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  1. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    My current thought about the magical Black Gate is that it offers protection when entering or exiting the underworld. It must have some significance if the door itself asks "who are you?" before opening.
  2. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    I agree as well, and there is some evidence to support this idea with regards to a story about a young Rhaegar. After reading something he presented himself to the Targaryen master at arms and declared, "it seems I am to be a warrrior" ...or something similar, as well as the Targaryen belief in a prince that was promised, and Rhaegar first thinking he was the prince and then changing his belief to his son being the prince. I realize that this is prophecy, but I might point out that Rhaegar was looking for and reading "signs" which indicates that the timing of the red comet was likely involved.
  3. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    There's no reason to believe that the black barked trees that produce shade of the evening are corrupted weirwoods. They are their own type of tree, although no name is given it could be either ironwood or ebony. The door on the House of Black and White are made of two kinds of wood: white weirwood and black ebony.
  4. There are eight Sand Snakes with the four youngest being sisters. While I'm not totally satisfied matching them with specific people, I think we are supposed to associate them with noble born women. The Sand Snakes are all bastards, but in Dorne they don't carry the same stigma as bastards born in the other areas of Westeros, and maybe that's the point. Genna, Cersei, Arianne, Ashara, Lyanna, Elia, Sansa, and Arya are all daughters of great lords yet their treatment, and their father's expectations for them, is really no better than bastards. Is GRRM making a feminist statement here?
  5. I agree. The Sand Snakes are a mystery. I'm not happy with what I came up with either. We need those well versed in symbolism to weigh in on the bird imagery.
  6. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    I had already posted up thread that the white walkers appeared two years before the dragons and that wasn't my point. I was trying to say that Dany's ritual had nothing to do with white walkers, but that there should be something similar but inverted to stimulate the return of magic in Westeros.
  7. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    If the hatching of dragons reawakened magic in the east, then an equivalent and inverse event happened in the west to bring about the return of white walkers.
  8. Dragonglass arrowheads

    If this is a timeloop then Benjen was the one that stashed the treasure...Jon found the treasure...and Tyrion is the treasure. Three versions of the same loop. Benjen may have left a ringfort. Jon did leave a ringfort. Tyrion left a tent, which is kind of like a ringfort if you think about it. Benjen disappeared. Jon avoided conflict at the ring, but was later stabbed after first trying to rally men to go to Winterfell and then tried to calm down a giant. Tyrion also initially avoided death by lions, but then join the Second Sons and may face battle again. What's got my interest now, after we've gone through all this, are the possible parallels to the Second Sons. Maybe you see something? The Second Sons are the oldest group of sellswords, but they don't have as much wealth as the Golden Company, and they don't have as good of a reputation either, but they have won some notable victories. Four hundred years ago the Second Sons stood in defense of Qohor along with the Bright Banners company against the first Dothraki khalasar to venture east since the Doom of Valyria. However, they suffered a defeat and fled the battlefield, though the battle was later won by the Three Thousand of Qohor, which were a force of Unsullied.
  9. Dragonglass arrowheads

    I wonder if Benjen, Othor, and Jafer experienced the same timeloop as Jon-Sam-Jeor, and Tyrion-Penny-Jorah? Did Benjen go off to find water when Othor and Jafer were attacked? Each group had a slightly different experience with Benjen disappearing, and Othor and Jafer getting killed then wighted, Jon left for a ranging leaving Sam and Jeor to survive the attack only for Jeor to wind up dead later, and Tyrion, Penny, and Jorah all get away. It would seem its important to get the hell out of the ringfort.
  10. Dragonglass arrowheads

    Just a quick aside and then I need to reread your post more closely when I take lunch (I'm at work)...Tyrion and Penny's parallel should be the same as Jon's...at least according to my theory...at the moment. lol Anyways, my thoughts are that the wheel of time was moving forward until sometime after Robert's Rebellion it flipped and started moving in reverse. I've been trying to pinpoint where and when the change occurred, but it's been tricky, because I suspect the tower of joy was actually a blood magic ritual much like Mirri's was in the tent when she resurrected Drogo, but things didn't really get going until Dany hatched her dragons, then she became the origin of dragons...the mother. For sure events started occurring in reverse after Dany, but the change had to have occurred two years prior to the hatching, because Ser Waymar met six white walkers. So if time was already going in reverse and yet still repeating itself, Jon's events would be the same as Tyrion. If there's missing information in Jon's story then reexamine Tyrion's. You may be able to fill in the missing pieces.
  11. Dragonglass arrowheads

    He may not be able to change the past, but he can change the future by affecting the present. If he's been taught about the time loops, he can pretty much guess how a certain situation will go down. You change one thing in the present and the end result changes and IMO the results end up being the opposite or inversions of all the other time loops.
  12. Dragonglass arrowheads

    @Seams mentions the time loop, which I recognize as well and take a step further and suggest that the current characters will experience an opposite result. If you're trying to figure out the mystery of the dragonglass cache you need to gather all the parallel time loop experiences and see what they have in common or what the end result was and then know that Jon and the Watch will have or should have had the opposite end result. Edited to add: the reference to "wells" has much symbolism in the story. Arianne had Arys bring Myrcella to a well. The plot was foiled of course, Myrcella injured by Darkstar, but she did survive. Both Tywin and Cersei are connected to wells and killing people in them as well as drowning their enemies. The Black Gate is located within a well, so to descend the stairs of a well, which is an inverted tower by the way, is symbolic of entering the underworld yet remaining alive. So I'm not sure this is indicative of Sam dying, but rather being able to navigate this underworld while remaining alive, and it points out Jon's hidden ability to navigate this underworld also. Recall Jon is stabbed and dying at the end of Dance. There will be some way that he survives that. Either the cold preserves his body alive while he is healed, or like many readers suspect, he becomes an undead character on par with Coldhands and Beric Dundarrion....not my favorite ending, by the way, but I'm sure whatever the author comes up with we'll instinctively know that the clues were there. We just didn't recognize them at the time. I don't know if this helps or not, but I see the Stark family as reliving the fate of the Daynes since North is South...the Daynes are their mirrored reflection.
  13. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    IMO when the Wall was built the magic that created the white walkers was contained too, and if any remained it was weaker.
  14. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    I don't think the importance of iron as a ward should be dismissed. There's definitely something there. Think of the King in the North crown: a bronze circlet surrounded by iron swords. There's a message there that the iron is warding the magical properties of bronze. Getting back to dragons, each generation was smaller than the one before it and I think it's more than captivity. Captivity is said to be bad for them, but if a dragon only grows according to the size of it's cage, then the ones hatched and kept in the Dragon's Pit in Kings Landing should have been relatively the same size, not progressively smaller.
  15. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Not "defeat" magic...ward against magic, which is totally different. Ward means to protect against or prevent. We don't know if iron works against dragons, but we've read about crypts being warded with iron swords to keep the spirits from rising. Theoretically iron would prevent the dead from rising as wights or even as perhaps whatever Coldhands is. Maybe a dragon egg could be prevented from being hatched if kept near iron? Just spitballing with that last one.