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  1. I enjoyed it. It didn't feel groundbreaking, but it was fun - I was never bored, except during the extended scenes of klingon speechifying. I don't have a Trek background at all, and don't have a fixed idea of what it should be, which may explain why I liked it. It would have been lovely to have a sci-fi show that's dialogue and idea driven, but there may be room for it to go in that direction later - the first two couple of episodes were always going to be space battle and explosion heavy in order to attract the interest of the widest possible audience. Liked Saru a lot, both in personality and design. And Michelle Yeoh was great - Burnham reminds me strongly of some of my Bioware protagonists. Weird feeling. My mouse finger keeps twitching as I try and select her dialogue options.
  2. I think the photos are supposed to be in the past though? Not the period when most of the show will take place.
  3. Good trailer - long, but I didn't feel it was overtly spoilery, beyond doing enough to whet my appetite about a few things that it seems will be coming up this season.
  4. An unlikely rumour says Bradley Walsh (daytime TV host) will be next companion. What would that make Kris Marshall? The next K9?
  5. Would be nice, but realistically I think it's more likely to put boys off watching unless a male companion is cast with whom they can identify.
  6. But there are plenty of female role model type characters out there now. We've had Rey, Katniss from the Hunger Games, masses of leads in detective dramas, the BBC are doing a new version of HDM... There don't seem to be that many clever, compassionate male leads in stuff that might appeal to boys in the 7 - 12 age range. I also don't think the female casting of DW will be showing that it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl if Thirteen ends up being written as a wet blanket. Or if it's written with the skeevy undertones that half-spoiled a lot of Moffat's writing for female characters until the last two series, when he seemed to get it under control.
  7. Well, at least we can breath a sigh of relief that it's not Kris Marshall. Accent: Wikipedia says that she comes from the most Yorkshire-sounding place on the planet - Skelmanthorpe. I assume her natural accent is also of that country county. Haven't seen Jodie Whittaker in owt, so I don't know how capable she is of the necessary range. I'm not thrilled to have a first female Doctor - I once read an article which pointed out that the Doctor, as a hero who talks his way out of trouble rather than shooting his way out (let's ignore the recent finale for now), is rather a positive model for the young male section of the audience - and I find that a sympathetic viewpoint. But the next series will stand or fall on the quality of the writing. Cross fingers. I don't have great hopes of Chibnall. The bit of Broadchurch series 3 I saw was pretty leaden, and he hasn't distinguished himself in his scripts for Doctor Who.
  8. Yeah, I had a sudden vision of the Doctor channeling Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. "Take this apple-shaped hand grenade, little girl, and use it to defend your property." Though when I watched the scene, I had the impression that the apple was just a distraction/bait - the actual explosion was caused by Nardole doing stuff on his laptop.
  9. No, Kris Marshall was mentioned a lot a few months ago, but since then things have gone quiet on that front. I still have hope that it's not him.
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean that as a rebuke. I've just been too busy watching SM's back catalogue. The remark is meant to be about what I was writing, though in fact I only decided to use a spoiler cut because I wrote too much and it would have taken up a lot of space.
  11. Spoilers, sweetie. Been rewatching quite a few episodes from New Who recently. For all that I've complained about the tics and absurdities in Moffat's style, I will miss him. There is something so individualistic, ambitious and entertaining about the way he writes, and we're unlikely to get any hint of that from Chibnall. After watching Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead again late last night, I switched over to Shaun the Sheep for seven minutes just so I felt safe to risk falling asleep.
  12. Clearly the Master is a B5 fan.
  13. Yep. Really loved that episode. It felt as if my ten year old self had risen from the dead to watch it spellbound with the kind of rapt unjaundiced attention that is rarely experienced by adults. Only complaint is that the whole "the Mondasian cybermen!!!" bit was overdone - it seemed to be a moment of very Old Who fan-service, which would just comes across as extremely cheesy to other parts of the audience (i.e. me).
  14. Also TPM begins with the immortal lines: "Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems is in dispute." Not sure that could be described as an overwhelmingly kid-friendly, yet the movie was still rubbish, and would have been rubbish even if it started with the total annihilation of the Gungan race.
  15. If they came back to the rift with a few cans of Irn Bru (sorry, I mean Irrrn Brrrrui), I reckon the creations of utter darkness would put the monsters to flight pretty fast.