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  1. I was shocked when I first heard it had crossed 50, as when I first read the news it was around 20. Apparently over 200 were injured as well.
  2. 3. The Night King's army is the only one that has not mastered fast travel. Westerosi armies are trained in the art of teleportation.
  3. How many White Walkers are there supposed to be? We know that the wights make up the majority of the army and there are a number of giants.
  4. I'm really hoping the Night King gets to KL and there's a scene where Cersei stands up to him.
  5. Or it could be that book Aegon ends up being an imposter and Jon is the real one, meaning that the show decided to cut out the fake one, but both end up leading to the same end game.
  6. I know this must have been brought up before, but in light of latest episode's reveal. I put it under spoilers just in case someone hasn't caught up with the show.
  7. Haha. Good point, since apparently everyone other than the Army of the Dead can fast travel.
  8. Almost done with American Gods. I can't wait to check out the show. Without going into spoilers, how much of the novel does the first season cover and how faithful of an adaptation is it?
  9. Malazan is most definitely not trash. Fair enough, I was mostly looking at a few points mentioned like the world building, the interesting characters and the political intrigue though the last one isn't quite as prominent as the one found in ASOIAF. When did the plot get compromised? The Crippled God solves most of the threads from the series, with a few smaller ones left for Esslemont's books. Why does a fantasy series need to follow human timescales? The tiste races are immortal by nature which is why the story covers such a large timespan. Sure, it may seem less tangible when there are such huge gaps, but we are dealing with multiple immortal sentient races.
  10. By that token logic, Israel has a right to reclaim the entire Holy Land, Greece had the right to reclaim Turkey, since it lost those territories to the Ottoman Empire. We also don't really know if the people of Crimea really wanted to join Russia or not as there are a lot of conflicting reports.
  11. How has no one mentioned Malazan yet? If we're talking about worldbuilding, this series sits on top. The amount of lore is truly staggering along with the number of races and different cultures present.
  12. Although he did say that he hoped it won't take nearly as long as Fall of Light.
  13. Quick question. I want to watch American Gods but feel like reading the novel first. Is it a standalone or part of a series?
  14. Interesting that the game box would state the size of the world in terms of lore rather than the playable area present in the game. I wasn't aware that Fuel used procedural technology, I always thought it was handcrafted. Either ways, that still leaves the Crew which gives you a 5000 square km rendition of the continental US. I'm actually not entirely sure if Xenoblade is the largest open world RPG excluding games like Daggerfall and some mmo's but it is considerably larger than Witcher 3.