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  1. I don't see how it's a retcon. Shouldn't a retcon contradict a previously established fact? This will only expand on what was established by Albus' brother in HP7, which takes a whole new meaning, and it will probably explain what happened with Grindelwald there, which was never clear.
  2. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    When she faced off MIB coming to the church this episode
  3. It's the best show out there.
  4. It's okay, she can still quit at the end of season 2. It's a great ending.
  5. He didn't really kill Harry though, he killed the Horcrux, i.e. part of himself (Voldemort). As sketchy as it may be.
  6. Oh my bad, I misunderstood. It's not the only example of wands being used by someone else than their owner. Ron in the first books had a second hand wand.
  7. Harry became master after disarming Draco. Harry let Voldemort believe that he was the owner of the wand because Snape killed Dumbledore. But the real master after Dumbledore was Draco who disarmed him. Hence the ending and Voldemort's defeat.
  8. Yes, it's very thin, but that's another subject. As far as I understand, only the Elder Wand is subject to owner switch, because the point is that anyone who can best the owner in a duel becomes the owner. It's the paradoxical solution to the curse: no one can best the owner of the Elder Wand. Because he himself becomes the de facto owner. But that doesn't imply anything for the other wands.
  9. Yes, but I meant the disarming charm. The Elder Wand is the only one I thought to switch owner like that. Due to the curse. But I'm far from being an expert on HP.
  10. Huh? Isn't that rule only for the Elder Wand?
  11. I think we can safely say that Cornwell loves pagan witches and that you will see more of them.
  12. They say that the power of Credence is unprecedented. Usual Obscuri are not as destructive as that. Credence is the only one who managed to keep that power and survive until being an adult. Usually, they die as children. So, I don't see the contradiction. If Grindelwald or Voldemort wanted to rely on that power, they would have needed that knowledge when they were children. And they probably would have died in the process. The whole point of Grindelwald's quest is to seek that Obscurial power among those repressed children. Probably after witnessing it with Albus' sister. There may still be a reason in subsequent movies as to why Voldemort didn't follow the same approach.
  13. The point of Hogwarts is precisely to teach young wizards how to deal with magic and control their powers. Not to create dangerous uncontrollable monsters. I don't see your point.
  14. Actually, what hit me during the film is that the magical USA are progressive enough to have a black woman as president with all its slavery history, but still resort to House elfs... Like they don't even think of them as slaves yet. Funny, but so true in our world too. That's the kind of subtile allegories that I like with Rowling.
  15. Huh?! The president is an African American... Or I missed something...