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  1. Your Mental Image of ASOIAF Characters about anime? Anyway here is young Daemon Targaryen, I picture Gundam Wing's Zechs Marquise(he has that Targaryen look) Next, a young Ned Stark.
  2. Your Mental Image of ASOIAF Characters

    Septa Lemore Quentyn Martell, please
  3. Your Mental Image of ASOIAF Characters

    The first Daenerys Targaryen Daemon Blackfyre (while we are on the subject :P )
  4. A woman can post and so can a man 8

    A woman can post, and so she does.
  5. GoT Youtube vids - Part 2

    Wow. I haven't been to this thread in awhile. Lots of great videos posted here that I did not see before. :) - this has already become one of my favorite GoT vids. A really great ensemble vid, I only wish it was longer. :( One of my favorite youtube vidders, she always does a phenomenal job. Empire - a vid focus on Dany, Cersei, and Melisandre. Pretty cool and interesting. Rains of Castamere - there were a few 3X09 vids out there already done to the Rains of Castamere but I like this one the best. Some humor: Westerosi Harmony- this is from the same guy who does .
  6. I like to look

  7. made you look ;-)

  8. Then my work is done for the day. :D

  9. Which word in Westeros bothers you?

    The usual: teats, flowered :ack: , moonblood, nightsoil, broke fast, must needs As for phrases: "took his seed"(uggghhh) and "almost a man/woman grown". That last one especially refers to Bran. You are like nine freaking years old!
  10. How would you rate episode 210?

    I gave it a 9. Although I would have liked some prophecy or even a mention of "A Song of Ice and Fire" in the HoTU, it was nice seeing Drogo again. I was not expecting that. Maester Luwin :bawl: - I cried during that scene. Jaime/Brienne was great. Brienne is so cool. 3 horn blasts. Is it season 3 yet?
  11. I can't even...brain is mush right now... LOVED Theon's scene with Luwin. He was pretty hilarious about the guy who kept blowing the horn. Heh. I sort of loved his "northern mating call" speech. It was pretty funny. Oh, and FUCK YOU DAGMER(I don't care how sexy I think your voice is :angry: ). Dany was badass. She's so awesome on the show. Oh, and FU Doreah as well. Justice for Irri!!!! I loved her raiding Xaro's things in the end. Sansa's reaction to no longer being engaged to Joff was wonderful. It was very well conveyed since we can't be in her thoughts like in the books. Oh, and FU Littlefinger, too. "I thought of your mom as a sister" (yeah whatever) Goodbye beautiful, gorgeous lovely face Jaqen. Hello weird looking man. House of Undying was fine. As a book reader, there were stuff I wish I got to see, but on its own it is okay. It is just not as cool as it was on the books. I would have liked some prophecy. Aren't they kind of important for her story? Not too crazy about Robb/Jeyne whoever marriage or his attitude to Cat. Call her what you will, but his reaction to her was NOT very kingly. He sounded like a spoiled little brat. She should have smacked him upside the head, He came off more whiny to me on the show than he did in the book. Also found the Jon/Halfhand bit to be lacking.
  12. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    She's not the one in Pycelle's chamber and the one Ros beat. That was the noob from episode 3 that Ros gave orientation too. She was the one Ros trained with in season 1 and the one sent to replace Ros after Ros' breakdown after the bastard massacre. Why hire another actress when they can just use one they already have?
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    \ :bowdown: This is gorgeous. Please finish it. You are extremely talented. I attribute my feeling sorry for him to Jack Gleeson's super awesome acting. He's playing such a despicable human being, but when the time calls for it he can really pull off the childlike insecurity and fearfulness of Joff that almost tricks us into feeling bad for him. Its very subtle and that's one of the reasons why Jack Gleeson is such a damn good actor. Of course, two or three minutes later you remember this is JOFF and you are like "just die already" :P Just wanted to come back to express my love for this episode again. Really superb. I must know the story on how Varys got cut!
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    This was amazing. One of the best episodes of the series so far, probably the best of the season. The wildfire scene was beautiful. What was actually happening was horrific, but the imagery of the green flames rising on the ships and on the black water was breathtaking. Lena Headey really shown this episode. That scene with her and Tommen was superb. Everybody did great this episode for me, particularly the characters whose name starts with "s": Sansa, Sandor, Stannis, and even Shae. Shae has become more likable these past few episodes. Its a shame we didn't get one or two more scenes between her and Tyrion like the one with them in bed this episode. It would have helped us understand why Tyrion has fooled himself into falling in love with her and cares deeply for her. Sandor was also at his best. "Fuck the King" :bowdown: Hell yeah. The confrontation between him and Bronn was great. "Your just like me, only smaller." - Sandor "And quicker, eh" - Bronn I'm ain't gonna front, though. I was expecting a little more from the Sansa bedroom scene. It was one of my favorite moments in the books, but I know it would not have translated well on screen. I just thought we would get at least a non-kiss, a sort of editing trick to give us a "did he or didn't he kiss her" like in the books with Sansa's fuzzy memory. Maybe that would be too much, I know that SanSan is not an endgame, but I saw the dynamic between them to be more of an important factor in their own personal development and character growth, for both Sansa and Sandor. I at least wanted her to touch his face or something to that effect. Stannis was fucking incredible and unstoppable. Stephen Dillane really brought Stannis up a notch in my eyes. I loved his reaction to the wildfire. My favorite Stannis moment was right before they proceed to KL, he turns looks at his men, looks like he struggles to find something inspiring to say, and then goes "Come with me and take this city". LOL. Nowhere near as awesome as Tyrion's speech, but his conviction sold it. Tyrion was the bomb. I loved him sneaking up behind the soldier and cutting him down. His "fuck me" was a line delivered perfectly. YAY for Podrick!!
  15. How would you rate episode 209?

    A 10/10 for me. That episode was sheer perfection. I loved every moment of it. EVERYBODY brought their A game in this episode. Sansa was fantastic this episode. Cersei was at her absoulute best. That scene between her and Tommen was heartbreaking. I can't believe I used the term heartbreaking in regards to Cersei, she's such a nasty, vile woman, but she has her moments. Stannis was ON! I'm loving terminator Stannis cutting fuckers down who get in his way. Sandor was also amazing this episode. I love seeing the other side of Sandor, first with the fire phobia and then in his moment with Sandor. I don't care but I fistpumped at "Fuck the kingsguard, fuck the city, fuck the king". The look on Joff's face was priceless.