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  1. "Elseworlds" Joker origin film in the works, produced by Scorsese This is a pretty significant rumor. I'm not so sure giving the Joker an origin has ever ended well, though...probably not a good idea. Other than that, the interesting part of this news is that the film will be standalone, outside of the extended universe and with a different actor playing Joker. If DC is developing movies outside of their extended universe already, it makes you wonder...especially with Affleck's attachment to The Batman being so wishy-washy.
  2. That's one thing I forgot to mention in my review. Extremely inconsistent representation of power. I assumed Elektra was powered up from her resurrection juice, hence why she could fight Luke and Jessica at the same time. It made no sense that Matt would be able to hurt her, though.
  3. I think it's carryover from his series. There were points when he had to use some jargon that felt awkward coming from him. Ever since that point, it's been hard for me to see Luke in him.
  4. Alright, so Defenders: It was "okay." Honestly, I wanted more out of this. Whereas the Marvel films are meticulously constructed so that they fit together fairly seamlessly, this show felt jumbled together. For me, the Hand was an overall failure, and the Netflix universe would do well to just leave them alone going forward. Alexandra, for me, benefited from having a great big name actress, but her character ended up being thin as hell. They tried to portray her as a Kingpin-type, with a dignified, yet brutal, aura, but there was nothing behind it. You learn nothing about her outside of her desire to live. Even though the show itself wasn't a failure, the show was just good enough. They need to collect their bearings and regroup. That starts from the top down. I've never been a fan of Loeb, and he's definitely no Kevin Feige. I think he needs to go. Iron Fist was a colossal failure and Inhumans is getting some bad early buzz -- add this to the equation, and the dude is whiffing. The best part of the show was seeing the characters come together, of course. But after a couple episodes, the show couldn't use it as a crutch anymore. Jessica Jones, for me, had the best showcase. She's the easiest character to showcase, though -- she has the benefit of having all the snark, so she's great fanservice...she says all the things we'd say. Daredevil will always be my favorite on these shows, and I will always carry a torch for the dysfunctional relationship with Elektra. I want them to be miserably in love forever. I also wanted more stuff with them, even though they're running the risk of making Elektra way too convoluted a character. They need to strip away the bullshit and get back to basics with her, especially. Matt had a great courtroom scene in the first episode that made me yearn for more of that bend for a Daredevil season 3. Luke was okay, but faded to the background in the final episodes. I've never been that much of a fan of the actor, even though he looks the part. There's just always that part of his performance that reads inauthentic to me. I think his baggage with Jessica was handled a little too cleanly. I just remember that mess being much heavier than this show would have you believe. Iron Fist benefited from being treated as the joke his character was in Iron Fist. That's the difference between his show and Defenders -- on his show, they wanted us to take him seriously. This time around, they used him as a punchline for everyone. It makes his character tolerable, but only as a joke...I'm not so sure that's a good thing? That's not going to work for his solo show. Supporting cast was okay, I guess. Cool to see them all mixing. Excited for the future of the Daughters of the Dragon. Claire is dangerously close to being too much, though. The worst thing they can do with this character is involve her too much in the action. She is a great supporting character...why they feel like they need to have her whacking henchmen upside the head with wrenches is beyond me. Have her patch these people up -- stop trying to make her a clumsy ninja warrior.
  5. Newest episode was great. I've complained about less character-centric episodes this season. I thought last season was great due to all the Beth background. The best seasons are the ones which prioritize characters over plot. I think this final season has done the opposite. I just don't care about Neolution. I want to see these characters work through their baggage -- especially because it's the final season. Best episode of the season was the Rachel one because it was what I wanted to see. This one just falls short, but still really good. My favorite thing about it was them digging up Helena's dirty laundry. I've been a critic of the character's white-washing. I think previous seasons started to portray Helena as lovable and quirky, forgetting the fact that this girl has a lot of blood on her hands. Yeah, she was brainwashed and is just as much a victim, but she still killed innocents. I'm not saying it makes her a bad character, because I love Rachel -- also a killer -- but I think it needs to be woven back into Helena's arc. I think it's weird that they didn't use the same young girl for the Helena flashbacks. Helena is a clone -- she should look like all the other girls. I'm assuming they went with the new girl because she spoke Russian...? As the series winds down, my clone power rankings: 1. Beth 2. Rachel 3. Krystal 4. Sarah 5. Helena 6. Alison 7. Cosima
  6. I love the new take on Domino. I anticipated this would be her look back when Zazie was cast. Perfect opportunity to invert the colors.
  7. I definitely think the Skrulls scream Secret Invasion as Phase 4. The 90s essentially give the Skrulls decades of time to infiltrate the Earth. I don't think anyone will be using time travel to go back to get Brie, though...I think the MCU needs to avoid time travel inconsistencies at all costs. It's completely screwed the Flash TV show. I think relativity is the best way to go about this because it'll explain why Carol hasn't been mentioned by anyone when she's existed this long. The only explanation has to be that she's missing, IMO...either in stasis after participating in the Kree/Skrull war, or one year in Kree/Skrull space equals 20 Earth years.
  8. Oh, right. Well, there goes that theory.
  9. Maybe a 90s Captain Marvel is their way of introducing the time gem. I'm not going to bother posting it, because the link would get axed as soon as I hit submit, but there's a watchable version of the Infinity War trailer online. Also, some sweet concept art posters, featuring the bearded Cap and blonde Widow. Here.
  10. There's a bootleg version of the Infinity War trailer doing the rounds -- it's only about half the screen, at an angle, and the audio is terrible, though. I'm hoping better versions pop up or that Marvel will deem the crappy leak important enough for an official release.
  11. This Thor poster is only slightly less awesome than that trailer. I swear, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all that gives me joy in these dark times. Some random info from the panel: Michelle Pfeiffer is playing the Janet Van Dyne version of Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Perhaps explaining the candid remarks about DC v Marvel a few months ago, Laurence Fishburne defects -- he'll be playing Bill Foster aka Black Goliath aka Giant Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Guess Perry White will no longer exist in the DC movie universe? Here's the big news: Captain Marvel will feature the Skrulls. Highlighting what James Gunn said in the past, Marvel can and WILL use Skrulls. The movie will also take place in the 90s. Will relativity play a role in how Brie Larson can be an Avenger? Here's some concept art... Uno Dos Tree They also showed more Black Panther footage, which got a standing ovation. They continue to fuck with the people at home by showing the Infinity War footage to close.
  12. News from panel: Flash: Flashpoint, Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, Aquaman, Justice League Dark, and Green Lantern Corp. are the next films on the slate. Affleck denied rumors that he's leaving. They also confirmed Wonder Woman 2 is a go.
  13. Loving this Justice League poster
  14. Character designs were released at a Young Justice Comic Con panel today.
  15. This topic should be interesting the next couple days. With Comic Con in progress, lots of movie rumors before the WB panel tomorrow. THR is reporting that the WB want to phase Ben Affleck out. It wouldn't surprise me if we didn't see him in Matt Reeves' Batman. He went from directing, writing, and starring to writing and starring to..starring? Between Gotham City Sirens and Suicide Squad 2, I feel like this is overkill. Gotham City Sirens should be the Harley v Joker movie, in my opinion. DC announced a Shazam movie...which won't feature Black Adam, who is set to have his own movie still. Again, I feel like it's overkill.