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  1. Its not up to GRRM who lives and dies, that power lies with Goldenhand the Just.
  2. The most Useless character in ASoIaF

    I hate the damphair, and the ironborn. They're just annoying little insects that want to fuck with everyone. I'll borrow a quote from the Dark Knight and say " Some men (the ironborn) just want to see the world burn".
  3. Theories on Bran and Aegon

    I have trouble believing that the CoTF are on the bad side. They fought with the First Men and were nearly kill off and eventually made a peace, and then together they fought off the Others together. Plus Sam found records stating that the CoTF gave the nights watch 100 obsidian weapons every year. So if they were truly controlling the Others then why would they provide humans with the means to defeat them? There are some very convincing arguments about BloodRaven and the CoTF controlling the Others but I just feel that not all the evidence we have is consistent.