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  1. Totally unrelated to the previous discussion, my apologies. "How many books will be necessary to get from the end of ADwD to the end of tv season 7?"
  2. It is not a prediction but it would be a cool twist if Cersei is the one finally taking out the Night's King because Viserion's blue flame ignites the Wildfire under King's Landing (that has to happen as the wall needed to fall). Predictions: anything with magic will be gone (Daenerys, Jon, Bram, Melisandre, dragons, Night's King, White Walkers, ...)
  3. Beric died in the books so Catelyn could become Stoneheart, didn't he? All the show dialogue between Jon and Beric cannot happen in the books.Will he go on a wight hunt with Stoneheart there?
  4. Just read the supposedly leaked scripts for Season 8 Episode 1-3. They're bad enough to be true and could provide visually amazing scenes.
  5. Ideally, Cersei is killed in Ep 1 of Season 8 and raised by the Night's King in Ep 2. The Night's King will be defeated in Ep 3 but it takes until Ep 5 for Jon to Kill Night Queen Cersei. He has to forge Lightbringer by stabbing Daenerys for it. Ep 6 will be clean up.
  6. Greetings! And apologies for jumping in and ignoring ongoing discussions left and right. I just had the thought that Jon (and maybe Dany if we consider her undead after the funeral pyre) had to die and be revived because the Night's King cannot be killed by a living man (cue Macbeth)? What do you think, is there any indication for this?
  7. You're GRRM?
  8. So both of you have given up hope to read ADOS?
  9. Maybe this is the true reason for the delay of the books? If (book-) Jon is a fire wight, he should not have POY chapters anymore, same rule as with Lady Stoneheart. And then the rest of the story becomes impossible to narrate?
  10. If (book-) Jon is a fire wight, he will not sit the iron throne in the end, in case its still there. So GRRM is spoiling his future books, kind of. Which I take as an indication that he isn't really planning on writing them anymore. "Do or don't, there is no try."
  11. Obviously the dark lord to emerge will be Bran. Jaime had the chance to end it but messed up. And, going by the latest GRRM Quote, Jon is dead but moves. Fits the acting.
  12. Just my current 2 cents before the dust settles next year: I don't know about the books, but am convinced that the show will end with Daenerys killing the Nights King, dying herself doing so, to be reunited with Drogo and her son. That's the bittersweet ending.
  13. Thank you I guess it's "Gone with the Wind". As the Ferengi say, 'greed is eternal'. Right now I'm just curious how the show will end, and expectations are very low.
  14. I guess I left a year ago (?) assuming you'd be at Heresy 200 before Winds of Winter were to be finished/published. Before I leave again I have to quote some of John Fogerty's lyrics: " ... you better learn it young, because someday never comes"
  15. Hide. Build a longbow. Practice a lot. Kill Ramsay first.