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  1. I havent got anything noteworthy yet, but i saw a 3600 slaking in a gym. Seems pretty fast to me but i guess some people are effective..
  2. Im ambivalent, but ill keep playing. I did some googling though, and it seems that for now at least, the 10k eggs wont be much to cheer for, except maybe the sloth.
  3. So, how are yall doing? Im at 15 hoenn, but nothing exciting so far, guess the 10k eggs will bring the good stuff? Or will they save the good stuff for later?
  4. This is not the thread for it, but it seems to me that when you have your diabetes, obesity, heart disease ect, the main concern probably shouldnt be wether vegans get enough b12? Especially if widespread veganism would put us on route to sustainability..
  5. Hehe, "there's nothing we can do as individuals" "How about going vegan" "Like I said, there's nothing we can do!" Anyway, I agree with imp that we should do our best to mitigate the effects, both as individuals and by electing people who might one day do something about the impending doom. But, as far as my understanding goes, we are well and truly fucked. I wish those of us who created the situation (most of us are still alive) would live long enough to suffer the consequences.. That said, knowing Florida elected Trump, only to be under water a couple of decades later is kind of satisfying.
  6. Time for Inter to run out of luck though..
  7. Does this mean it's time for a new circumcision thread? Seriously though, it's great fun (and interesting) to read this thread, so keep it up. I'm not well versed enough in the subject to believe any conspiracy theories, though the amount of people in this thread talking about JFK is enough to make me want to read up on it (if I had the time). Btw, does believing that Juve are cheating scum cunt? Or is that just an established fact?
  8. Well, now that ive got it and 2, its about as funny as hatching Another skarmory.
  9. Wasting stardust on a Farfetch'd sounds insane, insane I tell you, but I guess you are still on your path to collect a wonder of every kind. I hadn't done a raid in at least a month I think, but I acctually did two today as I passed the neighbourhood gym, both on my own of course, one 8k and one 12k. The exp and the berries weren't half bad, though the monsters were meh. Now that it's in every second 10k egg porygon isn't much of a white whale anymore..
  10. I'm never going to any raids, don't have the time, but I caught a Farfetch'd today. Will the other regionals show up too? Is anyone still playing?
  11. I must say that barring some extreme outliers, this board perhaps?, this just isn't true. Or maybe it is in some place I never heard of, but in Sweden, that I think is at least considered to be fairly progressive, feminine men are tolerated, but hardly lauded, besides perhaps in some minute part of the media. And even though the usual suspects will soon be down your throat about toxic masculinity and privilege etc, I think they are right. With the caveat that the traits that you listed as positive isn't the things critisized or damaging, so pitting them against "feminine" traits is really a red herring. Actually having the traits you listed will go a long way in any situation, whether you are a man or a woman.
  12. Sure, as its been used in the thread, spiritualism has both been the step in human evolution that has separated us from the animals and it was suggested that original sin, farming and spiritualism was connected. However, that both ignores every spiritual aspect of hunter gatherer cultures from pre history, and it suggests that we are superior not only in an agricultural sense, but as human beings, and though i dont really subscribe to the idea that our biggest mistake was to pick up the plow, i think that there are plenty of areas where you could argue that we are the inferior ones.
  13. Oral tradition being able to carry the gist of the story over millenia, impressive as that is, seems like a pretty bad argument against the story being corrupted over time, seeing how the devil is in the details and all that. Also, the idea that original sin and leaving the hunter gatherer stage should coincide is kind of conceited isnt it?
  14. Rome derby in a couple of hours, guess ill have aged a couple of years by the end of the night..