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  1. Drawing Blood From a Bolton

    I always found it interesting that Roose is the only person to not succumb to the "Curse of Harrenhal". IIRC Roose's last scene in Harrenhal has him burning pages of a book into a fire, I always thought that was weird.
  2. What do you Collect?

    I have a tribal dragon tattoo on my right arm. I have three tattoos all of them black, so while I would love a really colourful tattoo such as an elm tree at sunset it might contrast with my other tattoos too much. I really would love to get a valar morghulis theme tattoo, perhaps to coincide with some artwork from two of my favourite video games Demon's Souls and Dark Souls which have great death themes. Although these are just ideas at the moment Good luck with your tattoos next Wednesday.
  3. What do you Collect?

    Not yet alas. I've been looking over so many images such as my avatar, but when something is permanent I tend to be picky. Also I have other tattoos so a design has go with what I already have, Dunk's sigil might go quite well with my dragon tattoo. Decided to add to my Valyrian Steel collection by ordering Needle and the Night's Watch Dragonglass set, oh dear my bank balance is looking some what less healthy.
  4. How to indicate "spoilers"?

  5. I need your opinion for a cover!

  6. Robb Stark or Jon Snow?

    Jon is better at taking arrows to the leg, Robb is better at taking arrows to the arm.
  7. What region suffered the most in the war?

    The Mallister's seem like they must be in fairly good conditions compared to the rest of the Riverlords. They along side the Freys were the only places that didn't see any fighting on their own lands in the war against the Lannisters. I wonder if Jason Mallister were to get his forces together whether he could join 'Team Everyone vs the Freys'. Although Black Walder does have his son hostage.
  8. What region suffered the most in the war?

    Sorry my original point was that most of the Northern Lords such as the mountain clans, Mormonts, Glovers and any others that will fight for Stannis against the Boltons will not wage war in the south again. I imagine most houses of the North don't have the manpower to go south again, also after the Red Wedding I doubt they want to get caught up in a war in the south again. Unless it was to destroy the Twins and house Frey. Essentially I'm thinking only House Manderly is in any condition to help Stannis conquer the Iron Throne.
  9. What region suffered the most in the war?

    Yes Stannis has 1500, plus what ever numbers House Manderly might give him. Wyman Manderly arrives at Winterfell with about 1500 swords if they join Stannis thats 3000. Furthermore Wyman didn't send all of his strength North, he claimed he had the most Heavy Horse at of all the people in the North and the loyalty of several minor lords and landed knights. Additionally Davos notices Maderly is arming all bodied men who want to join him, this includes a lot of the Hornwood people and other northern refugees. So without Manderly and White Harbor, Stannis has 1500 men. If Davos gets Rickon and Manderly keeps his word surely he has 5000 plus swords easy to go South, plus a navy.
  10. What region suffered the most in the war?

    One wild card that might show up for Stannis is Aurane Waters and the fleet that Cercei had constructed. Aurane Waters fought for Stannis at Blackwater and some members of House Velaryon are still loyal to Stannis, as Jon Snow during the Battle at the Wall noticed a banner with a Seahorse on it. He probably won't turn up to fight for Stannis, but its food for thought. Edited for dyslexia.
  11. What region suffered the most in the war?

    If Stannis does win the current War in the North I wonder what ability he will to be able to make war in the South. I can't foresee any of his northern allies heading south to make war again after what happened at the Red Wedding, with exception of House Manderly. White Harbor has been gathering refuges, especially from the Hornwood lands and arming them Accordingly to Manderly they have can field the most heavy horse out of the northern lords and he has being building a navy for sometime. Stannis without sellswords would only have about 5000-10000 swords that would go South of the Neck, that is not enough to defeat the other kingdoms.
  12. What do you Collect?

    I have all the ASOIAF UK slip case editions. http://www.amazon.co.../ref=pd_sim_b_4 I have The Hedge Knight and the Sworn Sword graphic novels. And two things I thought I would never buy because they are way too much money and people who haven't read the series will never understand why I bought them. I own Valyrian Steel's Longclaw and Ice (both stainless steel editions), and am planning on getting Needle and Dragonglass set in the future too. In the last 18 months since a bought my paperback copy of A Game of Thrones I may have spent around £750.00 on ASOIAF products. I'm at a loss on how that has happened as I usually don't collect things and can be a bit tight with money. Oh and I'm trying design Ser Duncan the Tall's sigil so I can get it as a tattoo.
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    No man is more accursed than a kin slayer, in the eyes of Gods and man.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    I really didn't like Renly's death it wasn't dramitic enough and felt overly rushed.
  15. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    does anyone have the transcript from the GRRM's reading of this chapter or a video?