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  1. The correct term for this show is jumped the Stark.
  2. So both of you have given up hope to read ADOS?
  3. Maybe this is the true reason for the delay of the books? If (book-) Jon is a fire wight, he should not have POY chapters anymore, same rule as with Lady Stoneheart. And then the rest of the story becomes impossible to narrate?
  4. If (book-) Jon is a fire wight, he will not sit the iron throne in the end, in case its still there. So GRRM is spoiling his future books, kind of. Which I take as an indication that he isn't really planning on writing them anymore. "Do or don't, there is no try."
  5. Obviously the dark lord to emerge will be Bran. Jaime had the chance to end it but messed up. And, going by the latest GRRM Quote, Jon is dead but moves. Fits the acting.
  6. Just my current 2 cents before the dust settles next year: I don't know about the books, but am convinced that the show will end with Daenerys killing the Nights King, dying herself doing so, to be reunited with Drogo and her son. That's the bittersweet ending.
  7. Thank you I guess it's "Gone with the Wind". As the Ferengi say, 'greed is eternal'. Right now I'm just curious how the show will end, and expectations are very low.
  8. I guess I left a year ago (?) assuming you'd be at Heresy 200 before Winds of Winter were to be finished/published. Before I leave again I have to quote some of John Fogerty's lyrics: " ... you better learn it young, because someday never comes"
  9. Hide. Build a longbow. Practice a lot. Kill Ramsay first.
  10. But that's the point of it. One is Targaryen mad, the other isn't (Viserys LOL). And I would guess Harry Lloyd would like the challenge as an actor.
  11. I expect them to have already secured Harry Lloyd to play Rhaegar. That would work and keep casting and story a surprise.
  12. Things I would like to see and things I expect to see Like to see - Bran sacrificing himself before he crosses the wall, so the wall won't fall. When Bran dies, the Night King transforms into a very old man and dies. The Zombie horde also just dies. - Arya warging Nymeria and the pack to take out the BwB, or a huge part of the Lannister army, or Melisandre - Sweet Robin learning what Littlefinger did to Lysa and / or Sansa and killing him - Brienne to get shot by Anguy because he can Expect to see - Littlefinger Sansa sex scene - Euron killing Sam's family, sister, mother and Gilly paraded naked like the Reach Lord's family in the books - some sort of Cleganebowl - Yara and Daenerys sex scene
  13. I'll leave this forum after season 6. And I don't care about the future books anymore. Not because the tv show may have spoiled them, but because IMHO it turned out to be a hype. If you believe it's better than LOTR you have not been paying attention.
  14. Drogon
  15. Perhaps he was warging Hodor to empower Meera?