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  1. Awesome profile pic!

  2. Great name. Listening to the audiobooks stoned was maybe the best decision I've ever made in my entire life.
  3. Oh my God, those sweetling baby dragons. There really is a God(s).
  4. Emilia as Dany and every moment of Qarth is giving me everything I need. When I saw Quaithe in that mask, I did NOT know how to act. I was so nervous for this season, but they keep exceeding my expectations. I just want to see Viserion and Rhaegal.
  5. BABY SHEREEN!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I'm most upset about. There go my chances of seeing greyscale, and I was really looking forward to watching Patchface act like a creep. Otherwise, everything was great. Arya was great, the Greyjoys were great, Cersei is doing a great job becoming that asshole we know and love her to be. I'm just going to say this right now: I like book-Tyrion way more than show-Tyrion.
  6. Where THE FUCK was Baby Shereen and Patchface? The shadows should be dancin'! Stannis and crew were a little lame, and I wish the season would have started with them, and I wanted them to linger on Dragonstone a little while longer, but I have trust. Everything else was pretty good. I was also pretty inebriated. I'll continue the theme of a 7.