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  1. Heresy 184

    Patchface was at the Wall when he repeated some of his ditties about the sea. He even did one about leading a ranging about marching into the sea and back out again. The mermen he's referring to are the Nights Watch and the starfish soup is the Others and the dish they are serving.
  2. Heresy 184

    Curiouser and curiouser. Two separate posts of mine were deleted. How very strange. Would anyone have a clue what may have happened? I had replied back to Mace, Wolfmaid, and Arry'sFleas. I didn't receive a warning or anything for what I posted, and I don't believe I broke any rules...so what's the deal?
  3. Heresy 184

    Thank you for finding these passages and sharing them. It was a good refresher. So they're basically the bogeyman and come during the darkest part of night. I wonder why? Melisandre said the brightest lights create the darkest shadows and she's not wrong on that point, so maybe it's not the shadows themselves that choose the night, but the humans that cast it? Darkness would shield the evil-doers from being seen. Don't forget Renly's shadow knights... I will reassert my belief here that the Others were and are human and of First Men descent that work magic to do harm, and under the cover of darkness. The Long Night was never one long extended night. It was night, after night, after night, after night of being afraid for your life.
  4. Heresy 184

    I'm thinking the fire cast shadow needs daylight. It's hard to stay a shadow in the dark if everything else is shadow. But a fire shadow is also wispy like smoke, so any breeze would speed up dissipation. Maybe a bright sunny, windless day would be ideal fire shadow conditions? Does anyone know if smoke is effected by temperature? The ice cast shadow reflects the moon. I don't know if they can exist in total darkness. They don't like the sun though!
  5. Heresy 184

    While both are assassins, they are also both created by someone else. They don't make themselves. A living source is needed and some sacrifice is involved. But they are more different than just cooking a chocolate cake versus a vanilla one. The one cast by fire magic cannot keep it's shape for long. It gets the job done and then dissipates...one use only and then you have to make another one. The one cast by ice can keep it's figure as long as it's cold and dark enough, or as long as it can keep away from an obsidian blade. I wonder if it has to hide out in a dark cave when the sun is out? The white shadow wasn't all that concerned about fire either, and you'd think that fire would melt ice, but it seems they can put the flame out by simply getting...colder. Both versions bring death. They're not made to be helpful unless you're on the originating side. Ooh, I almost forgot. We're meant to associate the white shadows with the moon... they reflect the light of the moon. In this way they are still a shadow cast by a light source. Edited to add: and wasn't Renly killed in the morning? Fire cast shadows likely need daylight to move around.
  6. Heresy 184

    I've just had a thought about wights and drowned men. Going off the premise that the north is underwater and anyone that dies is said to have drowned. When someone literally drowns, they can be resuscitated by providing CPR. Sometimes they cannot be revived. There's many variables, like length of time without air, temperature of the water, and the age of the drowner. The common denominator between wights and drowned men is life giving air, only for the wights it's like they're on life support. Remove the air and they cannot move again. They aren't truly resurrected, because there's not much of their spirit left. Only the memories remain in the bones. It's kind of like using electricity to shock the nerves of a cadaver. They will still move, but they're not alive.
  7. Heresy 184

    "Samesies" lol They're both shadows, which is the absence of light. They both mean death with the loss of life and bodily warmth. The point I was trying to make is that it appears you need an opposing element to break the spell. Obsidian is "frozen fire" and that is why it works on ice shadows. I wonder if you could kill a fire shadow with an icicle? That'd be cool. Har!
  8. This book is quite boring....

    He's inserted symbolic, inversion chapters, and if you don't realize what you're reading they can seem a bit weird. Have you not noticed that some of the chapters are titled versus not being named after the POV? The first inversion chapter is The Prophet, AFFC Chapter 1. Think of the story as Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass...Patchface is speaking in nursery rhymes, north of the Wall lies an upside down sea, and the Nights Watch are Drowned Men. Try reading the chapter as if the Iron Islands are Dragonstone. Euron is Bloodraven, Damphair is Maester Aemon, Asha is Rhaella, and Victarion...well, I haven't quite decided if he's Aerys I and II, or Aegor Rivers aka Bittersteal.
  9. Heresy 184

    I agree that magic is magic, and I don't claim to know how magic is supposed to be in the real world, but in GRRM's world I believe he meant for ice and fire magic to be different. It was the Others that abused ice magic and the Children that turned to fire magic to try to counter it. I can see how certain elements may remain the same, such as the use of blood, hair, nails, or bone, but they are different since ice preserves and fire consumes. Thus we have white shadows that retain their shape until the spell is broken via obsidian, and black shadows that dissipate quickly. It remains to be seen if you can fight off a black shadow using obsidian, but I would expect a weapon aligned with ice would work better.
  10. Heresy 184

