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  1. I was gonna write something, but I need to get my priorities straight and write something else, but I'll say this: I don't really see any evidence of people living by that quote.
  2. That's a very convenient argument if you for instance feel like having a gun is an essential freedom. Americans don't seem all that free to me honestly, unless they are way rich of course, but then those people would be free wherever they lived.
  3. He would've killed you dead, and then you would've never woken up.
  4. I hatched my first 10k in forever today, and it was another Mantine, it's the third I've hatched. Seriously, these Mantines and Sudowoodos is killing me..
  5. I approve of this dream, and am somewhat jealous of the length and scope of it.
  6. Same, it's the last gen 1 for me, all else I can walk they day I feel like evolving them. I've been running around a lake recently and it's fairly populated so I figured I'd walk a lap too and see if there were any mons. In one lap, I picked up a Scyther, a Rhyhorn, a Slowbro, two Poliwags, two Magikarps and probably some small stuff I don't remember. The Rhyhorn and the Magikarps were nice cause I'm powering up my Rhydon and I'm walking my Magikarp so that I can have a wonder Gyarados. After the Wonderdiscussion before I've come to the conclusion that I should only power up and evolve wonders, if it's a pokemon you can use to fight in gyms, otherwise I just keep the highest CP if I keep it at all.
  7. I could do with some Larvitar candies, for now, all I've gotten is an Aerodactyl, and I already had a better one. To insult to injury, I evolved all my shit one week ago, going to do a new one today since I reach 7/7 today for my streaks, but still, turning those 70k last time into 140 would've been sweet.
  8. I moved out at 18 and never looked back, but now that I think about it, I would kind of like it if the kids stuck around for longer than me at least, and though I doubt it, I really hope they stay in the same city.
  9. Must admit I too am jealous of the red Gyarados. That said, since I started walking my Dratini, I've hatched three more, so today I evolved my Dragonite. Since we are on the topic, everyone I've hatched has been a wonder, but now starts the slow walking and powering up of the poor guy. Right now, it's at 2000, but I guess the eggs gives us pokemon that's able to reach the max potential CP wise? Right now it looks like I could reach 2600 if I had the candies, but I'm only at lvl 27 so by lvl 40 that's probably 3600?
  10. There's currently three 2900 CP Blisseys in my local gym, whoever knocks it down is gonna have to spend the better part of an hour.. About the list, I've tried a few of those and Vaporeon, though probably the most useful gym fighter in the game (I'd much rather be up against a 3000+ Dragonite than a 2800+ Vaporeon), is pretty useless imo. At least when at a CP disadvantage. It isn't that Blissey will win, it's that the time will run out, though in Vaporeons defense, I don't remember if I had realized that there's no time for dodging when I used it. Gyarados is almost OK, mine at 2600 will almost get Blissey at 2900 halfway down before dieing and in about 50 sec, which isn't enough really. I don't know about the rest, though I suspect that if you have a Gengar that's good enough to beat a good Blissey, you probably have a Dragonite or three as well.. I'm holding out for Dragonite and Espeon, however, for now, the only one I feel pretty confident about in my rooster is Flareon. Two Flareon at about 2100 will do the trick, if just barely, against a 2900 Blissey. I could probably get my Machamp up to 2000+, but it seems like a waste. My Alakazam isn't that good either, though it might be worth powering up since it has a fighting second, but I'll save the dust for something more exciting. Btw, if you haven't really started gyming yet, then besides the heavy hitters, you wanna stack up on Vaporeons and Jolteons. Jolteon is a pure glass cannon but it will tear through all those water and ice types at the gym and Vaporeon is good at everything plus Rhydon and Tyranitar don't stand a chance.
  11. My Machamp is like 1600 I'll have a Dragonite in a few weeks, which I hope will do the trick, or if I luck out and evolve a good Espeon. Right now, I'll take down a 2900 Blissey with 1-2 sec left if I'm lucky with my dodging, not if not Anyway, about IV and stuff. I just looked at my 1600 Cloyster, it has the 3rd or 4th rating, not sure which "won't make much headway in battle" is, but, it will take down a 2600 Dragonite no problem. I have a better Cloyster too so I only use it if I face multiple Dragonites, but I think making the right matchup and moveset is by far the most important factors, though I will obviously choose the wonder if I have two at similar CP.
  12. FB, unless someone has a good way to take down Blisseys, it is by far the strongest defender. I have some real problems with the 2900 ones, so I don't think I could take out a 3200. Every other max lvl pokemon is fine, Cloyster eats through Dragonite, Vaporeon owns any Rhydon/Tyranitar and so on, but Blissey is just a real pain.
  13. That's cool, I'd love to learn more, and if it turns out my Dratini and Larvitar wonders will turn good some day, all the better Btw, Tyranitar in gyms is pointless, it doesn't stand a chance against Vaporeon.
  14. I googled the IV thing and according to one page, the difference between highest and lowest rating when CP was the same was 10%, so even though the Wonder is preferable, CP and moveset is more important.
  15. Since the local gym is always red, I like taking it down. Tomorrow I'm off my paternity leave though so today was probably the last time I hit a gym in a while. Same goes for walking, I've gotta start running if I wanna hatch any more eggs (and not have my body quit on me )