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  1. Heresy 182

    When Bloodraven was Hand of the King they were already asking, "how many eyes does Bloodraven have?" So, I think Bloodraven is a skinchanger, and we know he must have been, because a greenseer is first and foremost a skinchanger. Therefore, if ravens were associated with Bloodraven when he still walked amongst men, then they must have been his host animal.  
  2. Heresy 182

    I think Melisandra has abandoned Stannis as Azor Ahai. She told Davos that the reason why Stannis lost at the Blackwater was because she wasn't with, so why isn't she with Stannis now? He's freezing and starving in the snow outside Winterfell. If she felt it was important for Stannis to win then she would be there making sure he does.
  3. Heresy 182

    She smacked Rickon when he didn't want to go with her, so I don't think he'll be the wild boy many expect.
  4. Heresy 182

    I don't know that we have to worry that much about Rickon. Asha disciplined him when it was time to split so I think she'll be a good mother influence on him.
  5. Heresy 182

    Very interesting observation and would fit with some poster's wonderings if Rickon is the chosen one.
  6. Heresy 182

    If Aerys and Rhaella are Dany's parents, she is the eleventh child. It would have been cool if she were the 10th (5 & 5). However, if she's actually Rhaegar's daughter instead of sister, she is his third child which of course fits the child of three, but very difficult to find a way to make her a fifthborn.   The only other tidbit to share for now is an SSM (that I am still searching for) that talked about whether or not Egg had made a good king. Basically GRRM said that being a good person didn't mean they would make a good king. I know I've read the SSM recently, so maybe one of the other Last Hearther's may remember it also?  
  7. Heresy 182

    I don't know that anything really stands out for me other than the fifthborn being "unlikely" to do or be something. Wasn't Aegon V known as the Unlikely? So, if the Targaryens had knew about the fifthborn would they have called him the Unlikely? Regarding Cersei and Jaime...I wouldn't be surprised if Aerys were their father. Joanna was friends with Rhaella and one of her court ladies. Tywin abruptly took her back to Castle Rock, but it's Tyrion that he wasn't sure was his. If there were any truth to the bastardy of Cersei and Jaime you'd think Tywin would be more wary of his presumed favorite and desired heir, Jaime..
  8. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    Zorse starts with Z.    Are there really lemon trees in Braavos?
  9. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    Yronwood interests me.   is Bloodraven the three eyed crow?
  10. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    The Iron Throne stabs the unrighteous and attracts dragons. No one in their right mind wants this.   Does Lady Stoneheart have a sore throat?
  11. Heresy 182

    To both...it does seem as if the House of Black and White is a house for magic. They claim that their god is the Many Faced God of Death. I think most readers recognize that working magic requires blood or lifeforce sacrifice, either weakening the human victim or outright death. Is the Kindly Old Man correct that all religions are about death? The Faith of the Seven claims to hate all magic and seeks to destroy it. They do recognize it, otherwise they wouldn't be warding themselves with their image of the seven pointed star. Magic is the only religion that seeks to resurrect life, but the person is never fully whole, and in some instances they really aren't cognizant at all. What do practicers of magic really want then? Is it power? The promise of extending life gives it's priests and priestesses power. Anyone else want to add in?
  12. Heresy 182

    I would agree with this. I do believe the wights are under control. Their bones have some memory of their previous life, but they obviously don't get to dictate where they go since they seem to stay in a group. IMO the white walkers control the wights.
  13. Heresy 182

      Sounds like CPR. lol
  14. Heresy 182

    I see what you are saying regarding Catelyn and Beric, but I think your hopes for Jon are SOL (shit outta luck). We learned by Varamyr's example that once your body dies the soul/spirit of a warg/skinchanger is severed and he didn't have control over where it went. Luckily he still had a connection to One Eye and so was drawn into that host. If Jon's body dies, he will likely go into Ghost, but he cannot leave again. At least not of his own volition. He'll become part of Ghost. If Melisandre is able to draw Jon's soul/spirit out of Ghost and back into his dead body, then this would challenge what you and BC are saying about Beric and Lady Stoneheart.
  15. Heresy 182

    Thank you for this information, but surely you see that they are more aware than wights? Wights do not speak nor even move during daylight hours.