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  1. Why did Stannis leave King's Landing?

    I know book Stannis left King's Landing because he (along with Jon Arryn) found out that Robert's children were bastards of incest. Presumably he then went back to Dragonstone to prepare for war. But as far as I recall, show Stannis only found out the truth about Robert's children when Ned Stark sent him a letter. Right? If so, why did he leave his post on the Small Council to go back to Dragonstone?
  2. Finding the direwolves wasn't a coincidence. It was a gift from the Old Gods or Bloodraven, who knew what was coming. Bran's fall may also have been tied to Bloodraven. It had to happen then so that Bran could go unconscious for a while and start his psychic journey to combat the enemy. It was enduced, or it was destiny.
  3. "Build me a thousand ships"...

    There are numerous islands in the Iron Islands. They're not all shit-stained rocks like Pyke. Some have trees.
  4. I there anyone in Dorne who gets stuff done?

    You watched Preston Jacobs' videos, I'm guessing! Or are you Preston?
  5. What ever happened to?

    Greatjon Umber died offscreen, as confirmed by his traitorous son to Ramsay Bolton in season 6. I bet we'll see Quaithe again in season 7 as part of Jorah's healing process.
  6. WUN WUN Actor has died.

    Mag the Mighty actor, not Wun Wun actor.
  7. The 3 Smartest Characters, In Order, Are...

    I'd nominate Euron Greyjoy, too. He dominated the Kingsmoot with his words and logic. Theon and Yara were out of their league matching wits with him. He made them look like fools. Book Euron is even better. About Bran, it wasn't too smart of him to go play in the astral realm alone when the three-eyed raven was sleeping. He ended getting most everyone in the cave killed and wiped out the Children of the Forest for good. Climbing towers at Winterfell after his mother forbade him didn't work out too well, either. His willfulness is a strike against his intelligence. He is probably the smartest Stark, though. Tywin was very smart, except when it came to his children. There he was a kind of an idiot. The High Sparrow was up there, too. He played everyone masterfully. The way he put Lady Olenna in her place after she threatened to starve the city was great. I loved that character. In the end, though, his cunning couldn't match Cersei's ruthlessness. Who else is up there? The Hound had a lot of "street smarts".
  8. The 3 Smartest Characters, In Order, Are...

    Actually, was Lyanna's decision to support Jon and Sansa against the Boltons really that smart? It was pretty much a suicide mission without the aid of the Vale, and nobody knew the knights of the Vale would join the cause. I think Lyanna made a child's emotional decision and got lucky. Jon kind of had a death wish about the whole thing, and Sansa didn't really know what she was doing. I don't think we saw much evidence of Bran's smarts. He just has a lot of knowledge now. Tyrion, yes. Littlefinger, Olenna Tyrell, Varys, yes. Jacquen H'ghar, too.
  9. Late to the party....

    Ahh, misunderstood what you meant. You're a lucky man! I started reading when A Feast for Crows came out. Glad I didn't start in the 90s..
  10. Late to the party....

    Oh, you think so?
  11. The Season 3 parlay between Dany and the Titan's Bastard was great. In the books as far as I recall the Titan's Bastard wasn't at the parlay.
  12. What was Rickon, Osha, and Smalljon doing through S4-5?

    Smalljon made it clear that there were too many wildlings in the North now for the Umbers to fight off alone. So he had to come to the Boltons for help. The price he paid for the help was giving up Rickon. He made a calculation in his own self-interest. After Robb's screw-ups, a lot of Northern lords weren't feeling too loyal to the Starks anymore (what was left of them), as Lord Glover made clear to Sansa and Jon.
  13. Robert's Rebellion: the Series

    The story of Robert's rebellion is pretty much told in the main series. I hope that's not what the prequel series will be. Robert Baratheon isn't really that interesting of a character, anyway. I want a series set long ago in the original long night or the Age of Heroes. Let's see the original Azor Ahai.
  14. Best acted scene in the series

    I really liked the Cat-Talisa scene in season 3 when she describes how she cursed her family because she couldn't love a motherless bastard. That really got to me.
  15. So, who was the oathebreaker?

    Maybe it was Dany because she was supposed to go join the Dosh Khaleen instead of going out into the world after Khal Drogo died? I dunno, kind of reaching..