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  1. I'm not so sure. I checked Breitbart's page and there are half a dozen articles almost exactly like this one: WAR I think Bannon is pissed because he was really the only one doing most of the heavy lifting when it came to pushing the America-First, ethno-nationalist agenda. He was pushed out and is going to take on the "globalists" in Trump's cabinet...and their agendas. He may spare Trump personally (although I don't think that's likely), but I think Republicans can kiss their legislative agenda goodbye.
  2. While I'm hardly a fan of the Democratic political machine, I think that it's a bit hyperbolous to say that the entire Democratic base is made up of African-Americans and other minorities. Traditionally the Democratic party has been the champion of the working class and poor. After a lot of thought since the election, I think the way forward is to form a coalition between the traditional base policies and the newer identity based policies. The corporate wing of the Democratic party has to be reined in, as they're the ones with outsize influence.
  3. Is that the Tark's son?
  4. Baltimore cops caught planting evidence on their own vest cameras for the 2nd time in two weeks. For fuck's sake.
  5. I could have sworn that the PP defunding in the original bill was for a period of 1 year, so I don't think the duration was what got it washed out in the Byrd Bath. I was curious about this aspect of the skinny repeal also. **casts Summon: Fez**
  6. Bill goes back to committee right? Trump picks up Attoney General Kreacher and javelin throws him across the room to skewer McConnell.
  7. Bill goes down!!
  8. You can't make this shit up. White House tries to re-brand the skinny repeal as the "freedom bill". It's like Scaramucci and Huckabee-Sanders were sitting around when Scaramucci says to her "I got a fever, and the only prescription is more freedom!"
  9. Aassuming the skinny repeal passes and gets kicked to conference, is there realistically any conference report that comes out that both houses can get a majority of votes to pass and that can be passed in the Senate through reconciliation? The House only passed their version of the bill by convincing their members that kicking it over to the Senate to let them deal with it was the only way forward, and now the Senate seems to be trying to steal a play out of the House's playbook. It seems more like both houses are playing hot potato with Obamacare repeal and whichever house drops it gets the blame for the failure to repeal.
  10. So now that the BCRA is essentially done for, is it even possible for the Senate to pass either repeal-and-delay or the so-called "skinny" repeal under reconciliation? It seems that either one would at the very least produce changes in outlays, which would violate the Byrd rule. And if McConnell decides to overrule the parliamentarian, doesn't this effectively kill the filibuster going forward?
  11. Umm, slave labor as part of diamond and gold mining is totally a thing, and forced child labor and debt bondage, things you find a lot of in...oh, say...sweatshops, are just as much slavery as the more conventional kind.
  12. They were both mentioned in the initial announcement by HBO, so it's hardly a case of HBO bringing them out to lay down some cover fire. And it's rather perplexing to see the prognosticators in this thread and elsewhere critiquing imagined storylines and character focus for a project for which the writing has not even begun. If it's not your cup of tea, that's cool. I think it's an ambitious project that, if handled correctly, could provide some interesting and insightful parallels between that time and our world today.
  13. So repeal and delay is pretty much dead in the water right? I can't imagine anyone now has MORE confidence that Republicans will ever be able to get a plan hammered out, even if they do give themselves two years. If they're even still around that long from now.
  14. Curious if you still feel the same given today's news.
  15. I don't know...I think being a 6'2", 236 pound dickhead qualifies.