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  1. It'll be fun to give Experts another shot next season and hopefully it'll work out better than my one and done season from a couple years ago. @PyroclasticFlow I'd be interested in another go at Defense. Pretty sure that HP isn't going to be doing any yahoo based fantasy leagues for the foreseeable future based on previous messages he's posted. If we moved it to a different platform he might be interested, but the board seems pretty invested in yahoo.
  2. Was a good game, WJ. My team benefited from some garbage time to push me through (looking at you CJ Anderson and JuJu). I was pretty certain at the outset I'd lose when both QBs seemed dedicated to ubderperforming especially with the strength of your RB corps.
  3. Congrats on the win! I was little surprised at Lewis's usage during the second half given that he'd been more successful than Burkhead in the first, but such is life. Guess my feeling of uneasiness about my chances was right in the end. My mistake was certainly slotting Cooper in even though he was coming off two injuries rather than going with my gut and putting in Golladay, but hindsight is 20/20.
  4. Looks like it's going to come down to the wire with Dion Lewis being the decider, so still thinking 50:50 at this point. With me trying to depend on the New England backfield for some kind of consistency.
  5. This match is far more up in the air than I expected mostly because of the Burton pick up. I'd say it's about 50:50 at this point.
  6. That was a dirty block, and even though I think Burfict is a dirty player nobody deserves to get hurt,
  7. 2-2 this week in fantasy. Somehow managed to get the highest scores this week in both B and A, mostly off the backs of Newton and either Funchness or Ingram. Despite QB doldrums my team in B scored the most combined QB points of the league thus far according to yahoo. This week though is likely to be a mess because of bye week things.
  8. Yeah, that's a suspension there. If only because didn't even look like he tried to pull up and appeared to lean into Flacco's helmet. I think Alonso was yelling about Harbaugh coming off the sideline and getting in his face and the Ravens player who came over and ripped his helmet off.
  9. Went 1-3 (and survived) this week on some poor performances and some trades that appear to have worked out much better for my trading partner than me for this week at least. WB and my Keeper teams both went and came apart at the seams. WA is doing just fine, which defies my earlier expectations because somehow the strategy of a composite of one RB1 and some RB3s isn't as bad as it could be (even getting second highest score this last week).
  10. Your welcome. This is the week it all appears to be falling apart for my team. Made a trade that hopefully pays off long-term because I made some mistakes with the whole hindsight is 20/20 thing.
  11. Well, things continued to go well from a win-loss perspective. Went 3-1 in Westeros based leagues, which included scoring third highest in WB despite losing Aaron Rodgers. That injury hurts my prospects in WB going forward, but hopefully the team can continue to carry itself with whatever I cobble together as a QB2 in that league. Made a trade to strengthen (Receiving Julio and Miller for McCoy and Cooper) other parts of the team and just make do with back up QBs filling in for Rodgers on a rotating basis.
  12. /shrug Then the replays they're showing are portraying it differently. It looks late in them and a couple commentators have mentioned it was a grey area.
  13. Cool. An unnecessary late hit potentially ends Aaron Rodgers season. Maybe the NFL will revise late hits on players? Probably not. Hopefully though it just ends up being 6-8 weeks or whatever it was back in 2013 when he injured it preciously.
  14. They couldn't have Newton one upping them in the weird mistakes category after all.
  15. Fair enough. Probably be all they talk about until Sunday. We will see if the lost timeout makes a difference.