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  1. Cruella added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Cersei as a Rape Victim: How Does her Experience Inform our Opinions Westerosi Society?   

    IIRC she only continued to sleep with Jaime after Robert was fucking some widow in a castle they visited. But I can be wrong.
    As to OP, maybe Robert should have had tried NOT getting drunk on his first night with his wife who was also supposed to be a virgin at the time. How about this.
  2. Cruella added a post in a topic [Spoilers] Do you feel sympathy for the Dragons?   

    I do, just like I feel for horses used in battle, and in many other harmful activities. or dogs forced to fight or hunt dangerous beasts. Both can be very dangerous but that's hardly fair to them.
  3. Cruella added a post in a topic Song of Heartbreak and Rejection !   

    Yes, it's one of his themes. See "Song For Lya" and "MeatHouse Man" and another short story which name I forgot for more (if you haven't already).
  4. Cruella added a post in a topic What non-typical character(s) (typical as in Jon, Dany, etc) do you fangirl/boy over?   

    Oh yes, Tyrells! I love this family. They aren't naive idealists but have one another's back.
  5. Cruella added a post in a topic What non-typical character(s) (typical as in Jon, Dany, etc) do you fangirl/boy over?   

    Tywin, Roose Bolton. Lord Frey gets some points for clever wordplay.
    Dolorous Edd - it's my brand of humor.
  6. Cruella added a post in a topic Whats up with the Jorah dislike?   

    In fairness to Jorah, Dany was sexually active, and very happily and publicly so, when he fell for her. Not that it's a blanket excuse obviously, but she was both confident and sexual. Much less creepy than Hound fixating on prepubescent girl who doesn't even get what a "song" means in his vocabulary. Dany is also in position to stood up for herself with Jorah.
  7. Cruella added a post in a topic Was Sansa disinherited?   

  8. Cruella added a post in a topic Whats up with the Jorah dislike?   

  9. Cruella added a post in a topic Was Sansa disinherited?   

    Maybe families should also take the same first name. There is no reason why one is more important than another. If family is all about names, it would surely help with unity! I think I'll get on with this, it would be lovely for everyone in my family to be named "Peter Jones", me, my mum...
    "We're Peter Jones!" the kids could happily announce then, feeling untied and loved as never before.
    and everyone who wants to have different name, first or second, should be banished from the family. That would also help preserve unity.

  10. Cruella added a post in a topic Whats up with the Jorah dislike?   

  11. Cruella added a post in a topic Was the Targaryen Rule abusive? (Will have spoilers. I'm sure of it)   

    Not more abusive than northerners who used to have First Night priviledges or Harren the Black.
  12. Cruella added a post in a topic Why would Lyanna consent to polygamy?   

    Well, if Elia and Rhaegar weren't having sex anymore, which is possible as the one super safe method of not getting her pregnant, it would make sense for her to let him have lovers on the side. I would. I imagine they were more good friends than lovers.
    What's hard to imagine pleasing her is the whole running away with another woman from big house thing. It's a lot of problem and public embarrassement.
    and Rhaegar thought that Aegon was legendary warrior. Jon was supposed to be another girl for third dragon. I don't see how Lyanna would be necessary for that.
  13. Cruella added a post in a topic Why would Lyanna consent to polygamy?   

    Hypocrisy would be sitting in a judgement of Robert and Rhaegar and condemning one to punishment while letting other go off easily, as if, say, there was some bizarre situation where she's a sitting judge where both men are on trial for infidelity.

    However, when it comes to choosing one's mate, it's not hypocritical to pick one over another for irrational reason, for no clear reason, for whatever your personal preference is. It's her Robert would be putting his prick into, she's more than entitled to have an opinion on whether she wants it, or not.

    She's not saying "Robert is a bad guy, while Rhaegar is a paragon of virtue". She's saying "I don't want a guy like Robert". Perhaps she wanted a guy like Rhaegar instead, maybe not.

    She's perfectly entitled to prefer one brand of immoral behavior over another, one kind if unfaithful man to another. It's her life, her body. R&R's brands of cheating (if it was cheating at all with Rhaegar, it's possibly he and Elia had an arrangement as it would be unsafe for her to have sex with him) are totally different. One can't let any skirt pass by and would certainly cheat on Lyanna. Another was in political and possibly by now sexless marriage, and then years later after having no known mistresses and possibly years of faithful marriage to his wife he fell in love with person - her, Lyanna. It is quite possible that only this love could make him cheat on his wife. It is also wrong, but it is very different, and it makes him a different man. I totally understand why someone would pick that kind of man over the kind of man Robert was, just like opposite is possibly. Rhaegar could quite possibly stay faithful to Lyanna for the rest of his life. Robert would be fucking every chick he meets. Rhaegar would have kids with Lyanna and Elia only. Robert would have tons of bastards. Robert could have given Lyanna some nasty STD disease, Rhaegar was unlikely to do that - this right here is one logical reason to pick him. A woman can be unable to accept either behavior, she could be able to accept both, she could be able to accept one or the other. Her observations of Robert's nature don't make her hypocrite. She was getting different arrangements with Robert and Rhaegar, both were faulty, but very different, it makes total sense she could live with one option and not another. Robert was a horndog. Rhaegar wasn't. It could be as simple as that.

    For me, Robert grossed me out. Maybe Rhaegar would too, if he was described in more details. Maybe not. I can also see how someone might like Robert.
    I can easily discard a person because they don't like reading, and then like someone with much worse affects. It wouldn't make me a hypocrite. It's my personal preference, especially when it comes to choosing who to sleep with. If a person grosses me out, that's it.
  14. Cruella added a post in a topic Whats up with the Jorah dislike?   

    I don't think Martin writes Jorah's infatuation with Dany in a way that is supposed to make us want them together. He didn't have to make Dany look like Lynesse, which adds sad/creepy element to this infatuation (it's not terrible, but not endearing, either). And if a writer wants people to be all "Oh, his love for this woman is so pure and admirable" he doesn't make his hero go to brothel and pick up a whore who looks like his love so that he can fuck her and pretend she's it. It's not some terrible crime, but again, it's creepy and pathetic. It can make one feel sorry for Jorah in "poor pathetic dude" way, but generally, wouldn't make one want to see him together with his love interest whom he fetishizes in this way.
    Dany also has far higher, loftier inspirations than Jorah. He's willing to give up his honor and human decency to get into woman's pants, be it Dany or his ex. Dany, even when in love, still has interests and goals like ending slavery.
    I think if she gets some "ultimate" love interest, it will be someone like that. Not Daario, who represents her "fire" side, but not Jorah, either. He just doesn't measure up.