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  1. I always thought that Rick and Carl have plot armour, at least until the end of the show.
  2. A Single Country in the World

    That would largely depend on them. Since most of them have little contact with the country their in, I don't see how a World Nation would have any serious impact on them.
  3. A Single Country in the World

    You do a raise a lot of good points. I'm in no way suggesting that in a WS everyone needs to share the same opinion. However laws will always exist that form the basis of society, even if many disagree on them. The important thing is to allow serious public discourse. All of the examples you give are already points of contention in modern societies. At the end of the day some laws will trump morality ( there are lots of people who do not accept homosexuality in Western countries, yet law prevents them from acting out against it in public). The same applies to the enforcement of subjective ethics. They exist and people may push for them, but society as a whole prevents one from enforcing their ideas.
  4. A Single Country in the World

    There were quite a few more states than those you mentioned. Nowhere near as many as we have today, but you are missing a few major ones. There,s the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian one, Latin American countries had already gained independence, Persia.
  5. Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    I always found most of ICE's stuff rather hit and miss, nowhere near Erikson 's caliber. Dancer's Lament is the first time I would say I enjoyed ICE more than SE (Fall of Light). FoL had its moments and might be Erikson's most accomplished novel in terms of prose, but there were a lot of sections that were a slog to get through. The one that really irritated me was the finale
  6. Very tense episode indeed. I already knew Glennwas going to bite the dust due to previous rumours, but Abraham's came as a total surprise. Then we had that tense moment when Carl was on the ground and Rick had to chop off his hand. As someone who has not read the comics, can someone tell me to what extent the show deviates from it.
  7. A Single Country in the World

    By pure, do you mean a system like the use used in Ancient Greece where citizens are directly involved in the decision making process? A pure democracy would only be beneficial to mankind if the people involved in it are highly aware of social issues. I do like the skeleton of a representative democracy, such as the one found in the US, with the separation of power into three branches. As to how representatives of the judicial, executive and legislative should be elected, I would say through popular vote. If every branch is directly elected by citizens, it limits the amount of power elected officials have in placing individuals who benefit their interests. You are absolutely right that all of these issues are potential points of conflict. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, for this to truly work humanity would have to collectively reach a state where it agrees that joining a WS, would be beneficial to all.
  8. A Single Country in the World

    Weights and measures should definitely be standardised. To a large degree they already are as most countries use the metric system. As far as I know, only three (the US, Myanmar and Liberia) don't use it for domestic purposes.
  9. A Single Country in the World

    I'm not advocating for colonialism. For a WS to truly prosper it would have to be a collective effort, not the result of armed conflict. We would have to reach a state of mind, where societies embrace a sense of belonging to the human race before this integration is truly possible.
  10. A Single Country in the World

    I agree with most of your points. Building a global society is a natural step of evolution. I don't see this happening anytime soon, but it would be a gradual process. First we would have EU like organisations popping up in different regions of the world. We already have some like NAFTA, ASEAN and MERCOSUR, but they are nowhere near as inclusive as the EU. If these organisations expand to become more EU like in structure, then we can slowly move to a world with less restrictions. I like your idea of a global parliament, with nation-states intact, but I'm afraid it leaves too much room for dysfunction. If the fabric of the original nation-state is intact, then there is a huge possibility that the problems we face now could still arise.
  11. A Single Country in the World

    I think English has a good chance of winning in a popular vote because it has a larger global presence then Mandarin. In many former British colonies, English is treated like a second language. Mandarin does have a larger domestic presence.
  12. A Single Country in the World

    How am I contradicting myself here? I'm suggesting that every language has the right to be chosen , then casting my vote for English. It's just an individual vote. That is how representative democracy works is it not? Now, you could argue that it undermines my point of all languages having a shot, but I disagree. If every language has a right to be chosen then it remains democratic. Even if only 5 people choose to vote for one, knowing that they had a chance is what matters. The important thing is that they have the right to vote for their chosen language and not be excluded.
  13. A Single Country in the World

    Not necessarily a forcible process. It's about giving people around the world the option to relocate anywhere they wish without the hassle of dealing with immigration or being restricted by it.
  14. A Single Country in the World

    If it remains independent then it has every right to do so. Of course it will not be paying taxes to the WS as it does not belong to it. To further elaborate on some of my previous points, if we ever reach a state where different societies agree on establishing a WS it will likely be the result of a long buildup. First we would get EU like organisations popping up in different regions of the world. These already exist to a certain extent (NAFTA, ASEAN and MERCOSUR), but they are nowhere near as integrated as the EU. Imagine if all those bodies slowly congregate into single entities, then we may reach a state with only a few nations. I believe the final merger into the WS would occur at that point. I'm definitely not suggesting that a fractured world of nearly 200 countries suddenly turn into the WS. It would have to be a gradual process.
  15. A Single Country in the World

    Very true, and there's no reason to even stop there. We can also say that the Observable Universe is our home.