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  1. What you don't like about ASoIaF

    The biggest problem with ASoIaF is not enough Victarion.
  2. Bronn north of the Wall?

    The only reason that a Northern Lord would throw good money after bad wildlings would be for a personal vendetta.  Let's say his daughter was raped and murdered by wildling raiders and he wants vengeance, for example.  Otherwise, yeah, it's hard to think of a reason to justify Bronn's adventure beyond the Wall.
  3. No Spoilers Just Thoughts, What do you think will happen season 6 - Show

    I'm kind of disappointed that it appears Dany won't be in Mereen for most of season 6.  Apparently her storyline will be focused on her adventures with the Dothraki.  I was looking forward to her team-up with Tyrion.
  4. Do you think Arya Stark is turning evil? Why or why not?

    Sort of, yes.  She's not just dealing out justice and vengeance; she's actively enjoying her killing.  You can see her little smirks and smiles in a few pre and post-killing scenes.  Plus her killing of Meryn Trant was over-the-top and almost ritualistic.  Something is wrong with this girl.  She is going down a disturbing path.
  5. Bronn north of the Wall?

    Probably a Northern Lord hired sellswords to track and kill some wilding raiders for revenge.  Bronn wouldn't go just for the hell of it.
  6. Winds update (not a blog)

    Actually, those negative opinions are only popular on certain self-reinforcing forums.  They certainly don't reflect popular or critical opinion.  "Most people" is an illusion.  But it's fine.  Everyone sees things differently.  Sorry you couldn't enjoy it like I did. 
  7. Scenes Added/Changed that I Liked Better in the Show than the Book

    Brienne - Hound fight was a great addition.  So brutally done.   Better way to leave Hound for dead than via a Bloody Mummers fight. 
  8. Scenes Added/Changed that I Liked Better in the Show than the Book

    Robb marrying for love rather than for honor was a good change. Robb was a young horny boy experiencing first love with a sassy hotty-exotty.  I bought into it.  
  9. Winds update (not a blog)

    They're great books that are better when re-read as one book with the chapters ordered like the boiled leather site suggests.  They're the act 2 of a 3-act play that deal with the aftermath of the war of the five kings and put the pieces in position for the final act.   I think when the whole series is done, AFfC and ADwD will be much better appreciated in retrospect.  They're not as action-packed as the 1st act books, but they don't have to be. They're building worlds and getting new players in the game.  The wham-bam action should return in the final act books TWoW and ADoS.  
  10. Small Questions v. 10104

    If a highborn man marries a bastard woman, does the woman get to assume the man's family name?
  11. Why did not Oberyn legitimize and marry Ellaria?

    If a highborn man marries a bastard woman, does the woman get to assume the man's family name?
  12. Winds update (not a blog)

    I suspect you are right.  There is big money to be made in doing it the way you laid out. 
  13. Winds update (not a blog)

    How about GRRM release Volume 1 of TWoW with the dozens of chapters already written?
  14. Winds update (not a blog)

    Since it's now a given that the show will finish before the books, I think GRRM should put aside writing TWoW and ADoS for a bit and write say 2 episodes each of seasons 7 and 8 of GoT.  D&D should pick the most critical episodes and allow GRRM to write them, including the final episode of the series. That way GRRM could still have a major impact on the ending of his great saga.  I really think this would be great.
  15. Winds update (not a blog)

    Too bad for you, because the last 4 episodes of Season 5 were the best run of episodes the series has had so far.