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  1. Songs for Characters

    I always assumed "Will the wolf survive?" by Los Lobos was an inspiration for the Starks and their banner.
  2. I don't care about the books anymore.
  3. All of you fail to understand the wisdom of D&D :-) You'll see, the story of GRRM ends with the Others/White Walkers wiping out humanity. In order not to make them evil but have us root for Team IceMaul D&D have to make the humans of Westeros as stupid, illogical and spineless as possible (and kill of those who aren't) so we actually cheer at our own destruction. And they are right on track.
  4. Looking forward to the Dothraki invading Westeros and capturing the Sand Snakes.
  5. A Weirwood Ghost

    Guess I have to read your theory in detail. Will do.
  6. What is D and D's endgame?

    There wasn't a LOST movie either. But to quote from that show: it only ends once ...
  7. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    Apparently I am both of you :-) Multiple personality disorder?
  8. A Weirwood Ghost

    I don't have time to read through your full theory, apologies. But what I have read skimming through it it is well thought but maybe to complicated. I don't think GRRM thought that deep before writing. For me it is rather simple: the greenseers of the CotF are tied to the weirwoods and are the collective memory of the CotF (a lot like Avatar - maybe this is why the show doesn't dive into it?). When the First Men cut and burn the weirwoods, the greenseers become free spirits, vengeful. As the CotF dabble in water magic they are able to call them when they create winter by magic. What I'm undecided about is if there is a human twist related to the (ancient) Stark sacrificing the prisoner in Bran's vision. I wonder if something happened with the weirwoods when they tasted First Men blood, something neither CotF nor humans can understand and control - a different form of life by accident.
  9. Riverlands storyline speculation (LS)

    Hey, maybe Benjen becomes LS? That would be shocking and WTF.
  10. Mereen, Meereen, Mereen, Mereen, I beg you please don't take my man ...
  11. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    Honestly, I'm not mad at D&D but rather have the suspicion that GRRMs endgame/story resolution is mediocre. And reading through two books with storylines that are mostly cut and waiting >10 years for the story to continue is milking a lot.
  12. A theory on how Jorah can survive the greyscale.

    I'm wondering whether greyscale is what ultimately stops the White Walkers and the Wights. Because the Wights keep on moving unless you crack the bones and greyscale immobilizes. Just a thought.
  13. Maybe people will love and hate the show because she takes off her top
  14. Death WISH list for Season 6 and WHY

    Tyrion - so we never have to go back to Mereen
  15. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    Both events (show and book) might relate to the immediate future, not the overall story. I don't see Daenerys going back to Mereen in the show, and if she were to receive news that Mereen has fallen /implodedwhile she was with the Dothraki, that would push her to move to Westeros which she needs to do rather sooner IMHO.