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  1. Well, things continued to go well from a win-loss perspective. Went 3-1 in Westeros based leagues, which included scoring third highest in WB despite losing Aaron Rodgers. That injury hurts my prospects in WB going forward, but hopefully the team can continue to carry itself with whatever I cobble together as a QB2 in that league. Made a trade to strengthen (Receiving Julio and Miller for McCoy and Cooper) other parts of the team and just make do with back up QBs filling in for Rodgers on a rotating basis.
  2. /shrug Then the replays they're showing are portraying it differently. It looks late in them and a couple commentators have mentioned it was a grey area.
  3. Cool. An unnecessary late hit potentially ends Aaron Rodgers season. Maybe the NFL will revise late hits on players? Probably not. Hopefully though it just ends up being 6-8 weeks or whatever it was back in 2013 when he injured it preciously.
  4. They couldn't have Newton one upping them in the weird mistakes category after all.
  5. Fair enough. Probably be all they talk about until Sunday. We will see if the lost timeout makes a difference.
  6. That's gotta be a TD. Edit: wow
  7. You don't get to murder the QB on a dead ball Eagles.
  8. 3-1 this week and survived. Lost by two points in Keeper mostly because of Stefon Digg's injury early on. Westeros B and A are now marching nicely both scoring top 3 this week. Though with the OBJ injury I have to wonder how well the WA team will do going forward, but maybe Snead will return to form.
  9. I mean he's already been sacked more this season than all of 2016, so yeah. As for the rest Brady was ranked 2nd in QBR and 1st in DYAR going into week 5, but we can see how that pans out after everybody else has played.
  10. Brady has been sacked 16 times already this season and hit 33 times, which is the 3rd most in the league. That probably isn't sustainable for Brady over the course of the rest of the season. Might also explain why he's a bit more 'panicky' in the pocket though he didn't look that spooked to me personally.
  11. Went 3-1 this week and survived. One of my teams outside Westeros had both Carson and Cook, so it'll be a fun week of trawling the waiver wire there.
  12. Won in B with the team finally living up to it's potential. Lost in A because I didn't trust Cam Newton anymore and didn't wake up early enough to switch out an injured player. Hopefully, Newton can keep up and the myriad of injuries to the team in A don't cause it to crumble.
  13. I think somebody is getting suspended for that hit because there's no excuse for delivering a helmet to an already tackled receivers face.
  14. Rough start to this fantasy season to the tune of being 1-7 in Westeros related leagues (though in Keeper I had the second highest points for against the top scoring team this week), but have had significantly better starts in non-westeros leagues (3-1). Some players I had higher expectations from have been seriously under-performing thus far this season and some gambits haven't paid dividends. I think at least in B I need to take a more wait and see approach over the next few weeks because the team isn't bad. Westeros A is going to be a bit of a mess unless the WR corps starts playing up to it's draft cost. Dynasty is most harmed by losing it's best overall player and some under performing rookies.
  15. Well, I thought I'd posted this, but here's the my post draft from some amount of days ago: Given the modifications to the IR slot to not apply to players who were drafted while on IR my prior complaints don't really apply anymore, so I'll vote yes to adding an IR slot.