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  1. This is totally out of left field, but for some reason I've thought for years that the adjective form of hyperbole was hyperbolous rather than hyperbolic. But I couldn't provide you with any reason I thought this, or from where I obtained this information.
  2. Yes, this too, which was bourne out by the reaction to his election.
  3. I remembering watching Obama's convention speech with my parents and remarking at the time "If Kerry doesn't win, he's going to be elected President in 4 years." My parents were both Republicans and dismissed my statement. I wasn't nearly as involved in politics as I am now, and I remember that being an extremely powerful and moving speech.
  4. I read an analysis, although can't remember where right now, that this particular EO most hurts people likely to have voted for Trump. Basically, older Americans who need comprehensive insurance, are self-employed or work for small businesses and who make too much money to qualify for subsidies.
  5. Band manager confirming on behalf of his family that Tom Petty passed away this evening. I was actually introduced to Petty through The Traveling Wilburys because my parents were fans of Dylan, George Harrison and Roy Orbison. I was around ten years old at the time. Soon after that I heard Damn the Torpedoes and I've been hooked on his music ever since. Petty and the Heartbreakers were masters of the music video medium, releasing so many well-produced and original videos. "Into the Great Wide Open" is to this day still my favorite song and music video from the group. One thing I'm thankful for is that I was able to see them on tour when I was younger. Also have to give honorable mention for the "Don't Come Around Here No More" video. It was just so trippy and weird and fucking awesome.
  6. Tom Petty rushed to hospital from cardiac arrest, taken off life support. I'm crushed. He was such a huge part of my life growing up.
  7. Motherfucker. This shit happened in my neck of the woods. This happened on the Southside, which has a large Latino population, and I bet dollars to donuts that the officer called for backup was part of Gang Task, who are a bunch of roided out, bullying assholes.
  8. Agree with this. The beginning gave me chills just hearing the intro to "One", and then the synchronization of Lars' drum riff with Frank's gunshots was inspired. Really looking forward to this one.
  9. Make sure your wedding features at least 3 deaths, or else you certainly won't make it on the NYT's wedding announcements.
  10. What a catch!
  11. Yeah, I'm stunned to be honest. This goes to show that teams can't just rely on double-teaming James Washington, because the rest of the Cowboy receiving corps will step into the breach. McClesky is leading in receptions, and Ateman had a great TD grab. My only complaint is that Rudolph's performance is interfering with Zach Sinor's Heisman chances.
  12. The Pokes face their first real test of the season, travelling to Pitt for an early morning game. I'm a little nervous about this one after last year's game went to the wire in Stillwater, but I think this one won't turn out to be such a nail-biter. Rudolph is looking excellent this year, the Cowboys' running game and its front line have really stepped up compared to this same time last year. If the defense can slow down Pitt's running game and can keep pressure on the quarterback, I think the Cowboys notch a convincing win. I'm looking for the Pokes to cover the spread on the road. Oh, and Zach Sinor for the Heisman!!
  13. More of your mealy-mouthed bullshit? So, firstly, you're correct that the police knew more than you, because they found cause for arresting the maniac in the truck. Secondly, regardless of whether the protesters started the altercation (which is a assumption not in evidence that you nevertheless feel comfortable asserting), putting the truck in reverse and accelerating towards the people throwing rocks is clearly an escalation, and cannot be construed as self defense in any way whatsoever. Purposefully risking killing or seriously injuring one or more people for something as insignificant as some property damage is outrageous. Finally, given the reporting that a group called the Proud Boys was reported as driving around and pepper spraying antifa protesters, and given that you completely ignored this section in your rush to excuse the man apparently trying to run over protesters, it's quite clear that you have a very specific bias in your interpretation of the events of that story. But by all means, keep moving those goalposts.
  14. This is some serious bullshit right here. There is a distinction to be made about text and subtext, and how subtext informs the interpretation of the text. When disseminating information, when making a point or when having a conversation in a textual format, people cannot rely on the normal nonverbal cues that add context to oral communication. Therefore, a reader relies on nonverbal textual cues that are more or less agreed upon, to a greater or lesser extent. These are things like sentence structure, punctuation, certain signifiers like capitalization of certain words, brackets, or quotation marks. This assists a reader in making an informed inference as to the meaning being conveyed by a writer. This is the basis of all sorts of textual communication, including the law, journalism, literature and more. Here's what you said: Now, while the text of your statement doesn't explicitly say there is no such thing as conservative dogwhistles, the subtext, including the capitalization of "Conservative" and "Dogwhistle", the quotation mark punctuation around that particular phrase and the addition of the "(TM)" stamp, all serve to call particular attention to that phrase, which, when combined with the juxtaposition of a "code used by conservatives" which "only a liberal can hear", allows the reader to make an reasonable inference that you're intending your statement to be interpreted ironically or sarcastically, which in turn allows the reader to reasonably infer that, while you may not outright believe that conservative dogwhistles don't exist, you at the very least don't think highly of the phrase and view it with disdain. Or, on the other hand, the text of your statement is exactly what you intended, and you think dogwhistles really are a code used by conservatives that can only be heard by liberals, in which case we can safely dismiss any further arguments from you as the ravings of a lunatic.
  15. This was directed by Eli Craig, who directed the truly excellent Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. I watched this recently and while Little Evil has some really good laughs in it, it doesn't subvert the genre tropes nearly as effectively as T&DvE did. One main complaint is that the movie doesn't utilize Evangeline Lilly effectively. Adam Scott does deliver however, as do the other supporting characters.