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  1. This episode destroyed me, in a way few shows or movies ever did. I really don't want next week to end... Let freeze time a little, please. If this show doesn't get finally recognized for its writing and acting this year... it will be a crime equal to the previous case of The Wire. Yes, Ben Gunn was introduced in season 3. Billy spared him because he was his right hand man on Nassau.
  2. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I hate the tactical view. I play on console and I miss the old power wheel. With previous games, I was giving orders with the wheel to all the team, now I just play one character only because the tactical view is so damn unpractical in comparison. Dragon Age loses a lot of its wealth this way...
  3. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    When it comes to graphics and animation, the films are of course leagues ahead of anything that would be produced for TV. Even if the show is top notch on that regard. The show CGI (GITS:SAC more or less started the current trend of mixing hand drawn animation with CGI mechas), as all CGI, didn't age well I guess and may look jarring now. But it's still better than most anime shows. For story, I guess you'll have to turn to the show, even though most episodes are standalones. The first season is divided into episodes "standalone" (the name speaks for itself) and "complex" (the Laughing Man case). There is something similar for season 2, but with three different types of episodes (there are still the standalone ones, but the others concern two different but intertwined cases). Solid State Society is a sort of season 3 as a movie (and reprises elements of the Puppet Master of the first film). The show and the films are completely independent, it's not the same canon/universe. The characters can be very different.
  4. Guthred is the son of a previous warlord or king of Cumbraland, or something like that. The priest (Eadred) was smart enough to see that he needed to declare a Dane as chosen king, to have both Christians and Danes on his side.
  5. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    I'm biased towards the show, so I must contradict somehow your description. The second season of GITS:SAC is perhaps the most "visionary" GITS, even though I don't like that word. Let's rather say the most relevant today, with the refugee crisis. It's also usually regarded as the best GITS iteration. It's not a surprise that they took the character of Hideo Kuze (or someone looking like him at least, judging from the trailers) for the movie. What I got from the first trailers is that the movie is a mix of the first GITS film and the second season of the show. So I'm not bothered at all by ScarJo not being cold enough. The show's Motoko wasn't at all. And they can't have both a cold character and her backstory with Kuze, it just doesn't work.
  6. I like how the show stays unbelievably faithful to the books despite the differences and the fast pace. Everything plays out the same in the end. The even managed to introduce both Steapa and Haesten that they cut last season! What scares me is the idea of
  7. We probably saw Sithric among Kjartan's men without knowing.
  8. Spoiler for the later books:
  9. Well, it's Skeleton Island, so yes.
  10. I feel like in the contrary they're expanding on the book, like they did for the first one. IIRC, in the book, they meet Prax directly in Ganymede, right? They're still not there yet...
  11. Oh yes, my bad. It was the scene where he discussed killing Flint with Anne. He said he had first to get through Silver and his wild dog. Or something like that.
  12. I was a bit surprised when Jack referenced Israel Hands. Did he ever meet him? As far as I remember, Jack was never really in Nassau after Israel was introduced.
  13. Oh shit, I can't believe they cut the fight on Ganymede... What a let down. I was really looking forward to it, and... nothing. Maybe, we'll get bits of it through flashbacks next episode when Bobbie is questioned?