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  1. Sansa meets Littlefinger

    I have to think that Littlefinger still hates Starks and unlike the rest of Neds kids, Jon has no Tully in him. He may consider Jon as someone that's between him and Sansa. To me, Jon is about as safe with Littlefinger around as he would be with Ramsey.
  2. I can see this a a great possibility as scars and healing tends to be a theme in the overall story. As I read, it seems that the gulf between those that have power and those that don't is huge, and the storyis of how people deal with their power and how those that don't have tocope with their situation. But,in both Westerns and Essos,change hasn't happened much in 10,00 years. The status quo has primarily been the same. Does this have to do with natural conditions, magic or both? In our world, invention and progress are the norm. In the GRRM's world the status quo may be the norm. The following is regarding thenatural state of metal over time: "Corrosion is nature's method whereby metals and alloys return to their un-refined naturally occurring forms as ores and minerals" The above definition of corrosion is the natural transition that begins once steel is created to return to its natural state as an oxide. When “Ice” was reforged into “Oathkeeper” and “Widow’s Wail”, their return to “ice” seemed a possibility. In the next books, look for “Widow’s Wail” to gradually find theway towards “Oathkeeper.” This would be in keeping,not only withthe two swords returning to their natural state, but also maintaining the status quo.
  3. Can Robb's will override the oath of NW?

    Have we all forgotten that thisstory is a fantasy. There's been very little cultural progress in 8000 years. There are dead people at the command of White Walkers. There are Dragons, Direworlves, Mammoths and Giants in this world. How does anyone consider the laws of succession absolute within the story that's being presented. Many of the characters in this story follow the lOld Gods. Those that swear to the Old Gods swear before a Heart Tree. There is a character that is developing abilities to communicate through Heart Trees, either by bending branches to shape some formor havingleaves createthe sound of words when thewind is blowing through them. What if a Heart Tree reshapes itself and communicates Jon's identity or destinythrough leaves rustlingasJon is layed to rest. If Jon were to come back to life, would the KW still hold him to his oath? Would the Wildlngs also ignore this event? Would Melisandre deny it? Would't Jon's resurrection under aHeart Tree that told of his destiny become legend. To me, this fan fiction synopsis would fit the storyline more than thelaws of succession.
  4. Conservative or Conspiracy Theorist?

    I like to entertain theory's like: Wanda = Lemore HR knows the Elder Brother GNC: Manderly knows for fact that Bolton's Arya is a fake. Arya's been to White Harbor with Ned, 2X Robb's Will names Jon.  Northern Clans checking Jon out: Jon sending Stannis to ask for their help. Unknown to Jon = leader of the Wildlings: Took their valuables before they could go through the Wall.  Possibility that I haven't trashed: HR=HS   Total speculation:   Marwyn was Maester for Lyanna's birth Summerhall was murder and not an accident gone bad.   So yeah, I'm reading between the story lines.  It makes the years between books more interesting.
  5. At least Manderly knows that the Arya the Boltons have is a fake.   In AFfC while in the HoBW Arya remembers going to White Harbor.   Chapter 22: "She had visited White Harbor with her father twice, but she knew King's Landing better." Going with Ned, Manderly would certainly have honored her as family member accompanying his Liege Lord.
  6. Perhaps the show left out the Griff plot line because there is another Aegon plot that needs to be developed
  7. Point as to why Arya would even want to be a Faceless man?

    Before Weisel Soup, Arya prayed “Help me you old gods,” she prayed silently.” Help me get those men out of the dungeon so we can kill Ser Amory, and bring me home to Winterfell. Make me a water dancer and a wolf and not afraid again, ever.” Seeing what Jaqen could accomplish and then later change before her own eyes, she feels that learning to be like him will help her to overcome the fear that she lived with at every moment. By going to Braavos, the time she spends with the Faceless give her the tools and skills that teach her how to overcome fear to do what needs to be accomplished. The Faceless also, treat her with kindness and a respect that she'd never known from the time she escaped from the Tower of the Hand. In the Mercy Chapter, Arya still shows the dutiful, playful and witty persona that she showed at Winterfell. Arya loved the time she spent with Syrio and is evolving toward being like the person that helped her when things were most difficult, showing her an alternative type of life. The Braavosi in her life have been more like her family than any Stark but Jon.
  8. Did Jon "steal" Val?

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen this thread. Yes, I agree that the Wildlings would see Jon as a strong leader. As far a giving up their freedom twice, is the first time that you’re referring to when they accepted Mance as their leader? I understood that the reason the Wildllings accepted Mance as their leader and invaded was to get beyond the Wall in order to evade the “Others”. It’s Jon that has not only provided this but also gives them land and opportunity. That they surrender their valuables in return for the presumed safety of the “gift” may be considered giving up their freedom, but I think it’s more like they see that Jon has provided a new life opportunity to them in their dark hour. Jon has already shown his acceptance of them with the Thenn/Karstark wedding. That they surrender their valuables to cross beneath the Wall is just a formality in accepting Jon as their leader.
  9. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    There's also this aspect. When Missandei had just been freed from being a slave by Dany, she offers Missendei the opportunity to serve her as one of her handmaids and to be an interpreter for her, but, should she want, Missandei can leave whenever she desires. Missandei says that she will stay and serve Dany. Dany tells her that she can give Missandei her freedom but by being around Dany, She cannot be guaranteed safety. That's when Missandei says "Valar Morghulis". It may be the HBO series indicates that everyone knows that terminology in Essos, but Missandei could have said a number of things back to Dany, without using that particular phrase. Why was it that Jaquen thought it was so important that he asked her to repeat the term "Valar Morghullis" when he gave the coin to Arya. And then why when she says it to the captain and gives the coin, he immediately accepts her passage and takes her to Braavos and the FM. So far to my knowledge, in the books, that term is used only in conjunction with the FM. So to me, just by Missandei's use of Valar Morghullis, it gives me reason to be suspicious of her. That and all of the other possible reasons that "TOTY" has thought out.
  10. Jon Snow's Fate - Ghost / Ice Cell

