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  1. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    Just because there is other stuff going on doesn't make the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party a non-issue, especially as long as the party keeps trying to be Republican-lite.
  2. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    Clinton didn't have to play hardball; she had her DNC minions to do it for her. Besides, there's no way she could have credibly co-opted Sanders' message when she had long been a beneficiary of the kind of politics that he was railing against as part of his message.
  3. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    I think the salient point is that the Democratic Party doesn't have any control over what the Russians do to try and affect the election, or whether or not there's racism or sexism, but it does have control over its messaging and, to a lesser extent, over its candidates. And the whole "it's her turn" messaging that Clinton's campaign toyed with was aped by the Democratic Party, and no one really thought to question that until it was too late. The other thing to take away from this is that the election should never have been as close as it was. If the Republican nominee had been anyone but Trump (and probably Cruz), Clinton would have been blown out of the water. The Democratic Party knowingly nominated a deeply flawed candidate, who herself wasn't able to articulate a reason for her candidacy other than that she'd waited patiently for 8 years until Obama left office. Oh, and that she and Bill were able to use their clout with the Democratic Party to clear the field so that she wouldn't have to run against anyone of note. So I agree with Swordfish. The party needs to have this conversation, and if Bill and Hillary are going to continue to create enemy lists and shit like that, they need to get kicked the fuck out of the party.
  4. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    In share your feelings on both counts. I don't think Ossoff is out of the running, because the Republican side of the campaign was apparently very acrimonious between the Trumpista candidates and "moderates" like Handel, so there's no guarantee that support coalesces around her. Plus she has a pretty shaky record that Ossoff can use to hit her with, and policy divisions in the Republican Party, especially on healthcare, won't have gone away. If I were Ossoff, I'd start hitting her on whether or not she would support the AHCA 2.0 that's being bandied around. As to your second point, I'm also much more optimistic now than I was a couple of months ago, although that's mostly due more to Republican incompetence and the rise of grassroots anger among Democrats than it is to any particular Democratic strategy at the national level. Republicans may vote in lockstep during elections, but they damn sure don't govern that way, and I only see the policy divisions getting worse, not better. With full control of government, Republicans may only be able to "accomplish" passing a CR to fund the government and raising the debt ceiling, and there's a good possibility they may need Democratic votes to do so, which means concessions, which means further intra-party strife, especially in the House, and most specifically aimed at Paul Ryan. Given the two close special elections, with the opportunity to still win one of those, I'm slowly becoming less pessimistic, if not actually optimistic. Trump has had to essentially jettison the entire platform on which he was elected, which will demoralize his supporters, and has put nearly all of the responsibility of developing and implementing a new platform on the shoulders of his incompetent son-in-law. I just don't see how things could possibly get better for Republicans going forward. The question is whether Democrats can formulate a coherent strategy to take advantage of grassroots fervor and Republican incompetence. And that's where I become pessimistic (insert obligatory Will Rogers quote here).
  5. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    CNN just reported that technical difficulties are delaying precinct reporting. I'm hanging in until midnight and I'm crashing if new returns haven't come in by then.
  6. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Nate Cohn is saying he needs 49% of the 55k votes remaining in Fulton County. He's estimating he will pick up approximately 45% instead.
  7. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    100% of DeKalb and Cobb counties reporting and Ossoff remains a hair over 50%. It all comes down to Fulton.
  8. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Curse you Georgia and your slow election returns!!!
  9. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    I'm not so sure. The analysis I've seen is that the Republicans really beat each other up during the campaign, and Handel mostly benefitted from name recognition and hasn't performed particularly well in run-off campaigns.
  10. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Right, I was just meaning if you do a straight county to county comparison. Which, is obviously not how it works because the 6th comprises portions of each of those counties, and I agree with you about the frustration of it being reported like it encompasses all 3 counties.
  11. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Yeah, DeKalb just came in at 100% and only bumped Ossoff up to 50.7% with 50% of the vote reporting. It looks like a runoff is nearly inevitable.
  12. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Yeah, this says Clinton won Fulton with 69% of the vote. But you're right in that it depends which parts of each county fall into the 6th district. In a straight comparison to the Presidential election, the minimal amount of precincts reporting from Fulton would be good news for Ossoff, because Clinton crushed it in Fulton with 80% of the vote. But Ossoff is underperforming Clinton by about 12 points in DeKalb and about 7 points in Cobb.
  13. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Interesting. A big chunk of Cobb County just came in, and Ossoff is barely holding on to a majority. There's still 1/3 of precincts in DeKalb County remaining, which is much more favorable to Ossoff. I know DeKalb trends more liberal and Cobb more conservative. Anyone know anything about Fulton County trends? It has the fewest number of precincts reporting right a country mile.
  14. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    20% of precincts reporting, Ossoff leads Handel, 57% to 16%