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  1. What's more amazing is that people keep responding to these threads. Edit: And that I read them...
  2. Does anyone know if the Wii U controllers have the same problem? I kind of like the Wii games that we got but the controller takes away the fun, if the Wii U controller without any noticeable lag I think I'd get a Wii U, assuming you can play the Wii games on it..
  3. I don't really get your point, obviously there are going to be bad teachers, but for one, I was talking about my colleagues and for another, I don't see how your examples of bad teachers would disqualify them from getting another job? My point wasn't that there are no bad teachers, I've even had a few less than stellar colleagues, but I have no problem seeing them doing well in another field.
  4. I've yet to meet a teacher that couldn't have done something else for equal or better pay.. That said, I'm really glad I ended up a teacher, doubt I would have had a better time in any other profession.
  5. Theres a very distinct delay on my Wii buttons, but maybe controllers have evolved enough that it isnt a problem with newer consoles?
  6. So, I have a question. I've got an old wii that the kids are finally putting to use, but the slight delay in the controllers is fucking annoying. So my question is, does it get any better? Are newer consoles delay-free even though they use chord less controllers or are they all the same?
  7. Man, this is so great, and you are great for keeping the thread updated!
  8. Or the author of the thread could add spoiler to the title and make the thread readable
  9. The lesson of the thread is to always stack up on snacks and alcohol? Seems reasonable. This is yet another of those times when the kids hold you back, can't very well go out Mad Maxing the last 24 hours if the kids are at home waiting to be fed, can I?
  10. So, you assume that at any given moment, you will be away from them?
  11. Sorry, but I'm not the right guy for this, I'm neither a US apologist nor very knowledgeable. I'm merely a horrified bystander of the car-wreck that's US democracy.
  12. I'm well aware that there are much worse places than the US in the world, but I'm far from sure that Cuba is one of them and would be improved by some US democracy.
  13. Everyone will ask why you are there
  14. They almost had the vaccine ready?
  15. I have an incredibly hard time seeing any cooperation with Trump actually happening, even if Dems were in a strong position, it isn't like Fox wouldn't tell him that SP was a bad idea.