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  1. Something that Republicans and Russia have in common: they both try to suppress the minority vote.
  2. You're probably right. I was raiding endgame EQ at the time and I can't really recall anything specific about why the people I talked to didn't like it, so it may just be a case of different strokes. I do remember some people complaining about a big problem with bot toons, but that's about it. Glad it's on PC. I'll have to pick it up in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Yeah I'm curious. I know there is a limited FTP system. Does that allow enough to get a feel of the different aspects of the game, like soloing and grouping? How does the faction system play out? EQ2 had a faction system, but it didn't really have any gameplay aspects. You could group and guild between factions. I'm guessing with SWTOR it's pretty rigid?
  4. That actually sounds pretty cool. I figured I'd probably avoid FFXIV because of the negative word of mouth I remember from the release of FFXI way back when (is that game still running? Is FFXIV related to it like EQ & EQ2?), but I will probably check it out now. Last dumb question: is it a console-only game or is it available on PC? I prefer playing MMOs on the PC, but it looks like in the decade I've been out lots of stuff has moved to console. I liked WoW back when I played it, but I can't find the desire to pick it back up. I'll have to admit though, I loved AoE tanking with my pally.
  5. I've looked at SWTOR for a while, and I'm intrigued, but I'll admit I find the class system incomprehensible, mostly due to the (apparently) huge number of classes. I've always played either heals or tanks, so I'm used to one or maybe two classes being the predominant stand-out in each role, but with SWTOR it looks like there are 10 different versions of each class.
  6. Thanks for the breakdown. It sounds intriguing but I'm wondering about the learning curve with the class-switching you describe. I'm used to playing dedicated classes, so do you have to learn roles and skill rotations for each class? Or is it a more generalized system that allows a dedicated class but you can switch between classes if you want? Back in the day I was all about setting up macros (cleric CHeal chain anyone?) and reviewing parse logs from boss fights, but I find while my MMO interest is still there, my dedication has waned somewhat in the meantime.
  7. Interesting to know that WoW is still kicking. I had thought about checking out Elder Scrolls but wanted at least a word of mouth recommendation first. I played the original Guild Wars at launch and must not have been very impressed by it. I might have to check out 2 though.
  8. So I've been out of any kind of serious gaming for almost a decade now, so apologies for the dumb question, but does anyone have some recommendations for any good MMOs that are out right now? I earned my spurs way back during the day of grindcore EQ, switched over to EQ2 for a couple of years and then ended up at WoW before I hung up my controller. I also played some LOTRO and DDO from time to time. I'd prefer a fantasy based MMO, but wouldn't be averse to other genres. I've looked at SWTOR, but based on what I've read here, I'd rather not start investing time in something that could be shut down before too long.
  9. If I had my druthers, I'd hope for Dems to take control of the Senate before anything else in the upcoming midterms. That way they're able to control appointments, which is where Trump is doing by far the most damage right now.
  10. While I agree with you on the Illinois Nazi, I feel compelled to point out that even though it might just be one state representative calling for that solution in Pennsylvania right now, it is entirely logical for Democrats to be extremely concerned about that kind of proposal gaining traction, given that North Carolina just recently went through a very similar scenario, where the outgoing governor signed legislation severely curtailing the powers of his incoming Democratic successor.
  11. Mystery solved
  12. Probably a dumb question, but when viewing the "dashcam" footage from the dummy's perspective, what are the small bright dots moving through the picture? Debris? Satellites?
  13. So we should know around what, like 9-10 pm EST whether it survived the Van Allen belt and made the 3rd burn for the Mars-ish orbit?
  14. Space Oddity was playing in the Tesla I believe.
  15. Any word yet on the drone landing?