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  1. That topic isn't so much a BP topic as much as it's a general MCU film topic. I was surprised nobody made a BP-specific topic by the time I made this one and noticed people were posting non-spoiler reviews in the MCU spot. One thing this movie confirmed for me, that I didn't mention originally, is that Marvel Studios has a golden opportunity, if they're looking to phase Robert Downey, Jr. out, to put Shuri in the Iron Person role. In the comics right now, there's a teen Black girl named Riri Williams holding down Tony Stark's spot. She's "Ironheart." After BP, Shuri can hold down her own movie as far as I'm concerned. Put her in the suit, and if Downey wants, cast him in the next Iron Person movie as a mentor type to pass down the mantle to Shuri. I really want a movie with those two together. Also disappointed we didn't get a post credit scene, confirming the Soul Stone is in Wakanda. I'm convinced it was trapped in the Vibranium meteor that hit Earth, and it's the reason why Wakandans can commune with the dead.
  2. Without giving it much thought, I think it's in my top 5 MCU films, but I need to see it again this weekend to feel comfortable making such a profound declaration. If I could criticize anything, it was that I wanted more...which really isn't a knock because the mythology was so rich, you can't help but go, "Hold up, can we rewind and unpack what I just watched?" The tech, the TRIBES, the history. Marvel releases art books for these movies, and this will definitely be the first one I'll buy. The overall design and function of everything was next level. I threw my hands up -- literally -- when W'Kabi and the Border Tribe used their CAPES as shields. And then they gave us Rhino Tanks, and my face melted at the brilliance. I've seen people market this movie as a "James Bond" flavored addition to the MCU pantheon, and I get that, but hell, this was more in line with Ice and Fire, with the dynamic world building. I did not expect to love M'Baku as much as I did. The brief time spent in his throne room had me wanting a spinoff. But I'll take a Marvel short. Someone bring those back. A character I fully expected to love was Shuri. She is the shit. Letitia Wright is a star. She is brilliant in every scene -- no matter who she's with, she steals the show. Put her in all the movies. Everyone delivered, though. Even Sterling K. Brown in his small part. His scene with Killmonger was one of my favorites in the movie. I thought it was pretty damn great that he could do so much with a character who had less than five minutes of screen time. Speaking of Killmonger, Michael B. Jordan truly did get his redemption for the Fantastic 4 fiasco. This goes back to my original point -- I wanted more with him. I needed to see his stint in the military. I wanted to see some of his early black ops work. When I was seeing the reviews, he was consistently lauded, so I was expecting to see more of him than we did. It was kind of a buzzkill to see that he wasn't in the movie that much. He was effective and left an impression, but they could've made this movie 15 minutes longer to give him some more flesh. I don't think anyone would've complained. Okay, nobody should've complained. I both hate and love that they killed him. At first, I was irritated...Marvel has a bad habit of killing villains. The big bad doesn't always need to die. Keep them around and evolve them through the sequels...have them grow with the protagonist. Maybe people wouldn't ding you in the category if the villains stuck around for multi-movie arcs. That said, the line about death being preferable to life in captivity sold it. He had to go out like that. It was the fucking mic drop moment -- I couldn't be mad at that. Chadwick Boseman, from what I've seen, hasn't been getting as much love in the reviews as the rest of the cast, but make no mistake, I can't see anyone else in the role of T'Challa. Marvel just kills it with the casting. I think the most difficult characters to play are the ones who play it straight, as actors can do a lot when they're playing flawed. The flaws make them compelling, and they can hide behind that in their performances. Or, if not hide, really use it as the fire to give their performance momentum. Chadwick put in the work with a relatively "what you see is what you get" character, similar to how Chris Evans manages to keep Steve Rogers interesting. Shuri was the standout and Killmonger was the fire, but Boseman is the backbone of this movie. All that said, some of the CG in this movie was hurting. Just the stuff with the characters -- the tech looked amazing, but Black Panther looked like Gumby at times. Loved it.
  3. ^ Yikes, that's the most depressing review I've seen for a movie someone liked. 100% or 98% means mostly everyone liked it, not that everyone thinks it's a 98% perfect film. I sometimes wonder how much more/less someone would like a film if they didn't engage with the reviews. I do feel, sometimes, people hold it against movies when they're universally praised. I walk into everything wanting to love it, but if I end up simply liking it, it's still a worthwhile experience. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. I did love this, though.
  4. I have no comment on the Venom's literally not worth commenting on. This is cool, though.
  5. Speaking of that teaser... I think Thanos looks amazing. I thought he looked good in the previous trailer, but they're really "excavating" -- I can see Brolin completely.
  6. Black Panther social media reactions were allowed as of 1 am eastern time. Tweets have been overwhelmingly positive. I see Michael B. Jordan being brought up a ton -- apparently, he's the standout.
  7. They definitely will. They released concept art at Comic Con last year, where she's in red and blue.
  8. Brie Larson in Captain Marvel costume Color scheme is reminiscent of Mar-Vell. I'm sure she'll get the contemporary colors soon enough.
