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  1. I should have probably stayed with the example of the Danes, but <SPOILER>'s failures seemed more representative. I edited my post, sorry. But let me reassure those for whom the edit is too late, it doesn't say anything about the character's fate, really.
  2. No, you can lose a battle and stay alive, you know... Otherwise, plenty of Danes (including Guthrum, Ragnar, etc) would already be dead.
  3. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I just finished the Trespasser DLC of DA:I, and therefore the real ending of the game... and I'm just mind blown. That was, story-wise, the best thing in the Dragon Age games (although I haven't played all the DLCs in the previous ones). And the game experience was great too, certainly better than the boring exploration of open-world maps too big to be reasonably fun. I wish they had followed the same concept for the main game. Even for the story, Corypheus is just a shitty boring evil antagonist, compared to <SPOILER> in Trespasser. Very few encounters with the antagonist in a game left me with such a huge impact. Loved all the twists on the mythology, and the nuanced tragic character. I was thinking to never buy a Bioware game again before the full-DLC edition (GOTY or whatever), but for DA4, if they ever make it, I might not hold... The cliffhanger is already killing me, and I hope the story lives up to the expectations of Trespasser. They can't do worse than Corypheus, right?
  4. I don't have the feeling he's different in the show. They sort of did a nice thing with his wife and Odda being the devil and angel in his ears. It's just that the actor is so good, it's hard to hate him.
  5. No TV channel has ordered the show yet. Sony has produced a big portion of the shows we know (Breaking Bad, Outlander, etc). It has nothing to do with Playstation. If the Powers fiasco tells us anything, it's probably that there will be no more original Playstation shows.
  6. Weird that they're taking their time with Sword Song. Out of all the books, that's the one I would have guessed that they'd rush the most. But actually, the show slowed down quite significantly for the first time.
  7. I was finding Holden pathetic but bearable, but this episode got him to a whole new level. He's just insufferable. I can't stand him anymore. I miss the Paragon Shepard-like character I liked in the books.
  8. Anime

    That... doesn't make sense. You'd spoil yourself with a summary before deciding to watch the show? Death was, like Anime always does, just a sort of recap. To remind those who already watched the show the important stuff before watching End of Evangelion.
  9. JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Why younger? Dumbledore is born in 1881, that would make him in his forties (not sure when FB2 will take place, but the first one is in 1926, which makes Dumbledore 45). Jude Law is in his forties. If anything, he's younger than the character.
  10. That's... not true. At least not where I am. It's still The other URLs are just redirections to
  11. You mean Osferth, right? Oh man, I hope not... But it does make sense. I don't see how they could introduce still more characters. There were already too much this episode.
  12. What I found funny is that two shows did it independently the same year. The Man in the High Castle had the exact same scene this season.