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  1. The Darth Maul Nazgul guy was surprisingly well done. It's crazy how a few cheesy lines by Manu Bennett as a badass sword mage can make even the worst show worth it.
  2. At first, I was vehemently against any crossover with Killjoys (the universes just didn't fit). But after they got the Blink Drive, you could basically cross over with anything you'd like while still keeping it as an inconsequential fan service-y episode with no ridiculous repercussion on the rest of the show. I couldn't care less for a Stargate crossover, but if that's what it takes to get a season 4, I would have happily cheered for it. Too bad contracts prevented it from happening.
  3. Frankly, giving the reins of a graphic novel such as Watchmen to a director who goes to promote it with a NRA cap is more shocking to me than a visual style. The political statement was completely muted, if not reversed...
  4. She actually even went to the extent of saying "I wish you were dead instead of him"... So no, it's not just Frank's words.
  5. I guess this time we're the lucky guys outside the US (we get it on Netflix). The amount of money spent on this is... surprising. It looks so good. Is it just for the first two episodes, or do they intend to keep it that way? I can't wait for next week!
  6. It was depressing news. But after watching Star Trek Discovery today, I rejoice again.
  7. Oh My God, the comments on this video... I know, I know, I should never read youtube comments, but this takes the cake...
  8. SyFy cancelled Dark Matter, while keeping Killjoys for two more seasons... This is baffling. I would rather they had done the opposite.
  9. It's much more fun than Killjoys. I couldn't care less for the cheesy green goo and the convoluted Aneela plot, whereas Dark Matter always surprises me. Season 3 was great, even though quite disjointed. Hopefully, now everything is brought together for a straightforward season 4. The show is still not assured to be renewed though...
  10. I feel like I would have been also much more critical of Andromeda if it wasn't for the blown out of proportion hate fest. Instead, the reception made me so hateful myself of those haters that I ended up liking the game probably more than I should. So, to all of you who shat on Andromeda, thank you. We are all dealing with absolutes, now, indeed.
  11. I had like 100 hours on the game, 100 hours of pure fun. But now, no more... I blame the insufferable fanboys. The same thing happened back in the time with DmC which was a great game and deserved a sequel in a reboot franchise.
  12. Frankly no, I never got to use strategy... If you do most side quests as I tend to myself, you level up enough for the main quests to be fairly doable without any difficulty or needed strategy. But the combat is still fun. The story on the other hand... is just unbelievably butchered. It's stuck somewhere between "non existent" and "there is a story but the game chooses to focus on the uninteresting parts of it while the interesting ones are hidden and obscure, if not made completely irrelevant". It seems MEA gets that same criticism, but I still haven't finished this one, and my impression for now is that it's quite undeserved.
  13. Oh My God, even in Hard, I cannot beat the goddamn Architect... Do these devs know what a check-point is? And that enemies popping in an infinite loop if you don't go to a specific point to activate the next stage is fucking moronic? Or I'm just bad. Probably this.
  14. Is there a compilation of novellas and short stories? If no, is it planned? I just finished Babylon's Ashes and I liked it... But the first impression wasn't good. Not good at all. My main problem being that I have a hard time believing that people who are okay with destroying Earth and killing billions (Michio, etc) are actually good men and women that I should like. Which actually almost killed the whole book for me. I don't know how I managed to still get through it, but I suppose everything else was really really well done.
  15. Ok, thanks. I went full Adept on this one, which is fun in most situations. But I guess, it's just a bad idea against "ascended"... Anyway, I think I still don't have the courage to go back (a few hours) and retry on Insanity.