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  1. I work with colleagues from all over the world, both in my office and in our regional offices scattered globally, and 95% of the time, getting to know my international workmates is a delight. I love hearing all your different languages, I love seeing all your different cultures, and I adore seeing how similar everyone really is when it comes down to it. Particular shoutout to the lovely people I know from Norway, Canada, Lebanon, Kenya, Senegal, Taiwan and the Netherlands. The other 5% of the time, I'm dealing with people from two particular offices that will remain nameless and cause me to swear at my computer screen, but yay to the 95%!
  2. I've done the oil-cleansing thing a lot, and it really helped clear my skin up. I use a mix of castor oil and jojoba oil, though, and sometimes add a couple of drops of lavender or tea tree essential oils to my blended bottle of oil. I do moisturise afterwards, but I often actually just use a couple more drops of jojoba oil to do that.
  3. I dunno on that one. I think that makes a lot of sense for someone yelling at you about, say, the wonders of Crossfit, but when we're talking about people being mutilated and gassed and tortured, that doesn't seem so much like a "need to make my mind up on whether or not it matters" kind of thing. It's a human reaction, I guess, but it bothers me. But then I guess it would.
  4. That comment about not knowing what to prioritise is true. One of the things that I notice a lot is that when we put out a report documenting some kind of abuse, at least half of the comments we get are complaints that we're not commenting on a completely different abuse somewhere else. I think many people have their 'pet' issues, which they have made the decision to be outraged about, and other things simply don't register as strongly.
  5. You definitely do become numb the more you see of it. My job is to deal with documentation of horrific human rights abuses, and there's just so much of it that it all starts to blur together after a while. I think the "tsk tsk" side of things is often simply that it's not happening to them or anyone they know, so seeing it and reading about it is in many ways not all that different to watching a movie. That's obviously not the case for everyone, but there is a sizeable population, I personally feel, who have a hard time feeling empathy unless the tragedy affects themselves. I have no idea how to solve that.
  6. A good chunk the concept of 'friend-zoning' seems to come from the idea that attraction and love is a sort of tick-box exercise. As in, if I do x, y and z, I've done the things that should make this person want to sleep with me/fall in love with me, and if they don't, that's their fault because I did all the right things, so I've got the right to be angry at them for still just seeing me as a friend. It very much seems to discount the fact that attraction, and even moreso falling in love, is a really, really subjective, individual thing, and even if I try to tick all the boxes that a person says they want in a partner, it doesn't mean that those things make me the person that they will want to be with. And that's obviously hard to accept, but it doesn't change the fact that no one can force themselves to be attracted to, or fall in love with, someone that they just aren't.
  7. As a fellow Brit, I agree. I don't really get the hatred. I don't really get the unlikeability charges either. She seems no less likeable than any other US politician I've seen much of. Certainly no less likeable than either Trump or Bernie. Maybe it's partly a cultural thing to some extent - maybe she'd do far better here in the UK - though I certainly know some people here in the UK who dislike her, but following the elections this time around, the whole thing has utterly bemused me. I really don't get it.
  8. I find these things fantastic for applying foundation and concealer. I can never get them to blend properly with a brush.
  9. I've always somehow managed to give off supreme small-child-attracting vibes - I'm like the Pied Piper sometimes, and I've never quite understood why. But young kids take to me in seconds. I've had one or two really weird experiences with it. Thankfully I love kids. I wish those magical powers had the same effect on adult men, but sadly not.
  10. I had a vague plan to become a lawyer, so went off to uni to do my undergrad in law. I loved it, but came out at the end fairly convinced that I didn't have the personality or temperament to be anything other than a pretty crappy lawyer. So looked around for other ideas and someone (possibly my mum?) suggested looking into archive work as I've always loved history and stories. It looked interesting, so I did a work placement and then went off to do my masters in the subject. Been doing that ever since in various different places, some tiny museums, some huge world famous companies. I've been at the place I am currently for seven and a half years, after joining to just work on a short five month project and ending up staying. I work in the field of human rights, which I love, and I'm kind of more interested in that than the archive side now. I love helping to try to make the world that bit better every day. I'm also currently on secondment to our audiovisual team for a year, so I'm learning a ton about photography and video production and editing, and the media. It's a lot of fun.
  11. Margaret Thatcher resigning as PM. I always remember that photo of her driving away from Downing St looking tearful. The horrible, horrible Jamie Bulger murder.
  12. During my trip to Costa Rica a couple of months ago, I basically became addicted to fresh watermelon juice, all blended with ice. Most refreshing thing ever. I must have had about six of them a day, I swear.
  13. London feels like mid-October. It's kinda miserable, really. I'm not feeling Christmassy at all.
  14. I have no problem with people -1ing my posts, so long as I know why they've done it. Waiving anonymity would help, as I feel that in most cases, on seeing who had given me a negative rating, I could probably figure out why, as I feel I know enough about the opinions of most boarders to be able to do that. At the moment I generally seem to use positive ratings on posts where I strongly agree with what has been written, and particularly on posts where someone has written exactly what I would have written myself, except they've done it far more eloquently. I've been using negs mostly for posts which I find offensive (like that lovely Margaery/Renly one linked earlier).
  15. My feeling is that the rep system would be a lot more useful if there was more indication of what positive or negative rep actually meant. As I said in another thread, if the +/- signs could be changed to Agree/Disagree or Helpful/Unhelpful or Like/Dislike, or something along those lines, there would be more value in looking at someone's rep or at the post rep. If that's not possible, maybe even a sticky post with some indication what what we're assuming it means? The way it is at the moment, positive rep could mean "Great, informative post" or it could mean "Made me laugh" or it could mean "This person is my best friend and I'm giving them positive rep on every post they make" or it could mean "I agree with everything written". I like the public voting history idea. If people are giving me rep one way or another, it'd be useful to know who did it so I might have more of an idea why. Might also stop some of the silly rep giving.