  9. I liked it, but I thought it lost steam towards the end. I enjoyed the decompressed way they were telling the story at the start because it meant a beefed up role for the parents. The parents, I felt, were the true stars of the series. However, nothing significant happened this season. The season finale didn't feel like a season finale. I read the comics, so I have some theories on why they're stringing this out. And while I was okay with the idea before the season finale, they are just holding on too tightly to some of these reveals.
  10. Black Widow is such a no-brainer. They should be a little embarrassed it took them this long to green light even a script. It can be made with a nothing budget, relatively speaking, and it has all the potential in the world. Deadpool was made for 60 mill. The smallest budgeted MCU movie is Ant-Man, at 130 mill. Black Widow can do significantly worse than any other MCU movie at the box office and still make triple its budget. People don't want a glossy Black Widow movie. You have an excuse to make this movie at a discount.
  11. I now go through life picking out how everything could be a Black Mirror episode. Today, it was incorrect emoji usage. The internet is indeed a scary place.
  12. Okay, done. Metalhead didn't accomplish much for me. It was your standard apocalyptic scenario, but with none of the intrigue Black Mirror usually provides. There's typically a more nuanced narrative, but this was your basic "robots kill everyone off." Kind of disappointed. I was expecting some twist at the end, and all I got was a box full of teddy bears. Feels like the writer(s) thought they were being cute, but this was filler. I'll give it credit, though. Those robots are some mean sumbitches. Definitely succeeded in perpetuating my fear of being killed by rogue AI. Now, Black Museum deserved to be last. I didn't like it better than Hang the DJ, but it's so close. I liked the tales within the tale and how they all dovetailed into the ending. And it was satisfying. The girl who plays Nish is playing Shuri in Black Panther, so I was especially interested in her. The format of the episode reminded me a lot of the Christmas episode, with the tales within a tale approach, and I liked the easter eggs to previous Black Mirror episodes. I see this one having a Get Out-like effect on people. It isn't a coincidence that they titled this "Black Museum." I feel like that first tale ties into the last -- like the doctor is the one who killed the weather girl...or am I reading too much into that? Or maybe it was clearly shown in the episode, and I missed it. I feel like it's the only way to make this one completely work, as there were clear racial tones in all of the stories, but for that first one. It would be fixed if Nish's father took the fall for something the white doc did. Overall, I think I only genuinely liked two out of the six episodes. I'm wondering if we're witnessing a case of the showrunner running out of ideas.
  13. Got through four episodes so far. Title says "spoilers," so I'm not tagging any of these. Callister reminded me of the Christmas episode. It was just a small component of the Christmas episode, but it's the part of it that stuck with me the most -- the part with Oona Chaplin cloning herself and using the eClone as a slave. That really messed with me, but it was just a story beat as opposed to the focus of the episode. They really glossed over the mortality aspect of it all in Callister, though. I get why the eClones wanted to off themselves, but the idea that they were real even though they weren't "real" could've been expanded. That fascinates me. Like, if you found out you were just a copy of the real you...? That's fucked up. Would you willingly look for ways to kill yourself, or would you be fixated on finding a way to live, despite it all? Granted, if I lost my dick, I'd probably be willing to fly into a worm hole, myself. Fun episode, though. I thought Arkangel was just okay. Reminded me more of an after school special than anything. Crocodile primarily made me hate white women -- jokes, y'all. Hang the DJ reminded me of San Junipero, in that it was hopeful...? Stay tuned. I was all set to see this one go sideways at the end. Ultimately, what was revving up to be a definite anti-technology episode turned out to be pretty damn pro tech. But the twisted shit is, you can still be uncomfortable with the way the AI manipulated the "algorithm" throughout. This theme is pretty consistent with how I felt about Callister. The show has a knack for not just painting tech as the villain, but literally turning the characters into a "program" for some twisted experimentation in dehumanizing them. I can't even really articulate what I think about it right now, but this is the third time I've noticed it.
  14. I'm surprised at the amount of gripes I see about Leia's space jaunt in this movie. It seems the general gripe is from a story perspective -- people think she shouldn't have been that adept at using the Force. However, there is something to be said for flight or fight response. Her save didn't bother me at all. I interpreted it as her body willing her to survive. Maybe if she consciously attempted it again, she wouldn't even be able to.
  15. His motivation for wanting to rule? On a surface level, Snoke used him as a pawn. Snoke thought of Kylo as a disappointment, only useful via the exploitation of his weakness. I thought Kylo receiving confirmation of this only reinforced his inferiority complex and need to prove his strength via a coup. If he's leading the First Order, why wouldn't he want to destroy the rebels? Especially a faction led by a mother who sent him away to train with an uncle who tried to kill him. Han and Leia were poor parents to Kylo -- they admitted as much, if I remember correctly. Who knows, maybe because they feared him? Luke also came to fear him as well. Snoke, the one person who didn't fear him, stoked the flames of an inferiority complex. For me, Kylo is a monster created by his own family. Rey had it right. They all failed him. Of course, accepting personal responsibility is a thing, too. Not completely trying to absolve him, here. I find him to be very compelling.