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  1. John Oliver had a segment a while back about multi-level marketing schemes. My mom was into Mary Kay somewhat back in the day, and had started getting into Nugenix before she passed, so I'd always had a negative view of them, but that segment really lays out just how shitty they are.
  2. Except no one is saying that Clinton or Pelosi should step aside because they're women; the suggestion is that they should step aside because they're unpoular. Certainly no one appears to be suggesting that Warren or Duckworth or Booker should be stepping aside and that's because they are Democratic politicians who have net favorability ratings (the last I saw, both Clinton and Pelosi were around net -15 in favorability polls). I just don't understand how suggesting that extremely unpopular, extremely visible politicians step aside to make room for others with less baggage to lead the party is somehow akin to suggesting that it's time for women and other minorities to start riding in the back of the bus again.
  3. Looks like liberal millennials aren't the only special snowflakes when it comes to safe spaces at university.
  4. Apparently a woman baring her shoulders in the 21st century is the equivalent of women baring their ankles in the early 20th century. Yay progress??
  5. I didn't know Bonesy personally, but he was one of my favorite posters on the board. RIP Lord o' Bones
  6. Thoughts are with you LoB.
  7. I saw this over the weekend and I'm going to have to see a repeat viewing to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure I liked it better than the first one. The GotG franchise has been probably my favorite Marvel franchise so far. Capt. America: Winter Soldier and The Avengers were hands down more technically proficient films, and had better pacing, but as I said in my initial review of GotG, these films are infused with heart. The opening scene of GotG with Peter and his mom, and then the "We are Groot" sequence really had me tearing up, which I'd never done before during a Marvel movie. And GotGv2 surpassed even that, when Peter , when and finally when . Oh and the . This movie brought the feels even more than the first one, and the movie ended up being even funnier, which I was not expecting, although I agree that it didn't feel as fresh and surprising as the 1st film.
  8. Cool, thanks for the info. In that case we'll probably skip the IMAX.
  9. The problem with Maher is that the only delivery he uses for his comedy is "smarmy asshole". A lot of the time that works and the jokes are funny, but the rest of the time they fall flat and they'd be better if he could change his delivery. And I really don't get why he has such a hard-on against space exploration. Btw, he had John Kasich on his show. Kasich has been everywhere recently promoting his book. You heard it here first: Kasich will either challenge Trump in a primary challenge in 2020 or will mount a 3rd party run to siphon votes away from Trump to make sure he loses.
  10. Yeah IMAX 3d...I've only seen two movies I thought that the extra price of the IMAX was worth it...Avatar and Gravity.
  11. Just a question: going to see this tonight and wondering if it's worth it going to see it in IMAX. We're trying to decide between IMAX or going to a theater that serves alcohol and food during the movie.
  12. The former cop who killed Jordan Edwards has been charged with murder. It also appears that this former cop had been involved in an off-duty incident involving his weapon when a woman rear-ended him over Easter weekend and he pulled his weapon on her. How the fuck was this asshole still on active duty after an incident like that?
  13. At what point, however, does the evolving understanding of violence, and the broadening of the umbrella of legal repercussions, start infringing on people's free speech?
  14. Probably a dumb question, but is there any strategic value to Democratic Senators not filibustering this bill f from the start and forcing Republicans to actually re-write the House version and maybe forcing any vulnerable senators (Jeff Flake and Dean Heller for example) to vote no on it?
  15. AHCA passes 217-213.