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  1. Nissa is also a girl's name of Hebrew origin and means "to test". There is a variation, or maybe it is the origin, of Nissa. "Nissan" which in the Hebrew is the name of the first month of their calendar. The Hebrew Passover, and the day the Israelites left their Egyptian bondage, and the day Jesus was crucified are all said to have happened on the 14th day of Nissan. All three were tests of faith. Since Nissan is a month and each month has a moon, Nissa could be referring to a "moon", therefore Nissa Nissa means "moon moon". IMO Planetos and the moon in their sky are sister celestial bodies. Very interesting observation! Jon dreamed himself a wolf howling for his siblings when he saw Bran sprout in front of himself as a weirwood sapling. That wasn't when he was in Ghost, because after Bran touched Jon's forehead he found himself in Ghost looking over a cliff at the wildlings. So I think this is just a dream Bran is having where Bran is the wolf.
  2. True, but I was just pointing out that magic had returned to the realm, and different reports of magical happenings were reported to Dany. In order for someone to rise from the dead in Essos, we'd have to have other fire priests like Thoros going around and performing this death ritual. We have no evidence that anyone did or didn't do this, so the lack of a mention doesn't mean that it did or didn't happen. I took the blue lips of the Undying as coming from the inversion to the weirwood trees which have red leaves and red sap. Whatever tree is the opposite of weirwood trees (Ironwood perhaps?) would logically have the opposite color. Red sap, red leaves for ice magic. Blue "fruit" to make whatever the Undying are drinking that make their lips blue for fire magic. The comet is the herald that a new cycle of the wheel has begun...at least if you're a theorizer/believer of the wheel of time.
  3. I don't know if I can buy this right now. I am still adhering to the theory that the Starks and Daynes have specific legacies to act as shields for the realm, with the Daynes guarding the south from fire magic, and the Starks guarding the north from ice magic. The fiery sword that Jon wields in his dream is probably Ice, which is never described and only assumed to be made of ice. I think that assumption is incorrect based on the description of Dawn, the appearance of which sounds more like ice with it's milky white appearance and light reflecting properties. I am expecting the sword Ice to be dark and flaming in order to be a counter to ice magic. I agree the wights have lost free will. They do retain some memories like Othor and Jafer of the layout of Castle Black, but something or someone is directing their actions. As for Beric...I think Thoros has been giving the ritual of breathing fire into the dead, but with the return of magic into the realm it has only recently been working. The proximity to the hollow hill with it's weirwood throne might be helping, but I'm not so sure it's necessary. Over in Essos there has been a return of magic as well with no mention of weirwoods.
  4. What is the deal with Coldhand's black eyes?! The white walkers have blue eyes as well as the wights, so are we to conclude that ice magic is not to be credited for his resurrection? Melisandre has red eyes, but does Beric or Lady Stoneheart have red eyes? Shouldn't fire magic burn red in their eyes? None of the resurrected are truly alive. Their blood doesn't circulate even if it does run out of their bodies when pierced. Coldhand's blood is black. Melisandre's is black and smoking. Doesn't it seem like Coldhands condition is more like those resurrected by fire rather than by ice?
  5. The interview was about how the show and books are different, but I took his comments about Beric as applying to the books. I don't believe the show has stressed how many times Beric was resurrected...I could be wrong though. And if it is about the show, then they haven't shown how Jon is now different, so I think GRRM was talking about his version. I still lean towards thinking that the white walkers are leading or acting as vanguard for the wildlings, but I also lean towards the wildlings as being responsible for collecting Craster's sons and completing the ritual sacrifices necessary to create white walkers. Craster does say that Mance stopped and talked to him. Craster may have been sacrificing for years, because he says he's a godly man. It's only recently that the sacrifice has been working. That's how Craster can sacrifice so many sons and then only have a small handful of white walkers. I took the interview as GRRM comparing his intentions with regards to Beric and Lady Stoneheart. He is jumping back and forth, but if you look at what he says about Lady Stoneheart you can count on it being about the books since she's not a character on the show. And as I mentioned to Leach above the show hasn't shown how Jon is different now at all. No comparison, no parallel to Beric demonstrated, so I think he was talking about the books.
  6. In that latest interview with GRRM he referred to Beric as a wight animated by fire: And Jon Snow, too, is drained by the experience of coming back from the dead on the show. Right. And poor Beric Dondarrion, who was set up as the foreshadowing of all this, every time he’s a little less Beric. His memories are fading, he’s got all these scars, he’s becoming more and more physically hideous, because he’s not a living human being anymore. His heart isn’t beating, his blood isn’t flowing in his veins, he’s a wight, but a wight animated by fire instead of by ice, now we’re getting back to the whole fire and ice thing. In case you missed it, I understood GRRM as saying Beric is foreshadowing for Jon. And Catelyn: In my version of the story, Catelyn Stark is re-imbued with a kind of life and becomes this vengeful wight who galvanizes a group of people around her and is trying to exact her revenge on the riverlands. So why didn't Othor and Jafer speak like Beric or communicate like Lady Stoneheart? They didn't seem to have as much control, but they do fit the descriptions as "vengeful".
  7. This makes me wonder then if Rhaegar's choice was a bit of misdirection? IF there was some bed-sharing going on between him, Elia, and Ashara...maybe he didn't want to draw attention to it? If what Pretty Pig says ends up being true that Dany's flowering triggered a rebirth of magic on the ice side, then the white walkers may be a bit aimless, but a threat none the less. This is quite a revelation in my book anyways. I too thought Beric and Catelyn were resurrected and not just undead like Coldhands. So maybe Coldhands was actually resurrected by fire also?
  8. Interesting! Would you be so kind as to expand? I don't think it's too long, and I would love it if it were posted here...unless people here would come by for a visit. That would be nice too! I really like this! Would this tie into your earlier post about Dany's flowering being the impetus for the return of white walkers? Magic begetting magic?
  9. Hey, thanks for the shout out for the wheel of time essay! If you have any comments to contribute or questions I'd love to discuss!
  10. I thought Sandor might be their Stranger, but he could be one of the others.
  11. If there is an as yet unidentified Other that is also a different 3EC other than Bloodraven, then it would make sense, at least to me, that it's a woman. With all of the dualities in the story, black and white, night and day, ice and fire, moon and sun, we have a male fire magic deity named R'hllor, so shouldn't the ice magic deity be female? Will Val be the one to tell us her name?
  12. I lean towards thinking Jon is dead and that it's necessary for him to be dead in order to become the Nights King and lead the army of the dead. In Old Nan's story the Lord Commander gave the Other is seed, which likely is referring to the sacrifice of a child, so I don't think Jon will ever father children.
  13. I think the focus about Bran learning to skinchange into a raven could be viewed as flight training for dragons. I know Bloodraven uses ravens and crows as well as weirwoods, but I wonder if Bran may have been brought there to train...not to replace Bloodraven?
  14. If Sansa survives, and GRRM's original plot line did not include her as surviving, I wasn't thinking she'd be associated with winter at all. I am theorizing that after Jon swoops down leading his army of the dead that there needs to be a way for winter to end and seasons to return to normal. If Jon is the King of Winter will he have to be killed? Is this where Bran the dragon comes in? So if Sansa survives past this point she could take up the mantel at Winterfell and declare herself Queen, not just in the north but of all of Westeros. Her separation from her wolf would make her neutral with no ties to either ice nor fire.
  15. LOL! I'm sure you can edit it down some, or put supporting text into spoiler tags? I think my Inversion topic was several pages long, but not 60! 60 huh? Wow! That is LmL-esque.