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  1. He didn't fill out the application form.Unless someone did it on his behalf? You perhaps? Didn't you become undone on a fairly recent thread for spouting similar gibberish? I could look it up,but really,I could not be bothered.
  2. You just fill in an application form.Like anyone else.
  3. Just two White Walkers/Others in the mummer's version of the prologue.The 13 appear in a scene with Craster's lad. I've read another version of this from LML.The idea being that through being undead and resurrected like Coldhands the 13 are better able to deal with the Long Night conditions and defeat the Others/White Walkers. Gives agency to the Ironborn's mantra does it not?
  4. I've been very lazy and just read the first page so far.So if this has been mentioned already,my apologies. We have a connection between Ser Shadrich's sigil and the Reed's oath they swear when they arrive at Winterfell. First I can't find anything to connect to; "I swear it by Iron and Bronze". But the bendy brown and blue symbolizing the lands and rivers he's crossed do seem to resonate with; "I swear it by Earth and Water". The white mouse with red eyes- "We swear it by Ice and Fire".
  5. Set studding sails and clew the mainbrace are commands that can easily be replaced with grunts.
  6. If you subscribe to inversion theory you have to ask silly questions,such as;-If Bloodraven is teaching Bran,who is Euron not teaching?
  7. 36 at least 9 games to go.Hopefully.
  8. It's St Patrick's day.
  9. I take it you'd just enjoyed a nice seafood brunch when you wrote this?
  10. I like this.He's playing god. Pretty much everything in the TWOW chapter backs this up.
  11. No.Though this had serious traction back in the day. Well I suppose Bran broke the mould by skinchanging Hodor,but we know he can skinchange at least.Not necessarily so with Euron.
  12. Melisandre is a good candidate,especially since that could have occurred a very long time ago. Euron,not so much.Maybe his relatively youthful looks are a glamour rather than resurrection? It appears that the ability to resurrect using the Fiery God's kiss had not been activated in Westeros in either Rhaegar's or Robert's time.Thoros brings Beric back soon after more by accident than design.
  13. Yeah,that's my take as well. There are one or two hints that he's more than he seems-such as a warg who can skinchange the Dusky Woman,or undead because he doesn't appear to have aged in Victarion's eyes. But there's not enough textual back-up to support these ideas for me,as yet anyway.
  14. Or he got as far as the Smoking Sea and sent his mongrels into the interior to extract treasures. it's all beside the point,imo.He has warlocks,wizards and sundry miscellaneous religious types under his thrall,or legless,bound to rafters. Aeron,who was highly cynical of Euron's credentials now believes that Euron did go to Valarya.That's how GRRM wrote it.Maybe he was having a senior moment?
  15. Getting slightly more speculative,but there does seem to be a lot of evidence that connects the Mad Mouse to being Howland Reed.