    I have posited before that the Knight of the Laughing Tree was Howland with a bit of extra help from Ned. Howland prayed to the old gods for a way for him to win. He didn't pray for a champion, and as Meera said even the little crannogman had pride. He prayed for a way for himself to win. The fact that he stayed in Ned's tent suggests, at least to me, that Ned may have skin changed Howland and together they made a knight, similar to the idea Bran had of combining his skills with Hodor's strength. Howland would still get to participate, but he would benefit from Ned's skills and speak with Ned's booming voice.
  11. Heresy 184

    1) echoes something Patchface said: Yeah, Patchface is famous for his sayings about how the north is upside down and under water: Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black. I know, I know, oh, oh, oh. Fool’s blood. King’s blood, blood on the maiden’s thigh, but chains for the guests and chains for the bridegroom, aye, aye, aye. Under the sea the old fish eat the young fish. Up here the young fish teach the old fish. In the dark the dead are dancing. I know, I know, oh oh oh. Under the sea the mermen feast on starfish soup, and all the serving men are crabs. The crow, the crow. Under the sea the crows are white as snow, I know, I know, oh, oh, oh. I will lead it! We will march into the sea and out again. Under the waves we will ride seahorses, and mermaids will blow seashells to announce our coming, oh, oh, oh. 2) some hinge is open: Melisandre says the Wall is one of the great hinges of the world. A hinge is something that holds a door, and wards sometimes involve the use of iron. The descriptive word "squeaky"implies that somethingis very old and rusted. InThe Drowned Man, AFFC Chapter 19,Aeron Damphair associatesEuron with a squeaky iron hinge, and he is very afraid of this memory. It is possible that Damphair witnessedEuron doing "something" in order toopen ahinge. Blood sacrifice is a recognized requirement whenweavingsome magics, and it may also be required when unraveling a spell.The iron that Damphair associates with a squeaky hingesymbolizes that the hinge was warded. 3) Nahhh the cold winds aren't a separateentity: Wind is arguably a stronger elementthan either ice or fire or water. It brings life to all the other three, and canturn all three deadly. Wind lowers temperatures making it easier to make ice. Wind breaths life into flames. Wind moves the waves of water.
  12. Heresy 184

    We shall see! I am declaring this now that as a man of the Nights Watch, Jon was a drowned man and that he was resuscitated by the cold air, with no ice or fire magic involved. This would confirm several things: 1) Recall Elenei, daughter of the god of the sea and goddess of the wind who married the first Storm Lord Duran Godsgrief. This may be a clue that Jon's father was Robert Baratheon, also a Storm Lord, aka the Smiling Knight, the Smith, and the Thief that stole the Moonmaid. 2) The hinge is indeed open. The religion of the Ironborn now applies to the north, which is underwater. The Nights Watch are all Drowned Men and subject to the Drowned God whose followers can be resuscitated by the goddess of the wind. 3) The wind, therefore is a separate magical entity. ...I am waiting with baited breath for next week's episode, looking for more validation!
  13. Speculation : TV show vs what the books will be II

    I would like to offer an alternate explanation for how Jon Snow was resurrected. He was resuscitated. I'll try to briefly explain my inversion chapters theory, but basically there are 30 uniquely titled chapters spread out from AFFC to ADWD which tell dual stories. There's the story that the chapter seems to be about, and there's a second inverted story about the events that happened prior to the Rebellion. You can read some of my essays by clicking the links down below in my signature. The one that explains what happened to Jon best is The Drowned Man. Anyways, back to why I assert Jon was resuscitated. Something was done to the hinge that holds the door of the magical barrier holding back whatever magic is contained there and flipped reality like flipping over a stone. Imagine the Iron Islands in the place that was once Dragonstone with the Greyjoys and Targaryens switching places. Maester Aemon and Bloodraven's last locations at the Wall mean that the religion of the Ironmen now applies to the North, which is upside down and underwater just as Patchface says. You can read my opening essay titled Eating the Dragon's Tail from the link below, where I use the Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass books as an analogy to help explain what happened with the hinge. The Drowned God is now north of the Wall which is the "sea" and the Nights Watch have effectively become "Drowned Men", so when they die they are resuscitated with the breath of the cold northern air, and so they rise again, stronger and harder. Melisandre's fire magic did not resurrect Jon Snow. As a brother of the Nights Watch, Jon was resuscitated as a Drowned Man should expect to be.
  14. Heresy 184

    Speaking of the mummer's version, I saw validation for my wheel of time inversion theory, namely:
  15. Euron the Abomination

    You have to first recognize that there are thirty chapters spread out through AFFC and ADWD that have titles instead of POV names. These chapters are inversion stories that not only tell the present story, but also one from the past. My theory includes the opening of a squeaky iron hinge that is the cause of all the inversions. The Iron Islands are the mirrored image of Dragonstone, so the Greyjoys and Targaryens have switched places. Aemon and Bloodraven are currently at the Wall, so the religion of the Drowned God and his followers the Drowned Men now apply to the Nights Watch and the north is underwater. Did you catch Bloodraven's words to Bran on the show tonight...something about not being able to stay under the sea for too long? He said, "It's beautiful under the sea, but if you stay too long you'll drown." To which Bran replied, "I wasn't drowning! I was home!"