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  1. I could see the award as exposing the Starks as Rhaegar's ally for a coup, or naming them as rebels. The fact that the blue roses were even selected shows advance planning, which then circles back to whomever backed the tourney.
  2. It's my understanding that not all Children are singers. I always took it that there was a specific group of Children that were the singers.
  3. Speaking of the ability to enter human dreams and influence their thoughts and memories, IMO this is what happened to Ned in his fever dream. Personally, I suspect that Ned is not remembering Lyanna's death...but Ashara's. Entertain that thought for the moment. If Bloodraven, as a three-eyed-crow, has that power of suggestion...that he can deliberately manipulate someone's memory, would you agree that would be a useful and powerful tool?
  4. I think the "lions" has a double meaning here. He's remembering he saw Jaime and Cersei, but I think the Children could also have been said to have been "lions" back in the days when their numbers were strong. Their presence or powers could be weakened, twisted, and grotesque. At one time they may have been more benevolent beings, but as time and eons went by the dying that joined the godhead were angry and wanted vengence, thus the twisted and grotesque. Regarding why they need a human greenseer...that is a puzzle since I agree that if they can sing songs to move earth, water, air, stone, etc, why do they need a human? I do have one idea and that is a human greenseer is also a three-eyed "crow" which I liken to Odin's crows (Huginn and Muninn) which fly out every day and gather "thoughts and memories" and bring them back to Odin. In other words the three eyed crows can enter human dreams and influence what men and women think, feel, and do. Edited to add: I had proposed before that the description of Azor Ahai's forging of the three swords were actually attempts by the Children to stop invaders. The second sword was tempered in the heart of a lion. IMO this sword was the creation of white walkers. The first sword that was tempered in water, or rather the hammer of waters that broke the Arm was not enough to stay the tide (har) of invaders, so they decided to fight back. Thus, they remembered they were the "lions" in the woods and not meek pussycats that needed to run and hide.
  5. Those who sing the song of earth know the individual songs of stone, water, etc. When you sing the song of stone, for instance, you can move stone. When you sing the song of water, you move water. If you know all those songs, then you are a singer of earth.
  6. Your logic is hard to deny. I've always understood the "singers" and "singing" to be those who know the songs of earth, stone, water, etc and not as that being the name of their race. Brandon learned those songs, so he was a "singer" of those songs/language. I think we could understand "singers" as being skinchangers that know how to slip into every element. It could be how they moved water and stone.
  7. Ooh, I like this very much! Calling upon the gods to bring a flood! Hmmm - foreshadowing for Jaime somehow? I find it hard to believe he's got greenseeing in his future, but he is a symbolic parallel to Garin the Great in his golden cage. Think about the Undying biting and licking Dany....ew, gives me goosebumps...anyways, you could change the location and insert Bran...they're biting and licking him when he's on his weirwood throne trying to consume him.
  8. Again, this would help explain Old Nan's story referring to "ice spiders", although not since "whomping weirwoods" have I read about weirwood trees moving, but if you're relating an old story in the oral tradition many times the story has become very symbolic. The weirwoods as "ice spiders" would be the greenseers manipulating the white walkers and wights.
  9. Indeed. And the pale Other that he made queen may be a weirwood. Is this what you are suggesting? I could see the analogy of a greenseer being a Night's King, and the sacrificing of children "to the wood" would also fit.
  10. OOH! I would be very intrigued with this topic! I say go for it Fattest Leech! Very interesting take. I actually do see Howland as their "Damphair", close enough to seem like a brother even.
  11. A Lord of Winterfell making a Queen info a salt wife? Seems like that kind of insult would last generations.
  12. Wow. I hadn't realized that the Reeds may have inherited skinchanging abilities from the Starks!
  13. Your theory about Howland being the knight and Lyanna skinchanging the horse is growing on me. The old gods could have given strength to Howland's arm. Haven't we heard that turn of phrase before? As for Rhaegar finding Lyanna...I do find that plausible since he went in search of the Knight. And giving her the laurel would be his way to acknowledge her part, but I'm still not on board with Rhaegar being Jon's father. (RLJ fans, please don't throw rotted vegetables my way)
  14. I agreed with your post above, save this last bit above ^^^. The KotLT is actually of more importance than most readers would think. It's the longest in-universe record of an historical event, told in great detail, and caused a return to winter. I suspect that it is the reason why we see time loops of repeated events. I think it will turn out to be the most important event in the series.
  15. Nice catch!