    Well if Mel's behind the attack on Jon to subjugate him to her, I hope that she become a sheath for Longclaw
  11. Jon Snow's Fate - Ghost / Ice Cell

    Thanks Lyse, but that happened many years ago when I lived a much different and dangerous life, to myself and others. Yeah, family and friends were frightened. For me, I spent 1/3 a day hanging on to each breath, then I found myself in an intensive care unit. After that, I spent a week recovering from the surgery before infection set in. Then it was another 2 weeks dealing with that. It really never entered my mind to be frightened as I never understood (no one told me) the condition I was in. So, I just took in the moments and experienced some incredible magic.
  12. Jon Snow's Fate - Ghost / Ice Cell

    As a product of growing up during the Lone Ranger period, don't forget about Sky King who also helped the weak at the expense of using his King Beach plane to do it. Cheyenne Bodie seemed to always help the weak frontiersman, but when Custer was on his Indian extermination campaign, Bodie was sitting amongst the tribes at the War Council. Kind of like Jon dealing with the Wildlings. There was also Spin and Marty. A series that was based on how a privileged rich kid (Marty) when thrown into a working ranch environment, has to adapt and develop relationships with kids that look at him as having inferior capability. Kind of like Jon or Sam as newcomers at the Wall. I too, want to see Jon going forward on the "Hero's Journey". So far, all the Stark children, Tyrion and Dany have had their own Hero's Journey of adapting to challenging environments and evolving. Some may have seemingly stagnated a bit, but only to redirect them along their path. But to me, of all of the characters in this epic, Jon's is the closest to my projected ideal. Never knowing his true identity, growing up in a Lord's house where the Lord's Lady would rather you were dead and earning not only acceptance but genuine affection from your siblings. Going to a god forsaken harsh environment where the outcasts of the realm go to evade penalty for their crimes and see the true men that they are, and gaining their trust to be elected their Commander. Using his insight with a man who considers himself to be King and providing him with lodging along with his Queen and army, but still maintaining neutrality. Accepting the plight of the Wildlings in the broad context and providing a way for them to enter south of the Wall for protection and to assist against their common foe. To me, Jon tries to be true to the ideals that he was brought up with and wrestles with situations that challenge those ideals, and to come to a decision that both appeases the challenge and hold true to his character. As a guy who was once stabbed in the back with a hunting knife, I come from my own personal perspective relating to Jon's situation. For me, this is when all you are is relied upon to find an awakening of purpose.
  13. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    Tyrion spoke of a book called Blood & Fire and also known as the Death of Dragons. It is the only remaining copy and seems to be hidden in the Citadel. It's a book that could unlock secrets on how a dragon can be killed. The faceless man at the Citadel could be in search of this book, either to secure it or learn about its contents.
  14. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Selmy has been the eyes to provide background of Aerys reign, including events when Tywin was Hand. Just because he hasn't let us know many of the background mysteries that are still outstanding, doesn't mean he he won't in the future. Also, currently he rules in Dany's absence. His POV gives insight into who may well become the decision maker as well as the power behind Dany's army. If all goes his way in Meereen, even when Dany reunites with him, she may ask him to take a separate path then the one she travels when they head to Westeros. Therefore providing his own storyline and need for POV.
  15. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    If Jaquen is at the Citadel to find the book “Blood and Fire” for the Faceless Men, perhaps he’s having difficulty finding it. Is it possible that Marwyn has taken the only copy of the book that’s called Blood and Fire or "The Death of Dragons” with him? Perhaps Marwyn saw in the obsidian candles Pate unlocking the vault to get the book. So, if the book can’t be found at the Citadel, and the Faceless know that Marwyn is heading for Dany, they need to get a message to one of their agents in Dany’s camp to be on the lookout for the book. Arya is 11 years old and Missandei also appears to be 11. Arya has been trained as a thief and can be quite lethal to someone unassuming her capability. Connecting with Missandei could be a cover to not only be trained by her, but to be near Dany and uncover secrets. If Marwyn arrives with the book Arya’s mission might be to steal it and return it to the Faceless. Secrets and stealing are both things that Arya’s been trained to do while with them. If this fanfic scenario occurs and the Faceless send Arya to Messandei, they would probably be unaware of Tyrion. If Tyrion is on Dany’s council, he and Arya know each other. Also, Tyrion could inform Arya that they are related. All this could lead to something happening to Messandei. Messandei’s death may have been foreshadowed when she first took service with Dany, when Dany tells her that she cannot protect her. Arya could tell a fascinating story about how she found her way to Meereen allowing her to take a more prominent roll around Dany. Dany would then have a Lannister; a Stark; a Mormount; a Greyjoy; Barristan Selmy; a Red Priest and a Grand Maester with her when she turns toward Westeros.