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  1. Depends on what you're implying. I believe the wildlings are Ironborn descendants confined behind the Wall, and that their magic was sealed and warded within the Black Gate of the Wall. The wildlings are the Others, and they create white walkers by sacrificing Children in order to work magic combining water with air (Drowned God and Storm God). They're called Others, because while they are First Men, the rest of the First Men wished to separate themselves from those who are considered abominations.
  2. Gared was a man of the Watch and should know the words. He only needed to be told just like Sam. The mummers version is an interpretation of GRRM's broad strokes with combined story lines, so there may be some small nugget of truth in their use of the 13 Others in their version. While I don't believe the 6 in the books are some of the same that existed thousands of years ago, the 13 may be symbolic of something that I suspect - that the Last Hero died just like his 12 companions, and his resurrection to an undead life is the mistake the Children felt they made all those years ago.
  3. OMG it is him! I didn’t notice before! He is quite good as Mycroft! I loved how Sherlock depicted Mycroft in his “mind palace” as obscenely fat and loving it. Lol
  4. The huge stone hand is symbolic of the position of Hand of the King. If Tyrion stayed with Young Griff, would the position eventually be offered and would it drag him down? I'm glad we're discussing Garin, because he is a historical figure that Jaime seems to mirror. Mirroring is what I call the actions current people are taking that are like someone from the past on the history wheel. It's not exactly the same, because it's a mirrored reflection. Jaime is famous far and wide for being the Kingslayer. He too is connected to using water as a weapon if we take into consideration his father’s use of water to destroy the Reynes of Castamere. His sibling twin, Cersei, presumably drowned her friend Melara in a well. It also seems possible that their ancestor, Lann the Clever, drowned the Casterlys in order to take the Rock. Garin's “golden” cage is also mirrored in Jaime, because of the Lannister's connection to gold and the golden armor "cage" he put on before he slew Aerys II, proving his loyalty is to his father first over his sworn vow to protect the king. There is a second Garin that was Arianne’s milk brother, and inseparable friends since before they learned to walk. He even says he was named for Garin the Great, "the wonder of the Rhoyne." This Garin was involved in Arianne's plot to abduct Myrcella and crown her, which is part of the abducted maiden event. Arianne and Garin mirror Cersei and Jaime in many ways. The most obvious are that the two women are their father's eldest child and would inherit their family homes if they were male. Arianne believed her father meant to offer his inheritance to her younger brother, and Cersei, who was born with Jaime holding her heel, has been driven by resentment her whole life that her father meant to leave the Rock to Jaime. Yes, Tyrion is very much a fisher of kings, or maybe now a queen.
  5. I believe that the Children and Bloodraven are trying to use this history loop to affect real change to correct a mistake that the Children felt they made that “broke” the planet.
  6. Because its very much "a thing". History is repeating itself so much it stands out like a sore thumb, at least to me. Going back to Tyrion's boat ride down the Rhoyne under the Bridge of Dream...the whole thing is symbolic of Tywin and Rhaegar - for if Tyrion managed to land with Aegon back on Westeros it will be a repeat of what happened at the Trident. The second trip under the bridge was a disaster, and Aegon will be a repeat disaster as well. Jon Con's plan is literally like the stone men that he is becoming. Stuck in his ways. Stuck repeating the same history. Aegon will likely turn down Arianne's proposal or miss her altogether. No alliance for the Dornish and the Rhoynar this turn of the history cycle. It was a good thing Tyrion was abducted by Jorah Mormont, even if the interim before he meets Dany was less than idyllic.
  7. I do now!
  8. Well, Eurus may be just a BBC invention, but Eurus or Euros was created by the Greeks, and I was merely pointing out that this god is likely the inspiration for Euron.
  9. I suppose, but not the kind I’m describing.
  10. Perhaps. Kind of. Is it really prophecy if you’re aware of these history loops, knowing that the season is right for a specific event?
  11. Sorry for breaking up your post into multiple posts. I wanted to return to why I think the extended seasons are evidence. It has to do with positioning the correct people to relive a specific event. The abducted maiden event must have taken place during summer, because I had noted six or seven separate maidens during this last ten year long summer that were abducted. In theory there should be ten different maidens...one per year.
  12. Love this quote! It is perfect! Everyone is trapped in an eternal present...a wheel turning round and around.
  13. It’s inspired by time loops, but with a twist. Instead of people being given the opportunity to relive their own lives, they’re placed in repeated historical events in the hopes that they will achieve a different outcome.
  14. The history loops are a tool to place specific people in particular events in the hopes of correcting some past wrong. History was moving forward, but after Dany’s dragons hatched it starting rolling in reverse. Something is being undone or corrected.
  15. This is spot on to what I’ve been saying. In addition, I feel there’s a reason or purpose for the history loops that is similar to the belief that through reincarnation we improve upon ourselves and maybe correct our mistakes.