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  1. Why are there sloths in South America, but not in Africa? Why are there armadillos in Mexico, but not in Morocco? Why are there panda bears in China, but not in Europe? Not every animal species exists in every continent of the world... Maybe dinosaurs got extinct in Westeros during the Long Night due to cold. Maybe those dinosaur-like reptiles evolved in Sothoyros and never reached Westeros.
  2. "Oily" or "greasy" is one of the kinds of luster a mineral can show. A black stone with greasy luster.
  3. They have the House of the Red Hands in Braavos... maybe there is something similar in Myr?
  4. The Reader said that Dorne's coast is a rocky wasteland without good ports, settlements to raid or trade or watering places. The Ironborn probably don't bother raiding the Dornish coast because there isn't much to loot.
  5. Everybody is related to everybody, and every genetic marker can be found in every place in the world. For every genetic marker you can find in Walles, there are people in Southeast Asia with that genetic markers. However, those tests don't rely on a single genetic marker to pinpoint you as having Welsh ancestry; they use all the genetic markers to calculate a guess. Those tests rely on using Probability Theory to try to make a good guess about where your ancestors came from. If you have a lot of genetic markers that are common among the Welsh, and you lack many genetic markers that are common among other related populations, there is a decent chance that many of your ancestors came from Walles. However, there are more than 7,000,000,000 people in the world, so freaky stuff happens. There probably is a guy in Malaysia who got, by chance, a lot of genetic markers that are common in Walles.
  6. The current Lannister are in fact a branch of the Lyddens. Ser Joffrey Lydden married the Lannister heiress and took her family name. GRRM has explicitly said than in Dorne the husband of heiresses take their wife's family name.
  7. The problem with rejecting legitimacy to support a "good ruler" is that 1.-you would have at least a civil war every generation, and 2.-you would have no guarantee that the guy who will get the crown will be a good ruler at all, just a guy who is good at convincing other people to fight for him... People supported Robert Baratheon, and he wasn't a good king (he didn't rule at all, he left the job to Jon Arryn). People supported Euron, and he's guiding the Ironborn to disaster... Now, in a real democracy you can vote the guy out of office, but if the way people put a supposed "good ruler" on the throne is through violence, there is a good chance that he will entrench himself in his new position and it will time a new revolution twice as bloody to oust him... And even if all the guys who climb to power through a rebellion were competent rulers, I doubt a country that suffers a bloody civil war every 10-20 years wil do better, even with good rulers, than a peaceful country with mediocre or barely competent rulers.
  8. I hope not. I would hate it if the fate of Humanity depended on a super-elitist, super-arrogant, racist, inbred family who just happens to have the luck to be able to control dragons...
  9. About the floating palaces, I want to point that a what a prehistoric culture called a "palace" could very well be just a big wooden house from a modern person's point of view. It is possible that culture lived in boat houses, and the "palace" was just a very big boat house.
  10. In our own world's last Ice Age, the polar caps reached the British Islands. It is possible that Planetos's Ice Cap reached Essos's northen coast during the Long Night, and the White Walkers could cross the Narrow Sea on foot. Most White Walkers would have gone extinct due to climate change, but a few of them could have survived in the heights or the northenmost Bone Mountains and would travel down to the plains during the longest winters.
  11. Unless somebody explicitly says otherwise, I will stick to the situation in the books: Cersei is the Lady of Casterly Rock and Kevan has no claim. And the Tyrells are as closely related to Tommen as the Lannisters are: The Tyrells are the Queen's family, the Lannisters are the Queen Mother's family: The political implications are the same. Dude, Cersei just went nuclear on the Faith: She has burnt the HS, the Faith Militant, the Great Sept and a large part fo the clergy... do you really think she cared being blamed for the death of the HS? Not to mention that Cersei would very much prefer to look strong by exerting her revenge by herself rather than looking irrelevant by letting the Tyrells do it. And while Kevan wouldn't have allowed the city guard (Golden Cloaks) to be use against the HS, the Lannister troops are Cersei's.
  12. She still needed the Tyrell army in order to attack the HS and rescue Loras and Margarey; if she had more soldiers left than the Tyrells did, why didn't she call for her own troops and send them against the HS? She had a perfect excuse to do so: The HS was holding prisioner her daughter-in-law. But she had to go and haggle with Mace and Olenna for their troops instead.
  13. I very much doubt that the High Sparrow allowed the whole army of the Reach to clutter into and around the Great Sept. He most probably told Tommen to send most of the Reach army away (what if Mace Tyrell had snapped out when he saw his son be marked .and had called his troops to kill the HS?) And the Lannister troops have been fighting against the Northmen and the Riverlanders and Stannis's men. They have taken losses, and they are spread thin. If Cersei really had a huge Lannister army at her beck and call, do you think she would have been taken prisioner? paraded naked on the streets of KL? threatened by the HS, who sent men to capture and retrieve her again before the trial? If Cersei had a sizeable army she would have fought the Militant Faith, the same way she tried to make the Tyrells fight it; the Lannister army was hers, not Tommen's so she didn't need his permission in order to send it against the HS; if she didn't do it, it was because her army wasn't powerful enough to do so.
  14. She's the dictator of King's Landing, nothing more. She doesn't have enough troops to control the Seven Kingdoms, or even to keep King's Landing for long. And I doubt Olenna or Ellaria or Euron give a rat ass about KL. Olenna and Ellaria want revenge, and Euron wants to control the Seven Kingdoms from the Iron Islands, pirate style.
  15. Cersei doesn't rule the Seven Kingdoms. The Reach and Dorne are against her. The North will follow Jon and Sansa. Littlefinger has the Vale, and he won't follow Cersei (there is no profit in doing that now). The Iron Islands follow either Euron or Yara/Asha, and both want to join Dany. The Riverlands are in open rebellion against the Frey, whose leadership has been decimated by Arya... The Stormlands won't follow Cersei now that there isn't a Baratheon king under her control. The Crownlords were Targaryen loyalists, so the Crownlands will join Dany as soon as she lands on Westeros. Cersei can only count on the Westerlands, and only until Jamie gets tired of her and claims Casterly Rock for himself. She controls the Red Fortress and King's Landing because she's the most important person left alive there, and nobody has more troops than her in the city now, so she can crown herself and sit on the throne and nobody will dare stop her, but sitting on the Iron Throne means nothing; right now, she's the queen of just King's Landing, not the queen of the Seven Kingdom. But Cersei is still as politically oblivous as always: She doesn't notice the difference between using the symbols of power and wielding true power. The thinks that putting a crown one her head will really make her queen. .