! I too have been around since H20-something. When I happen to mention my participation in the online forums and note the length of time I have been doing so, I get the strangest looks from family and friends who cannot fathom the attraction and wonder what planet(os) I'm living on.
  12. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Sorry, not meaning to ignore you...I just didn't have much to add.. I was just pointing out that the two Stark daughters names were musical terms since someone else pointed out that it seemed as though women should be able to speak or understand the language of nature. Sansa is a musical instrument and Arya is a vocal solo, so it seems implied that symbolically Sansa may be used or played by someone else to "sing", while Arya "sings" alone.
  13. Heresy 191 The Crows

    The very names Sansa and Arya are musical terms.
  14. Heresy 191 The Crows

    It has occurred to me that perhaps the ravens are the godhead? If every raven has the shadow of a singer in them, and when the singers die they join the godhead, then doesn't it seem logical that the ravens are the godhead? I agree that the ravens operate as an extension of the weirwoods...almost as if they are the leaves, but if we were to consider them as being the godhead then it would explain why they seem ageless, and how they seem to operate in unison. Coldhands isn't controlling them, but rather he's tapped into the godhead, and maybe it's the godhead that is controlling Coldhands?
  15. Heresy 190

    I'd be more inclined to think these are references to the Drowned God, Euron, and the Greyjoy invasion to come.