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  1. Didnt salems lot have a good ending too?
  2. According to a news article I read in a swedish paper yesterday, the percent of people in the US self identifying as non-religious has increased from 6% in the nineties to about 25% today. So who knows, in another couple of decades? (The obsession with belief is really strange to me as an outsider though)
  3. Well, im not likely to see any of these things, so im not particularly enthused by pokemon right now. It was fine as long as i could do it by myself, but now im pretty tired of it all.
  4. 4 of the 5 accounts? Why would you level multiple accounts? I guess it's possible if you cheat anyway, but if you don't it seems pretty pointless. I will probably never get a legendary, the local gym never has more than like 2 people there at the same time and with three small children, going out just to catch pokemon isn't really an option
  5. I'm guessing that won't be enough to pay for his house though
  6. Happy that cracks are finally showing in Juve...
  7. I'm still a Porygon short.. Obviously, the new money system is an improvement for me, however, having Blissey spend 4 d 6 h away and only net me 10 pokedollars was kind of disappointing..
  8. That doesnt seem hyperbolic at all
  9. Well, it didn't go at all. I was alone against a 25k Blastoise. My first Jolteon lowered it by about 5%, so I let Blissey run the time out, and do another 5% damage, to see if I could take it up where I left it health wise. It wasn't so.
  10. I think I'll attend my first raid in about an hour. It's a yellow egg with four heads so I guess I might not be able to take it on my own? Though if it's a Tyranitar then six Vaporeons should get pretty far I think and if it's a Dragonite some kind of Cloyster, Lapras, Gyarados combo might do it? Time will tell I guess, I'm walking my Larvitar so a Tyranitar would be nice though. Lany, if you like I can catch a Mr. Mime for you.
  11. I'm still not sure how the coin system works, but it seems it caps at 50? Which seems kind of bad if you manage to stay for a long time (not that I ever do) I ended up staying for 2 days and 5 h though and that gave me 50 coins.
  12. This was my thought aswell. Another thing though, this repeated idea that there isn't enough female students that are smart enough for STEM/CS seems really misguided. The top performers at my school are girls, year in and year out, that the STEM/CS jobs go to their somewhat mediocre male peers should tell you something about the *lost* potential.
  13. How do you collect from gyms now? Do you get the coins once you are booted or what?
  14. It's funny because it's true. Though I still don't see how anyone can look at Trump and not see a total clusterfuck of a man and an actual threat to democracy, whether by collusion with russians or the way he undermines any faith the different institutions in society.
  15. One thing that sucks about the gym update is that my Cloyster army is now useless. In fact, all my Cloysters are useless since the ice Lapras always will be more useful. I'm glad I didn't have time to power up a second Machamp though