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  1.   Umm, we already knew that from the Theon chapter.
  2.   All men must die.   I think the show may be a summarized/cliff notes version of the Battle of Ice.   Some desert Stannis' already weakening forces and he loses to Ramsay.  Stannis dies a ignoble death.   Then, Sansa then shows up with an army from the Vale.  Manderly then turns cloak to Sans's side and it allows a slaughter of the Boltons, as Manderly's men allow the Vale knights easy access to Winterfell, Sansa marches in as the new Stark in Winterfell.
  3. Wow - they really did put a lot of work into that. I read Dance twice (once when it came out, then again in early 2012 after I re-read the entire series), but I had forgotten some of the details they brought up in there.
  4. Yes, he's become one of my favorite characters. However, that's usually a bad sign for them - we already know he has more to say to Dany regarding her family, so he'll probably get stabbed in the back on his way to greet her triumphant return to Meereen.
  5. In response to some of the posts above - yes, the Tyrells may be arrogant and overconfident, but I think the Ironborn are too few and their combat style is more suited to hit & run raids than head-to-head combat. The Ironborn have two chances of winning - luring the Tyrell army into a huge trap/ambush or having dragons allied with them. I don't think Euron would be able to count on his brother getting back with the dragons on time, So, that leave some sort of trap or ambush.
  6. wow, thanks for all the notes Azador. Some great stuff. Did GRRM mention anything at all about any progress on the book itself? (It was posted a few times early in the thread and I read nearly every post to see if it was answered and I did not see the answer...)
  7. What I'm wondering is, who steps up to fight against Ser Robert Strong? Lancel Lannister? Jamie? Maybe the Hound? Somebody else?