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  1. Hey. Long time. How are you ?


    1. A Bong of Ice and Fire

      A Bong of Ice and Fire

      Hi, there!  We are still alive! :)

  2. Is the High Sparrow really a villain?

    We'll fly as high as the sun, friend.
  3. Is the High Sparrow really a villain?

    I agree. I loved the High Sparrow. First, the actor was fantastic. The common people loved him. He fed and cared for the poor. And he was right about the corruption and sinfulness of the high Lords. Power went to his head, and got a little too overconfident, but fundamentally he was a good man. Remember, he never asked for the faith militant to return.
  4. Arya is dead calling it now!

    I think Arya now actually is No One. Jaqen declared it when she returned. Then a girl says she's Arya Stark and is going home, and Jaqen smiles and let's her leave. First of all, this is too un-Games of Thronish. It's a pointless story with a cheezy, unrealistic happy ending. No way that's what happened. No way the story of the Faceless Men and their role in the story is so unimportant. No way Jaqen let's Arya just walk out like that. "Arya Stark" is the identify that No One is now using. The final scene was Jaqen sending her off on a mission to Westeros to kill someone important while posing as "Arya Stark". Perhaps Jon Snow?
  5. "Fair Game: The critical universe around Game of Thrones".

    I disagree. I loved the Davos chapters in ADwD. They were fun and world-expanding. I'm also sure that plenty of people will care GRRM's world. The scope, history, and lore of it rival Tolkien's world, not too mention GRRM's world is more interesting. I think it will be no less relevant in the world of popular culture than Tolkien's world. ASoIaF is the greatest fantasy epic by far since The Lord of the Rings. It matters!
  6. "Fair Game: The critical universe around Game of Thrones".

    I disagree that it's bad storytelling to add in the extra players (Dornish, Ironborn, etc.). It's much more realistic that the game of thrones and power will attract more players. The major conflicts that are happening now in GRRM's world would naturally draw in more than just a few major houses or regions. I like that we see a more global view of the big game. Sure, a Starks vs. Lannisters type narrative (like in book 1) is more streamlined and easier to write and read, but I don't think it's more realistic. In the end I'm sure I'll be glad we got so much more of the world in the last 2 books. GRRM's world is going to live forever in popular culture (video games, board games, etc.). Better that it's more expansive and interesting than less. It's also good to have a deeper mythology and deeper lore. Essos is rich with cool lore. Just one man's opinion, as Sir Davos might say.
  7. "Fair Game: The critical universe around Game of Thrones".

    There were some repetitions, but the reek rhymes were cool. (Didn't like "nuncle", though.). Overall I felt GRRM's prose was excellent in the last 2 books. The writing for the first 3 books was more simplistic, though still very good. I also love be the atmospheric world-building of the last 2 books. I think the main problem people have is the wait between books. I'm sure AFfC and ADwD will fit contextually into the overall story very well. They may not be as conclusive as many would like, but I still think they're a joy to read. But to each his own!
  8. "Fair Game: The critical universe around Game of Thrones".

    AFfC and ADwD may have been hard to adapt to TV, but I'm sick of hearing that these books are "terrible". They're the middle act of a 3-act play that are setting everything up for the final act. I believe that once the series is finished (haha), these books will be seen in a much different light. They're also beautifully written.
  9. The positive (gasp!) GoT discussion thread (Spoilers)

    On a second watch, I didn't find the Kingsmoot scene that bad. The drowning was cool.
  10. [Spoiler] EP604

    Glad to make you smile! Although truth be told, I'm kind of embarrassed about the name now, since I quit cold turkey about 7 months ago!
  11. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    Why is Robin so loyal to Littlefinger? I guess because he gets presents from him, warmth, fatherly advice, is "family", and probably he hates being under Royce's strict control and having to train at things he sucks at. Is it completely realistic? Eh, I don't know, but in the show he is LF's pawn.
  12. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    Robin may or may not believe the story. He just will automatically side with Littlefinger in any conflict with Royce. In the show he is completely Littlefinger's pawn.
  13. [No Spoilers] EP604 Discussion

    I feel sorry for this lonely thread. So I'll post in it. Episode 4 was awesome!
  14. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    The story is not supposed to be believable. All Littlefinger is doing is manipulating Robin Arryn to side with him.
  15. [Spoiler] EP604

    Yeah, but allowing huge gifs in peoples' signatures really ruins Under the Heart Tree for me. It's incredibly distracting and annoying when scrolling through threads, at least to me. Comments sections under articles in Watchers on the Wall are pretty good, too. Not exactly a forum structure, though. Westeros.org is an absolutely miserable place to talk about GoT. The book section of the website is good, but the show section is utter garbage.