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  1. Explains why Stannis is the Mannis then!
  2. Catelyn Tyrion Arya Sansa Cersei
  3. I don't think Bran's coming back, as for Robb's will: We don't know if it actually exists, he could have planned on writing it after the wedding She's no longer in Lannister clutches thus Robb's reasoning for disinheriting her is void In this scenario Rickon's dead which means she's Robb's only heir so the North won't have a choice
  4. If Rickon dies she'll be the Queen in the North
  5. I love Sansa as well but Arya is so much more than swords and weapons
  6. Do you mean Rhaegar and Lyanna being married, or them being Jon's parents? Yup, polygamy has only been practised twice: Aegon I was married to Rhaenys before he converted to the Seven and Maegor's justification was that none of his wives were giving him a son but even then he's not exactly the best example to use. There's actually no legal evidence Aerys bypassed Rhaegar's children.
  7. There's still time for her to learn besides she's the only Stark left and if her marriage to Harry goes through then she'll have the Vale behind her, the North would have no reason to reject her as their queen. How exactly is she selfish? Anyway it doesn't matter if she'd be a good queen or not because unless Davos can find Rickon she's the only Stark left. Well George's parallels have never been straightforward, but if he does go down the Aegon/Sansa route (have a lot of doubts about this) then it would be a political match similar to Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon. But this is all speculation because I'm pretty sure Aegon is Dany's Perkin Warbeck.
  8. I think she will be Queen in the North: She's paralleled to Elizabeth of York Her storyline revolves around the politics rather than the song Minus Rickon she's the only Stark whose in a position to take back the Northern crown She'll be backed by the North and Vale I feel like George has built her up to be the 'pawn to player' character trope As for Queen of Westeros that's only possible if she marries whoever becomes king, can see a Henry/Elizabeth parallel through Aegon/Sansa but I'm 50% sure he's a fake so...
  9. fair enough, wish I had you patience though
  10. Personally I adore Arya, what makes an interesting character for you OP?
  11. Well it is peculiar how all three of their names are linked with God; Elia is literally “my God”, Lyanna is God’s answer, and Jon is God’s gift. I hope I’m not looking too much into this because this connection between the three names is really interesting. You might be right there, Aelia means sun and the symbol of Dorne is a sun. But I really like the God connection with Elia’s name, who knows maybe it’s both.
  12. Elia means "my god is Jehova" does this mean anything? If we link it to Lyanna and Jon's names, is George trying to say something...
  13. He can get her Winterfell back Arya is a traumatised nine year old girl she's not "evil"