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  1. ASOIAF Spinoffs?

    I would love some tales from the Age of Heroes.
  2. [spoilers] What You Liked/The Positivity Thread

    I actually liked the events in Dorne in episode 1. Last season the Ellaria and the Sand Snakes looked like incompetent jokes. Now they are clearly a real threat and dangerous, as they should be. They essentially staged a coup in Dorne, and now will work against the Lannisters and King's Landing. Could be good.
  3. Why are Davos etc protecting Jons body?

    I wonder how Edd managed to slip out, take a horse, and leave Castle Black without any of Thorne's men noticing. And how does he know where the Wildlings are?
  4. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    Not blaming you. It was someone else who posted the spoilery photo in this thread. I'm a huge book fan. Read the first two books 6 times each, the third 5 times, and the fourth and fifth 3 times each. Participated a lot in book threads under a previous username before the show existed. ASoIaF ruined all other literature for me. Hated the show at first, became a believer about half-way through season 1. I enjoy it for what it is. The extreme cynicism of the ranters bugs me, but oh well.
  5. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    Not from leaks, in my opinion. But it doesn't matter now. The genie is out of the bottle! Hoping for a good season 6, even though I know we're veering farfrom the (still non-existent) books.
  6. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    This is the show forum. It's a major spoiler for non-book readers. It's also a spoiler for book readers in that we didn't know how and when this would be revealed on the show. I think posting leaked spoilers really sucks and is low.
  7. Those leaked photos shouldn't have been posted here. They contain a MAJOR spoiler. I advise not to look.
  8. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    Really wish you hadn't posted that and that I hadn't looked. That's a MAJOR spoiler. Don't look, people!
  9. What the show got better than the books

    As a show fan(boy), I'll admit that Brienne's season 5 arc was a bit silly, or even ridiculous. I did like the scene with Pod where she talks about Renly and why she loved him. In general her interactions with Pod on the show are well done. But the candle plan was silly. Even if she saw the candle lit, what was she going to do? Storm Winterfell by herself? And it was a hell of a coincidence that she managed to stumble on injured Stannis in the woods with no one else around.
  10. What the show got better than the books

    Brienne's chapter with Nimble Dick where they find and fight the Bloody Mummers is one of my favorites in the whole series. It may not move the overall plot along so much, but it's well written and very moving. I really felt for poor Dick.
  11. What the show got better than the books

    I loved the Brienne-Hound fight. Yes, Brienne was "actioned up" for the show, but so what? The Hound's story required him to be badly injured in a fight so Arya could leave him for dead. Having Brienne mortally injure him instead of some random soldiers in an inn was an improvement, at least for purposes of the show.
  12. What the show got better than the books

    It gets too aggressive, personal, and condescending.
  13. What the show got better than the books

    Looks like this thread became another extension of the rant & rave thread.. Quelle surprise.
  14. 3rd Trailer!

    Yes, Arianne didn't want to murder Myrcella, but she did want war with the Lannisters. So in that sense show Ellaria fulfills the function of book Arianne. But I'm not here to defend show Ellaria. She sucks, along with the Sand Snakes.
  15. 3rd Trailer!

    They merged her character with Arianne Martell. I liked book Ellaria better, too, but the show has to economize.