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  1. The spoilery happening wasn't exactly a surprise, but it's still sad.
  2. Thanks, Teng Ai Hui. I'll give it another go - I do want to like it, though many more similar scenes would make that impossible.
  3. I really enjoyed season 1. Not without reservations, but I enjoyed it. I don't have a Trek background at all. The final episode was the weakest, in that the writing, especially towards the end, was shaky and heavy on the Parmesan, but I definitely enjoyed the series as a whole and loved a lot of the characters and performances. Looking forward to season 2.
  4. Last night I watched the first five minutes of Black Lightning. I got as far as the bit where it's some sort of awards ceremony that looks/feels like a personality cult, and all the kids in the room stand up and shout something in unison. Then I went Aaaaaargh!!! (but quietly, because I'm visiting family who were asleep upstairs), turned off and sat shuddering for a few seconds. Anyone else watched it? Was my initial reaction unfair?
  5. I enjoyed the retrospective view of Ezra's adventures in the trailer. Oh, for the days of the floppy anime hair!
  6. Though in the case of the rebels and the Terran Empire, it's more of a postjudice than a prejudice...
  7. Seems a bit crazy given that the last episode was in the middle of November...
  8. "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror..." Doesn't sound as if the New Republic was up to much, if it was wiped out so thoroughly. I assume the same as you, plus whatever odd contacts Leia's made over the course of busy life. Additional point - anyone else thought that Daisy Ridley's accent changed a bit between TFA and TLJ? It dropped by about 0.56433 points on the British class system. In TFA she spoke surprisingly prim RP. In TLJ she sounded a bit Essex in places. Not complaining - a bit more of a regional vibe suits the character.
  9. Yep, really embarrassing, badly-written fan service of the worst kind. On a totally different note, I keep wondering what was up with the New Republic during TLJ. Okay, it was badly hit in FA, but you'd think it would still be strong enough to do something. Unless everyone in the New Republic was still basically in Battlestar Galactica episode 1 mode - ("What's happened? Did something happen? What're we gonna do? Who's in charge? Are you in charge? Am I in charge? I think that astromech might be next in the line of command...") - while the Resistance and First Order have put the plot on fast forward.
  10. That was....indescribable. And also a bit amazing, after having seen TLJ, to be reminded just how young Mark Hamill looked back then. And what a good job the plastic surgeon and make up department did after his car accident!
  11. Someone earlier in this thread was talking about how to involve Anakin as a Force Ghost in the current crop of movies, but everyone had moved on to discussion of Jedi training, Yoda's wrongness and lightsabers before I could reply...however, it's been nagging at me... They said that the options were: 1) Cast Sebastian Shaw (he's been dead since 1994, but then so has Peter Cushing...) 2) Cast Hayden Christensen In fact there is a third option, which is simply to recast the role. Get the right actor and the right script, and I doubt even the most conservative fans would whinge much. It has the advantages of not being deeply disturbing, which (1) would be, and could also mean having someone with more than two expressions. And, you know, fluidity, naturalness, charisma. That stuff. Plus, Anakin is in his mid-forties when he dies. They could cast someone the right age. Rory Kinnear? There are good story reasons for not giving Anakin any sort of cameo though. The theme of TLJ was "let the past die", and that may or may not be right as a philosophical idea, but it does have quite a bit going for it in creative terms - keeping Anakin out of it gives more space for the new characters, space for new stories to develop. He's already had so much written about him, some good (bits of Clone Wars), some awful (the Prequels); he doesn't need to be in more. Especially after his dreadful scenes in Rogue One. (Even if I want to see him a little in Episode IX, anyway...on the off chance they hit just the right note with him.)
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned here yet, but a bloke called Todd VanDerWerff has written a thoughtful article about the backlash to TLJ over on
  13. I did enjoy it when Snoke was casually impaled by the lightsaber. Someone hadn't been to health and safety class before handling a dangerous implement! And I said it when it was announced, and I'll say it again now: Snoke is a truly dreadful choice of name. I snorted with laughter whenever it was mentioned. I'm not sure if we were supposed to or not. One of the reasons I like Ren as a character is that he's often kind of hopeless, but not always - often we're shown him as an overgrown teenager with tantrums who plays at being his grandad. At other times, we're reminded that Ren has the capacity to be more inventive and sly than his clan. In TFA, he used the Force to read minds. Where Anakin/Vader picked the Emperor up and threw him down a reactor shaft, Ren assassinates his master without breaking sweat.
  14. I didn't have any problems with Luke's characterisation or his final stand. I thought both were excellent, and really elevated the film. The latter typified the better aspects of the Jedi mindset, as someone (@kalbear ?) has already indicated. My take on it was that he was perhaps dying already, and certainly felt himself to be the wrong person to lead a new rebellion. Not so much Achilles in his tent as the Fisher King He came to the site of their imminent ruin to bring what the surviving, battered resistance needed - hope. Yoda said something like: "You Skywalkers, with your eyes always on the horizon" - and Luke dies with his face to the horizon and twin suns. The (annoying, superfluous) brat at the end is seen staring up at the night sky. Luke dies so others can look up and hope and dream. I assume that he felt through the Force that Poe was looking for a secret exit, and that Rey would arrive and help the survivors escape. Apart from the idealistic stuff, Luke also managed: - to humiliate the (only recently established) leader of the First Order in front of his own troops and generals. - to further destabilise Ren: those golden dice and that face when Ben saw them, and saw them disappear.
  15. Random plot twist generator: - DJ is Rey's father. No, I don't think it's likely. But he'said the right age, and needs stuff to do in Episode IX! I'd still like Rey to be some kind of semi-reincarnation of Anakin. Think it would also offer an in-universe explanation for the Rey-Skywalker parallels: Force ghost Anakin picked someone who reminded him of his better self, who needed protection, and whom he could protect by giving his abilities. Did anyone get a good look at the two parent shadows in the hole before they became Rey?