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  1. I'm still not sure how the coin system works, but it seems it caps at 50? Which seems kind of bad if you manage to stay for a long time (not that I ever do) I ended up staying for 2 days and 5 h though and that gave me 50 coins.
  2. This was my thought aswell. Another thing though, this repeated idea that there isn't enough female students that are smart enough for STEM/CS seems really misguided. The top performers at my school are girls, year in and year out, that the STEM/CS jobs go to their somewhat mediocre male peers should tell you something about the *lost* potential.
  3. How do you collect from gyms now? Do you get the coins once you are booted or what?
  4. It's funny because it's true. Though I still don't see how anyone can look at Trump and not see a total clusterfuck of a man and an actual threat to democracy, whether by collusion with russians or the way he undermines any faith the different institutions in society.
  5. One thing that sucks about the gym update is that my Cloyster army is now useless. In fact, all my Cloysters are useless since the ice Lapras always will be more useful. I'm glad I didn't have time to power up a second Machamp though
  6. Yeah, time to listen to some early Mobb Deep..
  7. Im guessing there will be a timer on the gym or something? No way Im joining any groups
  8. So apparently the gyms are in for a rehaul? I have no idea what it will mean, but it would be nice if it somehow stopped the three yellow ones that raids every gym in my city, every night. In other news, since my last Gligar I've hatched two Chanseys and two Laprases. The Chansey candies were welcome since I was walking a Chansey in order to power up my Blissey, at 2700 right now, not that it matters against anyone close to level 30. The two Laprases were duds, one was a wonder but both had water attacks which pretty much makes them useless copies of Vaporeon. I already have a Lapras with ice attacks though, which makes it a buffed Cloyster.
  9. It seems Salah to pool is done. Sucks, but even though he is probably better than all of them Lamela, Pjanic and Benatia (in that order) all felt worse. I hope we at least keep the defensive core intact. Oh wait, Sczezny won't stay...
  10. It won't though, no matter what team you support, the season will be over by October. Again.
  11. I'm quickly working through my Ultra Ball supply, but at this rate, I think I will be able to reach level 30 by evolving on sunday which should give me 30 more balls to throw away on my road to Typhlosion.
  12. Pfff, Stephen King is great at times. Also, it is no surprise of course, considering how amped up the climate is, but it seems really weird to me to side with Trump on a thing like this. I know he's seemingly narcissistic and deluded to the point that his view of reality should be used as an pro-pomo argument in the pomo thread, but don't you expect your leader to be able to brush off a harmless comment like that? If he can't take that kind off joke without censoring it, what kind of negative information is he ever presented with? I get that people can have very different views on how society should function from mine, and I think that the way the us politics threads shuts down any dissenters is sad(!), both because we seem to be heading for the next big revolution and right now the 1% is happy to watch the 99% infight for crumbs, but also because it would be nice to hear the arguments for stuff like deregulation and private health care. What I don't get though, is how anyone can look at Trump's complete lack of grace, dignity, self control, accountability and so on and not ditch him, solely because of those reasons.
  13. I've kept playing some, actually brought down a level 8 gym today, but the streaks have been suffering. Anyway, the other night I checked and saw something I kind of thought looked like Porygon. Since there was no time to spare, I put on my shoes and ran towards the pokestop (my wife thought I was an idiot). Once there, it turned out to be the final evolution of Hoppip, which doesn't really look remotely the same. I already had the second evolution and 100 candies so I didn't even try to catch it, just said fuck it and went back home. So the way things are heading, I will soon have played for a year and still not seen a single Porygon.
  14. I hope salah stays, would suck to lose him. I also hope real put six goals behind buffon tonight, it would suck to have to watch them win the treble.
  15. Yeah, i dont get how people reconcile wanting to fuck over the climate with hating immigrants. Speeding up climate change is basically to beg for the people south of you to come fleeing your way.