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  1. I had like 100 hours on the game, 100 hours of pure fun. But now, no more... I blame the insufferable fanboys. The same thing happened back in the time with DmC which was a great game and deserved a sequel in a reboot franchise.
  2. Frankly no, I never got to use strategy... If you do most side quests as I tend to myself, you level up enough for the main quests to be fairly doable without any difficulty or needed strategy. But the combat is still fun. The story on the other hand... is just unbelievably butchered. It's stuck somewhere between "non existent" and "there is a story but the game chooses to focus on the uninteresting parts of it while the interesting ones are hidden and obscure, if not made completely irrelevant". It seems MEA gets that same criticism, but I still haven't finished this one, and my impression for now is that it's quite undeserved.
  3. Oh My God, even in Hard, I cannot beat the goddamn Architect... Do these devs know what a check-point is? And that enemies popping in an infinite loop if you don't go to a specific point to activate the next stage is fucking moronic? Or I'm just bad. Probably this.
  4. Is there a compilation of novellas and short stories? If no, is it planned? I just finished Babylon's Ashes and I liked it... But the first impression wasn't good. Not good at all. My main problem being that I have a hard time believing that people who are okay with destroying Earth and killing billions (Michio, etc) are actually good men and women that I should like. Which actually almost killed the whole book for me. I don't know how I managed to still get through it, but I suppose everything else was really really well done.
  5. Ok, thanks. I went full Adept on this one, which is fun in most situations. But I guess, it's just a bad idea against "ascended"... Anyway, I think I still don't have the courage to go back (a few hours) and retry on Insanity.
  6. I'm currently playing Andromeda, I was doing it in Insanity at first. But then I got to the first bosses (the Ketts with their shield orbs, and the Architects) and I just couldn't do it... Since they were only side quests, I thought maybe I could come back to it later. But then came a point where I had to beat the Cardinal (main story). And I still couldn't. The goddam orb takes eternity to die, and then you get not even 1s to hit the Cardinal before he regenerates his shield. And he keeps calling reinforcements until it becomes untenable, four or five orbs later. So after dying countless times, and spending way too much time on this, I switched to Hardcore... Did someone really manage to beat this game in Insanity? And how? Am I doing something wrong? What's the efficient way of beating the Cardinal (and the like)?
  7. Wow, that's a big name (on TV). Can't wait to see her take.
  8. The second best thing is how you destroy the entire city just by running on your "car". But I guess, that makes more investments from the city towards real estate (win win for Wayne Industries). Seriously, even when I try to roleplay the good Batman, I still end up destroying at least five buildings in a row (well, destroying them in my head canon where the physics of the real world are respected, i.e. the building drops when its foundations are destroyed...).
  9. Well, you know what, I think it happened to pretty much everyone...
  10. The tank battles almost threw me off the game. I was torn between wanting to play in Hard for the main meat of the game (because that's why I bought a Batman game ; infiltration and cool fights and gadgets and gliding as in the first couple games), and crying at the difficulty for the terrible tank battles. So much suffering. I just didn't pay for this. Why did they inflict this upon us in a Batman Arkham game? I still managed to get through it without switching difficulty, because the rest is still so good. But oh god, what a pain in the ass those tank battles were. I mean, I'm calling it terrible, but it's not terrible, it's just not Batman Arkham. If I wanted a tank game, I would have bought a tank game.
  11. (I'm not a manga reader, so don't worry.)
  12. Ok, now, I admit, you're starting to upset me Given the level (copy-pasting the same thing over and over as if your interlocutor doesn't read), I won't bother next time. Cheers.
  13. Huh, no, you didn't upset me at all. It's not in my habit to bring off-topic considerations to a specific discussion. And I'm sorry but your link fails to state your point. It precisely says that the RPG elements are not what defines a Metroidvania game. It's inclusive to both RPG and non-RPG. But whatever, sorry to bother you with this.
  14. I fail to see how the word could have changed meaning with "Metroid" clearly apparent in the term from the start... It was never about RPG, but for 2D platformers with reexploration of the map and unlocking new sections. If there was a change of meaning, it's rather to include also non 2D platformers.
  15. Good animation is very expensive, I can't personally hold it against Netflix to gauge the field with a few episodes to see if people are interested. It's not your usual kid friendly animated show. Or adult comedy. This is a usually a niche audience, something that is rarely done in the west. Netflix probably noticed that their anime are quite successful and said why not do the same in America, but still weren't sure it would work. I'm just confused as to why you first criticized the show for being bad, then admitting that it's good, but that there should be more episodes. That's two different things entirely.