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  1. Why doesn't Jorah just cut off his own arm?

    Shireen doesn't have Greyscale. She has Greyscale scars, which is different. Greyscale is in fact three different diseases: 1.- regular Greyscale (the one Jorah has), which is like leprosy, only kinda stony-looking, and WAY more infectous than real-like leprosy. 2.- epidemic Grey Plague, which is kinda like the Black Plague; it is even more contagious than regular Greyscale, but it kills way faster. 3.- children's Greyscale, which is kinda like smallpox. Children's smallpox is the least infectious of the three versions, and the least lethal. Children can sometimes survive it, but they keep the scars.
  2. Ice zombies, shadowbabies and dragons are magical; we can accept the as part of a world with different rules than our own. Oil and fire? We know how those work, so we can spot and recognize inconsistencies.
  3. And that's the reason fireplaces were created. Braziers like those were a more primitive option, and unlike chimneys, require the use of smokeless vegetable coal (like olive tree coal, "picón" in Spanish) as fuel. My late grandma still used a picón brazier when she was young. Oil is used as an accelerant, to make the wood catch fire more easily and faster, not the opposite. And if you filled a brazier with oil like in the series and lit it, the flames would reach the roof. Oil burns way faster than dry timber. Large amonts of oil literally explode when you lit it. There is a reason the refined petrol you put in you car is called "oil" too, because it burns very similarly. The wick of a lamp isn't fuel, the oil is the fuel; the wick's purpose is to absorb the oil and function as a sort of deposit for it so you burn only the very small amount of oil in it, allowing the oil to burn slowly instead of exploding like a fireball.
  4. Dany has three dragons. She can't watch a whole continent with just three dragons. The Others won't march against King's Landing and face Dany in open battle, they will spread around the whole Westeros and slowly turn every peasant into wights. Dany will be queen of a zombie wasteland before she gets to met her first Other. Trying to stop the WW with three dragons is like trying to defeat a continent-wide guerrilla uprising with just three Apache helicopters. Maybe, if they were intact by the time Dany arrives to Westeros. But, as I said, they will have to face the Faith Militant uprising, the Ironborn attacks, the Dornish and probably other challenges that will deplete their strength. I don't think Dany will face much resistance from the Westerosi in either the books or the TV series. As I said, she could as well arrive to KL, order the bones of her long-dead enemies removed from the Red Keep and sit on the Iron Throne as Queen of the Empty Wastelands.
  5. Yes, but that kind of brazier would use wood or coal as fuel, not oil. I mean, try to fill a pot with oil and lit it, and see what happens (don't do it! not my fault if your house burns!) And even if you use only a small amount of oil, it will burn very fast.
  6. I dunno. Liquid fuel (and any fat-based fuel will melt and become liquid when heated) tend to burn fast, and those brazier offer a wide area of contact between the oil/fat and the air... Most oil lamps/heaters I know about have a narrow neck that allow only a small oil surface to be in contact with air. Or they use wicks. Yes, that's the hardest part to understand... Those were the Khals gathering in their great hall... there should be hundreds of bodyguards, attendants, servants and nosey people watching those doors... how come nobody noticed the main doors being blocked?
  7. Khal Whathisname was threatening her with an agonizing death by rape... I think Dany trying to go with a bang and taking them Khals with her was a definite possibility. I mean, would you let a man you are condemning to death penalty take a grenade to the courtroom? And even under normal circunstances accidents happen... Dany knocked that brazier over with a hand, so it wasn't that difficult to do, somebody could trip, fall on the brazier, knock it over, and done, roasted Khals for dinner. And yes, people kept fires in wooden-walled and straw-roofed houses, but they tried to keep some safety measures like stone hearths. And I dunno... what exactly was in that brazier? animal fat? oil? wouldn't that burn really too fast and violently to use in that kind of big, bowl-like open brazier?
  8. Yes, an united Westeros at its peak could fight Dany's army, but both in the show and in the TV series Westeros in in tatters, divided, starved, and at the door of a deadly winter. They are in no shape to withstand a serious invasion.
  9. Well, if Dany waits long enough, there won't be anybody to oppose her at all. The ten years long winter will kill anybody who survives the civil wars and rebellions and religious wars... The Dorthraki only need grass to feed their horses and survive, so the could sustain themselves in Westeros long before the surviving Westerosi get their the first summer crop. She would be occupying a near-empty continent. But yes, as @Greg B said, the real challenge would be the Others, and the bajizillion undead that they would raise out of the starved and frozen to death population of Westeros; Dany has dragons, but they can't be everywhere at the same time, and her magic-fearing Dothraki will soil their breeches when they are confronted by zombies...
  10. Well, Dany is taking a hell of an advantage of her fire immunity. The "Targaryan are magical demigods" crew are going to become insuferable, aren't they?... It's strange because GRRM said that Khal Drogo's pyre was an one-time thing. I guess D&D thought that having Drogon rescue her would be too easy and predictable. I think GRRM will go for the Drogon rescue anyways. The Dothraki think that a man is as good as his mount and his ability to ride it. Dany has a dragon, and if she proves that she can ride it, doesn't she prove that she's worthy to conquer the world in the Dothraki' eyes? Well, yes, but you would expect the Dothraki to have some basic knowledge of how their own braziers work too... They basically set a death trap for themselves. By the way, I think I missed who blocked the door... were they Jorah and Dario, or was it somebody else?.
  11. Jon Snow can leave the Night's Watch...

