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  1. It certainly does seem like LF believes he is Teflon armored where Sansa is concerned, doesn't it? Makes you wonder what aces he still has up his stylish sleeves.
  2. I would say their level of responsibility is on par with Cat's for snatching Tyrion. There's a certain refusal to stop and really consider potential repercussions, but in their wildest imaginings they would not have seen the eventual outcomes. They're sort of the kids who start a snowball rolling down a big hill, with no clue that it will be big enough to tear trees up by the roots when it reaches the bottom.
  3. As to the first section of your post, I don't disagree at all that very few (maybe as few as 3 or 4) people have so far come to the conclusion that Sansa is Alayne. To clarify my accomplice theory: what I would be worried about, if I were someone from the Vale and considering notifying the Lannisters/ Tyrells, is how the whole thing looks. If you put yourself in their shoes, and imagine being the person to tell, you would have to consider the possibility that the crown won't believe no one knew. Given Cersei's overwhelming paranoia, she'll have troops in there searching for Tyrion as well before you can say "half a groat." The others are likely to be more temperate, but still suspicious, especially since no one has really had any idea where the Vale stood on anything for quite a while. It's not so much that I believe the crown will decide to imprison or execute anyone who saw Sansa while she was there. It's that I can't imagine most having the guts to be the one to tell, and trust that it won't land them in hot water. After all, testifying in hopes of reward from Cersei & Co hasn't worked out so well for anyone so far. As to the last part of your post, again I agree and I did say in my post that the hole in the boat is anyone whose position can only be improved by going to the crown, or who believes that is the case. That could be anyone from a sharp eared maid to a passionately disgruntled lordling such as Lyn Corbray.
  4. If you want silly, how about the idea that Cat's daughters would have been in KL for weeks prior to the Hand's tourney, but LF hasn't seen them in person yet? It's not like they were being held in seclusion. Many would have been very curious about Joffrey's new betrothed, let alone the man who was once in love with her mother and had just recently seen Cat in person. It's not so much that Weedragon is alone in thinking you're trying to put forward opinions as facts and assuming facts with no textual evidence (not to mention being sarcastic and insulting in your posts), it's just generally a waste of time to bother. I am curious about your response to this, however. Moving along, regardless of what lords, handmaids or false gossipy friends may have guessed Sansa's identity, LF has managed to pull off what I imagine was his intent from the beginning. Sansa has been in the Vale for months, been briefly betrothed to SR, been the center of an investigation into her aunt's sudden death, and is now betrothed to the next heir to the Vale. They have also confirmed LF in his position as Lord Protector, if only temporarily. Say Bronze Yohn does catch on. What's he going to do? Go to the small council and say, "hey, I know this is going to sound strange, but Sansa Stark has been at the Eyrie all this time! Well, no, she wasn't hidden away, everyone saw, disguise? No, she wasn't really disguised except her hair color was kind of different. Yes, I met her a couple of times before, and knew her mother and aunt, and LF's story seemed off, but ...wait, why am I surrounded by guards?" LF has managed to make pretty much everyone in the Vale who is anyone his accomplices in hiding Sansa Stark, and therefore guilty of treason. By now, it's in everyone's best interests to try to keep the secret and clear her name, or find some other way out of the corner LF has very effectively painted them into. There's of course the issue of the sellswords, outsiders, and people whose position could only improve by telling; but right now he's got the main players by the nose.
  5. Lyanna was not in the least enamoured of Robert. She knew he was a womanizer and although she is prepared to do her duty and marry him when their betrothal is announced, it is clearly not a love match from her side. She would have been very unlikely to give her virtue to someone she felt indifferent towards at best. Also, if she was giving birth to Robert's baby down there in the ToJ, what on earth were three of Rhaegar's most trusted and loyal KG doing guarding her? If Rhaegar were just trying to keep her prisoner to threaten Robert with, then his strategy had backfired spectacularly quite a while ago. And there would have been much more practical and easier ways to accomplish that.
  6. What would truly be hilarious is if they found themselves trying to one-up each other in order to win Brienne's favor, or look better than the other in front of her.
  7. Gah. That was my question to you; you are the one who brought up the Baratheon thing in a thread about Jon.
  8. Exactly, plus feeding the ideas to Cersei to really cause a mess.
  9. I have two children who are almost identical to me, and look nothing like their father. It happens, here and there. I fully understand what "the seed is strong" referred to; the Baratheon look. My question is what it has to do with Jon or whom he favored.
  10. Frankly I think it's odd that she hasn't provided some explanation already. This is what makes me think she's covering for someone else. She's not generally the type of personality to cut her own nose off to spite her face. The thing is, if she'd been getting it for one of her cousins, I would think they'd have come clean by now. The worst they're guilty of is fornication, and goodness knows they wouldn't be the first maiden(s) married off in a bit of disgrace. I can't help wondering if she was getting it for Taena. For Taena, it would be a much more serious issue, her being married and her husband wanting more child. It could also help explain why Taena barely stopped to pack on the way out of town. She's basically effed over both the queens if it was for her all along.
  11. When did anyone ever say that the Stark seed was or wasn't strong? It's obvious that it's similar to real life genetics - some kids look like one parent or the other, or neither, or both. Jon Arryn's statement was meant to indicate that the Baratheon traits should have come out over the Lannister ones in the royal children, at least in hair color. If R+L=J, then Jon is a mix of Targ and Stark. In that case, it's not necessarily a shock that he might favor his mother.
  12. That was Daario. Although the Shavepate seems brutal in some ways, he understands far better than Dany how brutal the Harpy loyalists are willing to be. And it was Dany's lousy judgment to take in children for "hostages" while sending adults out for her enemies to hold and slaughter.
  13. I think GRRM assumes the reader is capable of taking into account the age, background, experiences, and other factors of his POV characters. It's one of the elements that give this series its strength and success. I believe that if this entire saga has been told from a strictly third person point of view, it would not have been nearly as successful or fascinating. This way, we get to see and hear events and stories from the perspectives of everyone from young children of both sexes up to the likes of Barristan. Yes it means that grains of salt are often necessary, but it also allows for our imaginations to play a much greater role in the reading. If the story were told as cold facts from third person, we would not be here discussing any of this, because there would be no need for theories or suspense.
  14. IMO all three of them are simply themselves, prototypical children of a father who was never satisfied with anyone or anything. Each of them has their own distinct personality, strengths and weaknesses, and a tendency to fear and want to please Tywin, even while they resent him bitterly. This is a common outcome of a very overbearing parent. Now that they are out from under his thumb permanently, I believe they are each developing and growing into their own personalities. Of course each is going to have some Tywin in them. He raised them and was also a public figure, so some people will have expectations or make assumptions. But this is the chance for each of them to find out who they really are, instead of trying to be who Tywin wanted them to be.
  15. I believe that Shae was loyal to Tyrion until the exact moment when it became dangerous and no longer beneficial to her. If Tywin had known about her prior to Joff's murder, I have no doubt he'd have had her hanged just as promised. I'm not sure she was working directly with or for Varys either, simply because of how surprised Varys was when she recognized him. She certainly lived a lush life for someone in her profession, but toward the end, she was getting restless and greedy. That resentment made it easy for her to go to Cersei and offer to be a witness, because she thought that she would be well rewarded for it.