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  1. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    Thanks for the shout out and bringing awareness to my inversion theory. To clarify I make my comparisons geographically as well as finding the parallels. The theory began with the idea of opposites and mirrored reflections, and that the warding on the Wall affects the characters by swapping their fates on the wheel of time, therefore when someone is said to be "reborn" they will relive similar circumstances of what has occurred in the past to someone else, but with an opposite outcome. First the geographical aspect. Imagine there is a giant mirror upon the entire length of the Wall reflecting all of Westeros, and your viewpoint would be the crow's eye view much like when Bran saw his family with his mom on a ship and his dad and sisters on their way to Kings Landing. Before getting tied up too much within that imagery, let's imagine we're positioned south of Dorne facing north and we can see all the way to the Wall. Now gaze into the looking glass and notice how Westeros looks upside down in the mirror. The south is now the north, the north being closest to the mirror is now the south. Lastly, Patchface says we're upside down, so flip Westeros like turning over a rock so that west is now east. Are you still with me? Here are a few geographical examples. Looking in the mirror the Iron Islands appear to be positioned where Dragonstone was, and Casterly Rock now sits where Dorne once was. At the same time they've all moved north. To help understand what I mean by this let's take Asha as our example. She's a princess from the Iron Islands, the royal Greyjoy family. Recall that in the looking glass the Iron Islands look like they're in the location where Dragonstone used to be, so the Greyjoys will live out the same circumstances that the Targaryens did in the past, but will experience opposite outcomes. Asha's parallels are Rhaella and Rhaenyra... basically any female Targaryen that would have made a better ruler than her male heir counterparts. Physically her geographic location is in the north at Deepwood Mott, but she's reliving Rhaella's life, which suggests that even though Asha is married to an old man that she doesn't love like Rhaella was, she has a youthful, smooth-faced lover named Qarl the Maid. Using this information I suspect that Rhaella also had a lover, but he was the opposite of Qarl: an older and hairier version. Jeor Mormont perhaps? So even though The Runaway Bride chapter may make some readers hope that they will find clues about Lyanna, recall that Rhaella "ran away" from Kings Landing to Dragonstone, later giving birth to Daenerys, or so we're told, but perhaps Asha's "kidnapping" of Lady Glover and her children is closer to the truth? Sorry to ramble off, but I felt I should interject that I currently believe that while you can find multiple parallels between several characters, the parallels that are meant to give us clues to the backstory are the geographical ones reflected through Alice's Lookingglass.
  2. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    The shadows of the wolf and man in flames that Mirri conjured were old spirits so IMO they were not Rickard or Jon or anybody in recent history. Like Melisandre said the struggle between ice and fire, light and dark, etc is very old, but what I don't get is that no one has realized that each side needs to accept the other to achieve harmony. Eliminating one side is disastrous. Never ending summer would be just as bad as never ending winter.
  3. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I don't know about that. I tend to suspect that there are dual powers and that the fire power is beyond the shadow of Asshai.
  4. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I don't understand your connection between the blue flame and the wights? I was under the impression it was the cold winds that animated the wights and that the wind itself may have tiny particles of blood in it (from sacrifices) that came off the Wall similar to the red dust that Dany witnessed blowing in Astapor.
  5. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I like this alot as well as Frey Family Reunion's explantion! Especially liked the Black Gate as a drowned god.
  6. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    The text doesn't support the pact ending the Long Night. The pact supposedly held all the way through the Long Night, but I'm with you that the Long Night occurred because of the breaking of the pact.
  7. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Why would Euron need to have anything in common with Bran? His physical description and things he has done are the inversion of Bloodraven. It's as if Bloodraven himself were turned inside out. Yes. I could have swore you yourself inserted a passage in this thread regarding ironborn skinchangers? Ah...I've found it. Ravenous Reader posted this on a separate thread: A Feast for Crows - The Drowned Man Aeron knew some Farwynds, a queer folk who held lands on the westernmost shores of Great Wyk and the scattered isles beyond, rocks so small that most could support but a single household. Of those, the Lonely Light was the most distant, eight days' sail to the northwest amongst rookeries of seals and sea lions and the boundless grey oceans. The Farwynds there were even queerer than the rest. Some said they were skinchangers, unholy creatures who could take on the forms of sea lions, walruses, even spotted whales, the wolves of the wild sea.
  8. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Great find! I'm referring to the passage directly above. Maybe the idea is not so far fetched after all.