    I think nobody would accept that. Imagine it: "Jon! Have you deserted the Night Watch?!" ?Oh no, no, I didn't! I died and was resurrected, so I technically am free to go!" "Oh, Jon, couldn't you make up a more believable lie? Like, trying to pass yourself for your own long lost twin brother or something..."
  12. Do the show writers hate religion?

    There are examples of good people who are religious in the books: Thoros, Septon Meribald, the Elder Brother of Silent Isle... etc. I think the show writers have cut out some of them because of time and budget constraints, or because they found them boring or redundant, not because they hate religion. And even if the writers portrayed negatively most religious characters, that says nothing about their own beliefs: Religious people ofter portray religions other than their own in quite a worse light than atheists do.
  13. Why doesn't Jorah just cut off his own arm?

    Well, he DID get infected by contact, and
  14. Redeeming Dorne

    No way they can pull that. Jamie is back to KL, and he saw the Sand Snakes trying to kill Myrcella, he saw how in love was Trystane, he saw Doran speaking for peace, chastising Ellaria and the Sand Snakes and sending Myrcella to KL... It is going to be VERY difficult to convince Jamie that Ellaria isn't to blame for Myrcella's death. I guess it isn't completely impossible to convince people that Doran killed Myrcella and planned to put the blame on Ellaria, but if that were so, he would have prepared himself better and wouldn't have been murdered by Ellaria. The fact that he was murdered too points to Ellaria being the poisoner... It is going to be VERY hard to convince anybody otherwise. Also, Ellaria and the Sandsnakes need to present themselves as Elia and Obery's avengers in order to be accepted as leaders by the Dornish. Otherwise, they have nothing to offer. I haven't seen anything that indicates that Doran was planning to do anything to overthrow the Lannister. I think he was presented as a pacifist who tried to avoid unnecesary suffering for his people, and his warmonger nieces and his brother's mistress are going to ruin it all. They are going to get Dorne involved in the war, and they are going to be crushed. And I don't think Doran needs redeeming. He didn't try to avenge Elia because he didn't have the strength to win a war against the Lanninsters, the Baratheons, the Starks, the Arryns, the Tullys and the Tyrells. And once King Bob and Jon Arryn and Eddard Stark and Tywin Lannister were dead, who was he going to take revenge on for Elia's death? It was too late for revenge. As for Oberyn, he died during a judicial duel, and his opponent died too, so he doesn't need avenging. I guess he could have tried an assassination or something similar, in order to avenge Elia, but there were risks for Dorne involved in that route, so he acted like a caring ruler and chose to protect his people from harm over revenge. As for the Dornish plot itself... yeah, that's unsalvageable. They have become a caricature. Doran and Oberyn were the only likeable, believable characters, everybody else are bad cartoon characters.
  15. Why are Davos etc protecting Jons body?

    I guess Davos regrets not getting the hell out of Castle Black as soon as he learnt about Jon's assassination... maybe he didn't want to go away without learning about the fate of Shireen? Even if news of Stannis's defeat and death have reachend them, the Night Watch probably doesn't know about Shireen's and her mother's deaths...