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  1. I now believe that G.R.R.M. has completed "The Winds of Winter" and "A Dream for Spring" by now and he and his publisher sacked extra money from HBO for holding them back.
  2. I am truly amazed, and please take it serious and not as criticism, how you carry on discussing tiny details of a book series that most likely will not be finished. Meanwhile, I created another record to be released January 8th, 2018. You can already listen to it here: Any feedback is highly appreciated.
  3. By this logic the Game of Thrones "End Theme" should be the ultimative highlight of the tv show.
  4. The show will have an end. The books ... mayhaps.
  5. YMBQ is Jaime And the valonquar Arya
  6. My pot of crack with 2 cents: Maybe not the Night's King but whoever commands the White Walkers in the books. The prince that was promised to the CotF when the truce was made on the island of the faces. Jon belongs to the old gods (Ghost). His final death will synch the seasons and end the White Walkers. Daenerys will lose all her dragons before dying = mirrors Cersei. Jamie kills Cersei, Tyrion Daenerys. Oh, and I recently saw Eaters of the Dead (13th warrior) again. Sam is the Arab, so to speak. And GRRM will never finish the series.
  7. Just going through Heresy 203 and realizing once more that GRRM has written himself in at least one corner too many. What may also factor in on Jon's reaction to his parentage is his assassination and how it will play out in the books if they are ever written. I still assume that Rhaegar and Lyanna having offspring is what triggered the rise of the White Walkers and Jon is whom the Night's King wants.
  8. I sure hope he saw something. Losing his right hand was bad, but losing his eyesight would be worse.
  9. My final twist would be this: Jon and Daenerys fight the Army of the Dead at Winterfell but lose. The Night's King marches his army towards Kings Landing and attacks the city. Un-Viserion's blue flame light the wild fire, blowing up Kings Landing and the Night's King. With him dead, all of his army shatter for good. Cersei is remembered as the hero Queen who gave her life to save humanity.
  10. Or maybe the Night's King gets pierced by supersonic ravens holding dragonglass in their beaks ... Come on, Bran, you can do this!
  11. Totally unrelated to the previous discussion, my apologies. "How many books will be necessary to get from the end of ADwD to the end of tv season 7?"
  12. It is not a prediction but it would be a cool twist if Cersei is the one finally taking out the Night's King because Viserion's blue flame ignites the Wildfire under King's Landing (that has to happen as the wall needed to fall). Predictions: anything with magic will be gone (Daenerys, Jon, Bram, Melisandre, dragons, Night's King, White Walkers, ...)
  13. Beric died in the books so Catelyn could become Stoneheart, didn't he? All the show dialogue between Jon and Beric cannot happen in the books.Will he go on a wight hunt with Stoneheart there?
  14. Just read the supposedly leaked scripts for Season 8 Episode 1-3. They're bad enough to be true and could provide visually amazing scenes.
  15. Ideally, Cersei is killed in Ep 1 of Season 8 and raised by the Night's King in Ep 2. The Night's King will be defeated in Ep 3 but it takes until Ep 5 for Jon to Kill Night Queen Cersei. He has to forge Lightbringer by stabbing Daenerys for it. Ep 6 will be clean up.