  9. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Not that I think it's very likely, but just throwing this out there: Bloodraven could have prepared Euron to be his host for a second life. His physical body has deteriorated, but his spirit is still strong. Bran will serve as a replacement greenseer for the Children, and Bloodraven's spirit could go into Euron rather than join the godhead. Maybe a powerful greenseer would be able to influence their host?
  10. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Answering all above...to clarify, I was referring to Bloodraven, not Euron. Keeping in line with the inversion theory I would apply Aeron's words to Bloodraven. He left the Wall in search of the Children. To the rest of the world he's dead and Bran has been told he's nearly gone into the trees. But what if he isn't? What if he's been released from bondage now that Bran is there? Not in physical form, but like the smoky snake/dragon that Summer saw he could assume a different sort of life. That man may not be dead, and the squeaky hinge opening may be the sound of his release.
  11. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Summer saw a great winged snake released from the ruins of Winterfell: The ashes fell like a soft grey snow. He padded over dry needles and brown leaves, to the edge of the wood where the pines grew thin. Beyond the open fields he could see the great piles of man-rock stark against the swirling flames. The wind blew hot and rich with the smell of blood and burnt meat, so strong he began to slaver. Yet as one smell drew them onward, others warned them back. He sniffed at the drifting smoke. Men, many men, many horses, and fire, fire, fire. No smell was more dangerous, not even the hard cold smell of iron, the stuff of man-claws and hardskin. The smoke and ash clouded his eyes, and in the sky he saw a great winged snake whose roar was a river of flame. He bared his teeth, but then the snake was gone. Behind the cliffs tall fires were eating up the stars. The discussion about the ice cells having screaming iron hinges makes me wonder who or what was contained behind an iron hinge and when was it/he/she let out? That man is dead. Aeron had drowned and been reborn from the sea, the god’s own prophet. No mortal man could frighten him, no more than the darkness could . . . nor memories, the bones of the soul. The sound of a door opening, the scream of a rusted iron hinge. Euron has come again. It did not matter. He was the Damphair priest, beloved of the god. And He had run before the Crow’s Eye as if he were still the weak thing he had been, but when the waves broke over his head they reminded once more that that man was dead. I was reborn from the sea, a harder man and stronger. No mortal man could frighten him, no more than the darkness could, nor the bones of his soul, the grey and grisly bones of his soul. The sound of a door opening, the scream of a rusted iron hinge. And Even a priest may doubt. Even a prophet may know terror. Aeron Damphair reached within himself for his god and discovered only silence. As a thousand voices shouted out his brother’s name, all he could hear was the scream of a rusted iron hinge. We are told multiple times "that man is/was dead" in the same paragraph as "drowned" or in conjunction with "waves" and "screaming iron hinge". Someone that was thought to be drowned and dead has been released and set free. Edited to add: much has been made about the rotted condition of Brynden Bloodraven Rivers, but one could also describe him as having been drowned and lost in the great northern sea. What if Bran's "imprisonment" means his release? He could also be described as a great winged snake of a dragon.
  12. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I don't know how much people are familiar with meditation, but the brain is separated into a left (logic) side and a right (spiritual) side. The pineal gland is like our third eye. The two halves of the brain are covered with a veil that has the appearance of a spider's web. The twelve tribes/12 companions are the twelve cranial nerves that surround the temple/tabernacle/god/Last Hero. Through meditation thought and logic are gently pushed away while focusing on the breath. The goal is to light up the pineal (third eye) and gain entrance into the right side of the brain. When the pineal gland lights up it's like blowing a horn and the walls closing off the right side fall down allowing access.
  13. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I don't know if this is relevant or not, but Jesus and his 12 disciples has it's roots in astrology and Mithraism with a sun-god passing through the zodiac each year. It's been suggested that the Bible was never meant to be taken literally, and GRRM may be doing the same thing. Maybe we should be trying to ascertain the symbolic meaning of the Last Hero?
  14. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I don't see Jon as Azor Ahai reborn no matter what Melisandre says. He's a Stark and Starks are the shield of the North, and Ice was a black, fiery sword and likely hidden down in the crypts of Winterfell waiting for the black knight.
  15. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I actually do think there was a magical intervention, and I'm wondering if it wasn't so much that Ned needed to survive, but rather the Targaryens needed to be put down in order to reverse history. What was happening at the tower of joy may have been a blood magic ritual that needed to be stopped. Ned was a tool used by the old gods to help put the final nail in the Targaryen coffin, only to be removed later as the shield in the north. I'm still mulling over the reasons why, because I still don't understand Bloodraven's motivations as I don't believe he's moved past his loyalties to the Targaryens. But I haven't figured out why he wanted to rid the realm of Aerys.