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  1. The "Maesters" are at work in our world, too, suppressing magic (spirituality and the use of spiritual forces). But it's as real here as it is in Planetos, actually. Just no dragons (yet).
  2. Don't judge too quickly. I am pretty sure Doran's real plans have not yet been revealed. And I am pretty sure they involve Darkstar, who is almost certainly dragon's blood and is Doran's ace in the hole. (That is why Oberyn considered him the "most dangerous man in Dorne", and that is why Darkstar is hiding as a Dayne, who conveniently look like Targaryens.) Have some faith in GRRM! I don't believe he was just wasting our time with the seemingly pointless (up to now) Donne plots. But we shall see. (Well, "we shall see" if GRRM ever finishes another book..)
  3. Tyrion is a half-Targaryen bastard, unless GRRM has been trolling us. There are too many clues for it to be otherwise. But it's pretty obvious, frankly, so it can't the third and final shocking twist that D&D referred to. That twist will probably be something devastating and sad, like one of the beloved characters killing another beloved character for noble or tragic reasons.
  4. Minor, irrelevant correction - Meera said that line to Osha about Jojen.
  5. Cersei wasn't "okay" with Tommen's death. She was pretty much numb at that point. The prophecy had been fulfilled, as she always knew it would be. Great character on the show. I hope she knocks arrogant entitled Dany down a few pegs.
  6. The rest of Westeros didn't get to see Ned's fever dream like we did! In any case, since GRRM may never finish the books, we may never know.
  7. Well, I guess there's not much more to say about the original thread topic since there is no new information about the next GoT show. We can only speculate. I hope it's set in the age of heroes or during the time of the original long night. We need some magic elements. I don't want to see a Targaryen-centric show. They kind of bore me.
  8. It would just be wild speculation, really. The fact that no one talks about it in the books indicates that there is no evidence out there to suggest Rhaegar and Lyanna had a child. Lyanna was stashed far away from any city or holdfast. Who would know besides the Kingsguard there and the nursemaids? Even Ned seemed to have no idea. R+L=J only seems obvious to us because we read all the theories on the internet. The first time I read AGoT I didn't pick up on it. I don't see how Littlefinger could possibly know or have any solid basis of suspicion that R+L=J. Ned was away at war for a long time. As honorable as he was, it's understandable that he might fool around and have a bastard. I think people give Littlefinger more credit than he deserves. He thrives in chaos but isn't all-knowing or unbeatable. But still, you may be right. I just don't see where GRRM has hinted at it.
  9. Littlefinger is a very clever man, not a God. He doesn't know everything. Why would he know about Jon's parentage?
  10. I don't agree with the bashing of books 4 & 5. Clearly they represent act 2 of a 3 act play. They are the middle section that deals with the aftermath of act 1 (the War of the 5 Kings) and sets the pieces for act 3 (the Great War). I think these middle books will make a lot more sense and will be much better appreciated when they can be seen in their proper context when the whole series is done. Books 4-5 also are a lot better when read as one book in a combined read that puts the chapters of both in approximate chronological order. A lot of the dislike of these books is due to GRRM taking forever to get them out and taking forever to follow up on them.
  11. The FM worship and serve Death, their God. The White Walkers are agents of death. I could easily see a connection between the FM and the WW. The FM are also the ancient enemies of the dragon lords and the dragons, who are a mortal threat to the WW and the spread of death. Dany and Jon Snow now represent the dragons and are the greatest threat to stopping the WW from bring Death to Westeros. (I think Essos would be safe.) I can easily see the FM using brainwashed deep cover agent Arya to get close to Jon and Dany to kill them. That can be the final shocking twist that D&D hinted at. Arya's dark story is so destined to end tragically. This makes a lot more sense to me than kind, sentimental Jaqen letting spunky Arya Stark walk because she's so cute and spunky. He worked hard to recruit her and train her. If she was a failed project, the FM would have just killed her. It wasn't for nothing that Jaqen declared Arya "nobody".
  12. Yeah, Damphair as a character might not be very interesting, but his chapters give good insight into the culture of the Iron Islands, which to me is more interesting than Dorne. Damphair will probably be kept alive to be a POV window into Euron's story. I don't think Euron will get POV chapters, as GRRM doesn't like to give us too much insight into the most mysterious and conniving characters.
  13. Show Cersei might be the best thing D&D have done. I think it's widely recognized that they did a great job with that character. Like many, I prefer show Cersei to crazy book Cersei. Nothing is perfect, but so what? But show haters are going to hate, even outside of their protected hate thread. Dany giving firey speeches is true to her character. That's who she is. It will all come back to bite her in the end. She's not going to sit the Iron Throne. She won't even survive, I predict.
  14. It appeared they let her walk away, but I don't believe that's what really happened because an organization like the FM would not do that. So either Arya is not Arya or she's FM Arya on a mission. She may be a sort of Manchurian candidate that will be triggered to do something later.
  15. The story of the Faceless Men isn't over. I'm pretty sure there is still a major twist coming with Arya's story. No way they just let her walk away.