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  1. Deceased Actors Who'd Have Been Perfect in the Series...

    they're not dead, but when I first read A Game of Thrones in 1997 or so, I had pictured Sharon Stone as Cersei and Rutger Hauer as Jamie. Obviously both are much too old now, however, and Hauer was probably already too old by that time.
  2. Lyanna Stark

    It's not a rule, but the actor or actress would really need to be almost uniquely qualified for the part to get around European VISA requirements, from what I understand. Because of his size, Dinklage had much less competition for the role than most actors and actresses for roles like the other Lannisters and the Starks, etc.
  3. Patchface Prediction of Battle of Ice

    while the book and show have diverged quite a bit, I think it's telling that Stannis died in the show in the battle at Winterfell. Would D&D really change his fate that drastically to have him surviving and winning the battle on the ice, whereas the show has him losing and then dying at Brienne's hand?
  4. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

      Umm, we already knew that from the Theon chapter.
  5. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

      All men must die.   I think the show may be a summarized/cliff notes version of the Battle of Ice.   Some desert Stannis' already weakening forces and he loses to Ramsay.  Stannis dies a ignoble death.   Then, Sansa then shows up with an army from the Vale.  Manderly then turns cloak to Sans's side and it allows a slaughter of the Boltons, as Manderly's men allow the Vale knights easy access to Winterfell, Sansa marches in as the new Stark in Winterfell.
  6. Ian McShane Cast

    Patrick Malahide, the actor that plays Theon’s father is 70 years old and does not look like a young man.  Ian McShane is 72, but looks younger than his age.  McShane could easily play Malahide’s younger brother Euron.   McShane also has the intensity and gravitas to play a harsh & demanding military father, like Randy Tarly.   I highly doubt he would play another Greyjoy and somebody not named as a member of the upcoming season 6 cast.
  7. Your Plans for TWOW

    I will definitely re-read the first five books once a release date is firm. Or, more likely, listen to the audiobooks.
  8. Your Plans for TWOW

    I'm going to pick up the hardcover and the audiobook the day of release - I'm too old for a midnight release party, unless it's on a Friday night into Saturday, or Saturday night into Sunday. Not sure how long it will take me to get through the book, but I'm guessing a few weeks. I doubt I'll be able to avoid at least some spoilers.
  9. Possible hint at Jons fate in season 6

    No, they were laughing because the way Kit phrased his response, it sounded like he was having sex with the wolf, and then he realized what he actually said and was embarrassed by it.
  10. Casting Call Speculation - Possible spoilers

    legendary warrior seems to describe Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning. Perhaps a flashback to the Tower of Joy?
  11. Which character POV do you hate to READ the most?

    I'm also not a big fan of Bran's story, either. Agree with @whodafuckcares above - his becoming potentially so powerful seems almost out of synch with the rest of the story. I keep hoping Sansa will do more in her chapters, but it's not quite there yet IMHO. Didn't really like the Dorne and Iron Islands storylines overall - Arianne, Hotah, Euron, Victarion, Asha, etc.
  12. Best and Worst casting choices.

    His hairline is really receding, so he definitely looks older than his age. However, not as old as Rory McCann. (McCann grew on me as the Hound as well) Still, other than 7'1" Conan Stevens in Season 1, I thought the guys playing The Mountain were too short (the Halfthor guy is "only" 6'9") or did not have enough presence (Ian Whyte).
  13. Best and Worst casting choices.

    While Addy is shorter than book Robert, when we actually met Robert Baratheon in the novels, he was WAY past his prime, and Ned had noted how he had put on like 9 or 10 stone of weight (125-140 pounds) and had grown a beard to cover up his multiple chins. I thought Addy captured the personality of Robert.
  14. Lyanna Stark

    The second one is kind of how I pictured Lyanna. However, she's already 31. If they ever do a prequel, they'd probably need to find somebody Sophie Turner's or Maisie Williams' age now to do a prequel in a few years. Somebody like Odeya Rush?
  15. Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations

    Harry dumped his first baby mamma because she was too fat post childbirth. And, what's to stop a drunken party boy from raping Alayne Stone - right now, he thinks of her as baseborn daughter of Littlefinger, not Sansa Stark of Winterfell, daughter of one of the Great Lords of Westeros. For him, what's to stop drunk Harry from getting a little rough with the bastard daughter of Littlefinger? Then, if that happens, maybe Sansa strikes back & kills him (with a corkscrew) or similar?