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  1. But the Coen brothers have nothing to do with the show... I don't think they even like it. "Executive producers" just means they get the sweet money.
  2. Actually, season 3 was announced for next year. So no unreasonable wait this time.
  3. As a non-reader, I was enthralled the whole season. It makes sense story-wise to have the war only start at the end of season 1. I don't really get the criticism of style over substance, and never understood it. Maybe because knowing that it's a book adaptation makes it clear that the show is going somewhere (and the premise alone of war between new and old gods helps the viewer keep confidence in that). About the finale, the only issue I have is how they make Odin's revelation a big epic twist. I mean, come on, they were calling him Woden in the first few episodes...
  4. What the... Did they just introduce the infamous General in a split-second and then kill him in his second scene? Of a somehow standalone episode? I mean, isn't he supposed to be Six's nemesis and big baddy? Maybe that was just a clone...
  5. oO I would never have guessed...
  6. Is this the Destiny-like game, or is it another one yet?
  7. Did they just recast the GA guy (Anders)? Or am I just confusing characters? EDIT: Nevermind, I confused Six's friend (Anders) with the guy who was tracking the Raza in season 2. What happened to the latter? He's dead?
  8. I loved Hephaistos. As a newbie who didn't read the books, what I got for now is that the new gods are actually ancient gods too who made the transition and became something else (e.g. the god of wood story, but who is he?). And there are some in between like Vulcan who didn't really have to change, just accommodate the new world. But I guess, I'm probably completely off. Is Vulcan a show addition?
  9. I'm disgusted by Netflix right now. Hope there is a real movement of subscription cancellation to protest their current policy of killing shows without providing an ending. I will probably cancel mine.
  10. Wait, who's Huginn/Muninn? I don't remember that line in the episode. And where was Anansi helping Wednesday? Also, can we please tag book spoilers? Some of us haven't read it, and the title doesn't say book spoilers.
  11. It's only part one of season one. Sort of like The Get Down, whose first (and only) season got released in two parts.
  12. Here is the teaser trailer to the animated adaptation of Castlevania on Netflix: July 7. I personally cannot wait. Wether it's good or bad, I don't care that much, I just hope that it launches a new trend of western animation. Japan shouldn't be the sole actor in the field. For far too long, western animation confined itself on TV to comedies and children. We really needed this, so thank you Netflix!
  13. Oh right! Well maybe they will try to show on screen all the subverted fairy tale tropes. I would definitely like that.
  14. I... don't remember any trolls in the books.