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  1. Will you be watching S6 even if it spoils TWOW?

    It's a shame that the series is so mainstream in pop culture because it's hard to avoid. I will not watch the show and try to avoid speaking about it with people who do. I've come to despise the show and will only watch after the entire book series is finished (I know I know, that's going to be a loooong time).
  2. What was Ned's worst/most costly mistake?

    He should have offered Littlefinger something. Trusting Littlefinger would do something for honor was pretty stupid. Although I don't think Littlefinger would have accepted any bribe other than a fun week with Catelynn.
  3. Consensus for Lyanna's Death

    I mean, I understand that it's a massive novel and there may be holes here or there, but I was wondering if I were a noble living in Westeros I would probably be asking questions as to what she died of. In a world where knowledge can be just as important as military strength and sometimes money, I was suprised that more people weren't asking about it.
  4. Consensus for Lyanna's Death

    Excuse me if it's been discussed before, but what is the consensus across Westeros for how Lyanna died?
  5. top generals in ASOIAF

    Obvious- Stannis   Overrated- Randyl Tarly. He's done very well recently in the books, but who wouldn't when you have Lannister and Tyrell men and funding?   Underrated- Bryden Blackfish Tully. The strategy to most of Robb's victories were the Blackfish's ideas.
  6. Game of Thrones Episodic Game Released

    Is anyone having issues with the game? I bought it on the xBox one and played it for about 15 minutes. Everytime I've tried to play it since then the game freezes and says "Connecting to Servers." I checked the TellTale website and other people are having the same issues. Looking for answers. Thanks!
  7. Dude, I still need to read your thesis on the Battle of Fire. I skimmed through this and it looks just as promising as your other work. That being said, it's going to take me a while to get through it. Thanks though! Your work is always very thought provoking and, for me, convincing. Thank you.
  8. Last month Random House announced that there would be an update to the app in March. http://shelf-life.ew.com/2014/02/26/winds-of-winter-exclusive/ Anyone know about when we can expect that?
  9. Tycho Nestoris is Arya

    I must've missed the time that Arya saw Rickon and Bran's faces at the house of black and white.
  10. Best/ Worst Bromance

    Pyp and Grenn is the best.
  11. @ OP Werthead I feel like your last 'edit' really revamped what your originial OP was. Is that info somewhere else now? It was almost GRRM's life story starting in the early 90's and sort of the obstacles he overcame to write the books. I remember info about the '5 year gap' was included in the original OP. Am I going crazy? Was that actually what your original OP was about? If so, where did that info go?
  12. HA! We need a thread for only TV viewers to make predictions like this. It'd be awesome!
  13. Have we established which episodes will have which weddings? I though I've read somewhere on here that they were going to do the Purple Wedding this season. Is Tyrion and Sansa in episode 8? I'm pretty sure RW is episode 9. Any insight anyone?
  14. [No Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    HAAAA! I need subtitles :cheers:
  15. [No Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    Did anybody catch Loras, speaking to Sansa, say, "French sleeves"? C'mon writers, we're in Westeros here. We could at least have called them "Myrish Sleeves."