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  1. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    That's cool, I'd love to learn more, and if it turns out my Dratini and Larvitar wonders will turn good some day, all the better Btw, Tyranitar in gyms is pointless, it doesn't stand a chance against Vaporeon.
  2. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I googled the IV thing and according to one page, the difference between highest and lowest rating when CP was the same was 10%, so even though the Wonder is preferable, CP and moveset is more important.
  3. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Since the local gym is always red, I like taking it down. Tomorrow I'm off my paternity leave though so today was probably the last time I hit a gym in a while. Same goes for walking, I've gotta start running if I wanna hatch any more eggs (and not have my body quit on me )
  4. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Can someone explain CP to me? I've understood that eggs are capped at lvl 20, which is weird, but, is it worth it to evolve/power up those pokemon? My Dratini for instance, will I ever make a decent dragon of it if I keep walking it even after I evolve it or is it doomed to mediocrity and I'm better off waiting another 6 months to catch one in the wild with a more respectable CP?
  5. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    It got that kind of room to improve? Neat. I wish I had a Dragonite at all.. The Gyarados I caught the other day is maxing out around 2500, for now, and it still isn't really that good. I met an Espeon in a gym, and though I killed it easily enough, it sure packed a punch, it sucks that I humored my daughter and evolved a crap Eevee to an Espeon and now I have to wait for random chance to get a good one.
  6. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Probably better off saving candies for a new one
  7. Were Mao and Stalin Actually Socialists? (No True Scotsman)

    Automation may, in places with more than two parties, give people a real incentive to vote for a leftist party. I just saw a squirrel. What I don't get about taxes, is how people seem to forget that everyone pays them, that they will still make less than their neighbour and his ilk, only the difference will be more pronounced with lower taxes. I can see the moral argument, even though it's incredibly flawed since we can not impact what conditions we are born into, and the argument for taxes seems morally superior, but the idea that more money in the wallet will automatically make you richer misses the point that we are only rich compared to each other, so lowering the taxes will do nothing for your status.
  8. Were Mao and Stalin Actually Socialists? (No True Scotsman)

    I think that one way for the left to be relevant again is for large scale automation to strike hard against the working class. Which very well may happen in our lifetime. Also, the idea that because stuff seems rather stable right now, they won't change, seems kind of odd, all things considered.
  9. Were Mao and Stalin Actually Socialists? (No True Scotsman)

    True that. The *left* has been watered down as fuck and ought to be ready for a split from liberalism. In Sweden it has kind of happened to an extent, with the former leader of the left leaving to start a feminist party. The next step should be for the left to focus on actual economic class issues. As it stands though, as long as the alt-right is married to the actual right, the left will probably keep focusing on the different minority struggles. This is not to say that the different minority movements aren't worthwile or important. Though I honestly think that economical redistribution could do much more for young black men than BLM ever could.
  10. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Things I've learned today: *Tyranitar is probably good for taking down gyms, but it's as useless as Dragonite defending them. *Gyarados wasn't the glass cannon I was hoping it would be, still decent I guess. *I hate Blissey. Still haven't found anyone better against Blissey than Flareon, so once I have a bunch of Eevee candies I'll buff my best one and then I can probably be indifferent to Blissey again.
  11. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    200 caught is pretty impressive, I'm at 205 seen... Everyone knows that Houndwhores trades intercourse for cool necklaces.
  12. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I'm still at 0 items. However, I did hatch a Dratini the other day, bringing me up to 50 candies, the next 75 will of course take forever to walk, but it was nice nonetheless. Today I caught a Gyarados in the wild, it was 2000 cp with a decent room for improvement, so that too was pretty neat (especially since I'm like 240 candies from evolving one).
  13. I read somewhere that playing competetive sports did not somehow relieve the player of its urge to compete but rather make him or her more competetive, selfish, willing to cheat and so on. So participating in sports often promote the opposite of what we think of as sportsmanlike. I coach too. For me, the goal has to be to have fun, within the context of the game, so the kids who participate should do their best and focus on what we are doing. That said, I very much agree that everyone should play the same amount etc. I think it should be like that until they are adults, but I know a lot of people want their kids to treat their sport like a part time job.
  14. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Same. Swinubs are everywhere, and they are all dark orange so no point catching them.