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  1. Almost done with American Gods. I can't wait to check out the show. Without going into spoilers, how much of the novel does the first season cover and how faithful of an adaptation is it?
  2. Malazan is most definitely not trash. Fair enough, I was mostly looking at a few points mentioned like the world building, the interesting characters and the political intrigue though the last one isn't quite as prominent as the one found in ASOIAF. When did the plot get compromised? The Crippled God solves most of the threads from the series, with a few smaller ones left for Esslemont's books. Why does a fantasy series need to follow human timescales? The tiste races are immortal by nature which is why the story covers such a large timespan. Sure, it may seem less tangible when there are such huge gaps, but we are dealing with multiple immortal sentient races.
  3. By that token logic, Israel has a right to reclaim the entire Holy Land, Greece had the right to reclaim Turkey, since it lost those territories to the Ottoman Empire. We also don't really know if the people of Crimea really wanted to join Russia or not as there are a lot of conflicting reports.
  4. How has no one mentioned Malazan yet? If we're talking about worldbuilding, this series sits on top. The amount of lore is truly staggering along with the number of races and different cultures present.
  5. Although he did say that he hoped it won't take nearly as long as Fall of Light.
  6. Quick question. I want to watch American Gods but feel like reading the novel first. Is it a standalone or part of a series?
  7. Interesting that the game box would state the size of the world in terms of lore rather than the playable area present in the game. I wasn't aware that Fuel used procedural technology, I always thought it was handcrafted. Either ways, that still leaves the Crew which gives you a 5000 square km rendition of the continental US. I'm actually not entirely sure if Xenoblade is the largest open world RPG excluding games like Daggerfall and some mmo's but it is considerably larger than Witcher 3.
  8. Israel was targeting Hezbollah across Lebanon and Syria. That's a very complex issue in and out of itself. Pakistan may not be entirely on the Saudi side, but most Pakistanis are Sunni and SA is ultimately the home of the holy sites which gives it the advantage. I think this discussion has gone way off topic. Admittedly, I'm guilty of derailing it. To paraphrase, my objection was to you bringing Wahabism and Zionism into the mix, two terms that are highly used out of context in most discussions. At the end of the day, no one is innocent in this conflict and both Iran and Saudi are equally to blame. Either way, I offer my condolences to those who lost there lives and would do so for anyone irrespective of nationality.
  9. What wars of aggression are you talking about? Israel has been attacked no less than 4 times by the Arab league. That's not to say that Israel is entirely innocent either as it has done its fair share of questionable things. Im not sure what exactly your second point is supposed to address. The two holiest sites of Islam are in Saudi Arabia, therefore it already has an advantage. That's not to mention the fact that 80% of Muslims are Sunni. Pakistan also shares a long border with India, yet the two are still at odds despite sharing cultural traits.
  10. You are right that Saudi Arabia funds a lot of movements, but to suggest that Iran doesn't do the same is wrong. I wouldn't call Hezbollah and Hamas legitimate groups as you claim. The other thing is that Saudi Arabia is the centre of the Islamic world which holds its two most sacred sites so it has an advantage over Iran already even within the Islamic world. In case of a major conflict between the two, most major Muslim countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey... will back SA.
  11. Back channel diplomacy as you like yo call it exists across many different parties. It's part of human nature. Egypt and a Jordan aren't exactly friendly with Israel, they just have a peace treaty with them. There is also very little real difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia, both countries are very extreme, they just support different factions.
  12. I asked about Arena because the back of the box says it's 8 million square km. I've only seen it online so I'm not sure how credible that is. When you say that you have to use fast travel, does it mean you can't free roam in between the cities and explore the countryside? TDU 2 is still a true open world it's just part of the racing sub genre. Open world is a stylistic choice rather than a genre itself, so any game can be open world. That being said TDU 2 is not the largest open world racing game as both Fuel and the Crew are larger. As to your last point, Xenoblade Chronicles X is the largest open world rpg.
  13. Slightly off topic, but what is the largest open world game by surface area excluding space sims like Elite and No Mans Sky? Is it still Daggerfall? I heard that Arena is supposed to be about 8 million square km but I'm not sure if those measurements are accurate.
  14. I wasn't defending interventionism. I was just pointing out the fact that it's been around for ages and is not a uniquely new phenomenon. As to your second point, that's debatable. The problems faced in the ME go back to the days of colonialism. Then you would still have the issue raised by Israel's presence vis a vis it's neighbours, the Sunni/Shia sectarian divide which has existed for over a thousand years, tribal warfare... It's a much more complex issue than what is usually discussed.
  15. This is what I'm hoping for, or at least a much longer lifespan. How else can we explore the Universe if we can't make it to the nearest star in a lifetime?