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  1. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, if you don't mind a pure villainy villain (some people are apparently allergic to it...). It's like SnowPiercer mixed with Attach on Titan and some zombies.
  2. Well, that's the thing, there is no love triangle. Geralt has several affairs (Yennefer too) which often brings tension, but Triss is just one of them. She doesn't mean anything more than the others.
  3. Yeah, well, that's probably one of the things gamers will be disappointed about, since book!Triss is irrelevant for book!Geralt. There is only Yennefer.
  4. There are several inconsistencies that can be corrected yes, but some are fundamentally prohibitive such as the ending of The Witcher 3 with or the ending of the books themselves for Geralt and Yennefer. On the other hand, I can see them finding for instance an other incentive to find Ciri in The Witcher 3 (other than the one given by the Emperor, to avoid spoilers, which doesn't make sense in the context of the books). I guess we'll see in 5-ish years how this goes. The games are great, but to have them in the same canon is a big disservice to the books' story. It kills several key themes and plot points. I think the best plan of action if they really want to continue past the books (supposed success here) is to rely on the flash forwards and Sapkowski's input and continue Even introduce some characters from the games as fanservice, despite not following the games' story.
  5. They already announced previously that they're adapting the books. And given that the author is part of the team (as consultant), I don't see him agreeing if it wasn't about the books. Anyway, Geralt is still the protagonist (with Ciri) throughout the books, it's fairly normal to have several protagonists and parallel journeys in TV shows, I don't see the issue. I also don't see how they could adapt the games, they're "sequels" yes, but also part of their own canon that contradicts heavily the book canon (with the flash forwards of the books, and the established setting and ending). The games also betray the spirit of the books or misinterpret certain situations on several occasions.
  6. @Werthead I don't understand that classification... For instance, why would The Witcher 3 be in 3) while Bioware games are in 2)? In the latter, you can create a character from scratch (you can't in The Witcher) and you can make choices and take different routes (even if it's a very superficial and you always end up in the same situation more or less). For me, it's much more simpler. You can take missions/quests/whatever in a custom order and explore an open environment => not linear. Deus Ex is not linear. I can understand that Tomb Raider might be considered linear since the side missions are very anecdotic, if not non-existent, and even though you can go back and explore previous levels, you still follow the story and unlock the said levels in a linear way. But Deus Ex? No. Even the missions themselves allow you to take various routes. If one game can be deemed not linear, it's Deus Ex (and MGS in terms of the same liberty given to beat a given mission/level).
  7. Wait, so now Deus Ex and Tomb Raider (reboot) are considered linear games?! When I read linear, I understand Uncharted/The Last of Us, not games where there is an open environment to explore... I don't understand how a Deus Ex would be considered more linear than an AC game...
  8. What I like most about this show is that whenever they team up, they always coordinate their powers, and it's really cool. We never really got that in Heroes for instance.
  9. Well, I was just praising The Gifted... so of course better.
  10. I started it yesterday (despite owning it for almost a year I think). It reminds me a lot of that GTA-like game (on PS2 era) that was set on New York, where you play a cop... Only on Hong-Kong and without the issue of a too large city that was plaguing the New York thing. EDIT: Ok, now I feel dumb. The game I mentioned is True Crime: New York. And actually Sleeping Dogs was supposed to be True Crime: Hong Kong... So, no wonder.
  11. So, no one's watching this? It's shaping up to be the best Marvel show... I mean, there is Legion, but I find it a bit heavy to digest. The Gifted is much more fun. Marvel Fox is definitely not in the same league as Marvel TV... I doubt there is any link to Baron Von Strucker...
  12. I'm baffled as to how it could work as a TV show since it's those kind of movies who rely heavily on last minute twists and revelations...
  13. The Expanse is far from giving me as much satisfaction while watching it. The main problem of the show is that it's just too slow and bloated with unnecessary filler. Still great, but not as great as it could have been.
  14. Wert, I drink almost all your posts as the graal, but you always lose me on The Magicians. I really don't understand your hate for the show. It's the best show that ever went to SyFy since BSG. It's just... so amazing I don't have words for it. And the fact that you didn't give it a chance really saddens me. You issue with the characters at the start of the show, I can understand, but you should give them a chance to grow on you. They're actually wonderfully written throughout the show. But I agree that The Shannara Chronicles is much more akin to Legend of the Seeker than The 100, that goes without saying. The 100 is leagues ahead and a great drama on its own, despite the teen show style at first and some problems each season. On the other hand, I would still watch TSC anytime over LS simply because it's completely serialized. There is no additional cheesiness associated with the weekly adventure. And the story, even though laughable, is enough of a drive to go on.