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  1. AFfC and ADwD are neither poor nor awful "backs" <sic>. They are both very good and are easily the most well written in the series from a literary standpoint, some annoying phrase repetition notwithstanding. They are just not as fast-paced or action-packed as the first 3 books, but they serve well as the slowed-down middle act of a 3-act play. Their importance will certainly be apparent when the series is finished and read as a whole. Sorry, but only the impatient or shallow reader thinks these books are bad. They may be harder to translate to the TV screen than the first 3 books, but I think D&D did a good job of cutting & consolidating to get them to fit into seasons 5 & 6 of GoT, despite what the show haters say.
  2. I read the leaked script. Won't spoil anything, but it sounds awesome. Really looking forward to this episode.
  3. Jaqen H'gar pronounced her "no one", so I assume she is.
  4. No, I'm saying that the Tyrells and their ambitions as a whole are pretty much consolidated into Margaery and Olenna on the show. Mace is comic relief, and Loras is a plot device on the show. I agree about that.
  5. Why does what show Margaery does invalidate her character or make her uninteresting? It's a valid approach to the struggle for power. Besides, she does more than seduce Tommen and insult Cersei. She subtly and cleverly manipulates Joffrey by playing to his ego and showing him how to win over the people. She manipulates the people and wins their support with insincere charity. She manipulates Sansa with fake friendship. She even manipulates the viewers into thinking she is a "good guy". (She is not.) She does a lot. She is a great player of the game. That is subjective? What is objective - just saying D&D are lousy writers?
  6. I enjoy watching the dynamics of the struggle for power in King's Landing. That is the core of Game of Thrones to me. Watching Cersei vs the High Sparrow vs the Tyrells in seasons 5 and 6 was great and very well done. This power struggle on the show was presented in a much more compelling and interesting way than in the books, where Margaery and the High Sparrow are barely characters at all, and their motivations and struggles are not explored in depth. The show made these major players into real understandable characters with whom we can empathize. Book Margaery is probably more just a pawn of her father and brothers and their ambitions, but her father and brothers aren't really explored much in the books, either. In the books the Tyrells are just kind of there. In the show they are brought to the forefront, and their ambitions are embodied via the character of Margaery, coached by Olenna. It's the game of thrones. What more can you want?
  7. Tyrion and Sam, the two GRRM stand-ins. Probably one or two Stark kids, too, maybe Bran and one of the sisters. I think everyone else is a goner, even Jon and Dany. They have to sacrifice themselves in the Great War.
  8. Season 3 is my favorite. The drama and build up to the Red Wedding was great. Plus the Brotherhood-Arya-Hound stuff was fantastic. Season 2 is my least favorite, but I wouldn't call it bad, just uneventful (until Blackwater). I know a lot of people knock season 5, but I liked it. I think it was too grim for most. The payoffs in season 6 worked because of the setup in season 5.
  9. No, that was Cersei speaking through Jamie, who was still very much under her influence.
  10. Show Margaery is a great character and blows away non-entity book Margaery. Her rivalry with Cersei was one of the best aspects of the show. This is an obvious improvement the show made. Kind of funny to see some fans argue vehemently and lengthily otherwise. D&D hatred is a powerful drug. Show Bronn is very good, but so was book Bronn. We just get more of him in the show. Not sure that is an improvement, as Bronn's expanded show role is more about giving Jamie more screen time. But I won't complain. Queen of Thorns is better on the show, too. Hell, the Tyrells in general are better on the show, even Mace. Speaking of Thorn(e)s, show Ser Alliser is better than book Ser Alliser. The show version seems like a more well-rounded, real character. We can hate him but still respect and understand him. Book Ser Alliser was just a dick.
  11. Petyr was a small boy, but he wasn't sickly, as far as I know.
  12. You got it right. The reason is because Dany is a Dragonlord and Arya is a Faceless Man. They have been mortal enemies for centuries.
  13. The "Maesters" are at work in our world, too, suppressing magic (spirituality and the use of spiritual forces). But it's as real here as it is in Planetos, actually. Just no dragons (yet).
  14. Don't judge too quickly. I am pretty sure Doran's real plans have not yet been revealed. And I am pretty sure they involve Darkstar, who is almost certainly dragon's blood and is Doran's ace in the hole. (That is why Oberyn considered him the "most dangerous man in Dorne", and that is why Darkstar is hiding as a Dayne, who conveniently look like Targaryens.) Have some faith in GRRM! I don't believe he was just wasting our time with the seemingly pointless (up to now) Donne plots. But we shall see. (Well, "we shall see" if GRRM ever finishes another book..)