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  1. It's a great duality: season 1 depicted Pablo's rise to power and was very fast paced, almost rushed. Season 2 on the other hand is the slow, very slow road to hell.
  2. Well, Four certainly got to the point of no return now. Yes, he's definitely the villain. Loved the Two-Three dialogue before getting to the station. I love Three.
  3. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    These are valid issues. I myself found the treatment of Magneto in Apocalypse very weird. And the age of the characters doesn't make any sense, if you consider that we see Scott and Jean still quite young at the end of DoFP (which takes places what, 40 years after Apocalypse?). What I found strange in the criticism is the idea that it should lead to the same situation as X-Men 1. I don't see why.
  4. The Strain season 3 (Spoilers)

    We don't know what crucial information is in the book and how it can be used by either of the parties.
  5. The Strain season 3 (Spoilers)

    The panic is not so much due to the fact that they're losing the information in the book than that The Master might be getting it. Copying the book doesn't solve that, if anything it only makes things worse. With diluting the information, The Master has a better chance of finding it.
  6. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    I don't get the complaints about the timeline... DoFP was a prequel-reboot-sequel. The timeline was rebooted in-universe, so it doesn't lead to the first X-Men film anymore. You all seem aware of that, yet still find it strange that the mutants are treated differently... I'm missing something.
  7. I already hated him before and his psychopathic tendency to chop everyone and everything. But now... Christ, I hope he'll be a villain in the future and that they fucking take him down. No way I can watch a show wanting me to consider him a protagonist.
  8. The Strain season 3 (Spoilers)

    Quinlan is a born. Therefore, no telepathic control from The Master.
  9. The Strain season 3 (Spoilers)

    I dropped it after the pilot back at the time. The baby zombie was too much, even for me. But I do want to bingewatch it when I have time.
  10. Anime IV - new SUMMER animu and guff

    Well, it's difficult to answer without knowing what you haven't missed? (It saddens me though to see FMA and this otaku pandering Re:Zero shit in the same paragraph, but oh well.)
  11. If translated books and SF are not an issue, then I would recommend Legend of the Galactic Heroes, by Yoshiki Tanaka. The books are currently coming out in English (two already released, the third volume is upcoming in November). It reads like Historical Fiction, but in space. Lots of political intrigues, and military tactics and strategy, if that interests you. And lots and lots of named characters, a la ASoIaF.
  12. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    Huh, seriously? Well, that's a good thing. The Farseer is a pretty well known institution in my country (when it comes to Fantasy), the Liveship not so much. EDIT: Are you sure? That's not what I get here when typing Robin Hobb: (as skewed as these numbers may be).
  13. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    90% of Hobb fans on a Hobb board would naturally be Farseer fans, not because it's representative, but just because that's what the popularity of the books is roughly. Everyone knows The Farseer, Liveship is a lot less known. Doesn't mean it's not infinitely better. It's funny because the words you're using for Liveship describe the Farseer so well. The characters are just... dull, indeed. The only developed ones are maybe Fitz (but he's an annoying whinny teenager in the body of an adult, yes I'm talking about The Tawny Man), the Fool (but in that unbearable mysterious vibe of "yes, I'm weird, I do weird things, you don't understand me, but that's fine, it's meant to be cool") and What's-his-name-I-mean-Fitz's-surrogate-father (but the character was utterly destroyed with that horrible soap opera triangle bullshit with Molly and Fitz). The others are non existent, and the fact that you only have one PoV (of an annoying character) is a nightmare. You can't even breathe fresh air.
  14. I'm a bit lost as to who the enemy aliens are in Killjoys. Is the plasma itself sentient and needs human bodies to survive? When Khlyen says "my people", does he mean the plasma and the humans controlled by the plasma? As in he was human and then when the plasma took over him, he started considering himself as alien? At some point I thought that the aliens were just some people harvesting the plasma, and not the plasma itself.