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  1. I am the egg man I am the WALRUS! Goo goo goo joob goo goo fucking joob!! Now bring on some chocolate bra eating and PQJ's new custom title!
  2. If this is accurate, it should be a good night for Jones. Iirc, 25%+ was a favorable turnout for him.
  3. Maybe because I'm on Central time? I don't use Twitter so I don't know how their timestamps work, but I checked three different sources and all have the 7:03 and 7:53 timestamps.
  4. From the same article I linked, Trump's attack is time-stamped at 7:03 am.
  5. Just for clarity's sake, Gillibrand's Twitter response to Trump's attack is time-stamped at 7:53 am. So she very well could have been participating in a prayer/Bible study breakfast prior to the beginning of her work day.
  6. Jones +6
  7. Democrats may have one way out of this, but they'll have to grow a fucking spine for it to work; that ratfucker McConnell wrote a lot of checks that Democrats are going to have to cash: a DACA deal, Murray-Alexander passage, etc. They need to start signaling right now that these things will not pass as long as Republicans keep trying to loot public coffers to give freebies to billionaires. Maybe that will be able to siphon off Flake's and Collins' votes.
  8. Most current version of the proposed Senate bill will apparently retain the AMT. If that's what ends up passing, doesn't that make it even more difficult for a compromise in the conference committee? I can't imagine many blue state Republican House members (or their high-income constituents) being thrilled that they'll be hit with a repeal of the SALT deduction without a corresponding repeal of the AMT.
  9. Corker and Langford, among others, appear to be working on last minute revisions to the tax bill which would create a trigger effect for the purpose of generating new revenue if the tax reform bill passes and budget deficits start getting too steep. It appears that Corker, Lankford, Moran and Flake have formed a deficit-hawk cadre who stand behind this revisional "backstop" legislation. Opposed to them are Senators like Grassley and Kennedy, who do not appear to want to vote for the provisional backstop amendment.
  10. Lankford is sounding like he's still not quite on board with the tax plan, citing concerns about exploding the deficit.
  11. I fucking love Cordray. I'm half tempted to move to Ohio just to vote for him.
  12. I'd say it's doubtful that we just witnessed an intergalactic object, but the point of origin of this fascinating visitor seems to be an interesting question. According to this CNN article, the object came from the direction of the Lyra constellation, but that was almost definitely not it's point of origin.
  13. Gotta go big or go home, so I'm in.